Deceased Alumni

A quote from the 1933 Bronco about a cadet, George O. Speer 1933 JC, who was killed in a Polo Game, is appropriate at this ceremony.



Adams, Joseph C., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 24-Oct-2002, 80 passed from this life on October 21, 2002. Mr. Adams was born on June 16, 1922, in Burkburnett, TX, where he resided and graduated from high school. He received an Associate Degree from New Mexico Military Institute, a Bachelor’s Degree from Midwestern University in Wichita Falls, TX, and attended West Point Academy. He was assigned to the Cannon Company, 390th Infantry Regiment, 98th Infantry Division and obtained the rank of Sergeant with the 1857th Service Command Unit. During World War II, he served in the Asiatic Pacific Campaign where he earned his infantry badge and the Good Conduct and Victory Medals. Mr. Adams was a member of the New Mexico Military Institute McBride Museum Board of directors and Alumni Association, 390th Cannoneers, American Society of Military Insignia Collectors, American College of Heraldry and Camp 1596 Sons of Confederate Veterans. Pallbearers will be Lynn Allen, Chris Allen, Michael Wilburn, Ralph (Chip) Norman, Adam Allen, J. C. Allen and Graham Rachal. Mr. Adams is survived by his wife, Betty Jean Graham Jones Adams; three daughters, Mary West Adams Traylor, Robbie Lucille Adams Bodden and Melissa Adams Vaughn; eight grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. He was also loved by his wife’s daughters, Tanya Jones Allen, Glenda Jones Allen, Devora Jones Wilburn, Deanna Jones Norman and her grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Alexander, Clyde Keith 1940 JC ~ 25-Jan-2004
Alexander, Edgar Jack 1940 HS ~ 09-Jul-1954 died at Hillview Manor nursing home, Goldthwaite, TX. He was born Nov. 20, 1919, in Elgin, KS, to James Carlyle and Cassie L. Alexander. Mr. Alexander graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in 1940 with a bachelor of science in geology and science. He then took two years of mining engineering and geology at the Colorado School of Mines. His greatest interest was his rock collection and mining. He was preceded in death by his parents and wife, Georgia Belle Alexander, Brownwood, TX. Mr. Alexander is survived by his daughters, Sandra (Frank) Bartko, Brighton and Cindy (Dean) Champlin, Salida; sons, Darell (Jennifer) Alexander, Moffat and Eric (Brenda) Alexander, Borger, TX; brothers, Doyle (Donna) Alexander, Borger, TX; Gale (Marilyn) Alexander, Borger, TX, and Stan (Lizbeth) Alexander, Oklahoma City, OK; sister, Wanda Alexander, Houston, TX; nine grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. 
Antonides, William O. 1940 HS
Archenhold, COL Stanley, AUS (Ret) 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 17-Nov-2003
Astin, Joe W. 1940 JC ~ 01-Feb-1995
Atwood, 1LT Charles John, USA 1940 HS ~ 07-Feb-1944 WWII-Missing/Killed in action – declared officially dead by the war Department after having been missing since 5 February 1943 in northern British Columbia.
Azar, Richard N. 1940 JC ~ 21-May-2009 – passed away May 21, 2009. Dick was born January 13, 1921 in Clayton, NM. Welcoming Dick in Heaven are his parents Nathan Habib Azar and Elizabeth Macaron Azar, and his beloved sister Nathlee Azar Zadick. He graduated from Raton High School and attended Trinidad Junior College and New Mexico Military Institute. Dick loved El Paso, always giving back to the community through dozens of community organizations. His passion for flying inspired the founding of the Amigo Airsho in 1981. He is survived by his wife former Mayor, Suzanne Azar, 4 children: Richard, Robert and Greg Azar and Cheryl McCown; Step Daughters Christine and Michelle Gardy. Fourteen Grandchildren Richard N. Azar, III, Kim Shepperd, Ben Azar, Bryan Azar, Robert Azar, Steve Azar, Alan Azar, Michelle McCown, James McCown, Dena mccown Belvin, Chantal Guerrero, Gino Guerrero, Mateo Guerrero, Vinson Ratcliff. Thirteen Great-Grand Children: Richard N Azar, IV, Tucker Azar, Carli Azar, John Ben Shepperd, Ava Shepperd, Traylor Azar, Zizi Azar, Abbey Azar, Jay McCown, Josh McCown, Lauren Reynolds, Leslie Reynolds, Leah Reynolds. 
Bailey, Lansing B., Jr. 1938 HS-1940 JC
Baker, Boyd B. 1940 HS ~ 14-Apr-1994
Ballinger, Thomas W. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 08-May-2005
Barker, Laughlin 1940 JC ~ 09-Feb-2011 1921-2011 Laughlin Barker, native Santa Fean, family, business and community leader died on February 9, 2011. He is survived by his beloved wife, Rene Mclatchy Barker; devoted children: Suzanne Barker Kalangis and her husband Ike Kalangis; Christine Barker and her husband Bill Ruskin; John Barker; David Barker and his wife Lisa Barker; Patrick Barker and his wife Robyn Barker; thirteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He was predeceased in death by his eldest son, Laughlin (“Chico”) Barker. 
Bartlett, Carl W. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 20-Apr-2013 was born 1922 in Lancaster, CA, to Edgar Ells Benedict and Bertha Alling Benedict. He had one brother Edgar Jr., seven years his senior. The family moved to the Los Angeles area in 1923 and lived in Inglewood, Hollywood, Los Angeles and finally South Pasadena in 1930, where he spent most of his youth. There he attended grammar school, junior high, and one year of high school. He then attended New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell for two years and finally graduated from University High School in Pasadena in 1940. He attended Pomona College for one semester then tempted by all the war jobs left to train for and become a machinist and subsequently a tool and die maker. He married Mary Catherine Sharples in 1941. They produced three children, Antoinette, Nathan Jr. and Philip. He went into the Navy in 1944 and served in the Atlantic Theater, the pacific theater and the China-Burma-India Theater. After his first marriage ended in 1950, he was called back into the Navy for the Korean conflict. His final discharge was in 1956. He married Helen Griffin in 1951 after moving to the San Francisco area. Helen had two children from a previous marriage, Carol and Michael, who Nate subsequently adopted. Later in the 1950s, he and Helen produced two more children, Scott and Elizabeth. Meanwhile in 1951, he went to work in the shops of the Institute of Engineering for the University of California at Berkeley, which he became head of in 1955. Also in 1955, he transferred to the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Livermore. Nate was a very quick study and a very motivated individual. He went into the Lab in 1955 as a Mechanical Technician, was sent over to Berkeley halfway through his career to take, and pass, the engineering exam (with no classroom time). Almost his entire career at the lab was spent in the Weapons Engineering division. He was active in the engineering portion of weapons design, also participating in many nuclear tests, both in the Pacific and in Nevada. He was a prime responder to nuclear accidents wherever they occurred, and was even part of the team on the Glomar Explorer which investigated a nuclear accident involving a Russian submarine. He retired in 1976 with the title of Nuclear Weapons Design Engineer. While in Livermore, he became involved with flying sailplanes, then power planes. He logged over 600 hours in power planes, with almost all of them flying the tow plane for the Ames Soaring Club, leading to a log of real stick and rudder flying in a Piper Super Cub, He purchased a Piper J-3 Cub and restored it for relaxed flying. In 1972, after surviving a midair collision in a sailplane, he was motivated to return to one of his first loves, boating. He bought an old 28′ Monterey fish boat, then a Willard 30. The list of activities Nate loved during his life in California and later Friday harbor is long. The short list is: The desert, camping, Baja CA, Ham radio, music (he played piano well and did play in a small group), bird hunting and sport fishing. He was an avid reader, historian, gardener, crossword puzzle wizard, sailor, writer, Scrabble player, photographer and sharpshooter. He and Helen moved to Friday Harbor in 1976, where they built Helen’s dream house. He sold the Willard 30 that he had run up the coast, and purchased a converted Canadian commercial fish boat, the “Liz B” in which he cruised the waters of British Columbia and Puget Sound for 25 years. Nate was a member of the yacht club and later the sailing club. Nate joined and became active in St. Francis Parish. He was ordained Permanent Deacon in 1982 and was active in the ministry from then on. He was active in the startup of the San Juan Island Hospice and participated in its activities for many years. Too many birthdays made boating a little difficult, and so the Liz B was sold and shortly after in 2010, Helen suffered a debilitating stroke. Helen his loving wife of 62 years left us all in 2013 shortly after her 95th birthday. Nate was wonderfully assisted in those three years and was extremely grateful to Stacy Hoban, Kim Levasheff, Julie Ross, Rikki Guiboa, Michel Lucian and Lutie Park. Nate sold their dream house and moved into his son Scott’s guest cabin where he spent his remaining years close to family on island and still driving himself regularly to church, the post office, Vinny’s, Shipyard Cove, etc. right up to the end. Nate is survived by all seven of his children, 19 grandchildren, 22 great grandchildren and many other loving family members.
Battle, D. Jack 1940 HS ~ 01-Sep-1985
Baum, William L. 1940 JC ~ 11-Jan-1993
Baumgartner, Robert V. 1940 HS ~ 31-May-1962

Beckett, James E. 1940 JC ~ 04-Dec-2000
Bekins, MAJ Robert Q., Jr., USMC (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 26-Jul-1991
Benedict, Nathan D. 1940 HS ~ 29-Mar-2017 Nathan Dow Benedict was born 1922 in Lancaster, CA, to Edgar Ells Benedict and Bertha Alling Benedict. He had one brother Edgar Jr., seven years his senior. The family moved to the Los Angeles area in 1923 and lived in Inglewood, Hollywood, Los Angeles and finally South Pasadena in 1930, where he spent most of his youth. There he attended grammar school, junior high, and one year of high school. He then attended New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell for two years and finally graduated from University High School in Pasadena in 1940. He attended Pomona College for one semester then tempted by all the war jobs left to train for and become a machinist and subsequently a tool and die maker. He married Mary Catherine Sharples in 1941. They produced three children, Antoinette, Nathan Jr. and Philip. He went into the Navy in 1944 and served in the Atlantic Theater, the pacific theater and the China-Burma-India theater. After his first marriage ended in 1950, he was called back into the Navy for the Korean conflict. His final discharge was in 1956. He married Helen Griffin in 1951 after moving to the San Francisco area. Helen had two children from a previous marriage, Carol and Michael, who Nate subsequently adopted. Later in the 1950s, he and Helen produced two more children, Scott and Elizabeth. Meanwhile in 1951, he went to work in the shops of the Institute of Engineering for the University of California at Berkeley, which he became head of in 1955. Also in 1955, he transferred to the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Livermore. Nate was a very quick study and a very motivated individual. He went into the Lab in 1955 as a Mechanical Technician, was sent over to Berkeley halfway through his career to take, and pass, the engineering exam (with no classroom time). Almost his entire career at the lab was spent in the Weapons Engineering division. He was active in the engineering portion of weapons design, also participating in many nuclear tests, both in the Pacific and in Nevada. He was a prime responder to nuclear accidents wherever they occurred, and was even part of the team on the Glomar Explorer which investigated a nuclear accident involving a Russian submarine. He retired in 1976 with the title of Nuclear Weapons Design Engineer. While in Livermore, he became involved with flying sailplanes, then power planes. He logged over 600 hours in power planes, with almost all of them flying the tow plane for the Ames Soaring Club, leading to a log of real stick and rudder flying in a Piper Super Cub, He purchased a Piper J-3 Cub and restored it for relaxed flying. In 1972, after surviving a midair collision in a sailplane, he was motivated to return to one of his first loves, boating. He bought an old 28′ Monterey fish boat, then a Willard 30. The list of activities Nate loved during his life in California and later Friday harbor is long. The short list is: The desert, camping, Baja CA, Ham radio, music (he played piano well and did play in a small group), bird hunting and sport fishing. He was an avid reader, historian, gardener, crossword puzzle wizard, sailor, writer, Scrabble player, photographer and sharpshooter. He and Helen moved to Friday Harbor in 1976, where they built Helen’s dream house. He sold the Willard 30 that he had run up the coast, and purchased a converted Canadian commercial fish boat, the “Liz B” in which he cruised the waters of British Columbia and Puget Sound for 25 years. Nate was a member of the yacht club and later the sailing club. Nate joined and became active in St. Francis Parish. He was ordained Permanent Deacon in 1982 and was active in the ministry from then on. He was active in the startup of the San Juan Island Hospice and participated in its activities for many years. Too many birthdays made boating a little difficult, and so the Liz B was sold and shortly after in 2010, Helen suffered a debilitating stroke. Helen his loving wife of 62 years left us all in 2013 shortly after her 95th birthday. Nate was wonderfully assisted in those three years and was extremely grateful to Stacy Hoban, Kim Levasheff, Julie Ross, Rikki Guiboa, Michel Lucian and Lutie Park. Nate sold their dream house and moved into his son Scott’s guest cabin where he spent his remaining years close to family on island and still driving himself regularly to church, the post office, Vinny’s, Shipyard Cove, etc. right up to the end. Nate is survived by all seven of his children, 19 grandchildren, 22 great grandchildren and many other loving family members. 
Black, Capt Jack L., USAFR (Ret) 1940 HS ~ 28-Jul-2003
Blakemore, T. Jerry 1940 HS ~ 10-Sep-1993
Boschke, Guy, Jr. 1938 HS-1940 JC
Botterill, 1LT William F., USA 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 30-Apr-1942 WWII Killed in action – died in a Japanese prison camp on 30 April 1942.
Bowen, W. Jackson 1940 JC ~ 20-Mar-2011 departed this life on Sunday the 20th of March 2011, after declining health. He was born in Sweetwater, TX, in 1922. His parents were the late Annah Robey and the late Berry Bowen; both of Coleman, TX. He graduated from Waco High School in 1938 and from New Mexico Military Institute in 1940. He entered the University of Texas in 1940, and it was there that he met the love of his life, Annis Kay Hilty. He learned to fly when he was 17 and received an appointment to West Point in 1942. He graduated with is pilot’s wings in June 1945 and married Annis on the 6th of June 1945. After the war he was sent to the Pacific Theater, where he flew military transport planes. Following a brief stay in Manila, he was assigned to Okinawa. Annis joined him and they had their first child, Shelley. After serving four years, Jack resigned from the Army and went to work for Delhi Oil, a small company in Dallas formed by Clint Murchison; his first business mentor. He was in charge of building and operating a pipeline to Florida, which resulted in his becoming CEO of Florida Gas Company in 1962. After living thirteen years in Winter Park, FL, he returned to Houston as CEO of Transco Energy Company in 1974. During his time as CEO of both companies, he served on the boards of many organizations; both profit and non-profit. Among these are Crown Zellerback, The James River Corporation, J.B. Poindexter & Company, Baylor College of Medicine, the Jesse H. Jones School of Business Administration at Rice University, the Houston SPCA, The Smithsonian Institution, Private Sector Initiatives of Houston, Clean Houston, the YMCA of Greater Houston, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the United Way of Houston, Bank of the Southwest, The Interstate Natural Gas Association, the National Petroleum Council, the World Energy Council, the United States Energy Association, the American Gas Association, the All-American Wildcatters, and the American Petroleum Institution. Jack had a wide range of interests. His interest in architecture was fulfilled in the Florida Gas Building in Winter Park, FL, and the Transco (now Williams) Tower and Waterwall in Houston. He played polo at West Point and continued his love of horses at his beloved Gator Creek Ranch in Carmine, TX. He was instrumental in starting the Character Education Partnership of HISD, and Clean Houston. Jack was an amateur watercolorist who exhibited work in Houston, New York City, Orlando, London and Mexico City. He was preceded in death by his parents and his sister, Joan Bowen Cady. He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Annis Hilty Bowen; and their four children, Shelley Hatfield and her husband, Robert, of Winter Park, FL, and Durango, CO; Barbara Cauble and her husband, James, of Houston, TX; Berry Bowen and his wife, Heather, of Houston, TX; and Will Bowen of, of Gainesville, FL, and ten grandchildren: Marguerite, Berry, Adele, Susie, Lizzy, Adam, Hilty, Haley, Jackson and Max.
Boyce, Frank C. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 16-Dec-1961
Boyd, 1LT Truman O., III, USA 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 03-Apr-1943 WWII-Killed in action in action in Tunisia on 3 May 1943.
Boyle, Charles E., III 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 01-Mar-1982
Brannon, George Frederick, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 25-Jun-1964
Braun, James August 1940 JC ~ 29-Dec-1988
Brown, Lt Col William T., USAF (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 03-Dec-1992
Brunk, Delmas G. 1940 HS ~ 18-Mar-1995
Buchman, Robert M. 1940 HS ~ 22-Feb-1989
Buell, Robert Hilton 1940 HS ~ 13-May-2015
Burnside, Alfred Wilder, Jr. 1940 JC ~ 01-Jul-1983
Burt, William C. 1940 HS ~ 09-Sep-1994
Bushnell, LTC Richard H., USMC (Ret) 1940 HS ~ 24-May-2005 was born in San Diego, CA, on May 2, 1923 to Capt. USN Carl H. and Marion H. Bushnell. His siblings are Betty Bushnell Hakes of Coronado, CA, and Dr. Leonard Bushnell of Exeter, NH. Richard attended New Mexico Military Institute and St. George’s School in Rhode Island. He began UC Berkeley which was interrupted by his enlistment in the USMC in which he served with the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions. While in the USMC, he received the Navy Unit Commendation, American Campaign Medal, American Defense Service Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal w/1 star, Victory Medal WWII, China Service Medal, Korean Service Medal and the United Nations Service Medal. Richard went on to complete his BA in the service and his MBA at American University. Retirement came after 23 years of service in the USMC. He went on to a full career in finance with different corporations including President of Polygram Records and Controller of Bausch and Lomb Corp. He was an avid golfer and tennis player. He and his wife Sabra Berge Bushnell had six children and lived throughout the United States. He’ll be held in the hearts of his children: Sabra Scoggin and husband Randy of Shreveport, LA, Marion Bushnell of Shreveport, Leslie Christensen and husband Dave of Ann Arbor, MI, Nancy Bushnell-Harper and husband Michael of Shreveport, Rich Bushnell and wife Sandi of Ridgewood, NJ and David Bushnell of Shreveport, LA. His grandchildren are Jennifer Christensen, Sabra and Jonathon Scoggin, Michelle Lawson, Bailey, Nicholas and Carson Harper, and Mason and Reid Bushnell,.
Button, Frank R., Jr. 1940 HS
Byers, Elwood E. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 30-Jan-1961
Cary, Robert W., III 1940 HS ~ 29-Aug-1993
Cates, Capt Clifton B., Jr., USN (Ret) 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 04-Mar-2010 passed away on Thursday, March 4, 2010. He was born in San Francisco on September 9, 1921, the older child of Jane McIlhenny Cates and Cpt. Clifton B. Cates, a marine officer who went on to command the 4th Marine Division and later become the Nineteenth Commandant of the Marine Corps. The younger Cates lived with his family in Shanghai, China in the mid-1930s (during the Japanese invasion), attended the New Mexico Military Academy from 1938-1939, and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in June, 1942 as a member of the Class of 1943. He spent the entire war aboard the battleship USS
PENNSYL ANIA (BB-38), where he was in charge of the number 2 main (14-inch gun) turret, seeing action in the Aleutians, the Mariana Islands, Saipan, Guam, and Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle of World War II. After the war, now based in Newport, Rhode Island, he served as the executive officer of two destroyers and from 1956-1958 as the Commanding Officer of the USS CASSIN YOUNG (DD-793), a Fletcher-class destroyer. His final tour of duty before retirement in June, 1972 was as Inspector General of the Naval Ordnance Systems Command. From 1973 to 1989, he was Director of Chapter Affairs for The Retired Officers Association, based in Alexandria, VA, a second career he thoroughly enjoyed. In addition to being distinguished naval officer, Captain Cates was an excellent sailor, history scholar, opera lover, gracious host, and above all else, a top-notch grandfather. He was married to the former Phyllis Eleanor Stork of Philadelphia for 57 years until her death in 2002 from breast cancer. He moved to The Fairfax, a retirement community near Fort Belvoir, VA, in 2002, where he spent the last eight years of his life until his death from prostate cancer, living in contentment and happiness among former military officers and their spouses and, in particular, with his dear friend and companion Virginia Carter. Captain Cates is survived by his three children, Clifton, III, Ellen and Nancy; four grandchildren, Clifton IV and Michael Cates, Therese Burgler and Christopher Beaucham; and one great-grandchild, Caden Beaucham.
Catron, III, Thomas B. 1940 HS ~ 1-May-2020 Thomas Benton Catron, III, died peacefully at home at age 98 on May 1, 2020 after a life well lived and dedicated to his family and to the Santa Fe community. He was the son of Fletcher A. Catron and Carolyn Updike Catron (Bergere). Tom grew up and went to grade school in Santa Fe and, after his parents’ divorce, in Los Angeles during the school year with his mother and beloved stepfather Antonio Luna Bergere. He attended Black Foxe Military Institute, then New Mexico Military Institute for high school. While at NMMI, he began a lifelong friendship with one of his instructors, author Paul Horgan. Tom attended Stanford University in 1940 where he fell in love with a beauty in his freshman English class, June Ellis. That romance continued for decades, and Tom and June celebrated their 74th anniversary just four days before his death. Tom enlisted in the Army in 1942 and served in Italy during WWII, in field artillery and as an Army correspondent. It was there that he was introduced to opera in Naples by his friend Gene Hagstrum, and they attended every opera they could as the troops moved north. His love of opera and music in general gave rich meaning to the rest of his life. Upon his return from Italy, Tom and June were married in San Francisco in 1946. After graduating from Stanford University, Tom attended Stanford School of Law and, upon completion, moved to Santa Fe with young sons Fletcher and Stephen. Daughter Peggy was born soon after. Tom joined the Catron law firm on the Plaza, started by his grandfather in 1867, the oldest law firm in New Mexico. During his 67 years at the firm, he practiced with his father, his uncle, his brother John S. ‘Bud” Catron, his son Fletcher, and his granddaughter Julia. Tom retired from the practice of law in December 2018 but continued working until this March. In addition to being an admired attorney, he was active in legal and community affairs as a young man, including: president of the Santa Fe County Bar Association, Assistant City Attorney, attorney for Santa Fe Public Schools, Santa Fe district chairman of the Boy Scouts of America, second president of the Rio Grande Symphony Board, special gifts division chairman of the United Way, and board member on the Fairview Cemetery Association. Tom’s lifelong commitment to cultural and civic activities in the City he loved so much began early. In 1956, at age 34, Tom had a fateful meeting with John Crosby and 4 other Santa Fe business leaders. Crosby proposed creating an opera company in Santa Fe and asked Tom to be the lawyer for the new venture. Tom jumped at the chance although it seemed like a crazy idea to many. Tom was fond of recounting the occasion on which John called from New York in early 1957 and simply asked Tom to listen. Through the phone, Tom heard the initial rehearsal for Madame Butterfly, the first Santa Fe Opera production. At that point, he knew that the Opera would actually happen. In the early years, he and June would make calls to people listed in the Santa Fe phone book to sell tickets to performances. They have attended every opening night but one, for their granddaughter’s wedding on the East Coast, and two or more performances of every Santa Fe Opera production since 1957. He served continuously on the SFO Board, holding every Board office including President and Chairman, until his death. In 1962, Tom’s love of history and art made him the right person to lead the creation of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation, and he served as its Chairman for 26 years and on the Board until his death. Prior to the Foundation, state museums had no means to solicit donations or acquire art. The Museum Foundation became the engine for contributions, acquisitions, collections, exhibitions, and education for the New Mexico museum system. Tom is credited with securing the donation of the Alexander Girard 100,000 piece folk art miniature collection to the Museum of International Folk Art. He was honored beyond measure in 2019 when the Foundation dedicated its new administration building as the Thomas B. Catron III Building. He was also a director and vice president of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society, which operates the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, and a founding director of the Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry. In 1972, he helped organize Santa Fe’s Capital Bank (eventually acquired by Bank of America) because he felt the City needed a bank with a personal connection to its clients. The bank became Santa Fe’s largest bank, through the efforts of his friend Ike Kalangis and fellow Board members, and Tom served as Chairman of its Board for 20 years. I
n 2007, Tom was proud to be co-nominated by both the Museum Foundation and the Opera to be named a Santa Fe Living Treasure by the Living Treasure organization that honors elders who have generously served the community. In 2012, Tom was honored with the Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts for his significant lifelong contributions to the cultural life of New Mexico. In addition to his legal and civic commitments and his devotion to his family, Tom was an avid reader, music lover, raconteur, hiker, and traveler, and was a musical artist in his own right when it came to whistling. His life was full of interesting stories such as having a bit part in a Shirley Temple movie, patting Seabiscuit in his stall, dancing with Ginger Rogers, swimming with Rita Hayworth, securing an audience with the Pope as a GI, and the time Georgia O’Keeffe tried to “borrow” an axe head from June and Tom’s home. Tom loved the outdoors, beginning with fishing trips and duck and quail hunting with his father and later adventures with his friends and children. Tom, Bud Kelly, Dee Lord, John Dillon, and several other friends formed the Pajarito Hiking Club and roamed the local mountains. Beginning in 1958, Tom shouldered packs with Fletcher and Stephen and took them on Boy Scout backpacking trips ranging from two days to 11 days in length, including “survival” camps with no food, and winter camps on snowshoes to Spirit Lake and Lake Katherine. Tom developed deep and enduring friendships with fellow Santa Feans through a variety of social and cultural organizations, including the Kiva Club, ¿Quien Sabe? and the Chili Club. Tom worked tirelessly to make Santa Fe a beautiful, interesting and compassionate community. Beyond what he did, was how he lived: generous of time, spirit and treasure, caring and committed. His word was his bond. Tom was, in a phrase, a very good man. He is survived by his wife June, son Fletcher R. Catron (wife, Diane L. Catron) and daughter Peggy Catron (husband, Jerome C. Premo), grandson Thomas F. Catron (wife, Janette Denevan Catron and their sons Max and Silas), and granddaughters Julia D. Catron (husband, David Andersson), Clare Premo Perez (husband, Andres Perez) and Emily C.E. Premo. Tom and June’s son Stephen died in 1985, and now father and son are listening to Strauss together.
Christopher, Malcolm B. 1940 HS
Churchill, 1LT Jack W., USA 1940 JC ~ 13-Apr-1944 WWII-killed in service in a plane crash near Augusta, GA on 13 April 1944.
Clark, Harold A., Jr. 1940 HS ~ 01-Oct-1984
Clark, LTC Willis H., (Ret) 1940 HS ~ 14-Oct-1989
Cole, Charles Lawrence 1940 HS ~ 29-Sep-1986

