Hall of Fame Recommendation

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  • Part A: Nomination

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  • Part B: Achievement Information that qualifies recommended person for the criteria of induction.

  • State in Specifics: (Describe how the nominee's accomplishments have met the criteria for his/her induction into the Hall of Fame. The nominee's summary statement will be evaluated with special regard to professional and social integrity and support of the New Mexico Military Institute credo Duty, Honor, Achievement.)
  • Part C: Nominee's profile/biographical data sheet

  • Part D: Supporting Information

  • Include any exhibits, membership in organizations, awards received, and recognition of any kind from peers which support or display the nominee’s achievements: (Special care must be taken while gathering this information to insure that the recommended inductee does not learn about this possible honor. Until the packet has cleared the committee and been accepted, he/she is not to be informed of the submission and only the committee or the Superintendant will notify both the nominee, and the parties who submitted the recommendation.)
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