Harold Barr (Skip) Palmer was born in Portland, Oregon, to Captain (USN) and Mrs. Palmer in 1944. During high school his parents realized that he was not reaching his academic potential; yet, was well liked and active in both sports and community activities. His parents clearly guided “his” decision to attend New Mexico Military Institute in 1963 and he was accepted “Conditionally”. He excelled at Corps Life and activities. After his first semester he was again placed on “Conditional” status and told by his advisor that another semester like the past one would mean he would not return in the fall of 1964. This caused him to embrace his studies and from that day forward academics were never his problem again. He made the Dean’s List twice. His low GPA in the first semester caused him to have to attend the Institute for a third college year to be eligible for graduation. During this time period Skip had so impressed the Commandant and his staff that they recommended him for Regimental Commander during his junior college year if he agreed to stay the whole year. His family agreed and Skip became the first and only “Pickle” Regimental Commander in the history of the Institute.


After graduation from New Mexico Military Institute, Mr. Palmer attended the University of Arizona, participated in the Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps program served as the Brigade Commander and graduated with Distinguished Military Student Status. He was commissioned on 24 August 1969 here at New Mexico Military Institute and served in the Armored Cavalry. He received the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal and two awards of the Purple Heart during his service in Vietnam. He was “Honorably” discharged in 1970 and returned to civilian life.


Mr. Palmer joined Walt Disney World in Florida and held many managerial positions.  He managed a hotel, The Disney Inn and Golf Resort, as the general manager.  He served as the Tournament Chairman for The Walt Disney Classic.  He was promoted to Vice President and sent to Denver, Colorado, to fine tune and sell Disney’s Celebrity Sports Center, and was then transferred to Anaheim, California, as director of operations at Disneyland. He has extensive experience in project management for Disney.  Mr. Palmer has worked for the Grundy Organization, Australia’s leading film and Television Company, and worked in Lisbon Portugal on the Lusolandia Theme Park there.  He has assisted in the planning and provided project management for Expo ‘84 in New  Orleans, Expo ’86 in Vancouver, Expo ’88 in Brisbane, Australia and Expo ’92 in Seville, Spain.  He was selected to be the Prime Contractor’s Project Manager for the U.S. Navy “Battle Stations 21” immersive training environment, incorporating theme park attraction and illusion technologies.  His contributions to communities through his expertise in management are many and have made a lasting impact. Mr. Palmer has assisted governments around the world in preparing to host mass-attendance events.
Mr. Palmer is dedicated to veterans and works tirelessly to recognize their service and commitment to America.  At the request of H. Ross Perot, Mr. Palmer was the executive director for “Operation Homecoming USA, the “Welcome home that Vietnam Veterans never received.”  The event hosted 55,000 participants during the weeklong celebration.

Mr. Palmer is the President and CEO of Black Horse Worldwide.  Their mission statement reads that Blackhorse Worldwide is committed to presenting service disabled veterans with employment opportunities in a company that performs as a project manager for the federal government and the private sector.  While employment preference is given to veterans who have served our country, the company intends to staff each position in the company with individuals possessing in-depth skills and experience as required to achieve their stated goals and objectives.

Mr. Palmer is a member of the military order of the Purple Heart, the Blackhorse Association, The American Legion and a founding member of both the Disneyland Alumni Association and the Themed Entertainment Association.  He is a member of Rotary International and serves on the Board of Directors of The Overland Park Rotary Club.

Having brought credit upon himself, the Corps of Cadets and New Mexico Military Institute, he epitomizes the New Mexico Military Institute Credo of “Duty, Honor and Achievement”, everything that the Corps of Cadets has stood for during its illustrious history of developing accomplished leaders in society.

Inducted this 18th day of October in the year 2013