Cole, James R. 1938 HS-1940 JC
Conarty, COL Roger L., USA (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 24-Aug-2011 Colonel, US Army, retired, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewers Rogers Conarty, Carlsbad NM, died of pulmonary complications after hip surgery at the Wyoming Medical Center, Casper, WY, on August 24, 2011. He was 90 years old, WWII veteran, and married to Anna May Conarty, 55 years August 2, 2011, and a Wyoming resident, for the past ten years. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in June 1943, with a bachelor degree in engineering, Princeton University with a masters in Physics 1951, and a double masters in nuclear engineering, and business administration University of New Mexico, 1975. Roger had a long and productive 35 year career as a soldier, leader, and scholar. Anna May and Roger have four children: Helene Madeleine Crouch, Micaela Ann Perkins, Murray Roger Conarty, and David Alain Conarty, who predeceased his father. Roger also has a daughter by a previous marriage, Sharon Lee Nesseth and spouse Darrell, and her children, Margo (deceased), Lt. Colonel Emily Schiffer, Christopher Nesseth. Helene’s children are: Megan Greer Crouch, Trey Douglass Crouch, and Russell K. Crouch, and her spouse Roger Warren Griffin of Casper, WY, and Skagway, AK. Micaela’s children are: Brennen Perkins, Spencer Perkins, and her spouse Paul Perkins of Parker, CO. Murray has one daughter: Cassandra Irene Conarty, and two step-daughters, Jennifer and Laura, spouse Sandra Jean Conarty, all of Dallas, TX. David Alain had no children prior to his demise, and is interred with his baby sister, Elizabeth Ivers, at the Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, DC. Roger Conarty will be interred with their children, at the same site. Roger, had been a game hunter, fly fisherman, collector of varieties of music, having played trombone in a dance orchestra, plus he was actively involved with the National Ski Patrol, in Alaska and New Mexico, along with his immersion in computer programming, and desk top publishing. All of the family had many years of traveling the world in their different military assignments, and had continued this trend in their retirement. All of the family says Farewell to a gentleman, hero, and a scholar of many fields of interest. Inurnment will take place at Arlington National Cemetery in December, 2011.
Converse, James P., Jr. 1940 HS ~ 24-Jun-1989
Coogan, Ralph N. 1940 JC ~ 22-Aug-1940
Cook, Bob Otho 1938 HS-1940 JC

Cook, CPT Stanley H., USA 1940 JC ~ 03-Jan-1946 WWII-Killed in service – died of pneumonia on 3 January 1946.
Costello, Stephen V. 1940 HS ~ 25-Jun-2010
Cowden, Courtney Holt 1940 JC ~ 16-Mar-2004
Crawford, William, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 14-Jul-1989
Cruse, Joshua Moates 1940 JC ~ 20-Jul-1976
Davis, Foster H. 1940 JC ~ 01-Jan-1979
Dawson, R. Harry 1940 JC ~ 06-Feb-1999
Deffebach, Harry W., Jr. 1940 HS ~ 18-Apr-2000
Deignan, John A. 1940 HS ~ 02-Sep-1993
DeSanders, William D. 1940 JC ~ 11-Sep-1983
Devine, James Hugh 1940 HS
Dickason, James F., Jr. 1940 HS ~ 16-Sep-2001

Dinwiddie, Frank L. 1940 HS ~ 01-Sep-1991
Dohrer, John V. 1940 HS ~ 31-May-2007
Doran, Richard P. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 06-Nov-1997
Drake, Peter Harvey 1940 HS ~ 10-Sep-2002
Duncan, J. Kirk 1940 HS ~ 01-sep-1996
Dunn, Carroll C. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 26-Oct-1962
Duson, C. Pharr, Jr. 1940 JC ~ 24-May-2011 born the 24th of May 1921, passed away on his 90th birthday, the 24th of May 2011. Pharr was born in El Campo, TX, to Clarice Koch and Curley Pharr Duson. Pharr attended El Campo schools, New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a Bachelors of Business Administration and was a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He served as Captain in the 66th “Black Panther” Division of the U.S. Army Cavalry in the European Theater during World War II. At war’s end, he joined the firm of Rotan, Mosle & Company, where he learned the brokerage and investment banking business from the ground up. During his years in the business, he served as Managing Partner and President of Rotan, Mosle & Company, Vice President of Clark Dodge & Company, head of the Southwestern Investment Banking Unit of Kidder Peabody and Director of Client Services with Vaughn, Nelson, Scarborough and McConnell, LP. Also, Pharr served as Governor of the National investment Bankers Association (IBA), Chairman of the IBA Texas Group and member of its Syndicate Oil and Gas Committee. He participated as Governor of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and as Chairman of NASD’s Texas Business Conduct Committee. He was a member of the Regional Advisory Committee of the New York Stock Exchange and was an Arbitration Panelist for the NASD and the American Stock Exchange. Pharr also served as Chairman of the Audit Committee for Fairmont Foods and on the Boards of Western National Bank of Houston, Mid-Texas Communications Systems, Lone Star Video, Kimbark Oil and Gas, Hallador Petroleum and U-tote-M, Inc. He relished the fellowship of his business colleagues across the country. Over the course of his career, he became known as the organizer of magnificent dove hunts across the border in Mexico. Many business friends considered an invitation to “a Duson hunt” to be the ultimate career coming-of-age, and Pharr loved those hunts. Pharr retired in 1997. Pharr served as both Deacon and Ruling Elder of St. Philip Presbyterian Church, of which he was a founding member. He sat on the Boards of Family Service Center and the Mental Health Associations of Texas and Houston, participated as local Chairman of the American Cancer Society, and was involved actively in the Bayou Preservation Society of Houston. He was a member and Director of the Houston Country Club, Director and President of the Coronado Club and a member of Allegro. Pharr’s roots reach deep into the heart of the rice country in Louisiana and Texas and he was nowhere more content than hunting the Duson farms around El Campo. Following retirement, he immersed himself in the activities that he had relished for so many years, including golf, bird hunting, boating, farming, tennis and Longhorn football. He left to his children and grandchildren the powerful legacy of the love of the outdoors, especially the Texas Hill Country lakes, the Southeast Texas farmlands, and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Pharr is pre-deceased by his first wife and mother of his children, Betty Jo Tomforde Duson; by his parents and brother, Craddock K. Duson; and by his beloved wife, Gladys Averill Duson, with whom he lived most of the final, happy years in Victoria, TX. Pharr is survived by his adoring three children and their families, Dr. Betty McNaughton Duson and her husband, Dr. Alfred J. Kahn, Molly Duson Naylor and her husband, Skip and Stephen Pharr Duson and his wife Sherry. He is also survived by five grandchildren, Bradley Naylor and his wife Elizabeth, Matt Naylor, Andy Kahn, Will Duson and Grace Duson, as well as two great grandchildren, Abigail Naylor and Luke Naylor. He also leaves behind his brother’s children, Doug and Libby Duson; his cousin, Carolyn Lange and her children and their families; his brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mr. And Mrs. A.M. Tomforde, Jr.; and special family in El Campo and Dallas. Pharr will be missed by many dear friends in southeast Texas and in Colorado, for he was a kind and honest man, a loyal friend and was dearly loved by many. The family wishes to express their gratitude to Dr. Michael Perdon and his staff for their excellent and compassionate care of Pharr during his final months, to the staff and residents of The Hallmark for quickly creating a warm and welcoming home after Pharr’s return to Houston; to Ginger Herren for her faithful friendship and expertise; and to the staff of Houston Hospice who were there for Pharr and his family in every way through his last few days. 
Edwards, E. Stanton 1940 HS ~ 24-Jun-2003
Edwards, Milon G., Jr. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 01-Jan-1977
Eldridge, 1LT William H., USA 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 18-Dec-1945 WWII-Missing/Killed in action – officially declared dead as of 18 December 1945; he had been mission since 27 February 1942, while aboard the USS EDSALL en route to Java, after having abandoned the USS LANGLEY when attached by enemy aircraft.
Ellis, John F. 1940 HS ~ 29-Jul-1947
Ellis, Lindley C. 1940 JC ~ 03-Apr-1986
Embry, Norris W., Jr. 1940 HS ~ 01-Feb-1981
English, Fred H. 1940 JC ~ 24-Sep-2011 91, a longtime and well-respected businessman in Carrizozo, died Sept. 24, in Prescott, AZ. Fred was born June 29, 1920, in Carrizozo to Frank A. And Mae Burleson English, the youngest of five children. His brothers and sisters were Frank, Don, Glenneth and Marguerite all of whom are now deceased. He graduated from college at NMMI in Roswell in 1940 and from UNM in Albuquerque in 1942, then joined the Marine Corps where he served as navigator on military aircraft in the southern Pacific during World War II. After the war, Fred returned to New Mexico, then met and married Hazel Ruth Hermes of Brooklyn, N.Y., in February 1948. They moved to Carrizozo where he assumed ownership of his father’s hardware store which he retained until his retirement in 1983. Hazel died in 1985. The couple had two children who survive, a son Robert Clayton (Toby) English of Carrizozo and daughter Patti Lynn English of Parral, Chile, S.A. Fred upheld the family tradition of boosting the Carrizozo community by taking part in every effort to benefit the place where he lived. He often told his friends and family the two most beautiful places in the world were Carrizozo and Parral, Chile. Skiing was Fred’s favorite sport. He also enjoyed speaking and learning the Spanish language and was an avid world traveler visiting at least sixteen foreign countries, plus others while serving in the military. He lived six to eight months each year from 1985 to 2008 with his daughter in Parral. A dedicated member of Rotary International, Fred was a charter member of the Carrizozo club and a regular visitor at the Parral Rotary club. While living there he became a supporter of Foundation Bishop Camus Boys Home located in that city. It was his favorite charity. 
Ernst, Richard E. 1940 JC ~ 12-Sep-2006
Eubank, Joseph G. 1940 JC ~ 22-Mar-2003, 82, of Farmer City died Saturday (March 22, 2003) at the Jackson Heights Nursing Home, Farmer City. Mr. Eubank was born July 19, 1920, at Rocky Ford, CO, a son of George Newt and Dicie Euphemia Jones Eubank. He married Barbara Ruth Pace Aug. 18, 1942, in Carlsbad, NM. She died Nov. 16, 1992. Survivors include two daughters, Darby (Don) Eubank Brackenhoff and Shari Eubank, both of Farmer City; three grandchildren, Mark Joseph (Michelle) Brackenhoff, Los Angeles; Morgan Bly (Jenny) Brackenhoff, Bellflower; and Miaciah Joseph (Sarah) Manuel, Mahomet; six great-grandchildren, Amanda Michelle Brackenhoff, Morgan Barbara Brackenhoff, Dominic Reyes Brackenhoff, Andria Nell Brackenhoff, Hannah Bly Brackenhoff, and Georgia Bliss Manuel; and one brother, Ralph Eubank, Mountain Home, AR. He was preceded in death by his parents and one sister, Mary Eubank. Mr. Eubank graduated from Sante Fe High School in Sante Fe, NM. He attended New Mexico Military Institute at Roswell, NM. Joe and his father owned Eubank & Son Construction in Sante Fe, NM. Joe joined the Navy as a Seabee at the start of World War II. Joe and his wife, Barbara, lived and worked for the U.S. government at Los Almos, NM, from 1943-44. He was a Navy veteran of World War II. Joe and his wife, Barbara, moved to Farmer City in 1948 and he farmed with his father-in-law, Bly Pace. Mr. Eubank retired from farming in 1988. Mr. Eubank was a member of the United Methodist Church, Farmer City, and a member of Joe Williams Post 55 American Legion, Farmer City.
Evans, 1LT Robert E., USA 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 20-Dec-1944 WWII-Killed in action in action in France on 20 December 1944.
Falby, William S. 1940 JC ~ 01-Oct-1979
Fanning, John C. 1940 JC
Farb, David 1940 JC ~ 04-Jan-1980
Fassett, Willis H., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 18-Jul-1999
Fields, Noble E. 1940 JC ~ 11-Jul-1991
Ford, Harry, Jr. 1940 JC ~ 15-Nov-1981
Francisco, Louis J., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 01-Sep-1989
Franz, CAPT Edward D., USN (Ret) 1940 HS ~ 18-Feb-2006
Freundlich, Thomas, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 31-Aug-2003
Funk, Charles J. 1940 HS ~ 19-Aug-1980
Garbrecht, Louis, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 17-Apr-2009 85, died April 17 in Salt Lake City, UT. He was born February 15, 1924 in Fort Worth, TX, to Hilda and Louis Garbrecht, Sr., Lou entered Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy (now known as the University of Texas at El Paso). He later enrolled at the the University of Texas at Austin receiving his bachelor’s in chemical engineering in 1944. Lou was hired by Texaco, but was assigned by the army to the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, NM. In 1947 he married Amy Harris in El Paso. In 1948 he earned his master’s degree from the University of Texas. His career with Texaco took him to Tulsa, OK; El Paso, TX; Casper, WY; Anacortes, WA; New York; and Houston. In 1979, Lou was appointed general manager of Texaco’s engineering department. Lou and Amy retired to Tucson, AZ before moving to assisted care in the Salt Lake area. He is survived by his wife Amy and sons Louis (Susan) of Coeur d’Alene, ID and David (Donna) of Draper, UT.
Gaskin, CDR Edward Robert, USN 1940 JC ~ 12-Dec-2003, 83, died Friday, Dec. 12, 2003. He was born Jan. 2, 1921. After completing two years at New Mexico Military Institute, he entered the Naval Academy of Annapolis and graduated in the class of 1944. He served on destroyers in the Pacific until 1946, and then entered the submarine service. He served on the destroyers, USS CONYNGHAM and USS MCKENZIE, and in the submarines USS BOARFISH, USS BAYA, USS STRICKLEBACK and commanded the USS BARACUDA and Submarine Division 22. Other sea duty included the staff of COMCAR Division 6 in USS LEYTE and USS ORION. He served in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Atomic Energy Division, Office of Naval Research and head of a joint DOD/AEC office. He is survived by his wife, Virginia who resides in Punta Gorda, Fla.; two sons, two daughters and their families; and two sisters. 
Gatewood, James F. 1940 JC ~ 11-Oct-2001
Gibson, REV Robert T. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 1985
Gill, Truman F. 1940 JC ~ 14-Jan-2009 87, of Tuleta, passed away Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009. He was born Feb. 17, 1921, in Beeville, to Martha Smith and Truman Milam Gill. He was a veteran of the Marine Corps, a rancher, and a member of First Presbyterian Church in Beeville. He was a member of the American Brahma Breeders Association and Nimitz Memorial Museum Board of Directors. He is survived by his wife, Claudia Gill of Tuleta, and sister, Martha Iris Goodman and husband Jimmy of Beeville.
Gillett, Ben T. 1940 JC ~ 19-Apr-1991
Godel, William Herman 1940 JC ~ 25-Jun-2000
Griswold, Harry H. 1940 JC ~ 25-Jan-1999
Gundlach, COL Robert Louis, USA (Ret) 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 01-Oct-1987
Guthrie, Robert S. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 13-Apr-1995
Haley, Edwin D. 1940 JC ~ 01-Nov-1974
Hall, Grover B. H., III 1940 HS
Hall, Josiah N. 1940 JC ~ 04-Oct-1977
Hall, Ora Richard, Jr. 1940 JC ~ 08-Jan-1996
Hall, Richard H. 1940 HS ~ 25-Aug-2004, age 81, of Anthony passed away August 25, 2004 at Providence Memorial Hospital in El Paso, TX. He was born September 15, 1922 in Somerton, AZ, to John F. and Leona Hall. Hudson graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in 1938 and joined the United States Army in 1942; was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, Parachute Infantry and made many jumps during World War II. On D-Day, he made his final jump and landed behind enemy lines; was wounded that day at Normandy Beach and earned his Purple Heart. Hudson was co-owner and operator of Hallís Lounge and Grill in Canutillo, TX,  for over 50 years along with his loving wife of 57 years, Patricia. As a civil service employee he worked for the Bureau of Reclamation, Elephant Butte Water District where he served as a General Foreman. He later worked at Fort Bliss before retiring after 25 years of service. Fellow employees and friends respected him for his generosity, leadership and helping personality. Hudson was recognized by many as an honorable friend. He was a life member of the American Legion and VFW Post 4384 and a past member of the Anthony Rangers, Sheriff’s Posse, Elks, Chamber of Commerce and was twice elected as Constable of the town of Anthony. Survivors include his loving wife, Patricia A. Hall of the family home; one son, Richard H. Hall Jr. of Anthony; three daughters, Cynthia Crandall and husband Bill of Fairbanks, AK, Barbara Cameron and husband Wayne of Pilot Point, TX, Elizabeth Hall of Phoenix, AZ; one brother, Jerry F. Hall of Anthony, TX. Other survivors include twelve grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his son, Patrick Hall; daughter, Deborah Hall and sister, Jean Barrier.
Hall, Thomas J., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 05-May-2006
Hanson, Robbin R. 1940 HS ~ 02-Sep-1994
Harp, 1LT Choctaw Atoka, Jr., USA 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 13-May-1945 WWII-killed in a plane crash in the US on 13 May 1944.
Harrington, Lt Col Henry A., Jr., USAF (Ret) 1938 HS-1940 JC
Harrison, Robert M. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 18-Feb-2008
Hewatt, Aubrey Edward 1940 JC ~ 08-Jul-2007 died Sunday, July 8, 2007 at the age of 88. Major Hewatt served during WWII with the US Aircorp’s 334th Fighter Squadron. He was a POW for one year and a recipient of a Purple Heart. He is survived by four children, Aubrey Edward Hewatt, II, Holloway Louise Hewatt, Carol Hudson Robertson, and Whitney Ronald Hewatt; and four grandchildren, Nicole St. Denis Zeigler, Whitney James Hewatt, Charlotte Marie Jackson, and Dawson Palmer Hewatt. He was predeceased by his wife, Louise Maranian Hewatt and his grandson, Brendan St. Denis
Hickman, Edward Craig 1940 JC ~ 26-Jul-2005
Hoch, David Heflin 1940 JC ~ 16-Dec-1981
Hood, Robert E. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 31-Dec-2015 age 96, died Thursday, December 31, 2015, at Southwest Medical Center, Liberal, KS. Robert Ellsworth Hood was born May 5, 1919 at the farm in Texas County, Oklahoma, the son of L. O. and Myrtle (Claggett) Hood. He was a 1936 high school graduate of the New Mexico Military Institute. He was a veteran serving in the U. S. Army from 1944 46 during WWII. He was stationed in the Philippines and was awarded a Bronze Star. He was a farmer and rancher in Texas County, OK. He was a local businessman. In 1939, he became a partner in Hood Chevrolet and then in 1956, he helped get the first cable television started in Liberal, KS. On October 1, 1996, he married Dilla Rodkey in Liberal, KS. She survives. Other survivors include: One Son, Robin Hood of Tyrone, OK, one Daughter, Lisa K. Hood of Boulder, CO six Step-Children one Grandson, Robin J. Hood, Jr., of Tyrone, OK 3 Great-Grandsons, Tucker J. Hood; Keifer J. Hood and Konner J. Hood and wife McKensie. He was preceded in death by one Sister, Mildred Brower. 
Hossack, Dudley Ray 1940 HS ~ 15-Dec-1987
Houghton, Charles F., Jr. 1940 HS ~ 08-Aug-1994
Hover, David L. C., II 1940 JC ~ 19-Jan-2009 of of Cloudcroft, passed away Monday Jan. 19, 2009, in the early evening from heart failure. Having been born in Cloudcroft in 1921. He lived a lifetime in Las Cruces raising his family with his wife, Patricia Stovall-Hover, who died in 2000. He owned and they ran Baker Drug Store. After retiring, he lived the remainder of his life in Cloudcroft, working as a pharmacist at Lowe’s Grocery Store in Alamogordo. He is survived by his son, Robert Hover, and daughter, Terri Hover-Hinsley. He leaves four grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and a loving dog named ‘Buddy.’ He served in the Pacific during World War II, where he received both the bronze and silver stars for heroism.
Huber, Richard James 1940 JC ~ 03-Dec-2006 (August 23, 1920 – December 3, 2006) Age 86, a resident of Modesto, passed away at his home.
Hueter, Ernest Boyd 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 26-Feb-2010 89, public servant, civic leader, businessman, writer, Eagle Scout and highly decorated WWII veteran, died of natural causes on February 26, in Arlington Hospital, VA. He and his wife, Joan, were residents of Kansas City, MO, from 1961-1980, when they relocated to Washington, DC. Ernie Hueter was born in California on June 15, 1920. His fore-bearers were pioneer Californian professionals and industrialists. His father was among the founders of the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Mr. Hueter attended Grant Grammar and Lowell and Galileo High Schools in San Francisco and New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM. He was graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and completed advanced studies in business administration at the University of California, Los Angeles. While attending the University of Missouri, he was a ROTC instructor. During WWII, he served 32 months in the Army in the South Pacific. As a commissioned officer in the Engineer Amphibian Command, Mr. Hueter commanded landing crafts and made 24 initial assault landings from Australia to the Philippines. He completed his duty with the rank of major in the intelligence section on General McSArthur’s staff, planning the anticipated landing in the Japanese homeland. He was awarded the Soldier’s Medal for Heroism by Act of Congress, numerous Theatre of Operations awards, and five Presidential Unit Citations. After being discharged from the Army in 1945, Mr. Hueter went to Hollywood, where he became a radio script writer for Bob Hope, Edgar Bergen and Red Skelton. In 1947, his career took a completely different path when he joined Interstate Brands (Bakeries) Corporation as assistant advertising manager. He rose through the ranks to become president and chief executive officer and subsequently in 1973, he was appointed chairman of the board. During his leadership of Interstate, the company grew almost nine-fold to become one of Fortune’s top 500 companies. While in Kansas City, Mr. Hueter served in an executive position on a wide range of business, civic and charitable organizations. He served as a director of the Commerce Bank of Kansas City, chairman of the Planning Committee for the National Convention of the American Red Cross held in Kansas City in May 1979, and as chairman of the Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America. For several years, he also served a vice president of the American Royal Horse Show and Livestock Exposition. Mr. Hueter was a commissioner on the Kansas City Sports Commission, working with Lamar Hunt to bring the Dallas Texans to Kansas City to become the Chiefs. In 1980, Mr. Hueter was asked to assume the presidency of the National Legal Center for the Public Interest, a not-for-profit legal educational foundation based in Washington, DC. Until his retirement in 2004, he presided over the center’s growth to include conferences, seminars and lectures, and he attracted national and international speakers including presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Mr. Hueter held many high volunteer posts in Washington, DC., including serving as a director of the Washington, DC Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Washington International Horse Show, the Agricultural Hall of Fame and the National Association of Manufacturers. He was a member of the Supreme Court Historical Society and Military Order of the Caraboa in Washington, DC, and the Bohemian Club and Rancheros Visitadores in California. He and his wife relocated to Walnut Creek, CA, in 2006. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Joan Le Brun de Surville; two children, Ernest (Chip) Hueter of Warrenton, VA, and Kristin Hueter of San Francisco, CA; his daughter-in-law Carol; two grandchildren, Tyler and Katie; his brother Robert of Napa, CA, and a valued host of friends. 
Huffine, Rodney Charles 1937 HS-1940 JC ~ 03-May-1999
Hutchison, Robert Edwin 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 29-Sep-1949
Jackson, COL Arthur Copeland, Jr., USAF (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 22-Apr-2000
James, John Keith 1940 JC ~ 09-Apr-1962
Jarrell, Jr., Jack Marlin 1940 JC ~ 15-Dec-1945
Jenkins, Don G. 1940 JC ~ 09-Jan-1970
Jensen, Wheeler George 1940 HS ~ 06-Jan-1990
Johnson, Dr. Charles Leland, Jr. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 06-Jul-2019
passed away peacefully at home on Saturday, July 6, 2019 at the age of 97 with his loving wife, Mary Jo, at his side. Charles was born an only child to Lillian and Charles Leland Johnston, Sr., in Prescott, AZ. He attended schools in Arizona, graduating from Yuma Union High School at 15, attended Junior College at New Mexico Military Institute, Pre-Med and School of Medicine at the University of Southern California where he completed his medical degree in 1944-45 to enter military service as a neophyte doctor working in Hospital Train Service. He then became part of the Army of Occupation in Japan. Following his military service, among his many positions, Charles continued to expand his medical expertise to physical medicine and orthopedics. He worked at Kabot-Kaiser Rehab Institute in Vallejo, CA, the Pasadena ER, then settled to 21 years’ private orthopedic practice in San Jose CA. Subsequently, he served at the San Jose State University Student Health Service, worked at the Yountville Veterans’ Home, and performed CA State Qualified Medical-Orthopedic formal exams for many years. He was an orthopedic consultant for the Alliance Medical Center in Healdsburg, CA/orthopedic consultant and clinical practice at Airport Occupational and Emergency Care Center, Oakland, CA. In addition to his orthopedics, Charles served as President of the Volunteers of America, consultant to the Crippled Children’s Society of the Red Cross and Cerebral Palsy Clinic/was a Board Member of Goodwill Industries. He volunteered on two trips of the Hope Ship — Jamaica (1972) and Brazil (1974). He was a Volunteer docent for 10 years at the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens in Santa Rosa, CA. As an interesting and gifted personage all of his life, Charles had myriad hobbies and interests beyond medicine: travel, photography, music, sailing, hiking and mountain climbing, building and developing property, enology and viticulture, and reading. He was a prolific writer, creating a series of office-orthopedic “Hand Out” cards for SJSU student use, wrote several short orthopedic articles in sundry medical journals, authored his personal memoirs, and was in process of authoring a 60+ page professional booklet. With his charming and disarming personality, Charles was always liked and respected by all — family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and patients. Charles is survived by his loving companion/wife of 30 years, Dr. Mary Jo Wisneski Johnston. He leaves three sons — Charles Leland Johnston, III, Dr. David Johnston, and Michael Johnston; seven grandchildren — Sarah, Tanya, Daisy, Raleigh, Austin, Kristine, Daniel, and a great-grandson, Quinn. This amazing man will be missed by all who ever met or knew him.
Johnson, SSG Samuel Clyde, USA 1940 HS ~ 08-Oct-1944 WWII-Missing/Killed – declared dead after MIA as a gunner aboard Liberator bomber mission to Vienna, Austria when the plane was hit by emeny fire on 8 October 1945. Three survivors did not include Johnson.

