Ways to Give

  • Bequest — a provision in a will or estate plan that allocates all or part of the individual’s estate to NMMI.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust — an irrevocable trust that pays a specified annual amount to one or more people for a fixed period of years (often the life of the individual). At the end of the term of the trust, the remaining trust assets are distributed to NMMI. A charitable remainder annuity trust provides a fixed payment; a charitable remainder uni-trust pays out a fixed percentage of the trust value each year.
  • Charitable Lead Trust Similar to a charitable remainder trust, but the principal reverts to the donor or his or her designated heirs at the end of the trust term. If the principal reverts to the donor, he or she gets a charitable income tax deduction; if an heir, that person gets a charitable gift tax deduction.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity — an irrevocable transfer of property (e.g. securities) in exchange for a contract to pay the donor an annuity for life. Because the value of the property exceeds the value of the annuity, it is partially a gift to the institution.
  • Life Insurance — an arrangement in which a donor gives a life insurance policy to NMMI. The cash value of that gift is tax deductible, as are any future premiums the donor may opt to pay on that policy. Note that only life insurance policies that are paid in full qualify as planned gifts. (needs a not regarding proper way of doing this.)
  • Life Estate — an arrangement in which a donor gives his/her home to NMMI while retaining the right to live there for the remainder of his/her life. The donor receives an immediate income tax deduction. NMMI may sell the property upon the donor’s death.
  • Pooled Income Fund — an arrangement, similar to a mutual fund, in which a donor contributes to a fund and receives a share of the proceeds based on the percentage of his contribution. Donors pay no capital gains on the transfer of appreciated property. When the donor dies, his shares transfer to NMMI.
  • Endowments – A fund created by your bequest can carry your name or the name of a family member or other person you wish to honor. Named funds, because of the support they offer to programs and people, are a way to share what is meaningful to you within the institute family well into the future. Note that minimum gift amounts required for creating named, endowed funds vary, so please contact the NMMI Foundation for further information.
  • Unrestricted Gifts – are among the most valuable to NMMI, because they allow the institute to allocate funds wherever the need is greatest, and to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise. Your unrestricted contribution may be used to support costs associated with financial aid, educator development, cadet equipment, facilities, and much more. 
  • Matching Gifts  An easy way to double or even triple your donation to NMMI is to find out if your company has a matching-gift program. Such programs typically match all or a percentage of employee contributions to charitable organizations, making the employer a partner in employees’ personal philanthropy. Simply obtain a matching-gift form from your employer’s personnel office, fill it out, and provide it to NMMI with your contribution.
  • Non-Traditional – Boats, cars, land, jewelry, paintings etc..

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any options, please call Ben Manatt at 575-624-8246 or email to manatt@nmmi.edu.