Distinguished Service to New Mexico Military Institute
Alumni who, through their dedicated and outstanding service and devotion to NMMI in positions of high responsibility positively influenced NMMI over a number of years.

Dedicated and outstanding service and devotion to NMMI transcends a satisfactory performance of normal duties. A nominee’s devotion and dedication must be significant not only by his or her high standards but also by their own personal example. He or she must have adhered closely to the officially recognized customs and traditions of NMMI. He or she must have shown a willingness to devote their own time or resources to further the aims and goals of NMMI.

Positions of high responsibility include not only positions of policy formulation and decision-making, but also includes positions in direct contact with cadets influencing their academic achievement, enhancing their military training, strengthening them physically, or developing their moral character. Service to NMMI over a number of years should be considered to be for at least a quarter of a century. A lesser time might be a consideration if the overall impact of their service was of great significance. To be avoided is the popular individual whose pleasing personality did little more than make him a “good ole’ boy”. Service on the NMMI Foundation Trustees or Board of Regents is considered a position of high responsibility.


COL Frank E. Coggins, NMMI (Ret) 1967 JC

Phillip Carl Ingram 1967 HS


LTC Seth R. Orell, USA (Ret) 1960 HS-1962 JC


Mr. Fred G. Yates 1963 HS


LTC Eugene R. Hardman, NMMI 1962 JC

Mr. John M. Henderson, III 1964 JC

Lt Col Jordan A. Wommack, USAF (Ret) 1980 HS


Mr. James C. Geibel 1976 JC


Mr. Thomas J. Hall, Jr. 1940 JC

COL William C. Wyles, NMMI (Ret) 1969 JC


LTC Patrick H. Orell, USA (Ret) 1965 JC

Mr. Richard W. Waggoner 1952 JC


Mr. Timothy Z. Jennings 1968 HS


Mrs. H. P. Saunders (Honorary)


Chaplain Frederick B. Howden, Jr., NMARNG (Ret) Honorary


Col James H. Bearly, USAF (Ret) 1935 JC

COL Daniel Cecil Pearson, NMMI (Honorary)


COL William C. Roudebush, NMMI (Ret) (Honorary)

Mr. Robert Daniel Thompson, Jr. 1940 JC


COL Anderson H. Norton, USA (Ret) (Honorary)


COL Robert S. Goss, GMI (Honorary)

CPT Joseph C. Lea, NMMI (Honorary)

Mr. Thomas Burbridge Stapp 1931 JC

MAJ J. Ross Thomas, NMMI (Honorary)

COL Charles F. Ward, NMMI (Ret) (Honorary)


Mrs. Ruby Posz Anderson (Honorary)

Mr. Charles D. Fuller 1933 JC

COL Ewing L. Lusk, NMMI (Ret) (Honorary)

LTC Joseph Albert Posz, AUS (Ret) 1929 JC


MAJ Harry D. Blake, NMMI (Ret) 1923 JC


LTG Hobart R. Gay, USA (Ret) (Honorary)

BG L. T. Godfrey, NMMI (Ret) 1924 JC

COL Harwood P. Saunders, Jr., NMMI 1912 JC

COL James W. Willson, NMMI (Ret) (Honorary)


Mr. William P. Brown 1950 SC

CPT John E. Fletcher, NMMI (Ret) (Honorary)

COL Patrick H. Gratton, NMMI (Ret) (Honorary)

MAJ Albert Hudson, NMMI (Ret) (Honorary)

LTC Vernon Knapp, NMMI (Ret) (Honorary)

Mr. J. P. White, Jr. 1923 HS

COL Eben Richards Wyles, USA (Ret) 1932 JC


MG Hugh M. Milton, II, USA (Ret) (Honorary)

Mr. J. Penrod Toles 1950 SC