Kelty, John R. 1940 HS ~ 24-Oct-2001
Kennedy, Joseph David 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 24-Mar-1995
Kiger, Robert Cornelius 1940 JC ~ 1959
Kirk, Charles Douglas, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 16-Apr-2012, 89, of Hernando Beach, died April 16, 2012.
Knox, Richard Griffith 1940 JC ~ 04-Apr-1992
Kritser, Tom Moylan 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 21-Sep-1983
Kronauer, Maj Gen Clifford John, Jr., USAF (Ret) 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 11-May-2016 was born in El Paso, TX, on August 10, 1920 to Linne and Clifford Kronauer into the loving home of his grandparents, Print and Julia Rhode. General Kronauer began his distinguished and highly decorated military career attending the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, in the graduating class of 1940, having attained the rank of cadet colonel and was class valedictorian. Later, he went on to complete his education at MIT with a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1941 following completion of flight training. Throughout his 30 year military career he was a pilot (an instructor pilot during WWII) and held numerous command positions involved with the ballistic missile and space program, including 7 years at the pentagon and command of the Air Force Western Test Range at Vandenberg AFB, CA. After retirement from the Air Force in 1971 having served his last assignment at Andrews AFB in Maryland as Chief of Staff, Air Force Systems Command, General Kronauer joined General Electric as manager of the Space Systems Division and President of the Management and Technical Services Company in Pennsylvania. He retired from G.E. and moved to Colorado where he became the Director of the Defense Aerospace Ethics Office, and head of the Quality Assurance program of Martin Marietta. General Kronauer is survived by his devoted wife of 74 years, Charlotte Quint Kronauer; daughter Donna Sharpe (husband Howard); grandchildren Bryan Clifford Sharpe, Dustin Sharpe (wife Angela) and Christine Shutt (husband Cody); great granddaughter Charlotte Ann. Also daughter Margaret Longo; grandchildren Michael and Katie; daughter Laura Coffey (husband Michael); grandchildren, Nathan, Meghan and Jason; daughter Carolyn VanFleet (husband Herman); son Brad Kronauer (wife Lisa); grandchildren Paige and Nicole. He attained the highest of standards in every area of his life. He was a true intellect and Renaissance man in his constant pursuit of knowledge in the arts and sciences and was a self-taught pianist. He counseled and inspired his beloved family with great tenderness and wisdom and was a strong advocate for Christian values and conservative politics. He was a man of extreme discipline as also exemplified in his athletic achievements in his youth in boxing, diving, and horsemanship. He was an avid runner throughout his life, and excelled in handball, which he played competitively with his son Mark (deceased). At the age of 94 he routinely drove to the fitness center to swim 20 laps.
Lancaster, William Kenneth 1940 JC ~ 21-Sep-1988
Lange, Bernard J., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 23-Jun-2003 Ben was born in San Antonio on November 12, 1922. He grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, and graduated from New Mexico Military Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has lived in Houston for fifty-five years. Ben was a founding member of Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church, and a former Elder at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church. He belonged to Houston Country Club. He designed and oversaw the construction of some of the country’s largest pipelines. His daughter, Lucy, died in 1989. His family includes his wife, Carolyn Montgomery Lange, his two sons and their wives, B. John Lange, III, and Victoria Venn Lange, Dr. Campbell M. Lange and Cynthia Jones Lange. He has a grand-daughter, Hannah Naumann Lange, and five grandsons, who will serve as pallbearers. They are: John Russell Lange, James Campbell Lange, Joseph Montgomery Lange, Christopher Campbell Lange and Scott Montgomery Lange. 
Levy, Herbert Emmanuel, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 02-Oct-2005, retired women’s fashion shoe designer/manufacturer of Jack Rogers Shoes, Miami & honored World War II veteran, died at home, Miami, October 3, age 82. After bombing of Pearl Harbor, Levy enlisted & served as navigator/bombardier in 8th Air Force, 303rd Sq. on his last mission, Levy’s plane was shot down over Germany. 1 of 4 survivors, Levy parachuted to safety in the Black Forest & was captured by German Air Force. A prisoner of war 13 months, he was liberated by Gen. Patton on V-E Day. Rarely did Levy speak of his WWII experiences until many years later when his grandchildren asked. After WWII, Levy joined father-in-law Henry Wexner, Sr. in the retail fashions shoe business in Houston. Levy’s work in the shoe business took him to Europe twice a year for 20 years with wife Barbara Wexner Levy, editor/publisher of BARBARA’S VIEW/REPORT and writer for Boot & Shoe Recorder. Levy recalled taking a pair of kitchen scissors & cutting the back strap off an open-toe cork wedge sling to create a backless mule called the Rio Vista named after his street in Houston. It was one of Jack Rogers’ biggest selling shoes along with the Here We Go little heel pump that came in every color/material & named for entertainer Willie Restum’s phrase Here we go! Born/reared in Houston. Levy attended New Mexico Military Institute & graduated from San Jacinto High School. He studied art at Feather & Feather Institute in Houston & had fond memories of summers at Strongheart Camp in Wisconsin. Besides wife Barbara, Levy is survived by son Richard H. Levy, San Rafael, CA; daughter Lauren Hughes Meagher & son Don Meagher, San Antonio & grandchildren Rama & Henry Hughes, Glendale, CA & Lali Autumn Hughes, San Antonio, Dr. Shauna Stern & Dr. Jodi Stern Sklar (children of deceased daughter Barbara Dian Levy) & Ari Sklar, great grandchildren Farrah & Shoshana Sklar, Miami. Brother-in-law Henry Wexner & wife Suzette, Palm Beach, Nieces Nancy Lewis, San Mateo, CA & Lisa Wexner, Palm Beach. Cousin Hildegarde Cohn, Houston. I wouldn’t be here without American Red Cross, who saved my life as a POW with food, medical supplies, books…, Levy often said. Thus, contributions to American Red Cross, 2025 East St NW, Washington, DC, 20006, honoring Levy appreciated. Private services planned.”
Little, Audie L. 1940 JC ~ 1985
Lord, David Alexander, Jr. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 24-Sep-1948
MacKay, William R. 1940 HS ~ 02-Jul-1998
Malcolm, Jack E. 1940 JC ~ 23-Aug-1985
Maloof, Edward N. 1940 HS ~ 19-Feb-2011
Maloof, Richard N. 1940 HS ~ 26-Jan-1992
Manley, 1LT Donald, USA 1940 JC ~ 01-Jan-1945 WWII-Killed in action in Germany on 1 January 1945.
Marmaduke, Sam H. 1940 JC ~ 07-Sep-1993
Mathews, John N., Jr. 1940 HS
McCollister, John Jay, Jr. 1937 HS-1940 JC ~ 08-Nov-2000
McCoy, John Hollister 1940 HS
McDonald, James Gordon 1940 JC ~ 01-Apr-1974
McGee, Ivan Henry 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 25-Sep-2010 90, passed away after a short illness, Saturday, September 25, 2010 at West Park Hospital Long Term Care Center in Cody, WY. Per his request, no formal services are planned. Ivan was born March 8, 1920 in Cody, WY, the son of Frank and Amanda McGee. He and his brother, Robert, and sister, Vivian, grew up on Sheets Flat along the lower Greybull River. When he was 16, his parents were tragically killed he went to live with his sister and her husband, Vivian and Clyde Webster, on the Webster Ranch near Meeteetse, WY. Ivan graduated from Cody High School in 1938 and from the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, in 1940. He continued his college education at ENMU – Portales, NM. He served with the 4th Armored Division in Germany and France during World War II and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was an artillery battery commander at age 23 and was honorably discharged as Captain in 1945. He was a Major when discharged from the New Mexico National Guard in 1952. Returning to Roswell, he spent most of his working years in the banking business, retiring from 1st Federal Savings Bank in 1987. After retirement, he continued an appraisal service business until 2005. Ivan always considered Wyoming his home, and returned to Cody last month to enjoy his final days. He is survived by numerous nieces and nephews. He is preceded in death by his parents; his wives, Dorothy Vaughn McGee and Vernie Halverson McGee; his brother, Robert McGee; and his sister, Vivian Webster. Ivan was friend to many and a stranger to none. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.
McIntyre, Sidney W. 1940 HS ~ 14-Feb-2001
McLaren, COL Milton Wiley, Jr., USA 1940 HS
Means, Alfred G. 1940 JC ~ 13-Oct-2011 was born in El Paso on December 13, 1919 and on October 13, 2011 he was welcomed into the presence of the God with whom he shared nearly a century-long relationship. The Lord blessed Alf in many ways. His greatest treasure was his wife Ruth who was the love of his life, and his soul mate, for over 62 years. His ever-present adoration of and love for her gave evidence of the joy and fulfillment she brought to his life. Their legacy lives on in the lives of their children Bodie; Craige and wife Jay; daughter Deborah and husband Jonathan Armerding; grandchildren Kaitlin and husband Dave, Lindy, Cole, Calvin, Sam, Jesse, Annie, Laurie, great grandson, Anders, John and dearly loved sister Cynthia Steinbreder. Recognizing the blessing of being an American, he served his country in World War II and continued serving through the Valentine School and other community efforts throughout his adult life. He embraced his life-calling as a faithful steward of land and livestock that comprised the family’s Y-6 Ranch near Valentine, and instilled the values of hard work and integrity in his children. He knew the value of his faith and he shared that blessing through his service in the Valentine Community Church, as a Gideon and through other Christian ministries. Alf also experienced trials and challenges including the untimely losses of his brother Craige in WWII, two grandsons, Ben and John, and daughter-in-law Mickey. As a rancher, he endured years that brought drought and disappointment. In spite of the heartbreaks and hardships, Alf was an” overcomer” who saw a bright light in every dark hour. That bright light was his Savior, Jesus Christ who molded him into a man of character, integrity and compassion. Because of his faith, he always had an amusing story, a joyful song and a winsome smile to share. A celebration of his life will be held at the Valentine School on Monday, October 17 at 2 p.m. (CST). Interment will follow at the Valentine Cemetery. Services directed by Carrillo Funeral Home in Van Horn, TX. Contributions in his honor may be made to Gideon’s International or Bloys Camp Meeting. “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.” (Psalm 91:14-16
Megown, Walter P., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 24-Jun-2009
Mellinger, Louis H. 1940 HS ~ 22-May-1957
Meyers, Bennett E., Jr. 1940 HS ~ 16-Apr-2000 Died April 16, 2000, at age 78. There will be no service. Mr. Meyers was born March 10, 1922, in Buffalo, N.Y. and was raised in San Diego. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Army Air Forces. He lived in Southern California and worked as a spare-parts provisioner and held other positions for aerospace-related companies, including General Dynamics and Military Supply Agency. He retired in 1985, when he moved to Portland. In 1976, he married Mary “Pat” Severtsen. Survivors include his wife. 
Miller, Claud E. 1940 HS ~ 20-May-1940
Miller, Hugh V., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 07-Apr-1988
Mitchell, E. Decatur 1940 JC
Mock, Carthal F., Jr. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 1984
Moore, Joseph M. 1940 HS ~ 12-Dec-2011 July 31, 1919 – December 12, 2011 TULSA Joe M. Moore, Funeral Director and Funeral Homes Owner, one of the most caring, thoughtful, and generous men who ever lived, Joe M. Moore passed peacefully from this life to enter the presence of his Lord Jesus Christ on Dec. 12, 2011. At the time of his passing, he was the owner of seven funeral homes in the Tulsa area. The youngest of nine children, Joe was born to Herbert and Cora (Musgrove) Moore in Claremore, Oklahoma on July 31, 1919. He attended Whittier Elementary, Horace Mann Jr. High, Central High, New Mexico Military Academy, and Tulsa University. He joined the family business started by his father and brothers and, under his guidance and leadership, Moore Funeral Home grew from its original location at 1403 S. Peoria to become the largest family-owned group of funeral homes in Oklahoma. Currently, the Moore Funeral Homes locations have a staff of 47 and conduct over 1,100 funerals annually. Joe’s singular message to his staff was to provide the best possible service to families in their time of need. He was an icon in the funeral business and was named Oklahoma Funeral Director of the Year in 1999. Joe had a great sense of humor and an even greater sense of compassion. In an industry that is long on hours and short on benefits, Joe provided the best for his staff. Joe was universally loved by his very capable and professional employees, most of whom have been with the company for over 15 years. He was a longtime member of the Order of the Golden Rule and NSM (an invitation-only trade organization which recognizes excellence in the funeral industry). Joe and his late wife of 53 years, Eunice, were faithful members of First Baptist Church in Tulsa for over 50 years. His best friend during much of his life was Dr. Warren C. Hultgren, and the Moores and Hultgrens took 13 cruises together, visiting Russia, China, the Middle East, and many other locations. Joe was a 32nd Degree Mason and sponsored many, many charitable and civic organizations, both personally and through Moore’s. Joe was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Eunice; and siblings. He is survived by his son and daughter-in-law, Dr. Joseph P. And Lynne Moore and 2 grandchildren, Joe and Linda. The family plans to continue the business. 
Moore, Thomas E. 1940 JC ~ 27-Jul-2002
Morris, LTC James M., Jr., USA (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 02-Nov-2006 of Columbus, GA, died November 2, 2006 at Spring Harbor. James Monroe Morris, Jr., was born August 15, 1921 in the U.S. Army Hospital, Coblenz, Germany, His father and mother, James Monroe Morris and Blanche Parker Morris, were both from Kentucky. His father was a Regular Army Officer stationed in Germany with the Army of Occupation after World War I. As a boy, Jim lived all over the United States wherever his father was stationed, from Florida to Hawaii to Montana. Jim’s boyhood dream was to be an Army Officer, to serve his nation as his Dad had done before him. He graduated from Helena High School, Helena, MT. In 1938 and then received as Associate Degree from New Mexico Military Institute in 1940. Trying to get an appointment to West Point, he attended Braden’s Prep School in Cornwall, NY, and Sullivan’s Prep School in Washington, DC. He entered the United Stated Military Academy, West Point, NY, in 1942 and graduated in 1945, commissioned in the Infantry. His classmates remained his closest friends throughout his life, His first station was with the Army of Occupation in Japan where he earned his jump wings with the 188th Parachute Regiment, 11th Airborne Division. He met his wife, Leila Booth, in 1950 at Fort Benning where he was stationed and she was visiting her brother. A year later, they were married. After a tour at Benning, he went to Korea during the war and served with the 45th Division as a Company Commander and Operations Officer. Later he became an Army Aviator, both fixed and rotary wing, and a Master Parachutist. In 1963 he commanded the 101st Aviation Bn at Fort Campbell, KY, a favorite assignment of his. He served two tours in Vietnam during the war years, the first in 1966 at Vung Tau Airbase and as Deputy Advisor to the 2nd ARVN Division in Quang Nai. In 1971 he returned to Vietnam and served at Long Ton Airbase and then as a member of the Special Operations Group. He returned to his final assignment at Fort Benning before retiring in 1973. Having served four tours at Fort Benning, he and his wife retired in Columbus in 1973. He received his MBA from GA State University after retirement. He taught college courses, became a real estate agent, and gave flight lessons, his first love. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about 1992 but was active for ten years before it debilitated him. He was a member of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Columbus, of Trinity Episcopal Church, Sons of the American Revolution, and Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Leila (Lee); a daughter, Catherine Green and her husband, H. Peyton Green, III of Pen hook, VA; a son, James M. Morris, IV of Columbia, SC; and five grandchildren, H. Peyton Green, IV, Austin Green, Leila Green, James M. Morris, V (Roe), and Andrew Morris, and one great grandchild, Abigail Catherine Green, and his brother Robert Parker Morris, Tallahassee, FL.
Myers, Robert M. 1940 JC ~ 14-Nov-2000
Neel, John S. 1940 HS ~ 01-Aug-1985
Neeland, James W. 1940 HS ~ 30-Jul-1993
Nelson, Otis E., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 25-Apr-1962
Nelson, MAJ Robert I., USMC (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 28-May-2011 A Twentynine Palms resident for 48 years, passed away at his home on May 28, 2011, at 5:20 p.m. He was 90. He was born in Roswell, NM, on Aug. 5, 1920, to Ruth Mussenden and Idris Nelson. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute and held a bachelor of arts in business from Chapman University. He had been a member of the Twentynine Palms Toastmasters and Kiwanis Club. He married his wife, Alice, on Jan. 28, 1947, in Alameda. They first came to the desert for duty at the Marine Corps base in 1958. Maj. Nelson retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after 24 years of service. He worked for the San Bernardino County assessor’s Office as an appraiser before retiring in 1984. He is survived by his wife of 64 years; daughters Karen (Paul) Ballard of Poway, Marjorie Brock of Brighton CO, Debbie Medina of Twentynine Palms, Nancy Lamberson of Moorpark, Robin Lopez of Beaumont and Susan Nelson (Randy) Rosas of Scripps Ranch; grandchildren Michael Estok of Brighton, Rebecca Medina of Lakewood, CO, Laura (Medina) Stewart, Amy and Krislyn Medina of Twentynine Palms, Lauren Ballard of Poway, Erin, David, Jon and Thomas Lamberson of Moorpark, Carissa, Shannon and Erik Lopez of Beaumont; and five great-grandchildren.
Nesbitt, William J. 1940 JC
Newell, Louis R. 1940 JC ~ 04-Jun-1954
Norton, CDR Hassell L., USN (Ret) 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 08-Oct-1996
Norwood, Jay M. 1940 HS ~ 15-Mar-1993
Nye, Robert R. 1940 JC ~ 1994
Okerstrom, Vernon B. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 01-Sep-1983
Park, Kermit C. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 03-Nov-1997
Patterson, George N. 1940 HS ~ 02-Jun-1999
Paxton, John L. 1940 HS ~ 17-Nov-2011 of Rancho Santa Fe, VA, died Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011. He was a retired executive vice president and director of Frank Paxton Lumber Company of Kansas City and subsidiaries Paxton-Patterson Technology Products and The Lietz Company, survey instruments, acquired by Jeld-Wen, Inc. and Sokkisha of Japan. As a second career, Mr. Paxton pursued acting. A member of the Screen Actors Guild, his motion picture credits include the “Spider Man” trilogy. Mr. Paxton was a former resident of Fort Worth and a trustee of the Fort Worth Art Center. Survivors: His loving wife, Mary Lou Paxton; sons, Robert G. Paxton, William Paxton and Steve Paxton; daughter, Ann P. Otten; and seven grandchildren.
Perez, Eugenio, Jr. 1940 HS
Peterson, Richard N. 1940 HS ~ 15-Jan-1991
Phillips, Frederick Agustus, Jr. 1940 JC ~ 17-Jul-2009
Pierce, William H., Jr. 1940 JC
Pollock, Dr. Harvey Carlyle, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 15-Feb-2006
Pollock, John R., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 04-Jan-2006
Pomeroy, COL Phillip Sargent, Jr., USA (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 11-Sep-1993
Powell, Richard Vernon, Jr. 1940 JC ~ 17-Aug-1999
Prather, Charles William 1940 JC ~ 06-Feb-2011 90, passed away Sunday, February 6, 2011, at The Forum Healthcare Center, Overland Park, Kan. Visitation will be 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 12, at D.W. Newcomer’s Funeral Home at 8201 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park. Interment will be this spring in Kingman, KS. Charlie was born to Charles M. and Josephine McCartney Prather in Kingman, on Dec. 6, 1920. He graduated from Kingman High School and then earned a B.A. in Business at Kansas University. While in the SAE fraternity, he met Shirley Kernodle of Kansas City on a blind date and they were married Jan. 1, 1943. From August 1942 until May 1945, he served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a P-38 pilot with the 32nd Photo Recon Squadron. While based in San Severo, Italy, he flew missions over Northern Italy, Austria and Germany. After the war, Charlie moved his family to Albuquerque and then to El Paso, TX. He worked for American General Investment Company for over 20 years, managing the El Paso and then Dallas offices, and becoming a Vice President. He was promoted to President of Gulf Coast Savings, Richmond, TX, where he served until retiring in 1982. The Prathers have lived in Kansas City for the last 27 years. Charlie enjoyed his family, business, the Kingman family farm and his boxer dogs. He is survived by his wife, Shirley Kernodle Prather; his three children and their spouses, Rebecca and Rod Laughlin, Leawood, KS, Robert and Lana Prather, Dallas, TX, Craig and Barbara Prather, Arlington, TX; 10 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren.
Presley, George J. “Bud” 1940 HS ~ 21-Dec-2002, a basketball coach and defensive strategist, died December 21 in Redwood City. He was 80. Mr. Presley coached the Menlo College Oaks from 1971 to 1983, and led the team to a state championship in 1974. Mr. Presley began his coaching career in 1951 in Pennsylvania, subsequently coaching at Sequoia and Cubberley high schools before moving on to coaching college teams. He was a member of the California Community College and California Coaches Association halls of fame, and the San Mateo County Sports Hall of Fame. He served as a defensive consultant to the Golden State Warriors during their 1974 title season, and ended his full-time coaching career as a defensive specialist for University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 1983. A native of San Francisco, Mr. Presley was a three-sport athlete while a student at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, and at Texas A&I. He served in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper during World War II. He is survived by his wife Gloria Presley of Palo Alto; his daughter Virginia of San Francisco; and one grandchild. 
Prime, Lawrence Charles 1940 HS ~ 27-Jan-2017
Quevedo, Jesus F. 1940 HS ~ 02-Jan-2011

