Alumni who have been presented the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for gallantry, and alumni who have been presented the second highest national award for valor, The Distinguished Service Cross, The Navy Cross or the Air Force Cross are eligible.
Having achieved the highest recognition a nation can bestow, it is appropriate that all alumni who have been so honored be also recognized in the NMMI Alumni Hall of Fame.
Civilians in any department or agency of the U. S. Government may also qualify for the Hall of Fame in this category if they have been recognized for distinguishing themselves conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of their lives above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in combat against an enemy of the United States.

Captain John H. Wilson Citation 1960 HS ** Inducted 2021 Valor
1LT Alexander R. Seamon, USA 1906 JC*** Inducted 2021 Valor
COL William C. Comee, Jr., USA (Ret) 1961 JC*** Inducted 2021 Valor
George E. Brick, Colonel (NMMI), (Honorary Alumnus)*** Inducted 2021 Valor
MSgt Thomas E. Case, USAF 1995 JC (First Silver Star)*** Inducted 2021 Valor
MSgt Thomas E. Case, USAF 1995 JC (Second Silver Star)*** Inducted 2021 Valor

Mr. Stuart J. Harrell 1964 HS-1966 JC *** Inducted 2019 Valor
LTC John C. Morgan, USAFR (Ret) 1932 HS *** Inducted 1986 Valor and Medal of Honor
Mr. John H. Crocker, Jr. 1942 JC *** Inducted 2007 Valor
COL Harry Ainsworth Clark, Jr., USA (Ret) 1936 JC *** Inducted 2005 Valor
SSG Dan Trahey, Jr., USA 1941 JC *** Inducted 2004 Valor
Mr. Elmer R. Haslett 1914 JC *** Inducted 1996 Valor
TSgt Charles Bussey, USA 1934 HS *** Inducted 1995 Valor
MG Everett Selden Simpson, AUS (Ret) 1934 JC *** Inducted 1994 Valor
LtCol James Gilbert Percy, USMC (Ret) 1941 JC *** Inducted 1993 Valor
LT Dexter Walden Smith, Sr., USN 1941 JC *** Inducted 1993 Valor
Mr. James C. Gerhart 1937 JC *** Inducted 1992 Valor
COL William Edward Lobit, USA (Ret) 1930 JC *** Inducted 1992 Valor
LTG Julian J. Ewell, USA (Ret) 1932 HS *** Inducted 1991 Valor
CPT John Porter Pryor, USA 1912 JC *** Inducted 1991 Valor
LTC John William Summers, USA 1936 JC *** Inducted 1990 Valor
Lt Col Max Reid Wiecks, USAFR (Ret) 1934 JC *** Inducted 1990 Valor
LTC John L. Nichols, Sr., USA (Ret) 1942 JC *** Inducted 1989 Valor
CPT George Peuris Whittington, Jr., USA 1934 JC *** Inducted 1989 Valor
1LT Robert C. L. Fergusson, USA 1962 HS *** Inducted 1988 Valor
1LT Tracy R. Stains, USA 1909 JC *** Inducted 1987 Valor
LTC Terry D. Allen, Jr., USA 1948 JC *** Inducted 1986 Valor
LTC Thomas D. Harrison, USA 1939 JC *** Inducted 1986 Valor
1LT Edward Junker, Jr., USA 1934 HS *** Inducted 1986 Valor
LTC Warren A. Minton, USA (Ret) 1938 JC *** Inducted 1986 Valor