1. Persons nominated and considered for induction into the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) Alumni Hall of Fame must exemplify the NMMI credo of Duty, Honor and Achievement.
  2. Nominations will be accepted in the form of an official recommendation letter addressed to the Executive Director of Alumni Relations, and signed by an alumnus. (Not more than one submittal nomination per year) A second letter will be included that seconds the recommendation, also from an alumnus. Nominations shall be emailed, mailed or hand-delivered to the Alumni Relations Office in a sealed envelope marked NMMI Alumni Hall of Fame nomination, by the close of business on the date designated for their receipt. (NLT July 1 of each year) All Data supporting the recommendation will be attached to the letter of recommendation and be sufficient to substantiate the nominee’s accomplishments and shall include endorsements from other sources as outlined in each category of induction. Exhibits shall be in reproducible formats, sent as PDF’s, word documents and e-mailed to the NMMI Alumni Executive Director. (A maximum of six nominations per year will be accepted, any additional will be considered for the following year.
  3. Upon final review of the Alumni Executive Director, all nominations will be forwarded to the NMMI Alumni Hall of Fame Reviewing Body.
  4. The HOF Reviewing Body discussions shall be strictly confidential.  Upon final approval, a 100% acceptance vote must be found.
  5. Upon approval of the Hall of Fame Reviewing Body, all nominations will be forwarded the HOF Alumni Executive Director who will forward them to the Board of Regents.
  6. Nominations may be made each year.  A prior nomination shall not be a hindrance to the proposed nomination.
  7. NMMI Alumni Relations office will forward to Citation writer and procure photos for framing.
  8. NMMI Alumni Relations office will have citations, medals engraved and photos framed for induction ceremony.


  1. (Note the person recommending any person will not discuss with or inform the person being recommended because; 1) induction can take years, 2) induction may end up being done in a different category or 3) may even not happen. Date of Graduation, availability and health issues will always be factors in selecting the actual induction date.)  The notification call will be made by the President/Superintendent of New Mexico Military Institute.  The Alumni Office is responsible for supporting the Inductee’s visit to Roswell once notified and the scheduling for their induction.  Every effort shall be made to widely publish the induction as homecoming draws near, emphasizing the significance and achievements of the inductees.
  2. The inductions are announced each year at a homecoming ceremony.
  3. Submittals must be received at the Alumni Relations Office by:  (NLT July 1, of each year)


  1. Nominees will not be favorably considered for induction if they have ever been in violation of the NMMI Honor Code. A violation is considered to be an offense for which they have been dismissed, suspended or otherwise punished for a breach of the Code.  If they have been allowed to withdraw from the school or resign their position at the school in lieu of dismissal, suspension or other punishment they are nevertheless not above reproach, and will also not be favorably considered for induction.
  2. Nominees, who have not been recommended to the NMMI Hall of Fame Committee), because they are considered to be not fully qualified, may be reconsidered the following year. No nominee will be reconsidered more than twice.
  3. Nominees who have not been recommended because of a history of an Honor Code Violation, amoral conduct or unbecoming moral conduct which is not above reproach will not be reconsidered. Disapproval, in such cases, to be with prejudice.
  4. All nominees for Hall of Fame induction must be retired professional endeavors.


AS of 05/03/2022