Ragland, Sam Shelton, Jr. 1940 JC ~ 26-Nov-1988
Ranck, William W. 1940 HS ~ 05-Jul-1991
Ray, George Hix 1940 JC ~ 07-Oct-1969
Redick, Richard W. 1940 JC ~ 10-Mar-1997
Reed, James Franklin 1940 JC ~ 09-Apr-1990
Reichardt, John Robert, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 01-Aug-1982
Reiner, Thomas A., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 01-Aug-1984
Reinhold, Ridgeway M. “Ridge” 1940 HS ~ 08-Jan-2017
Died at home in Camp Verde, AZ. After NMMI, he joined US Army Air Corps. He served as a Sergeant in the overseas (Burma, India, China) for 2 years.

Reynolds, John Taylor 1940 HS
Rippy, Leonard Earl 1940 JC ~ 15-Mar-2007 passed away March 15, 2007, at the Colorado State Veteran’s Home in Rifle. He was born May 13, 1921, south of Silt, to Jessie Ellis Raley and Earl Anderson Rippy. He spent his childhood in the New Castle area and at the family sawmill on the Flat Tops. He had many fond memories of his childhood friends and boyhood pranks. He attended school in New Castle and graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM. After graduation, he joined the Army Air Corps and completed the AF Cadet Program in 1940 at Lindbergh Field, San Diego. In March of 1942, his squadron was ordered overseas and he spent 62 days on SS BRAZIL from Charleston, SC, to Karachi, which was then in India. He was stationed in Sookerting, India, and was engaged in the Allied airlift operation between India, Burma, and China across the Himalayan Mountains during World War II. He spent sixteen months overseas, 120 missions Hump flying and food dropping. He returned to St. Joseph, MO, as an instrument instructor, checking out C-47 students. He returned to Colorado in 1945 and joined the family lumber and pulp business on the Flat Tops and Coffee Pot areas. In later years, he was involved in land development and began the Western Hills Subdivision in West Glenwood and also Bell Rippy Land Venture. He was also involved in the savings and loan business, first with Rocky Mountain Savings and Loan and as a board member with Majestic Savings and Loan. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and riding his horse. When he was 72, he joined Monk Dawson and a group to ride on horseback from New Castle to Cheyenne, WY, for Frontier Days. It was an incredible journey for him. He also enjoyed traveling, and especially a trip back to China where he had spent time during the war. He was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars; Hump Pilots Association, Inc.; El Jebel Shriners; Masonic Charity Lodge of St. Joseph, MO; and Masonic Glenwood Chapter. He is survived by his daughter Mary Anne (Paul) Taylor of New Castle; grandchildren Randy Rippy of Glenwood Springs and Stephanie Munk of El Jebel, Shelly Morgan of Orlando, FL, Andrea Allen of Salt Lake City, UR, Kevin Taylor of Beirut, Lebanon, and Bouremia Adamou of Boston and Niamey, Niger, West Africa. He was preceded in death by his wife, Betty Jane Rippy; and son Leonard Rippy Jr.
Rivers, Thomas Grundy, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 21-May-1997
Roberts, Clifford P. 1940 HS ~ 19-Feb-2003
Robinson, George J. 1940 HS ~ 01-Feb-1975
Rollie, Edward Leon 1940 HS ~ 19-Feb-2008
Rusk, Ray Ford 1940 HS ~ 1947 ~ 07-Feb-1947

Sanderson, Charles E. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 16-Dec-1989
Schulz, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 17-Jun-2002
Schuster, SGT Edward Benjamine, Jr., USA 1940 HS ~ 06-Dec-1944 – WWII-Killed in action in Italy 6 December 1944.
Seacrest, Mark T. 1940 JC ~ 02-Dec-1999
Selvin, Hanan Charles 1940 JC ~ 20-Jul-1989
Shackleford, Paul A., Jr. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 09-Aug-1993
Sheldon, Charles Perry 1940 JC ~ 09-Feb-2010 was born on October 27, 1920 in Chicago, IL. He was raised in Electra, TX, and for 89 years was a cowboy at heart. Mr. Sheldon met his lifelong sweetheart, Martha Valerie (Val) (1920-2003), in kindergarten, after which began a fatal attraction which lasted for 83 years. Family speculation has it that Charles chose to leave this earth on February 9, 2010, in order to surprise her for Valentine’s Day. Their love produced 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren. After graduation from high school in Electra, TX, Charles attended Texas A & M for two years. He then joined the US Air Force, married Val, and began a 20-year career which took them all over the world. The Sheldon’s were transferred to Tacoma, WA, in 1960 and spent much of the rest of their lives in the area B except for the time they spent roaming the West in their travel trailer. Mr. Sheldon was preceded in death by his wife, Val, his first daughter, Cheryl Leslie, and his great-granddaughter, Brooke. He is survived by his daughters, Julie of Tacoma, WA, Sue of Wasilla, AK, and their spouses, Tom and Blair; his grandchildren (Thomas, Brandilyn, Suzanne, Rachel, Jeanette, and Charles) and their spouses (Melanie, Ty, Dan, Walter, and Matt); and his great-grandchildren (Tom, Andrew, Morgan, Summer, Lexie, Isaac, Olivia, Sage, Maya, Trent, Jenna, Brianna, Nathan, Eric, Emily, Ryan, Whitney, Christopher, and Jared). While his daughters occasionally drove him to distraction, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren delighted him no end.
Sheridan, Dr. Francis Michael 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 15-Feb-2014 To family and friends, died peacefully in his sleep February 15, 2014 in Kansas City, MO. Mike was a partner in the Wake Clinic, a private pediatric practice, in Royal Oak and served as a prominent pediatrician and staff member at William Beaumont Hospital for more than 50 years. He was the beloved husband of the late Mildred Jane (Lackie) Sheridan; loving father of Michael (Liz Baca) Sheridan, John (Froan) Sheridan, Nancy (Charlie) Hemenway and Phil (Kim) Sheridan; proud grandfather of Chris Hemenway, Jenny Dunsmore, Meghan Sheridan, Andy Sheridan and Alex Sheridan; great-grandfather of Tanner Hemenway, Cooper Hemenway and Emma Dunsmore; dear uncle of Evan Pyle, Emily Pyle and Elinor Pyle; also survived by his friend and companion, JoAnn Halberg.
Sisneros, George S. 1940 JC ~ 13-Oct-2010 passed away in his home in Arabela, Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010, following a long illness. Born May 21, 1918, in Roswell, his parents were George S. Sisneros, who died in 1918, and Pablita Fresquez, who died in 1981. George was raised on their sheep ranch in Arabela by his mother and stepfather (“dad”), Leopoldo Pacheco, who died in 1965. A 1938 graduate of Roswell High School and of the 1940 NMMI Junior College, George enlisted in the Army in 1941, completing his service in 1945 as a staff sergeant in the 604th FA Bn., 10th Mountain Division. He was awarded a Bronze Star in the Italian campaign in World War II. George was a past president of the board of directors of the Peasco Valley Telephone Co-Op, in Artesia, of the board at Otero County Electric Co-Op, in Cloudcroft, and of the Roswell Evening Optimist Club. He was a member of the New Mexico Wool Growers and a Knight of Columbus, and a former chairman of the Lincoln County Republican Party. His former parish was St. John’s in Roswell. Services will be held at Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010, at St. Jude’s Catholic Church in San Patricio. The rosary will be recited at 10 a.m., followed by the Mass at 11 a.m. The Rev. Al Galvan will officiate. Interment will be private at the family cemetery on the ranch in Arabela. Survivors include his wife, Rosemary; three daughters, Martha Meisinger, of Houston, Rebecca Joyce, of Arabela and Houston, and Christie Anne Houghton, of Oklahoma City; and four sons, George S. Sisneros, Jr., of Hondo, TX, Frank Sisneros, of Arabela, Ray Sisneros, of Temple, TX, and Brian Sisneros, of Queen Creek, AZ. Pallbearers will be his grandsons, Timothy Matakas, Victor Matakas, MAJ Justin Wyatt, Sisneros, USA 1999 HS-2001-JC, Tyler Brandon Sisneros 2002 HS, George S. Sisneros, III, Brent Joyce, Christopher Sisneros, Patrick Sisneros, Trevor Sisneros and Matthew King. Honorary pallbearers will be his granddaughters, Heather McCaw, Tonja Flores, Wendi Ramos, Erica Erck, Shiloh Raylyn Sisneros 2001 HS, Julie Houghton, Maegan Houghton, Alexandra Houghton and Dillan Sisneros. Great-grandchildren are Bryce and Kaitlyn Matakas, Logan and Haven Matakas, Chandra Flores and Jasmin Soliz, Reyna and Isaiah Ramos, and Abigail King. 
Smith, Frank Lewis, Jr. 1940 JC ~ 01-Dec-1991
Smith, MAJ George Walter, USA (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 29-Nov-2008 89, Ada, are 2:00 p.m. Thursday at the Crosspointe Church, Rev. Shawn Wiebers will officiate. Burial will follow at Rosedale Cemetery. The Ft. Sill Honor Guard will conduct military honors at the cemetery. The family will receive friends from 6 p.m. Until 8 p.m. Wednesday at Criswell Funeral Home. Mr. Smith died Saturday, November 29, 2008 at an Ardmore Veterans Center. He was born November 26, 1919 near Fittstown, OK, to George and Julia May Barringer Smith. He attended Onward school, Ada High School and graduated from Roswell New Mexico Military Institute in 1939. He married Jean Owen Dollins in 1970. Mr. Smith and his wife owned and operated the Sportsman Sporting Goods Store here in Ada for 33 years. He was a member of the Crosspointe Church and had a distinguished career with the U. S. Army during World War II in the European Theatre. He was commissioned Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army and sent to Fort Knox, KY, for Armor Training. He entered active duty October 8, 1941. Brought the 6th Armor Division (known as “super Six” to Camp Chaffee. He made Captain at the age of 22 years. The 6th Armor landed on Utah Beach for the invasion of Germany in 1944. He made Major at the age of 23 years old and commanded the 69th Armor, 6th Armor Division, General Patton’s 3rd Army. Major Smith fought in France and Germany, surpressed Adolf hitleræs winter offensive, entered Bastonage Germany to suppress the German Army that surrounded the 101st Airborne Division. Major Smith captured the town of Frieburg, Germany that was occupied by German Troops, and the rescue of 15,000 civilians. A German Colonel surrendered to the 69th Armor Division. Upon the anniversary of WWII, Major Smith was called to Frieburg, Germany to commemorate the saving of that town. A park is built in Frieburg to remind all that pass. Major Smith’s name in engraved in the plaque of the park to honor his name and devotion to duty to save a city from destruction. Survivors include his wife, Jean Smith, of the home; a son, Thomas L. Smith, Master Sergeant, U. S. Army Retired and wife Ruth, Ada; a daughter, Sheila Smith, Dallas, TX; a step-daughter, Delaine Battjes, and husband Jim, Austin, TX; a step-son, Jerry Dollins, Graham, TX; three sisters, Frances Holston, Durant, Clara Mae Ward, Dallas, TX, and Alice Warren, Dallas, TX; a brother, Fred Smith, Stringtown; and three grandsons whom he reared and adopted, Heath Smith and wife Pam, Palestine, TX, Derek Smith and wife Laurie, Oklahoma City, and Ian Smith, Oklahoma City and Jason Smith, Albuquerque, NM and Amber McCurdy, Ada; a step-grandson, Stefan Dollins, Grandbury, TX, and Jamie Battjes, Austin, TX; great grandchildren, Ashlee and Travis Smith, and Lillie and Elizabeth Smith, and Hunter Smith. Bearers will be Thomas L. Smith Master Sergeant, U.S. Army Retired, Elzie Priest, Jack Martin, Michael oæbrien, Marty Byrd, Ken Hancock, Frank Taylor, and Ron Bates.
Smyth, David J. 1940 JC ~ 18-Aug-2002
Spires, Leroy, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 16-Mar-1991
Stallings, David Johnson 1940 JC ~ 01-Nov-1964
Stanley, Gordon Eugene 1938 HS-1940 JC
Stevenson, Lt Col James Gilbert, USAF (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 17-Nov-2011 91, of Clovis, died Thursday, November 17, 2011, in Amarillo, TX. Mr. Stevenson was born on December 7, 1919, in Ely, NV. He served in the Air Force during WWII and retired as a Lt. Colonel. Survivors include his daughter, June Harrison of Amarillo; a granddaughter, Junie Harrison of Clovis; and a niece, Donna Burkhead of Austin, TX. 
Stevenson, Mellor William 1940 JC ~ 06-Nov-1977
Stockdale, Gayle 1937 HS-1940 JC ~ 30-Sep-2002
Stout, Walter B. 1940 JC ~ 04-Jul-1988
Stroecker, William G. 1940 JC ~ 08-Nov-2010 Fairbanks’ best known civic leader since the days before statehood, passed away Monday, Nov. 8, 2010, at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. Stroecker, 90, had been hospitalized on Oct. 30 following a heart attack. His hospital stay was marked by a steady flow of loving relatives and adoring Fairbanksans. Born in Fairbanks on July 31, 1920, Stroecker had the rare distinction of never calling anywhere else home, leaving Fairbanks only in 1938 to attend New Mexico Military Institute and then again near the end of World War II when stationed in the Army at Grande Prairie, Canada as part of the Lend-Lease Program. Following the war, the son and grandson of pioneer Alaskan families, became bookkeeper at First National Bank. He succeeded his brother, Ed, as president in 1967, remaining in that position until the bank was sold in 1978. Bill continued to serve as vice president of public relations at the First National successor, Key Bank, until entering the hospital. Over all the years Bill was a familiar sight to Fairbanksians trudging to and from work in his long raccoon coat and hat. Charming to the core, the rugged Stroecker enjoyed a wide-range of activities. His musical talents are legend as he played his trumpet at local dances and functions. He played regularly in recent years with a jazz band known as the Frigid-Aires. His interest in music, particularly jazz, ran deep and he spent many relaxing hours listening to the works of great artists. Bill took particular interest in The Salvation Army and the Alaska Goldpanners baseball team. He was a hard-working contributor to both. He is the only “life” member of the Fairbanks Salvation Army Board. His tenure with the Goldpanners began in 1962 and for 50 seasons he contributed much time and energy. Remarkably, he served the last 46 years as president of the board of directors, winning successive one-year terms. The list of his civic undertakings is long. They include: Greater Fairbanks Hospital Foundation; Friends of the University Museum; Fairbanks Rotary Club; State of Alaska Guide Board; Alaska Banker’s Association; Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce; Fairbanks Urban Beautification Commission; and numerous other advisory posts. Additionally he received top honors from virtually all of the organizations to which he served or belonged, including mention at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Bill joined Igloo No. 4, Pioneers of Alaska, in 1951, earning life membership in 1976. As public as his life was, Bill saved his most enjoyable times for himself and a few friends. An avid outdoorsman he spent literally every weekend soaking up the great outdoors whether it be boating, fishing, hunting, hiking or snowshoeing. Joining Bill on such adventures would be his prized Labrador retrievers. Racey was his faithful Lab companion at the time of his passing. Bill obtained his first black Lab in 1944 and over the next 65 years had one or more at all times. He took great pains in training the dogs and was active in Fairbanks Retriever Club trials over the years. Another passion for Bill was Alaskana. He acquired a great collection of items and had a deep knowledge of the history of the state and the Fairbanks area in particular. Bill’s grandfather, Charles N. Creamer, crossed the Chilkoot Trail in 1897. In what Bill considered one of his major accomplishments, he retraced his grandfather’s footsteps in 1997, at age 77, and some 100 years later. Bill never failed to get a twinkle in his eye when talking of his parents, grandparents and others of the pioneer times. Bill admitted to being joined to the past and liking it that way. With him at the time of his passing was his dear friend, Pat Marlin. Bill was preceded in death by his wife of 53 years, Eleanor Wagner Stroecker; his parents Edward H. Stroecker and Mattie Creamer Anderson Stroecker; brother Edward; sister Marion Weeks; nephew Robert F. Stroecker; great-nephew Jason Hackenmiller; step-brother, Buster Anderson; his nephew, Bun Anderson; and his grandson, Scotty Wagner. Bill was survived by his step-son, Rick Wagner; grandchildren, Deborah (Ray) Lee, Richard (Felicia) Wagner, Christy Shira, Trish (Ray) Mikolajczyk, Gregory (Jerrie) Wagner, Kristin Wagner, Dr. Jacquelyn (Andrew) Serrano; great-grandchildren, Jason (Desiree) Lee, Joshua Lee, Jeffrey Lee, Jacob Lee, Rose Wagner, David Wagner, Devin Boudreaux, Walter Kelly, Michael Kelly, Ginny Kelly, Molly Kelly, Scotty Kelly, and Trent Wagner; his step-daughter, L’Marie (Wiley) Beaux; grandchildren, Lance Nichols, Lori Stepaniak, Lisa Merritt, Lynette Leasure, Lane Nichols, Miles Beaux, Nicolette Fenton, Chris Beaux, Noni Rathbum, Elaine Nichols, Priscilla Montinelli, Irene Nichols, Gus Nichols; great-grandchildren, Lia (Andrew) Thurston, Joey Nichols, Christina Stepaniak, Dustin Stepaniak, Caleen Stepaniak, Courtney Stepaniak, Caleb Stepaniak, Caitlyn Stepaniak, Darrek Stepaniak, Macayla Stepaniak, Trent Merritt, Tyler Merritt, Trason Merritt, Travis Merritt, Kattrina Crouch, Kylie Crouch, Megan Leasure, Spencer Leasure, Rebecca Beaux, Tyvan Beaux, Sara Sorden, Beaux Fenton, Bridgette Fenton, Audrey Beaux, Quenten Beaux, Conlan Beaux, Alaura Beaux, Steven Sloan, Marie Rathbun, Gerald Rathbun, Frank Nichols, Aaron Montinelli, Katie Montinelli, Peter Montinelli, Monya Montinelli, Fred Nichols, Nicole Nichols, and Ryan Nichols; great-great-grandchildren, Mackinzie Thruston, Jordan Thruston, Deshun Stepaniak, Tyson Merritt, Tenneson Merritt, Daniel Nichols, Charlize Wilson, Elijah Wilson; his step-son, Randolph Wagner; grandchildren, William Wagner, and Weslin Wagner; his step-son, Lanny (Anne) Wagner; grandchildren, Karn Wagner; his cousin, Jane (Bill) Pryor; second cousins, Rick Winther, John winther, and Dale Winther; his niece, Maggie (Larry) Hackenmiller, Linda Stroecker; grand-nieces and nephews, Cary Hackenmiller, Matt Hackenmiller, Ben Stroecker, Sarena Hackenmiller, Stacey (Rob) Carpenter, Jamie (Lee) Hall; great-grand-niece, Hope Carpenter; his cousins, Gary (Yolanda) Creamer, Don (Sandy) Creamer, Chuck Creamer, Roxie Creamer, Jeanne (Leslie) Creamer, Jeff (Christol) Creamer; his grand-nieces and nephews, Kirsten O’Malley, Alexis (Sean) Borger, Jeremy Creamer and Anna Creamer. 
Stromberg, William Hugo 1940 JC ~ 24-Mar-2016 95, died March 24, 2016. He was born August 29, 1920, in Ardmore, OK, to Adele Woods Stromberg and Hugo J. Stromberg. He married Mary Love Hale September 27, 1941, and they were members of the First Presbyterian Church, where Bill served as Elder, Deacon and Trustee. Bill was the founder and president of Stromberg Lumber Company and Stromberg Housing Corporation. He was on the board of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce, president of Ardmore Rod and Gun Club, board and organizer of Lincoln Bank of Ardmore and president of the Tuesday Night Dinner Club. He served for 20 years as Memorial Bible Chairman for the Gideons International, and he was an organizer, director, and treasurer of the Greater Southwest Historical Museum. He was a 32nd degree Mason and member of the Oklahoma Lumbermen’s Association and the Ardmore Rotary Club. Bill graduated from New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), and was selected Outstanding Bandsman. He attended Oklahoma University and Oklahoma City University, and was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving during World War II, he was an avid US coin and stamp and postal history collector, for which he won many honors. He had articles published in the American Philatelist Magazine and he and his wife were also avid antique collectors. Bill was preceded in death by his parents; brothers, Stanley and T.C.; his daughter-in-law, Susan Stromberg; grandson, Steven Stromberg, and his loving wife of 74 years. He is survived by his three children, William “Billy” Stromberg and wife, Dana, Hale Stromberg and Mary Peck and husband, Tom Loy; his grandchildren, Jeff and Ellis Stromberg, Warren Loy and wife, Christine, Morgan Loy and wife, Stephanie, Alyssa Loy and her fiance, Eric Yeroshefsky and Kathy and Debra Stromberg, and three great-grandchildren, Emilia, Finnian and Zaraya Loy. Bill loved and savored life. He also loved music and played the saxophone and clarinet. While he was at NMMI, he wrote a song entitled “Darlin’ You Know” for his loving future wife.
Struth, CPT Henry J., USA 1940 JC ~ 22-Nov-1945 WWII-Missing/Killed in action – officially declared dead as of 22 November 1945.
Sutliff, Edward Harrison, Jr. 1940 JC ~ 14-May-2006
Sutton, Judge Charles Zook Fitzalan 1940 HS ~ 11-Apr-2017
Swartz, Carl H., Jr. 1940 JC
Tannenbaum, CAPT Ralph M., USNR (Ret) 1940 JC ~ 19-Sep-2006, 85, died September 19, 2006 of ALS. Ralph was born in Salt Lake City, January 8, 1921, to Major Jack M. and Edna Levy Tannenbaum. He married Shirley Feinberg, November 4, 1942. They divorced in1989. He then married Judy Taul, December 31, 1997. Educated in Salt Lake schools, Ralph graduated from East High School in 1938. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Utah. Ralph entered the U.S. Navy in 1940 and served on the USS CHICAGO and USS HONOLULU, South Pacific -action on several landings-Guadalcanal to Leyte, Philippines. Separated in 1945 as Lt. Commander and was awarded a Navy Commendation Medal, Asiatic Pacific Medal with nine battle stars. Ralph was instrumental in forming Naval Reserve Units in the Salt Lake Area. After World War II, he entered into a business partnership with his father, Jack and his brother, Ira, in the National Army & Navy Store, where he was employed for over 40 years. He retired in January, 1986. Ralph continued his Naval Reserve participation and received promotions to Captain. He was a Charter member of Utah Navy Captains’ Club, served as Utah Dept. President, Reserve Officers Assn., President, Retail Merchants Assn., Distinguished Past President and Lt. Governor, Kiwanis Club of Salt Lake City, Master Mason, Kaibab Lodge #25, Scottish Rite, and EI Kalah Shrine, where he was a veteran bowler. Ralph was active in the Jewish Community as past President, Congregation B’nai Israel, past President, Congregation Kol Ami, past President, Salt Lake Jewish Community Center, past President, United Jewish Council and past President, B.F. Peixotto Lodge B’nai B’rith. After retirement, he served as volunteer administrator of Congregation Kol Ami, airport volunteer for Travelers’ Aid, and a driver for the blind. He proudly pointed to his record as a blood donor, having given more than eight gallons of blood over many years. He is survived by his wife, Judy, his children, Edna (Brian) Elkins, Sandi (Dr. Fred) Kogan, of Phoenix, AZ, Carol Tannenbaum and Charles (Liz Conciatori)Tannenbaum, of Brewster, NY, his brother, Ira (Surki) Tannenbaum, his grandchildren, Jill (Marc) Schettler-Susskind, Lori Schettler, Jodi Kogan, Wendi (Matt) Beason, Erin Tannenbaum, Neal Tannenbaum and his great-grandson, Jonah Susskind.
Thomas, William S. 1940 JC
Thompson, Robert Daniel, Jr. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 25-Jan-2015
Travers, Jack B. 1940 JC ~ 01-Jul-1988
Troster, John Kirk 1940 JC ~ 25-Apr-2003
Truman, Edgar E. 1940 JC ~ 30-Aug-2000
VanDenburgh, John Perkins, Jr. 1940 HS
Walker, Gordon Petersen 1940 HS ~ 30-Oct-1987
Watson, James E., Jr. 1940 HS ~ 01-Mar-1972
Weaver, Clifford B. 1940 HS ~ 29-Sep-1992
Weidling, Carl W. 1940 JC ~ 16-Jun-2001
Wheeler, Grover C., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 15-Sep-1954
White, Byron Ballew 1940 JC
White, David Warren 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 17-Sep-1999
Wiggins, Willis P. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 04-Nov-2012 September 24, 1917 – November 4, 2012 Bill Wiggins was born in Roswell, September 24, 1917. His parents, Miles Burgess Wiggins and Mona Brown Wiggins, were early homesteaders and established a ranch north of town where they raised cattle and their two sons. Bill was as much a part of New Mexico as the cholla and devil’s claw. Bill passed away on November 4, 2012 at the age of 95 in the family home. Bill attended Roswell schools, as well as New Mexico Military Institute, where he was recognized for his achievement in fencing. In Bill’s autobiography, he states, “following graduation, I took a job or two and hitch-hiked around the country for awhile. Then I enrolled at Abiline Christian College where I stayed for one year, and that was the luckiest year of my life! That’s where I met Ruthelle and we were married in 1940. That was also the year I started painting, though I had sketched in the margins of all my school books for years. One of my friends, after seeing some of my drawings, commented, “you have missed your calling. You should be an artist! Bill’s father, Miles, asked Bill if he wanted to run the ranch, and Bill responded, “yes, if I can paint”. Bill Wiggins was an artists’ artist, someone who was totally dedicated to his creative endeavors without need of recognition or concern for art trends. Bill served in WWII and during his time in Europe he was able to attend art school in England and look at the art work of old masters, who were his influence. He returned home to the ranch, his beloved Ruthelle, and their first born daughter, Sandra. Bill rarely left Roswell, continued to ranch and paint and raise their second and third daughters, Kathleen and Elaine. In the 1950’s and early 60’s, Bill taught art classes for adults and children at the Roswell Museum and Art Center. He had many solo exhibitions, as well as exhibiting with other family members. In 1995, the RMAC gave him a fifty year retrospective, showcasing his lifetime of artistic achievement. For almost the entirety of 95 years, Bill has devoted his career to painting with an unwavering joyous commitment to the creative process. The singularity of purpose that drove him in the 1940’s continued to motivate him his entire life. He drew from an inner power to which a life of gentleness and quietude manifested a startling array of poignant canvases. His passion for painting never left him, as witnessed by the sheer number of works produced, keeping him forever inventing new ways of communicating ideas through the poetry of color and light. He was recognized for his commitment by the state of New Mexico and was awarded the Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts in 2011. In spite of over twenty years of adapting to the ravages of macular degeneration, Bill continued to paint through the darkness. Bill was able to live at home his entire life surrounded by family. He was preceded in death by his wife of 70 years, Ruthelle Gray (2008), his younger brother and acclaimed photo-journalist and author, Walt Wiggins (1992), and his oldest daughter, Sandra Wiggins, who just passed away 6 weeks ago. He is survived by his loving daughters, Kathleen Sheffeld (her husband Bill) and Elaine Howe (her husband Tom); grandchildren Jeffrey Bracey (his wife Heather), Jeremy Howe, Miranda Howe, and Logan Howe (his wife Kim); great-grand children Rowan, Evie, and Elena; sister-in-law Roynel Wiggins; nephews Walt Wiggins (his wife Vicki), Kim Wiggins (his wife Maria), niece Lisa Lester; and many other family relations and numerous friends. Bill was a kind, gentle, and generous man. He was devoted to his family and gave rides on his wheelchair to his great-grandchildren the day before he died. Bill leaves a legacy of love, of creativity and inspiration, of a deep and sincere interest in the people closest to him. Bill Wiggins leaves behind a beautiful mark. 
Williams, Clayton G. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 19-Dec-1981
Wilson, Oran Gilbert, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 26-Dec-1951
Wolfe, Leslie H., Jr. 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 03-Aug-1944
Woosley, James H. 1940 JC ~ 28-Jan-1991
Yoakum, Emile William 1940 HS ~ 13-Jan-2002
Yoakum, SPC Thomas Vache, USCGR 1940 HS ~ 19-Jul-1943 WWII-Killed in service – auto crash near Bakersfield, CA, on 19 July 1943.
Yocum, Henry S., Jr. 1940 JC ~ 29-Jul-2006
York, Robert 1940 HS
Younger, Leon Curtis 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 14-Jul-2002
Zan, Jordan Vincent, Jr. 1940 HS ~ 01-Nov-1990
Zinn, Daniel Mayer 1940 HS ~ 03-Aug-2005
Zinn, Judge Frank Benjamin 1938 HS-1940 JC ~ 02-May-2009 88, died May 2, 2009. Frank was born in Tucumcari, NM, in 1920, son of NM. Supreme Court Justice A.L. Zinn, and Mable Surguy Zinn. Married for fifty-nine years to Anne Shaffer Zinn who died in 1999 and living most of his life in New Mexico, he had moved to Michigan to be near his son Alan and daughter-in-law Maxine Baca Zinn. He had one grandson, Prentice, and a great-grandson Edan. Frank was elected Attorney General of New Mexico in 1958. Appointed District Judge by Governor Burroughs, he resided in Gallup until his retirement from the NM, bench in 1975. He continued in the judiciary for another twenty years serving on federal courts and as a special master and arbitration judge. A Purple Heart veteran, he served in the Army in Europe in WWII. He retired from the New Mexico National Guard as a Lt. Col. In 1981. He will be interred in the Santa Fe National Cemetery.


Adams, Frederick Shields, Sr. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 4-Jun-2019
Adkins, Henry Levi, Jr., 1939 JC ~ 30-Jan-1970

Ainsworth, Clyde R. 1939 HS ~ 21-Nov-1978
Ainsworth, William L., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 12-Aug-1994
Alcure, John F., Jr. 1939 HS
Allinson, Robert L. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Anison, Dr. George C. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 05-Sep-2005, beloved father and respected physician, died at home in Sandia Park Monday night, September 5, surrounded by family. He had been ill for some months. Born in Socorro, NM in 1919, Dr. Anison attended the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell and Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, IL. He practiced his medical specialty of Otolaryngology for over forty years in Albuquerque as a private physician and spent his last few years before retirement in the Otolaryngology Division at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. He served as a Captain in the Army Medical Corps during the Korean Conflict and will be enniched at the Santa Fe National Cemetery in Santa Fe, NM. Dr. Anison is survived by his wife of 58 years, Jean son, George of Sandia Park, NM, daughters, nurse educator Connie Baker, MSN, RN, and Internist Claudia Anison, MD, both of Albuquerque, and Christine Fox of Huntington, NY, and four grandchildren. The loving warmth, caring nature and generous spirit that Dr. Anison shared so abundantly with his family, friends, and patients throughout his life will be missed by all. 
Antonides, Ralph L. 1939 HS ~ 03-Mar-1988
Armstrong, Billie B. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 30-Mar-2000
Ashby, Roderic R. 1939 JC ~ 10-Dec-1973
Bailey, Richard F., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 01-Sep-1984
Bannister, John C. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 08-Oct-1987
Bassham, Harold F. 1939 HS
Baum, Julian Earl 1939 JC ~ 24-May-1999
Bernardi, COL Alfeo L. P., USA (Ret) 1939 JC ~ 25-Dec-2011 (March 5, 1920-Dec. 25, 2011) Former Sandy resident Alfeo L. Bernardi, 91, died Sunday, Dec. 25, in Vancouver, WA. Alfeo was born March 5, 1920, in Groppoli, Tuscany, Italy, to Ermelindo and Vitalina Bernardi. The family immigrated to the United States in the 1920s through Ellis Island. Alfeo was raised and educated at the Sugarite coalmine camp outside of Raton, NM. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute and was commissioned as an officer in the Army. Alfeo was a Green Beret and a member of the 101st Airborne Division. He spent most of World War II in the Pacific Theater and then in Europe for the last year. He also served in the Korean War. He retired with the rank of colonel after 32 years. On Aug. 18, 1942, he married Norma Byers at Camp Barkeley, TX, where she was an Army nurse. Alfeo received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Southern California. He taught high school math at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, CA. He retired to Oregon in 1990. He resided in Sandy for eight years and Gresham for 13 years. In retirement, Alfeo and Norma traveled all over the world and exercised daily at Cascade Athletic Club. Alfeo posed for the June 3, 1966, cover of Time magazine, which depicts a college student contemplating his future. He posed for famed Western artist Peter Hurd, who illustrated the cover. An avid marathon runner, Alfeo carried the 1984 Olympic torch for a leg of its journey to Los Angeles. Survivors include his wife; daughters, Madonna Rieke of Hood River and Jane DeLuca of Gresham; son, Robert Bernardi of Camas, WA; six grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. 
Bimson, Earl L., Sr. 1939 HS ~ 01-Sep-1998
Blackburn, 1LT John Ed, III, 1936 HS-1939 JC ~ 28-Apr-1942 WWII-Killed in action as a member of the Flying Tigers in Kunming, China on 28 April 1942.
Blankenburg, William A. 1939 HS ~ 05-Oct-1977
Bogle, MG Jackson, USAR (Ret) 1939 HS ~ 19-Apr-2005, 83, prominent Chandler farmer and retired Adjutant General of the Arizona National Guard, passed away Tuesday, April 19, 2005 in his Chandler home. Born July 18, 1921 to Hal and Inez Bogle in Dexter, NM, he was the second son of four boys in the family. He is survived by Barbara, his loving wife of 62 years, his sons Robert Bogle (Betty), J.C. Bogle (Kathleen), Dr. Keith Joyner (Michal Ann), and by his daughters Becky Ashworth (Raymond), and Dr. Ann Bogle (Dr. Edward Jasinski), 22 grandchildren, 18 great-grand-children, and 1 great-great-grandchild. Also surviving are his brothers Bill (Berneice) of Dexter, NM, and Jim of East Prairie, Missouri, and sister-in-law, Jane Bogle of Phoenix. General Bogle was preceded in death by his parents, his daughter Kathleen Bogle Joyner, his brother Peter Bogle and his grandson, Robert L. Bogle. Jackson attended schools in Dexter, NM, and received his high school diploma from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1939. He attended Iowa State College in Ames, IA, where he met Barbara Caine. They married on September 23, 1942. At Iowa State, Jackson was a member of Sigma Nu fraternity and the Scabbard and Blade Military Honorary. An ROTC student, Jackson was activated in the summer of 1942. He joined the Mule Pack Field Artillery Unit of the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Carson and Camp Hale, CO. Sent to China in 1943, Jackson trained Chinese troops in the China-Burma-India Theatre and fought to protect the air bases of the Flying Tigers. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his combat duty. Upon his return to the United States in November 1945, Jackson, his wife Barbara and 20 month old son, Bobby, moved to Chandler,
az, where Bogle Farms, Inc. had an alfalfa mill and had purchased Dr. A.J. Chandler’s remaining farms. Within a few years, feed lots and 2 cotton gins were established where Snedigar Park now stands. The property that is officially Ocotillo was also purchased from R.W. Hanna and farmed and managed by Jack and his younger brother, Pete Bogle. In addition to his civilian duties, Jackson was asked to help re-organize the field artillery units of the Arizona National Guard in 1947 and served as Battery Commander of the units in Chandler. He became Battalion Commander of the 480th Field Artillery, then went on State staff and in 1969 was appointed Adjutant General of the Arizona National Guard by Governor Jack Williams. He retired as a Major General in 1972. Jackson was very active in the Chandler community, serving on the Chandler School Board for 10 years, the Arizona Boys Ranch Board for 10 years, the Salvation Army Board, and other activities too numerous to mention. He received the Silver Beaver award in 1970 for his work with the Boy Scouts, had a Jackson Bogle Day proclaimed in his honor in 1971, and was given the Hon Kachina award for volunteerism in 1982. He and Barbara received the Chamber of Commerce Chandler Cup in 1990, and Bogle Junior High was named for them. Jackson was a lover of music and shared a variety of music from opera to Broadway tunes with his children and grandchildren. He and Barbara enjoyed traveling in the U.S. and abroad throughout the 1980’s. Jack enjoyed family gatherings and visits from his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was beloved by both family and friends for his sense of humor, his generosity and his hospitality. He will be missed by all who knew him.
Brinegar, Robert Winston 1939 HS ~ 24-Sep-1981

Bruhl, James M. 1939 JC ~ 13-Jul-2004
Brunson, Wallace E. 1939 JC ~ 07-Oct-2014 born September 25, 1919 in the old Baptist (later Memorial) Hospital (demolished) in downtown Houston; passed away on October 7, 2014. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Barbara B. Copeland; parents, Howard E. Brunson and Ouida L. Brunson; and a brother, Donald L. Brunson. He attended schools in Baytown, TX, and went to the New Mexico Military Academy, and graduated from The University of Texas in Austin with degrees of BS (1942) and MA (1954) in Geology. At UT he was president of Delta Chi Fraternity and was a member of Sigma Gamma Delta, honorary geological fraternity. He was a Life Member of the Texas Ex-Students Association. Wallace retired from Amoco in 1980, after 26 years and has remained semi-active as an independent geologist. He served in the U.S. Air Force in WWII and in Korea in 1951-52 where he was a Captain, and was Officer-in-Charge of the massive aerial photo lab in the 5th Air Force’s 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. Wallace had memberships in the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientist (SIPES), Houston Geological Society, and Petroleum Club of Houston. He was past president of the Lubbock, TX, Geologist Society, Editor for the Fort Worth Geological Society, and Past President of the Southwest Section of the AAPG. Wallace is survived by his wife of 72 years, Elizabeth (Betty) C. Brunson; son and daughter-in-law, Dr. Wallace E. and Carol Brunson, Jr.; grandson, Trey Brunson; brother and sister-in-law, Howard E. and Lindy Brunson of Austin; son-in-law, Dr. James Copeland of Austin; and numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.
Bryson, J. Earl 1939 HS ~ 27-Nov-1961
Buchanan, CDR Charles Sam, USN (Ret) 1939 JC ~ 19-Sep-2011 Oct 22, 1920 to Sept 19, 2011 Born in Roswell, NM. A loving father and husband, cowboy, US Naval Aviator Ret., Stanford post graduate, educational planning consultant, commercial broker
Bucher, William M. 1939 HS ~ 28-Sep-1993
Burgess, LTC Chas A., Jr., USA (Ret) 1939 JC
Burgess, E. Bond, Jr. 1939 JC
Burns, Donald Bruce 1939 HS ~ 01-May-1975
Bybee, Jack L. R. 1939 JC 
Caldwell, PVT James H., USA 1939 HS ~ 08-Jun-1945 WWII-Killed in action in action on Okinawa on 18 June 1945.
Carrington, Philip S. 1939 HS~ 27-Mar-1993
Carroll, LTC John S., USA 1937 HS-1939 JC
Carver, Judge (Ret) Charles Spencer, Jr. 1939 JC ~ 20-Sep-2004 died September 20, 2004 at home of natural causes. By his request, his body was donated to the Southwestern Medical Center to benefit medical research. A memorial service will be held at Highland Park United Methodist Church, Cox Chapel on Friday, September 24, 2004 at 3:00PM.. Judge Carver was born on August 16, 1920 to Margarete Lavinia Moore Carver and Charles Spencer Carver at his grandmother’s family farm outside of Whitney, TX. The family farm was established on public lands after the Texas Revolution and was acquired with script issued to Revolution veterans. A total of eighteen children, spanning two generations were born on this family farm. The Charles S. Carver family resided in Hillsboro, TX, twelve miles East of the family farm. Judge Carver graduated from Hillsboro High School, May 1937. In May of 1939, he graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute at Roswell, NM, where he was trained for service in the U. S. Cavalry and retained a position in the Horse Cavalry Reserve. In September 1939, Judge Carver entered Southern Methodist University seeking both Business and Law degrees. While at S.M.U. he met and married Patsie Roe Keilty. September 1942, WWII intervened and Judge Carver volunteered for the U.S. Army Air Corps. He was trained at Randolf Field, graduated from flight school, and in May 1943, earned his wings and officer’s commission. He was stationed at Greenville, Ms., where he served as an instructor for bomber pilot trainees. He was released as a Captain, August 1945. While in Greenville, his first two children were born. Upon return to S.M.U. after the war, Judge Carver graduated with his Business and Law degrees. After passing the examination for the State Bar of Texas in 1946, Judge Carver immediately began practicing law with the Dallas law firm of Biggers, Baker and Lloyd, later Biggers, Baker, Lloyd and Carver. The firm’s civil practice grew with the postwar expansion of business activity in Dallas as well as his family with the addition of two more children. In 1969 the Texas Legislature created the 191st District Court for Dallas County. Governor Preston Smith selected Judge Carver to open and preside in that new court. In 1978 the Texas Legislature enlarged the Court of Appeals, Fifth Supreme Judicial District of Texas, at Dallas, and Governor Dolf Briscoe selected Judge Carver as a new Associate Justice of that Appellate Court. Upon retirement, Judge Carver elected to become a Senior Justice, available to serve active judges when needed. Judge Carver was a member of the State Bar of Texas; Texas Bar Foundation; Dallas Bar Association; Dallas Bar Foundation; Dallas County Juvenile Board; Highland Park United Methodist Church; and had served as a Trustee of the B.B. Owen Trust, a private charitable foundation since 1972. Judge Carver is survived by Charles Spencer Carver, III and wife Connie, Candace Carver Brown, Colleen Carver Abernethy and husband Wilbur, Keilty Carver Sebastian and husband Mike, nine grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. He is predeceased by Patsie Keilty Carver and grandchild John Corbin Carver. He is also survived by, and now joined with, a host of partners, colleagues, mentored younger attorneys, and friends who were all recipients of his big smile, his constant good humor, his jokes, and most of all his great wisdom and advice, both practical and legal, gained through his great interest in the broad spectrum of life. Memorials, if desired, are requested to be made to the Dallas Bar Foundation designated to support legal services to those in need but unable to pay.
Casebier, C. E., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 04-Oct-1997
Childress, John W. 1939 JC ~ 02-Jan-2006 passed away on Jan. 2, 2006, in San Angelo, TX. Born May 30, 1920, in San Angelo, he was a lifelong resident of Ozona. John graduated from Ozona High School in 1937, and went on to attend school at the New Mexico Military Institute, Texas Tech University and the University of Texas. He joined the Army Air Corps in 1942, and served in the Pacific Theater of Operations on Guam, Saipan and Tinian. After his honorable discharge, he married Eileen Koury of Houston on Feb. 14, 1946. They lived on John’s family ranch throughout their marriage and had three sons. John was a rancher and real estate developer in Crockett County. His many civic activities included being a charter member of the Ozona Country Club and an active member of the Ozona United Methodist Church, serving as chairman of the board, lay leader and board member. John was an avid traveler and piloted his own airplane, and also enjoyed many years of golf, hunting and fishing. John was preceded in death by his parents, Pleas and Nellie Henderson Childress; and his sisters, Elizabeth Mitcham and Ethel Smith. He is survived by his wife of nearly 60 years, Eileen; his brother, Pleas Childress, Jr., and wife Geniece; three sons, David Childress and his wife, Kathy, of Houston, Dwight Childress and his wife, Leanna, of Ozona; and Duane Childress and his wife, Stacy, of Ozona; seven grandchildren, Will, Laura and Kathleen Childress, Mark Childress and his wife, Taylor, Melissa Hokit and her husband, Kent, Latham Ducote and Kramer Hall; three great-grandchildren, Austin and Bryce Hokit, and Morgan Childress; and seven nephews and nieces, Pleas Childress, III, and wife Sandra, Genelle Berry and husband Ron, Lucille Huff and husband Joel, Charles Childress and wife Alice, Melissa Elliot and husband Max, Mary Elizabeth Staha and husband David, and Karen Elms and husband Stacy.
Christensen, John F. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Christie, Charles B., Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 07-Jan-2015 (also known as Kiro), 94, of Wichita Falls passed away Wednesday, January 7, 2015. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m., Monday, January 12, 2015 at the First United Methodist Church with Reverend Paul Goodrich officiating. A private burial will be held at Riverside Cemetery under the direction of Lunn’s Colonial Funeral Home. A visitation will be held from 3-4 p.m. at the funeral home on Sunday, January 11, 2015 Mr. Christie was born November 8, 1920 in Los Angeles, CA, to Anna Pearl (Henslick) Christie and Charles Brown Christie, Sr. Anna was raised in the oil fields of Coalinga, CA, while Charles Sr. was raised in the oil fields of West Virginia and Charles Jr. eventually became active in the oil and gas business as well. He attended schools in Wichita Falls, graduated from New Mexico Military Institute and earned his Law Degree in 1942 from Southern Methodist University. He was in the Army from 1942-1946 serving as Tech Sergeant in the Counter Intelligence Corps. His assignment was to security in the Manhattan Engineer Project, Los Alamos, NM, and was a witness to the detonation of the first atomic bomb. Mr. Christie resided in Wichita Falls since 1922. He married Martha Jean (Jeannie) Sumter on March 30, 1961 and was her husband and companion for over 50 years. He was a lifetime member of First United Methodist Church. Mr. Christie was an active partner in Christie- Stewart Drilling Company which drilled and operated hundreds of wells in Oklahoma and Texas. He was also active in the oil business in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. Along with the oil and gas business he was active in the development of Colonial Park, Chateau and other real estate ventures in Wichita Falls. He also served on the Board of various banks and Savings and Loan Associations. He enjoyed raising cattle on the ranch that he owned and operated in Roberts, CO. He also enjoyed flying so much that he was a licensed pilot. Mr. Christie was a strong supporter of various medical research foundations associated with the Methodist Hospital in Houston as well as locally with United Regional Health Care System. He also was a supporter of several local charitable organizations. He was admired for his loyal dedication to his employees, business partners and friends. He was a fair minded man who lived each day by the Golden Rule. He was a generous but humble man who shied away from praise and recognition.
Coffee, William B. 1939 HS ~ 08-Oct-2005
Collier, Joseph R. 1939 HS ~ 23-Dec-2005 Age 84, of Riverside, CA, for 47 years, passed away 12/23/05, due to congestive heart failure, at Riverside Rehabilitation and Community Care. Joseph was born on 01/02/1920 in New Mexico. He attended Roswell High School in Roswell, New Mexico and graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute. Joseph was employed as a Rancher and Owner of J.C. Hardware from 1947-1958 and Manager of the Hardware Depot from 1958-1977. He retired from Builders Emporium in 1977. He was a member of the First Christian Church. Joseph is survived by his wife, Mary Collier, nee Jolly; daughter, Sharon Summers; 2 sons-in-law, Ron Summers and Read Potter; 2 grandchildren, Suanna Douglas of WI, Daniel Summers of Riverside, CA; 2 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Linda Potter.
Colson, U. Gordon 1939 JC
Conner, W. Emerson, Jr. 1939 HS
Cook, CPT Charles A., Sr., USA (Ret) 1939 JC ~ 18-May-2006
Corzine, W. M. 1939 HS ~ 01-Jun-1980
Coulter, William Jesse, Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 16-Nov-1988
Cox, Joe L. 1939 JC
Crombie, William S., Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 25-Jun-2001
Crosby, John D., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 12-Aug-2005 age 83, a native and life-long resident of North Baldwin County, AL, died Friday, August 12, 2005 at his home in Bay Minette. ‘John Dugald’ was a graduate of the New Mexico Military Institute, attended Auburn University, and served his country in World War II. He was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed his friends and relatives and the natural beauty of Baldwin County. Like his ancestors and brothers, he began his career as a woodsman and steward of the land as a child and continued that path with his brothers, Neil and Brown, and son, John III, throughout his life. He was the founder of Crosby Lumber company and partnered with his brother, Neil, in that venture providing jobs and opportunities in North Baldwin. He was a private pilot and on clear days, delighted in flying over this part of creation with family and friends. His hobbies included his career, building full size air planes, inventing various types of lamination processes for shaping wood, woodworking, walking in the woods and visiting. He was a wonderful father and gentleman. He loved and enjoyed his immediate and extended family, which was mutual. He is survived by his four children, Lynn Crosby Clark, Bay Minette, AL, John Dugald (Martha) Crosby III, Bay Minette, AL, James Hilton (Mickey) Crosby, Belle Fontaine, AL, and Bettigrey Crosby (Ray) Hollingsworth, Dyas, AL; and the mother of his children, Alicia Cane Crosby, Westminster Village. He enjoyed his eleven grandchildren, Loren Clark Powell, Jay Clark, Catherine Crosby Byrd, Rachel Crosby, John Crosby, IV, Eliza Drake Crosby, Rich Jensen, Stella Crosby Gjenasaj, Hilton Crosby, Jr., Summer Barrett and Matthew Barrett; five great grandchildren; two brothers, William Neil (Mary Jo) Crosby, Bay Minette, AL and E. Brown Crosby, Asheville, NC and Lillian, AL; their daughters and families as well as numerous cousins and friends. John Dugald cherished visiting family and friends and encouraged his family and friends to increase their practice of carrying on this Southern tradition. 
Crow, Asa L., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 28-Nov-2006
Daley, Louis H., III, 1939 JC ~ 13-Dec-1998
Dalton, John C. 1939 HS
Dalton, Warren K. 1939 JC ~ 21-Jan-1998
Daly, Frank T., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 31-Jul-1995
Darland, Bill D. 1939 HS ~ 01-Jun-1971
Davies, John G. 1939 HS
DeLlano, Matias, Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 22-Dec-2000
DeShurley, Harold E. 1939 JC ~ 25-Sep-2000
Dettmer, Paul D., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 01-Feb-1986
Dial, Clayton E., Jr. 1939 JC
Dinwiddie, William L. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 29-Sep-2004
Doyle, George A., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 21-Jun-1993
Druley, James E. 1939 JC ~ 31-Oct-1995
Edgar, Judge Dallas S. 1939 HS ~ 04-Oct-2009 Hon. Dallas Sargent Edgar Nov. 23, 1921 – Oct. 4, 2009 Resident of Hayward, CA The honorable Dallas Sargent Edgar, a retired judge of the Alameda County Court who lived in Hayward for 59 years, passed away of lung disease at Eden Hospital October 4. He was 87 years old. Born November 23, 1921 in Charleston, South Carolina, he was the only child of Campbell Dallas Edgar of Cazenovia, New York and Ysabel Rising Edgar of Dayton, NV. Dallas’s father was a career officer of the US Navy who retired as a rear admiral. His parents met at the Halekulani hotel in Honolulu, where he was stationed and she was vacationing with a group of schoolteachers. Dallas and his mother spent much of his childhood traveling the globe to be near his father. In the mid-20s they lived for a time in Samoa, then in the south of France; in 1930 they moved to east Asia, living on the island of Luzan in the Philippines, then in Shanghai and Peking. After he contracted dysentery in 1934, his parents moved him to a ranch in Santa Rosa to recover. Dallas was very close to his San Francisco-based aunt and uncle Carol and Ben Edwards, with whom he often stayed while his father and mother were overseas. As a teenager Dallas first attended Coronado High School in San Diego, then New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, where he played on the polo team. Over the summers Dallas worked as a cowboy at the Cap Mossman ranch in New Mexico, an experience he spoke of with great pleasure for the rest of his life. He also told of traveling from New Mexico to San Francisco during school breaks on the roof of a Pacific Fruit Express train. Dallas attended the University of Hawaii for his freshman year of college, living in a house his parents owned in Waikiki. He was a member of the track and field team at Hawaii. While there he learned that the government was offering free flying lessons, and signed up to learn to fly. When his parents relocated to San Francisco in 1940 he transferred to UC Berkeley, but shortly after reaching the eligibility age of 20, he decided to join the Army Air Corps. He enlisted on December 4, 1941; he was beginning basic training when word arrived of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Dallas spent most of the war training others to fly B-17s at the air station in Lemoore, CA. In early 1945 he was finally ordered into battle, but while he was in transit the war in Japan ended, and he was reassigned to new duties within the US. He spent the reminder of the war flying decommissioned aircraft arriving from the European theater to San Antonio. After the war, Dallas returned to UC Berkeley where he completed a degree in journalism. He worked for a time as a flying instructor, then as a reporter for newspapers in Carmel and Marin Country. Finding that journalism wasn’t to his liking, he took a job at Bank of America. After seven years of working for the bank in San Francisco and in Hanford, CA, he decided to study law. He earned his JD degree from the University of California’s Hastings Law School in 1958, and passed the bar in 1959. After several years of working as an attorney for the California Division of Corporations in San Francisco, he went into private practice in Hayward. In 1962, he published a manual on basic practice before the Division of Corporations. Dallas met his future wife, Patricia Ann Lange of Oakland, while both were living at the Chateau Bleu, a boarding house for young singles in San Francisco. They were married in Piedmont on November 26, 1955, and lived for several years in Oakland before moving to Hayward in 1958. Dallas ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for judge in 1964, before being appointed to the Hayward/San Leandro Municipal Court by Gov. Ronald Reagan in 1970. He served on the bench until his retirement in 1986. Dallas was an avid pilot for more than 50 years, flying small planes out of the Hayward Airport. He made many flights to Mexico as a member of the Hayward/San Felipe Sister City Committee and as a volunteer pilot for the Flying Doctors, who provide free medical services to poor rural communities. He was elected to the board of directors of the Hayward Area Recreation and Parks District, on which he served for several years in the 1960s. Dallas also enjoyed boating, fishing, skiing, and hunting. Dallas enjoyed a long and happy retirement with his wife Pat, traveling to Europe, South America, Alaska, and the Caribbean, playing bridge with senior groups in the Hayward area, volunteering for Legal Aid and other local non-profits, and continuing his long-standing membership in the Hayward Rotary Club. Dallas was a direct descendant of both Benjamin Franklin and Daniel Webster, and he and his family attended the first meeting of Franklin descendants in Philadelphia on the 300th anniversary of Franklin’s birth in 2006. Dallas had an insatiable curiosity and a life-long love of learning, which he indulged extensively during his retirement. He read widely on geology, physics, human genetics and evolution, history, and current affairs. He began learning Spanish in his 60s and made many trips to Mexico to study the language there. Dallas was known for his mordant wit. In Paris with his family in 1996, Dallas was urged along by Pat, who wanted to see the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery. When Pat said, ‘We need to hurry; it’s a long way to the graveyard,’ Dallas responded, ‘Oh, I hope so.’ He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Patricia, daughter Adrienne Lynn Edgar of Santa Barbara, son Thomas Campbell Edgar of Los Angeles, son-in-law Adebisi Agboola, daughter-in-law Grace Ann Lee, and grandchildren Amaya Tatiana Edgar and Benjamin Dal-Yong Edgar. 
Edwards, Clarence H. 1939 JC
Ellis, Victor M. 1939 HS ~ 29-Jan-1988 
Estes, Linton H., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 12-Oct-2014 93, went to be with the Lord on Sunday morning, October 12th. Pete was born in Clayton, NM, on December 19, 1920 to Helen Hill Estes and Linton Hutchins Estes. His family moved to Wichita Falls in 1926. He graduated from Wichita Falls High School in 1937. Pete attended New Mexico Military Institute and graduated from the University of Texas. Pete enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps as an instructor pilot in 1943. His military career paralleled his brother John’s as they flew the Aleutian Chain in Alaska for the duration of World War II. After the war he returned to Wichita Falls to work for his father at Empire Paper Co. On December 1, 1945, Pete married Anne Probst of Chicago, IL. They were blessed with 46 years of marriage. Pete and Anne were devoted members of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church. He was active in Rotary and had a lifelong passion for helping others through World Neighbors. Pete founded Estes Chemicals in 1958 and retired as Chairman of the Board in 2001. After Anne’s death, Pete married Willie Mae Hardage in January 27, 1996 and they had 18 years of happiness together. He is survived by his wife, Willie Mae, his daughter Emily Estes and her husband Roy McAlpine of Hartford, CT, his son Craig Estes and his wife Jennifer, his stepchildren, Ginger Carlin and her husband Bob, Kelly Hardage and his wife Ginger, Mike Hardage and his wife Lynn, Kevin Hardage and his wife Tania, all of Dallas. He is also survived by his four grandchildren Carolyn Sweeney and her husband Martin Evans of Portland, OR., Abby Cunningham and her husband Robert of Lexington, KY, Andrew Estes and his wife Summer of Dallas, and Mark Estes and his wife Caroline of Dallas and six great-grandchildren.
Fenley, Douglas E. 1939 JC ~ 17-Jun-2007
Ferris, D. William 1939 JC ~ 10-Dec-2004
Fincham, Donald L. 1939 HS
Ford, Tirey 1939 JC ~ 01-Feb-1963
Franklin, Maynard N. 1939 JC ~ 11-Mar-2011 March 9, 1919 – March 11, 2011 Maynard Newman (Frankenberg) Franklin Maynard Frankenberg was born in Bisbee, AZ on March 9, 1919. His father, Benjamin Frankenberg, was the proprietor of the “Fair Store” in Downtown Bisbee. The family later donated the building to the community which now serves as the home of the Bisbee Historical Society. He and his sister, Babbette “Bobbe” Frankenberg donated their father’s world class collection of minerals to the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. The family relocated to Beverly Hills, CA in 1928. He met his future wife, Charlotte Weinberg, while attending Beverly Hills High School. He graduated from New Mexico Military Institute and UCLA. During World War II, he served in the Pacific and achieved the rank of Captain in the Army. He returned from home to his wife and infant daughter, Jeanne, who was born while he was was overseas. An outstanding golfer, he manufactured and sold Autoette electric golf carts. As an entrepreneur, he owned a construction machinery business and a commercial laundry. Maynard was an athlete, continuing to play golf into his 80s. He belonged to Hillcrest Country Club, and Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach where his family had a home on Lido Island. He passed away peacefully surrounded by his children. Predeceased by his wife, Charlotte, he is survived by his sister, Bobbe Frankenberg and children Jeanne Meyers (Richard Carr), Charles Franklin (Susie), and Wayne Franklin (Susan); grandchildren Elissa Meyers (Clark Middleton), Lucas Meyers (Margaret), Zachary Franklin (Sofia Zander), Seth Franklin, Judd Franklin (Tybe), Jason Franklin, Barrett Franklin and Shannon Franklin; great grandchildren Ellington and August Meyers, Molly Franklin & Clara Zander.
Fraser, Wallace W. 1939 JC
Frazier, Joseph H. 1939 HS ~ 21-Jan-1996
Fuller, Robert G. 1939 HS passed away the morning of May 27, following heart surgery. He was 68. Mr. Fuller was born Jan. 24, 1939, to Mary Louise Payne and John “C.J.” Fuller, in Houston, TX. His father worked in oil exploration in Central and South America when he was a young boy, and, as a result, Mr. Fuller became fluent in Spanish. He spent some of his young years in Houston, TX, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mr. Fuller graduated from the California Maritime Academy and carried the close relationships he made there throughout his life. He also attended the American School of International Management, in Phoenix, AZ, where he continued his study of the Spanish language. He carried his love of the Spanish language with him throughout his life and used it, as well as his accounting skills, in his careers as an international banker in Central America and Texas, as an international business consultant and as a forensic accountant. Mr. Fuller and Ms. Wina Simpson moved to Nevada County from Spokane, WA, in 1999. Mr. Fuller spent many happy days on the golf course and playing poker with friends. A large part of his last year he spent working as a founding members of the Wolf Creek Lodge co-housing project, where he and Wina planned to move upon its completion. He had a memorable, lighthearted sense of humor and the right joke for the right occasion. He loved golf, his books, his friends, and most of all, his study of esoteric things. Many people sought his wisdom and guidance while joining him on his spiritual path of teaching the importance of love’s magnitude and its presence in our lives. Knowing that he was much more than a physical body was a great comfort to him during the last months of his life. Mr. Fuller is survived by his devoted life partner, Wina Simpson; daughters and sons-in-law Sandra Higdon and Dan of The Woodlands, TX, and Sharon Spicer and Bobby of Waxahachie, TX; son and daughter-in-law, Robert Fuller, Jr. And Sheri of Houston, TX; brother and sister-in-law, John Michael Fuller and Brenda of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; grandchildren, Andrew, Amanda, Megan, Sean, Taylor, Justin, Logan, Abby and Bobby; nieces and nephews; and Jennie Longmire and her husband, Sam, and Jeff Simpson and his wife, Jane, and their four children, Ben, Sam, Evan and Jordan.
Gaignat, CPT Charles A., USA 1939 JC ~ 23-Jul-1944 WWII-Killed in action in France on 23 July 1944.
Gambrell, LTC James Halbert, Jr., USA (Ret) 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 07-Jun-2016 passed away June 7, 2016 in El Paso surrounded by his family. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Edwina Price Gambrell. Survivors include his wife, Virginia (Byrd); daughters Karol Garmon (Tom), Viki Trask (Jeff), and Debi Brooks (George); grandchildren Rebecca Winn, Wayne (Buster) Winn, Brenton Brooks, and Breanna Brooks; Great-Grandchildren Dylan and Taylor Winn, Mason, Kale, and Lily Mendoza; Nephews Jim Maxon (Jackie), Jack Maxon (Carroll), and Earl Maxon; and a whole “posse” of cousins, extended family, and friends. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Edwina Price Gambrell. Survivors include his wife, Virginia (Byrd); daughters Karol Garmon (Tom), Viki Trask (Jeff), and Debi Brooks (George); grandchildren Rebecca Winn, Wayne (Buster) Winn, Brenton Brooks, and Breanna Brooks; Great-Grandchildren Dylan and Taylor Winn, Mason, Kale, and Lily Mendoza; Nephews Jim Maxon (Jackie), Jack Maxon (Carroll), and Earl Maxon; and a whole “posse” of cousins, extended family, and friends. Born February 2, 1920 in El Paso, Hal attended Crockett School and then Austin High School where he played the inaugural football game in R. E. McKee Stadium. He completed high school at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell. After Junior College at NMMI, he finished his Range Management degree by attending Texas A & M and New Mexico State, thus making him an “Aggie” to the second power. Hal’s early years and education were to prepare him to be a rancher but our nation’s wars and conflicts always seemed to get in the way. While Hal worked countless youthful hours as a cowboy on ranches all over the Southwest, he had the heart of a “cavalry soldier” during his illustrious military career, including combat in WWII in North Africa, Italy, and France. After WWII he worked with the Bureau of Range Management, but the Korean War broke out so he was sent overseas once again, this time as an intelligence officer on an island off of North Korea. Just a few of the many awards, badges and medals he earned during 25 years of active duty service include 3 Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, The Cavalry Medal and a Letter of Commendation from the Central Intelligence Agency. Hal’s civic involvements ranged from charter membership in the U. S. Horse Cavalry Association, President of the El Paso Sheriff’s Posse, President of Downtown Kiwanis; Lt. Governor of the Southwest Kiwanis Int’l.; Past Director of the Sun Bowl Association; to being a board member of the El Paso Historical Society. Family was the most important thing in his life. He was a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, husband, uncle, brother and mentor to not just his three girls, but to nephews, cousins, sons-in-law and numerous friends of the family. For the past 20 years, Hal would preside over Thursday night family gatherings at Avila’s with his warmth, love and humor. Anyone at the table was considered “family” on Thursday nights. Hal was the initiator of quadrennial family reunions beginning in the 1970’s. The gatherings brought family together from all over the world. He never missed a reunion and the memories we are left with will ensure his presence once again at this summer’s reunion.
Gans, Harold J. 1939 HS ~ 05-Apr-2008 85, formerly of Santa Fe, New Mexico, died Saturday, April 5, 2008 in Oklahoma City, OK. He was born May 1, 1922 in New York City. He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Sonia Seabrook Gans; daughter, Lindy Gans Ritz and husband John Ritz of Norman, Oklahoma; grandson and family, Michael Scott Robinson and wife Jodie, and great grandchildren Zachary and Rachael Robinson of Middletown, MD. He was preceded in death by his parents Julius and Elsie Gans; daughter, Susan Marjorie Gans Robinson; sister, Marjorie Elsie Gans; and grandson, Kyle Richard Robinson. He attended Santa Fe Public Schools, New Mexico Military Institute, and the University of Southern California before being called to the United States Army in World War II. He served in the 500th Air Service Squadron in the American Theater, European-African-Middle Eastern and Asiatic-Pacific Theaters as a photographer. He was a 33rd Degree Mason and a lifetime Kiawanian. He loved his USC Trojans, photography, sailing, and flying his own planes. He never met a stranger. He was baptized into the Episcopal Church on Easter Eve, 1995, and served as an usher and photographer for The Church of the Holy Faith, Santa Fe, NM. He was a member of All Souls Episcopal Church in Oklahoma City, OK.
George, William A. 1939 JC
Glenn, Robert B. 1939 JC
Gochnaur, Orlando M. 1939 JC ~ 29-May-1989
Goodwin, Charles H. 1939 JC ~ 22-Sep-1999
Goodwin, Frank L. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Goss, CPT Walter Keller, Jr., USA 1938 HS-1939 JC ~ 05-Feb-1945 WWII-Killed in action piloting a cargo plane near Budalin, Burma 5 February 1945.
Goss, William M., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 25-Dec-2008 December 18, 1920 – December 25, 2008 – William Marrett Goss passed away quietly on Christmas Day. He was born in Cheyenne, WY, the son of Rose and William Goss. Bill, as he was called by all who knew him, led an active life until the past few years, when his health began to decline. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute after graduating from high school, training to become a pilot in the Army Air Corps. While attending the Institute, he met his future wife, Dixie Derby, marrying her shortly after he enlisted in the Army Air Corps. Bill was assigned to the 354th Pioneer Mustang Fighter Group as a communications officer. He was quietly proud of his association with the 354th, the most decorated fighter group of WWII. Attending 354th reunions was always something he looked forward to in later life. At the conclusion of WWII, Bill enrolled at Stanford University, graduating with a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1948. Bill and Dixie then settled in San Mateo, CA, where they lived until 2002. From 1948 through 1974, he was employed by Ben C. Gerwick, Inc., J.H. Pomeroy and Co. and Santa Fe-Pomeroy Supervising heavy marine construction projects on the West Coast, Alaska, and international locations that included Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Iran. From 1974 to 1978 he worked for Bechtel Corporation as a Project Engineer, the returned to J.H. Pomeroy and Co. In 1978, serving as its Vice President for Construction until his retirement in 1987. Bill maintained a deep religious faith, which was exemplified by his involvement with the Transfiguration Episcopal Church in San Mateo. He was a long time choir member and served as both the church’s Junior and Senior Warden. Above all, Bill loved spending time with family and friends. Fishing with his sons in the Sierras was always a special time for him, and in retirement, wood working projects for his grandchildren was a source of considerable enjoyment. He is survived by his wife of sixty-six years, Dixie; sons, Larry Goss and wife Elaine of Salem and Dennis Goss and wife Gayle of Modesto, CA; and five grandchildren, Diane Goss of Brick, NJ, Tim Goss of San Francisco, CA, Chris Goss of Eugene, Kimberly Goss of Queens, NY, and Andrea Goss, also of Queens, NY. 
Gray, Wilbur S. 1939 JC
Greer, E. John, Jr. 1939 HS
Greer, Nathan C. 1939 HS ~ 20-Jul-1998
Grimaud, Dr. Harry J. 1939 HS ~ 11-Jun-1920
Guldmann, Hans, Jr. 1939 HS ~ 18-Aug-1996
Hagerty, Walter Harold, Jr. 1939 HS ~ 27-Jul-2001
Halderman, Hugh E. 1939 HS ~ 12-Jun-1999
Halsey, Harold A., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 26-Apr-1991
Harrison, Raymond Leyden, Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 27-Feb-1998
Harrison, LTC Thomas D., USA 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 21-Apr-1985
Harrold, Dr. Bruce D. 1939 JC ~ 01-Aug-1978
Hastie, John M. 1939 JC
Hausler, Ben E. 1939 JC ~ 09-Aug-2002
Hill, COL Ralph J., USA (Ret) 1939 JC
Hines, Robert E., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 08-Mar-2004
Hobby, Robert J. 1939 HS ~ 30-Dec-1960

Hobby, William J., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 01-Jul-1980
Hodges, Richard H. 1939 HS ~ 12-Aug-2012 90, of Topeka, died August 12, 2012 at Midland Hospice House. Mr. Hodges was born in Topeka on February 12, 1922, the son of W. Carl and Lucy Stone Hodges. Dick was an honor graduate of New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Kansas, where he obtained a degree of BS Arch. He also attended Topeka High School and the University of Colorado, and was a member of Phi Delta Theta social fraternity and of Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Tau, honorary engineering fraternities. Dick was an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers in World War II. His service included 2 years in the South Pacific Theater. He was a structural engineer with Finney & Turnipseed, P.A., Consulting Engineers for 40 years. He developed the office procedures and computer programs for the structural design of buildings, trained the newer engineers and personally did the structural design for more than a hundred buildings, retiring in 1987. Dick was in the Cub Scout program, along with his wife, for a number of years being Cubmaster of Packs 3 and 41. He was Boy Scout Troop Committee Chairman for Troop 3 for a number of years when his sons were scouts. He was a long time member and former Chairman of the Board of Deacons of Westminster Presbyterian Church, a 57 year member of the Topeka Lions Club, a former member of Shawnee Country Club, a member of Orient #51 Masonic Lodge, a member of the Arab Shrine Legion of Honor Unit and a member and for six years a Director of the Arab Shrine Greeters Unit. He married Ruth Johnson of Washington, KS, in 1947 in Topeka. She survives. He was preceded in death by a granddaughter, Merrilee Hodges; and a sister, Dorothy Cleland. Other survivors include three sons, Randall Hodges (Deborah) of Topeka; Robert Hodges of Manhattan Beach, CA; and Steve Hodges (Josefina) of Lisle, IL; nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. 
Holland, James T. 1939 JC ~ 03-Jun-2004
Holleyman, Robert Walker 1939 HS ~ 29-Jun-1998
Holloman, Charles Clifton 1939 JC
Howland, John H., II, 1939 HS ~ 25-Nov-2007 89, of Safety Harbor, died Sunday, Nov. 25, at home. He was born in Flushing, NY, and came here in 1973. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor. He also was a U.S. Customs Agent. Survivors include his wife, Phyllis; sons, Robert (Safety Harbor) and John (Wilmington, NC); and 5 grandchildren.
Hubbell, William Edward 1937 HS-1939 HS
Hughes, Hugh Robert 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 22-Mar-2006, 86, long-time Cushing business and civic leader, died Wednesday, March 22, 2006, in Dallas, TX. Hughes was born Sept. 25, 1919, in Cushing to Thomas J. and Clara Hughes. He was raised and educated there, graduating from Cushing High School. He attended New Mexico Military Institute, Washington and Lee University and the University of Oklahoma. He was a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. He married Audrey Caroline Erickson on Oct. 19, 1941, in Cushing. They had three children, Elizabeth, Robert and Christine. His wife died Oct. 29, 1993. Hughes served in the U.S. Army 112th Cavalry Unit in the Philippines during World War II. He was a long-time member of First Presbyterian Church, serving for many years as an elder. He had also held the office of church treasurer. He was a member of Cushing Masonic Blue Lodge and Cushing Country Club. For many years, he served on the boards of Bank of Cushing and Cushing Country Club. Hughes owned and operated Cimarron Concrete Products Co. and later was associated with Hughes Lumber Co. He was a past mayor of Cushing and participated in numerous civic events. He enjoyed playing golf, traveling, playing bridge and drinking coffee with his friends. As a church and community leader, his kindness and generosity was well known. He is survived by daughter, Christine Hughes Gunter and her husband Jerry of Dallas; one brother, T.J. Hughes of Tulsa; two grandchildren, Alan and Claire Gunter of Dallas; several nieces and nephews; and other relatives and friends. In addition to his parents and wife, he was predeceased by one son, Hugh Hughes, II, and one daughter, Elizabeth Hughes. 
Irwin, Wilbur R. 1939 JC ~ 01-Mar-1973
Jackson, George C. 1939 HS
Jefferies, LT Robert Arden, Jr., USMC 1939 JC ~ 05-Sep-1942 WWII-Killed in action – declared dead after plane was lost in combat off Guadacanal on 5 September 1942.
Johnson, Dr. Jesse Brealand, Jr. 1939 JC
Johnston, John F. 1939 HS ~ 21-Feb-1991
Jolesch, Edwin C. 1939 JC ~ 27-May-1994
Jones, Dr. Robert Elijah 1939 JC ~ 06-Feb-2006, 86, of Phoenix, AZ, died February 6, 2006. Loving husband for 64 years of Florence (Toby) V. Jones, father of Robert E. Jones, Jr., (Marlyne), grandfather of Taylor Jones, he is also survived by his sister, Evaline Shamblin of Houston, TX, his nephew George D. Clark, and grand-nephews William Clark and Michael Clark. Born in McLouth, KS, he moved permanently to Phoenix 81 years ago when his parents became year-round residents of the Valley after years of winter visits. He attended Phoenix Union High School, New Mexico Military Institute, Northwestern University and Tulane University School of Medicine. Dr. Jones served in WWII and the Korean Conflict in the Naval Medical Corps where he learned his medical specialty, OB/GYN, which he joyfully practiced in Phoenix for over 40 years. He delivered over 3000 babies in his long career. Dr. Jones had a deep love of life and affection for people. He cherished his wife and family and his many friends and patients. He thoroughly enjoyed years of summers in San Diego, playing tennis, winning at cards, passing along jokes and following the progress of his breeding of thoroughbred race horses. He was a member of the Phoenix Country Club and the Valley Field Riding and Polo Club.
Kaltenbach, Charles Ernest 1939 JC ~ 07-Jul-2006
Kerr, Edwin Pierce, Jr. 1939 HS ~ 11-Aug-2008 was born January 28, 1921 in Marietta, Oklahoma to Edwin P. and Mataline Duke Kerr. He was raised in Shawnee, OK, and attended New Mexico Military Institute from 1936 to 1939. He interrupted his study of petroleum geology at OU to join the Army Air Force in 1943. He graduated from Army Air Force photography technical training command in September 1943 and was assigned to Hal Roach studio in Culver City, CA, to study cinematography. He graduated to become a motion picture cameraman taking pictures from air and ground for use as documentary evidence and news reel coverage of war in the Asiatic – Pacific theatre. After he war, he returned to OU and graduated with a BS in geology in 1948. The next 52 years were spent working as a petroleum geologist. He was a sixty year member and past vice president of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. He was active in All Souls Episcopal Church having served as Junior and Senior Warden. Ed enjoyed a variety of activities. He enjoyed sailing and was a member of the Oklahoma City Boat Club form 1961-1980. In the past 10 years, he has been a Gocent at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. He especially enjoyed the Chuck Wagon Cookout and the Prix de West. He was preceded in death by his room-mate of 51 years, Janette A. Kerr. Survived by his children, Catherine L. Kerr, Kansas City Carol Kerr-Holmes and husband Kurt of OKC, Tripp Kerr and wife Ann and sons Preston and Cameron Kerr of Denver. His humor and cheerfulness will be missed. As he would say, “adios.”
Kerrick, 1LT Lewis M., USA 1939 JC ~ 17-Dec-1944 WWII-Missing/Killed in action – declared Killed in action in action on 17 December 1944, after missing one year following in a mid-air collision with one of our own over northwestern coast of Netherlands.
Kinsel, Joe Bob 1939 JC ~ 12-Jan-2003
Kirchen, C. Robert 1939 HS
Kirkham, George H. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Knight, William Thomas, Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 01-Aug-1977
Koury, Moses P. 1939 JC
Kremer, Lawrence N. 1939 HS ~ 11-May-2006
Kuteman, William 1939 HS ~ 23-Apr-2000

Larronde, James P. P. 1939 JC ~ 23-Sep-1989
Leming, Ray C. 1939 HS ~ 08-Mar-1989
Levers, Ervin Joe 1939 JC ~ 11-Aug-1985
Lewis, Obbie 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 04-Jun-2004, 83, passed away Saturday morning, the 5th of June 2004, in Houston, TX, after a lengthy illness and complications from diabetes. A native Houstonian, Obbie was born on the 20th of August 1920 to Leon and Esther Lewis and spent his entire life in Houston. After attending the New Mexico Military Institute from 1935 to 1939, Obbie then attended the University of Oklahoma where he was president of his fraternity. During World War II, he accepted his commission into the U. S. Army Calvary Division at Fort Riley, KS. He was then transferred to the 9th Army Air Force Service Command and was dispatched to the European Theater. In 1945, he retired from the service as a Lieutenant Colonel. Like all of those who served during World War II, Obbie was indeed a member of the Greatest Generation. After the war, Obbie received his Petroleum Engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma and began his business life with the firm, Christie, Mitchell & Mitchell (presently know as Mitchell Energy). Having been affiliated with Morgan Stanley as Vice President of Investments, Obbie enjoyed serving his many friends and clients for the past forty years. In 1942, Obbie married Edith Shackeroff from Batesville, Mississippi; his Southern Belle and the love of his life. In March of this year, Obbie and Edith celebrated their 62nd anniversary. They have celebrated many happy moments with their three children, their family, and their many, many dear friends. Obbie was a life-long member of Congregation Beth Israel, the Jewish Community Center, Seven Acres Home for the Aged, the Masonic Lodge – 32nd Degree Masons, the Shrine Temple, the New Mexico Military Institute Alumni Association of which he was also a life member, a former member of the Petroleum Club and the University Club where he enjoyed many hours of tennis with his friends. Obbie was preceded in death by his parents; his sister, Bessie Lewis Fisherman and husband, Henry; and by his brother-in-law, Edwin Shackeroff. Obbie is survived by his loving and devoted wife, Edith; daughter, Natalie Rabicoff and husband, S M Mendy, of Longview, TX; sons, Leon A. Lewis and wife, Joanne, also of Longview and Mark D. Lewis and wife, Debra, of Arlington, TX; and grandchildren, Ana Rabicoff of Boston, Smila Rabicoff of Alexandria, VA, Aaron David Lewis of Houston, and Abby Jae Lewis of Longview. He is also survived by his sister, Thelma Lewis of Ft. Lauderdale, FL; brother-in-law, A M Bubba Shackeroff of Houston; sister-in-law, Marion Shackeroff of Laguna Beach, CA; nephew, Dr. Edwin B. Shackeroff; cousin, Isabel Mermelstein; and his beloved poodle, Napoleon.
Lewis, Robert Elmer 1939 JC ~ 16-Mar-1999
Losh, Thomas Caton 1939 HS ~ 14-Nov-2006
Luckel, Lucien J. 1939 HS ~ 13-Sep-2015
Maloney, C. Edwin 1939 HS ~ 16-Nov-2005
Martin, Lt Col Charles A., USAF (Ret) 1939 JC ~ 15-Jul-2012, flew his final mission to be with the Lord on July 16, 2011. A memorial service will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church, 1413 S. Union Ave., at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 21, 2012, with internment following in South Park Cemetery. Born in Plain Dealing, La., April 5, 1916, Charlie first came to Roswell in 1937, where he graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in 1939, married Nelwyn Williams in 1940 after pilot training, and had an outstanding career as a military officer for 28 years, including flying combat in World War II. A painting of one of his bombing missions over Hamburg, Germany, in 1944, hangs in the library at NMMI. While at NMMI, he participated in football, basketball, and track, where his record in the high hurdles stood for years. After graduating from NMMI, his 28 years of service took him to nine states and overseas to England, Panama, Morocco, Japan and Vietnam. Charlie’s first assignment at Walker Air Force Base in 1961 was to manage the installation of the 12 missile sites around Roswell. After serving a year in Vietnam, he returned to Walker to help decommission the base and retired here in 1967. Over several years, he and Nelwyn sponsored 25 Vietnamese war refugees to become American citizens. Many still reside in Roswell. For more than 50 years, he was a tireless supporter for Trinity United Methodist Church and the Midday Lions Club, where he served as president for several years and helped raise money for children’s eyeglasses. Since 2003, he had been a multiple medal winner in the New Mexico and National Senior Olympics, where he won 11 gold medals in shuffleboard, receiving the Senior Olympics Spirit Athlete Award for Roswell in 2008. Last summer he won the silver medal in shuffleboard at nationals. He is survived by son Charles E. Martin and wife Patty, of Los Alamos; son Larry N. Martin, of Roswell; son Michael A. Martin (Roswell High School 1962) and wife Nancy, of Johnstown, CO; son William A. Martin (Roswell High 1966) and wife Kimberly, of Prosper, TX; and daughter Betty Martin (Roswell High 1968), of Seattle. He leaves 15 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife Nelwyn; and sisters, Edith Draper, of Louisiana, and Marie Fuller and Maurine Riordan, both of Roswell.
Martin, LTC Chris B., Jr., USA (Ret) 1939 JC
Masters, C. Bradford 1939 HS ~ 25-May-2008 Bradford Sr. May 25, 2008 of Amherst, NY. Beloved husband of Jean W. Masters; father of Jennifer (Jack) Hensler, Nancy (Russell) Ghoston, Deborah Tonsoline, Bradford, Jr., (Kathryn), Sarah (Thomas) Fitzpatrick and Mark (Kedra) Masters; also survived by 16 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren; brother of John (Virginia) Masters. Mr. Masters owned M & M Driver Trainers for almost 50 years.
Mayfield, CPT John W., USA 1936 HS-1939 JC WWII-Killed in action in Germany on 2 April 1945.
McCain, E. Tate, Jr. 1939 JC
McClure, John, Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC
McCutchen, James William 1939 JC ~ 01-Oct-1991
McGinnis, Col Felix H., Jr., USAF (Ret) 1937 HS-1939 JC
McKenzie, Roger Gillford 1939 HS ~ 08-Feb-1995
McKinney, Carlton 1939 JC ~ 17-Sep-2006 Passed away September 17, 2006 in Wichita Falls, TX. He was born October 2, 1918 in Olney, TXto Dr. Hugh Carlton McKinney and Ruby Cornelia Elliston McKinney. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1939 and graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a Petroleum Engineering Degree and was a member of the Phi Delta Fraternity. He went on to attend Purdue and Dartmouth Universities in their Officers Training Program and served in the South Pacific for four years in World War II as a United States Naval Officer. In 1942, Carlton married Marjorie Cowan in Archer City, TX. She was the daughter of Archer County pioneer rancher, Samuel Mitchell Cowan and Beatrice Hodges Cowan. Carlton returned from the war to manage the McKinney Ranch in Archer City, TX, which was The Old Home Place of Marjorie’s grandfather, Samuel Mitchell Cowan, Sr. Carlton managed the Cowan and McKinney Oil Properties throughout his life. The McKinney Ranch is recognized by the State of Texas as a Texas Land Heritage Ranch having been owned and managed by family members for over one hundred years. He and Marjorie raised four daughters in Archer City and Dallas, TX, Beatrice Helen McKinney of Archer City, TX, Carla McKinney Ochs and her husband, Jimmy of Dallas, TX, Claudia McKinney Humphrey and her husband, Layton A. of Dallas, TX, and Kathy Friedman and her husband, Sam of Dallas, TX. Carlton and his wife, Marjorie were active supporters of the Fine Arts of Dallas and Wichita Falls, TX, patrons of The Dallas Opera and the Dallas Symphony, the Wichita Falls Symphony, and the Wichita Falls Museum and Art Center. He served on the Board of the North Texas Rehabilitation Center for many years. Carlton was predeceased by his wife, Marjorie on February 6, 1986. He was also predeceased by his twin brother, Hugh McKinney in November 2005 and his older brother, Elliston McKinney in January 1998. Carlton married Margie Davis of Wichita Falls, TX, in 1988 and had two step-daughters, Betsy Davis Burns and her husband, Brad of Dallas, TX, and Sharon Davis Duke and her husband, Don of Holliday, TX. Carlton was predeceased by Margie on May 17, 2006. Carlton and Margie continued the family tradition as active patrons of the Fine Arts in the community. They were members of the Floral Heights United Methodist Church and Carlton was a member of the First Baptist Church of Archer City. Carlton was a loving husband and a beloved father and grandfather. His grandchildren that will miss him greatly are Catherine Bollman of Tucson, AZ, Heather Bollman Cibal of Mesa, AZ, and her two children, Summer Straton and Samantha Cibal, Michael and Samantha Friedman of Dallas, TX, Aaron McKinney Ledyard of Archer City, TX, Carlton Cowan Ledyard of Archer City, TX, Claudia Samantha Ledyard of Dallas, TX, Marjorie Jean Ledyard of San Diego, CA, Allia Ochs and Connor Ochs of Dallas, TX, and seven step-grandchildren and three step-great-grandchildren. Carlton McKinney was loved and respected by family and friends alike. 
McKinney, Hugh 1939 JC ~ 30-Nov-2004
McMillian, Earl Thomas, Jr. 1939 HS
McMinn, CPT Richard Dick, USA 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 14-Apr-1944 WWII-Killed in action – declared dead as of 14 April 1944.
Mellinger, Brainerd L., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 24-Jan-1990
Miles, 1LT James F., USA 1939 JC ~ 15-Aug-1943 WWII-Killed in action in the Southwest Pacific on 15 August 1943.
Miller, Philip L. 1939 HS ~ 09-Jan-2014 Age 91, a native of St. Louis, MO, and a resident of Daphne, AL., passed away on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at his residence. He is preceded in death by his wife, Sofia Cucullu Miller, three children, Martha Mary Miller, Carol Miller Bolling and Philip Lewis Miller, Jr. Survivors include two daughters, Sophie Miller (Robert C.) Audette of Fairhope, AL, and Margaret Miller (Charles E. ) Solberg of St. Paul, MN; daughter-in-law, Margaret Lall Miller; two grandchildren, Philip Lewis Miller, III, and Kathleen Marie Miller all of St. Charles, MO; other relatives and friends.
Miller, Richard Thomas 1939 HS ~ 1975

Mills, James M., III 1939 HS
Mitchell, Edwin H. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Mitchell, Lee L., Jr. 1939 JC
Mitchell, Robert Wiley, Jr. 1939 JC ~ 19-Apr-1981
Moffat, Robert W. 1939 JC ~ 21-Feb-1951
Monning, Benjamin P., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 23-Mar-2002, 82, died Saturday, March 23, 2002. Memorial services will be at 3 p.m. Monday in Russell Memorial Methodist Church of Wills Point with the Rev. Wayne Rhodes and the Rev. Ken Calhoun officiating. Arrangements are by Herschel LyBrand Funeral Home of Wills Point. Mr. Monning was born Jan. 23, 1920, in Amarillo to Alleen (Jersig) and Benjamin Prater Monning. After graduating from Amarillo High School, he attended New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Texas where he received a bachelor of arts degree. He served as a captain in the Army Air Force during World War II. Following his service he returned to the University of Texas, school of law, and earned a bachelor of law degree in 1947. While attending the university he was president of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Following law school he married his wife of 54 years, Adele Wynne Monning, who survives him. He returned to Amarillo where he practiced law with his father under the name of Monning & Monning Lawyers until his father’s death in 1969. He was president of the Amarillo Bar Association and the Coronado School Dads’ Club, a founding member of Young Life of Amarillo, a member of the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church vestry and served on the boards of Big Brothers of Amarillo and Kids’ Inc. While in Amarillo he was inducted into the International Society of Barristers. In 1970 he and his wife moved to Wills Point, where he continued practicing law with Wynne & Wynne. While in Wills Point he was president of the Van Zandt County Bar Association and the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce, as well as a director of the First National Bank and member of the Administrative Board of Russell Memorial Methodist Church. In 2001 the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce named him and his wife Outstanding Citizens of the Year, in recognition of myriad efforts supporting the community. Survivors include his wife; three sons, Bruce Monning and wife, Anne, and Prater Monning and wife, Nancy, all of Dallas, and Wynne Monning and wife, Becky, of Wills Point; a sister, Peggy Porteau and husband, Renee, of Mexico City, Mexico; eight grandchildren, Wright, Sarah, Shelby, Ben, Arthur, Buck, Will and John; a niece, Nancy Wynne Saustad of Dallas;; and a nephew, Howell Smith Wynne of Rancho Santa Fe, CA. 
Monroe, Henry C., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 02-Jan-2001
Montgomery, James H. 1939 HS
Moore, Fred B., Jr. 1939 JC
Moore, Paul B., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 19-Mar-1999
Moore, Tom Burns 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 27-Jul-2002
Moynihan, Frank D. “Dale” 1936 HS-1939 JC ~ 12-May-2006, 88, a resident of Albuquerque for 48 years, passed away May 12, 2006. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and served in both World War II and the Korean War as a Navy fighter pilot. He retired from Mountain Bell in 1980 as Directory Sales Manager and volunteered for the last twenty-five years for the Life Line Organization. He was preceded in death by his wife, Claryce and his son, Michael. He is survived by his son, Timothy and wife, Gina of Albuquerque and children, Steven and wife, Lora of Glen Ellyn, IL, Stephanie Moynihan of Seattle, WA; daughters, Michelle Moynihan of Albuquerque and children, Richard and Christin, both of Albuquerque and Marguerite Powers and husband, Robert and children, Shawna and Tracy Powers of Parker, CO and sister, Peggy McCaffrey and husband, John of Montrose, CO. The family wishes to thank the respective staffs of the Village at Alameda and Ambercare Hospice for the care they gave Dale. 
Murphy, REV Edward E., III 1939 JC ~ 15-Jun-2001
Myers, Curtis O. 1939 HS
Neill, Avery C., Jr. 1939 HS
Neuhaus, Richard V., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 10-Jul-1988
Niece, Capt Norman L., Jr., USMCR 1939 JC ~ 311-Mar-1944 WWII-Missing/Killed in action since 11 March 1944 and officially declared dead.
Norwood, Alan Q. 1939 JC ~ 03-Feb-2004
Oakley, Roy C. 1939 JC ~ 31-Dec-2009 90, of Amarillo died Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009. Services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Trinity Fellowship Church chapel with the Rev. Larry Miles, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in Llano Cemetery East by Cox-Lagrone Funeral Home, 4180 Canyon Drive. Mr. Oakley was born June 15, 1919, in Durant, Okla., where he was raised. He attended and graduated from New Mexico Military Institute before serving his country in the U.S. Army Air Corps. He lived for many years in Amarillo, where he was retail manager and men’s clothing buyer at Blackburn’s and The Hub Clothiers for more than 40 years before retirement. He enjoyed the game of golf and enjoyed playing every time had the chance. He married Lucille Bergner on Sept. 21, 1973, in Amarillo. She passed away in 2008. Mr. Oakley was a longtime member of St. Paul United Methodist Church. Survivors include a son, Jay Oakley and wife Laurelee of Amarillo; and two stepdaughters, Betty Womble of Spearman and Scout Bergner-Deese of Dallas.
O’Connor, William H. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Overlock, Lemuel C. 1938 HS-1939 JC ~ 22-Jun-1989
Parker, J. Loyd, Jr. 1939 HS
Parker, James W. 1939 HS ~ 28-Dec-2001
Peck, CPT Walter Raymond, Jr., USA 1939 HS ~ 01-Sep-1945 WWII-Killed in service per LTC O. K. Morton 1938 SC.
Peters, William R., Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Plunkett, Thomas J. 1939 HS ~ 19-Jun-2007 86, a lifelong resident of Albuquerque, passed away Tuesday, June 19, 2007. He is survived by his son, Thomas W. Plunkett and wife, Theresa of Albuquerque; one grandson, Thomas J. “T.J.” Plunkett; and many friends. Col. Plunkett was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Dorothy Plunkett, in 2001 and his parents, Thomas W. and Lena M. Plunkett. He was born on May 14, 1921, in Albuquerque and graduated from St. Mary’s High School and the University of New Mexico with a B.B.A. Degree in Business Administration. Col. Plunkett was a member of PHI and Kappa Alpha. After graduation he went to work for the armed forces Special Weapons Project and from there he went to the Atomic Energy Commission. He proudly served during WWII, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam and Desert Storm. During that time he worked for the Reserve Program where he commanded two groups and ten battalions. During WWII he served in the Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron in the India and Burma Theater. After his retirement, Col Plunkett served in the army reserves. He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 1969 and the Legion of Merit in 1975 for exceptional meritorious service as Commander, 156th Support Group, in Albuquerque. Col. Plunkett was a loving father and grandfather and will be deeply missed by all who knew him. 
Potter, Robert M. 1939 JC
Prichard, Waldemar Landry 1939 JC
Pumphrey, Ben Hirchland 1939 JC ~ 06-Jun-2012 93, of Amarillo died Wednesday, June 6, 2012. Ben was born Sept. 5, 1918, in Oklahoma City to W.R. and Blanche Pumphrey. In 1921, the family moved to Amarillo. They started Amarillo Paper Co. Shortly after their arrival. Ben graduated from Amarillo High School in 1937. He then attended New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, in 1938 and 1939. This experience was a very special time in ben’s life. He then went to University of Oklahoma and graduated in 1941. He was proud to be a Boomer Sooner. He enlisted in the Army after graduation and was a proud veteran, serving in World War II. In 1943, he married Josephine Zorn in Topeka, Kan. After he finished his military career in March 1946, he returned to Amarillo to raise his family and work in the family business, until it was sold in the late 1960s. Ben was a long-time member of Amarillo Senior Citizens Association, Golden K Kiwanis for many years and United Commercial Travelers for more than 60 years. He enjoyed watching football and baseball on TV. He moved to The Continental and lived there for 13 years and had many friends. The last 10 months, he resided at Ussery Roan Texas State veteran’s Home. He was preceded in death by his father in 1947; his mother in 1965; and his wife of 48 years in 1991. Survivors include his children, Mary Kay Harders and husband Jim of Olathe, Kan., and Sally Tyler, William Pumphrey and Norma Pumphrey, all of Amarillo; four grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. The family would like to thank Dr. Dzik and his nurse practitioner, Renee Ashley, all of his friends at The Continental and the Ussery Roan staff for their compassionate care as well as Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospice staff, Dr. Stewart, Pam and volunteer Johnny Walsh, who were so faithful to him in his last days. They would also like to thank the very special staff at the Thomas E. Creek veteran’s Administration Hospital; Dr. Wan, who worked tirelessly to get him through some very difficult times; and to registered nurse John Blair, who went beyond the call of duty. The family will never forget them. Thank you. And last but not least, to his special acquired friend at Ussery Roan, whose compassion was there to the very end, Donita Rule – thank you. 
Purswell, G. M., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 13-Sep-2002
Quesenberry, George R. 1939 HS-1939 JC ~ 18-Apr-1945 WWII-Killed in action in Germany on 18 April 1945.
Quesenberry, 1LT Marshall Henry, Jr., USA 1939 JC
Ramsden, Charles B. 1937 HS-1939 HS ~ 06-Oct-2017

Ramsey, Douglas George, Sr. 1938 HS-1939 JC ~ 04-Aug-2007 Passed away on Saturday, August 4, in El Paso. Born in El Paso on January 6, 1921, he was the grandson of pioneer El Pasoan, William Gregory Walz, who came to El Paso in the late 1800’s. He was preceded in death by his parents, William K. and Eileen Walz Ramsey, his brother, William K. Ramsey, Jr., his sister Peggy Ramsey Kayser, and his nephew Chip Ramsey. Doug attended Crockett School, Austin High School and New Mexico Military Institute where he graduated from high school and then Junior College in 1939. He attended the College of Mines (UTEP) until December 7th, 1941 when he joined the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant on his 21st birthday. Doug served in the 10th Cavalry until it was disbanded and he was transferred to the U.S. Army. He served in the European Theater during the remainder of World War II. When peace was declared he was discharged from the Army as a Major and returned to El Paso. In 1946, Bill, Doug, and Greg Ramsey started Ramsey Steel Company where Doug served as Secretary-Treasurer until his retirement at age 75. Throughout his life, Doug was an active member of the YMCA and served on the Board in numerous capacities. He was the past president of the El Paso Country Club and Los Caballeros. Doug was an early resident of the Mountain Park area where he was president of the community association for many years. He had a life time interest in hunting and fly fishing and enjoyed collecting stamps of the United States. He was a member of the Pro-Cathedral Church of St. Clement. He is survived by, Sue, his loving wife of 64 years, his brother Gregory Ramsey, daughters Susan Montoya and Louise (Wesa) Ramsey of Albuquerque, NM, son Douglas and his wife, Samara (Michelle), of Las Cruces, NM; his grandchildren Philip Montoya and his wife Gabrielle, Alicia Montoya, McClain Bond, Ramsey Bond of Albuquerque; Teo Montoya and his wife Marinell of Miami Beach, FL, and Anna Ramsey of Flagstaff, AZ; nieces Tracy Ramsey Dowdy, Lynn Ramsey Stinson; nephews Bill Kayser and John Kayser; his great grandchildren Hannah and Lena Montoya; great nephew Tres Ramsey and great niece Alister Ramsey. A service to celebrate Doug’s life will be held at the Pro- Cathedral Church of St. Clement’s , The Very Rev. William C. Cobb, officiating, on August 9, 2007 at 2:00 p.m., followed by a reception held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Paul, 6483 Calle del Sol El Paso, TX. 
Reber, Lt Col Thomas Richard, USAF (Ret) 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 16-Sep-2007
Reese, Richard Leeman 1939 JC ~ 12-Apr-2013 a fourth generation Californian, died April 12th at his Sacramento home, surrounded by family. He was 93 years old. Mr. Reese was beloved for his affable personality, enthusiasm for good conversation and genuine commitment to family and friends. Born on June 18th, 1919, in Sacramento, Mr. Reese’s large extended family was part of the westward expansion of pioneers that crossed from Virginia and Kentucky in 1852. The family of Ethel Reese Didion settled in the Florin area South of Sacramento and eventually ranched 640 acres, raising grain and stock, building homes and rearing children. Mr. Reese’s great-grandfather was William H. Kilgore, whose diary provides a compelling account of the arduous journey west. His first cousin was Frank Reese Didion, father of author Joan Didion, who recounted some of the early family history in her book, ‘Where I Was From.’ Mr. Reese was a student at Sacramento High School, where he was a ‘yell leader,’ member of the Gamma Eta Kappa and 36 Club fraternities. He was also a member of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps before serving two years in the Citizens Military Training Corps at the Presidio in Monterey. He later graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, before attending the University of Oregon where he was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity and, significantly, met his future wife, Jeanne Merritt Younger of Woodland. They were married in 1942 in Woodland and moved to Sacramento, where they raised four children. As a member of the U.S. Army Reserve Corps, his unit was called shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor and he was assigned to the 115th Cavalry Regiment. An accomplished horseman, Lieutenant Reese appears in photographs wearing jodhpurs and puttees, mounted on his horse, ‘Masquerade.’ During World War II, he was stationed at Fort Lewis, WA, Fort Riley, KS, and San Diego, before going overseas, where Captain Reese served with the famed 8th Armored Division of the U.S. Army near Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, and Biarritz, France. Following the war, he sailed home on the celebrated Queen Mary, which was used to transport troops during the war. In the post-war years Mr. Reese (known as ‘Dick’ to friends) joined his father, John Kilgore Reese, and brother, John (‘Jack’), in the Reese Insurance Agency, established in 1912 and located in the California State Life Building on J Street. After the war, Mr. Reese became active in the Sacramento community, raising a family, and serving as Major in the California National Guard. He was also a member of the University Club of Sacramento, Sigma Chi Alumni, Rotary, and served on the board of directors of the Salvation Army and the Children’s Home Society. A life-long member of the Republican Party, Mr. Reese volunteered with the Sacramento Blood Bank and ‘Three R’s’, a program which offers recreation for seniors and respite for their caregivers. Year after year, an American flag was continuously flown above his East Sacramento home. He was a member of SIRS (Sons in Retirement) and Trinity Episcopal Church, which he attended faithfully for much of his later life. Known for his acerbic wit (he was fond of telling ‘snappy jokes’), cordiality, and gentlemanly manner, Mr. Reese was devoted to family, neighbors, friends and his community. Though frustrated by declining health in later years, it was Mr. Reese’s extravagance of spirit that would persist throughout his life, making his parties and holiday events popular occasions. His daughters, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters eagerly awaited invitations to the annual Father/Daughter Christmas luncheon hosted by the Sacramento Rotary in celebration of the season. An avid bridge player, Mr. Reese also painted, skied, loved to travel, and played tennis and golf, one year winning the Valley Hi Country Club championship. He was a devoted husband who tirelessly cared for his wife, Jeanne, until her death in 1996. Mr. Reese was preceded in death by his wife, Jeanne Younger Reese, his parents John Kilgore Reese and Gertrude Leeman Reese, and his brother, Jack Reese. He is survived by his children: Barbara Anne Reese (Roger Monty), Richard L. Reese Jr. (Sue), Kathleen Powers (Dennis), and Robert Reese (Anita) his daughters-in-law: Joeann Edmonds and Shirley Reese his grandchildren: John Reese (Andrea), Richard L. Reese, III, (Dolly), Deanna Fernandes (Jose), Christina Reese, Chris Powers (Diana), Elizabeth Powers, and Pilar Jeanne Reese and his great-grandchildren: Sarah Voiles Hawkins (Dean), Leila Fernandes, Stella Fernandes, and Payton Powers. Mr. Reese was also close to his many nieces, cousins, and members of the Rooney, Didion, and Kilgore families.
Reis, John F. 1939 HS
Richards, Clifton Lorine, Jr., 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 12-Aug-2017 was born March 30, 1919, in Kansas City, MO, to father Clifton L. Richards, Sr., and mother, Blodwen (Babba) Richards. He grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma with brother, Edwin Richards, and later attended New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM. After graduation, Clifton completed his first year of college at the University of Oklahoma, and attended his second and third years of college at University of Tulsa, before entering the Navy. He received his bachelor’s degree at National University in San Diego in 1978. After returning from war, and being discharged from the Navy, Clifton opened a camera shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He later went to work for Sweeny, a company in Tulsa that x-rayed and certified welds in oil refineries, a revolutionary technology at the time. From there he went to work for Convair, in California, working on electronics for F102A Fighter Jets. After leaving Convair he went to General Dynamics where he traveled throughout the Central part of the United States working on the electronics guidance systems on the Atlas missiles and missile silos. Clifton transferred to the electronics division working on satellites, landing him in San Diego, CA, where he met the love of his life, Laura Richards. At the age of 21, Clifton followed in his father’s footsteps by completing his Master Mason Degree, and becoming a member of the Akdar Shrine. He later joined the Al Bahr Shrine Temple in 1968. During his time in the Shrine, he was involved with a variety philanthropic organizations. He was President of the Compineros Shrine Club, then Tin Lizzies, a miniature car unit that participates in local parades. He built and drove several cars in local parades in California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Mexico for 15 years. He was an avid supporter of the Transportation Fund, a program that provides funds to transport sponsored injured and burned children to Shrine Hospitals. Clifton was the Chairman of the Stop Burns Program, a burn prevention awareness campaign teaching children the slogan of “Stop, Drop, and Roll.” He became Potentate of the Al Bahr Shrine in 1997. In 2015, he was pinned as a 75-year member of the Masonic Lodge. Clifton had many passions in his life; cars, photography, philanthropy, the Shrine, travel, and technology. Most of all he was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Clifton is preceded in death by his wife, Laura Richards, son, Clifton L. Richards, III, father, Clifton L. Richards, Sr., and mother, Blodwen Richards. He is survived by a brother, Edwin Richards. Children, David Richards (Mary Richards), Carol Richards (wife to Clifton L. Richards, III, 1937 HS-1939 JC), Sean Richards (Maureen McQuinn), Oona Clark (Paul P.G. Clark), and Laura Weissert (Toby Weissert). Nephews, Dennis Richards, and Phillip Richards. Grandchildren, Jennifer Gibbs (Chad Gibbs), Kimberly Richards (Rita Rogalewski), Lindsay Richards-Swisher (Rich Swisher), Jennifer Buttweiler (Todd Buttweiler), Rachel Akin (Matt Akin), Amber Hansen (James Hansen), Conor Richards, Breana Clark, and Ian Richards. Great Grandchildren, Wyatt, and Emma Gibbs, Neva Akin, Natalie and Colton Buttweiler and Luke Clifton Swisher.
Richardson, LT Boice, USNR 1939 HS ~ 25-Jun-1946 – WWII-Killed in service – died in London, England, on 25 June 1946.
Ridgway, Nolo S., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 01-Sep-1987
Rihl, E. Walden, Jr. 1939 HS ~ 19-May-1998
Ritson, Joseph James 1939 JC
Robb, Harold B., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 12-Oct-2007 Born in 1921 in Dallas, TX, and passed away on October 12, 2007, in Grandview, TX. Preceded in death by his wife of 40 years, Gloria Robb. Survived by his children, Shay Robb Manis and husband Brack of Hillsboro, Peg Robb Layne of Grandview and her children Gabriel and Danielle and great-grandson Simon, and Hank Robb and wife Carolyn of Portland, Oregon, and their children Katherine and Elizabeth. Hank had a great life and will be deeply missed by all who knew him.
Robbins, George Baker 1939 JC
Robert, William Lee 1937 HS-1939 JC
Robertson, James Henry, III, 1939 JC
Rodey, Alonzo Bertram 1939 HS
Rogers, Robert G. 1939 JC ~ 15-Sep-1984
Runyan, Tom E. 1939 JC
Rush, James Clinton 1939 HS ~ 08-Nov-1987
Russ, Leon Fair, Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 14-Sep-1956
Russell, John Henry 1939 JC
Rutherford, Harry Kenneth 1939 JC
Savage, L. Jack 1939 HS ~ 28-Oct-1981
Schauffler, Robert McEwen, Jr. 1939 JC ~ 14-Nov-1997
Scott, Samuel M. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Searle, Harry Allan, III, 1939 JC ~ 01-Feb-1987
Self, Gerald Edward 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 09-Jun-1983
Sidwell, William Amon, Jr. 1939 JC ~ 24-May-2007
Sloan, Sam R., Jr. 1939 JC
Smith, Albert Orrin 1939 HS ~ 21-Nov-1992
Smith, Eugene L. 1939 JC
Sponable, Frank Warren, Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 01-May-1996
Staton, Edward Hiram 1939 JC ~ 03-Dec-1989
Stoddard, Ross White, Jr. 1939 JC ~ 28-Aug-2020 Ross W. Stoddard, Jr., hung up his spurs for the last time on August 28, 2020. He passed away peacefully in his sleep about six months after he crossed the 100-year mark in February, a life bookended by two world-wide pandemics. Several months after the 1918-19 flu pandemic had subsided, Ross was born in Denison, where he lived until he was 93 years old. He moved to Coppell, TX, four years after his wife of 65+ years, Betty Browne Stoddard, passed away in 2009, so he could be closer to his two children, Gayle Heatley of Plano; Ross W. Stoddard, III, of Coppell, both of whom survive him. His parents, Alene and Ross, Sr., who had lived in Denison, passed away four and five decades ago. Ross was an avid horseman and rancher who was always a cowboy at heart. If it had to do with horses, he loved doing it!After graduating in 1937 from DHS, he attended New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM and UT, for a year each; then Austin College from 1939-41, where he met his bride-to-be, Sherman girl Betty Browne ….. and the rest, they say, is history. Within a few days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Ross joined the U.S. Army Air Forces (later USAF) where he reached the rank of SSGT. After the war, he and Betty returned to Denison, which they called home for the rest of their lives together. In 1946, he received his B.A. at A.C. For over 25 years, he served as a Director of the Citizens National Bank of Denison, and as a Director, President & first Chairman of the Board of the Denison Federal Savings & Loan Assoc. He also was a founder and first President of the Denison Round Up Club and the Texoma Quarter Horse Assoc.; and served as a Director of the Texoma Livestock Assoc. and the Denison Rod & Gun Club. Throughout his life, he raised, bought, raced and sold horses, dealt in real estate, and bought and leased mineral interests. Ross was blessed to have many wonderful friends, and spent many decades with his beloved coffee group and deer hunting buddies, who reveled in playing practical jokes on one another. He is also survived by his children’s spouses (Jim Heatley and June Stoddard), along with four grandsons and wives: Sean & Erica Heatley of Frisco; David & Kate Heatley of Carrollton; Brett & Catherine Staffieri of Greenwich, CT; and Ryan Staffieri of Naples, FL.; and eight (truly great!) greatgrandkids. As an only-child, he was particularly blessed to have Betty’s parents, two sisters and their families in his life. The twinkle in Ross’s eyes, and his laughter at all things humorous whether initiated by him, or pranked upon him, will be missed by those who knew him during his century here in this life.When it finally was time to clean out all of his remaining personal possessions at the nursing home where he resided his final five months, he had reduced the stuff in his life down to a few clothes left for staff, and his last two personal possessions that, fittingly, were still with him at the end of his long trail ride: his cowboy hat and boots! In light of the current pandemic, the family will have a small, private graveside service in the coming weeks at Fairview Cemetery in Denison, TX, where Ross’s remains will reside next to those of his soulmate and beautiful bride, Betty, for the rest of time. In lieu of flowers, please give your family members (human & animal!) a hug, and leave a story or two or a remembrance of your interactions with him on his memorial site at , where there is a more extensive recap of his life story. It will make him smile when he looks down from the King’s Ranch in the sky!

Stolaroff, Myron J. 1939 JC ~ 06-Jan-2013 died 6 January 2013. He received a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Stolaroff worked for the recording equipment manufacturer Ampex as a senior designer and Director of Instrumentation Management. He founded the International Foundation for Advanced Study in Menlo Park, CA, and served as its president from 1960 to 1970. Stolaroff was the executive administrator for a research group conducting clinical studies with LSD and mescaline which was administered to about 350 participants. The research resulted in six published papers on psychedelic therapy with Stolaroff as co-author on most of the articles. The Foundation’s research came to an end in 1965 when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revoked research permits for psychedelics. Stolaroff attempted to continue psychedelic research using unscheduled compounds from 1970 to 1986, until the Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act of 1986 was passed and halted his research again. He published professional papers in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Gnosis, the Yearbook for Ethnomedicine and the Study of Consciousness, and many others. Stolaroff served on the Board of Directors of the Albert Hofmann Foundation. He was also a consultant to the Heffter Research Institute and was on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics. Stolaroff also worked as a consulting engineer and as a general manager of Multi-Media Productions, a manufacturer of social studies and sound filmstrips for public schools. He retired in 1979.
Stuart, Robert Alda, Jr. 1937 HS-1939 JC

Stumm, John B. 1939 HS ~ 01-Dec-1976
Suderman, Adolph D., Jr. 1939 HS
Switzer, Thomas Jefferson 1939 HS ~ 10-Jun-1976
Talbott, CPT Lee James, Jr., USA 1939 JC ~ 25-Oct-1944 WWII-Killed in action in action on Leyte on 25 October 1944.
Tallichet, William Ledlie 1932 HS-1934 JC ~ 29-Mar-1990
Tempest, Donald 1939 HS
Temple, George F., Jr. 1939 HS
Thomas, David Kemp 1939 JC ~ 10-Aug-1999
Thomas, Hayward Charles, Jr. 1939 HS ~ 27-Dec-1991
Todd, PVT Louis Albert, USA 1939 HS ~ 20-Feb-1943 WWII-Killed in service died at Camp White, OR, on 20 February 1943.
Todd, William L. 1939 HS ~ 20-Jan-2000
Touche, Jacobo E. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Towers, Roy Marlow 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 15-May-1998
Travis, James Albert 1939 HS
Treichler, Robert Kneeshaw 1939 HS ~ 09-Oct-1991
Truslow, Theodore J. Jr. 1939 JC
VanBuskirk, Frank A. 1939 JC ~ 02-Mar-2001

Vaughan, Dewitt Mason 1939 JC
Villines, Jefferson K. 1939 JC ~ 04-Nov-2000
Wagner, John Downs 1939 HS ~ 15-Feb-1997
Walsh, Frank H., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 14-Dec-2013 92, of Sterling, died on Dec. 14, 2013, at home with his family. Frank was born on March 25, 1921, in Mexico City, Mexico, to Frank and Evelyn (Morrison) Walsh. He grew up in Pachuca, Mexico, where his father was employed as general superintendent at the Santa Gertrudis silver mine. He received his education, grades first through eighth, at the “one room school house” located inside the mine compound. He went to high school at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM. In 1944, after graduating with honors from Oklahoma University with a petroleum engineering degree, Frank enlisted in the U.S. Army. He served proudly as a Second Lieutenant with the Army Corp of Engineers during World War II. After the war, he went to work for Humble Oil Co (Exxon) in Houston, TX. It was there that he met Gloria Gibson. Frank and Gloria were married July 15, 1950 at her parents’ home in Kerrville, TX. Their two sons, Bill and David, were born in Houston. In 1955, Frank moved his family to Sterling. There he spent 54 years working in the oil and gas industry. He was joined by his sons in the early eighties. Walsh Production, Inc., became one of the larger oil producers in the State (12+ years on the top 10 list). Some of Frank’s most cherished memories were of his many friends, colleagues, employees, and competitors with whom he shared a passion for the oil business. Golf was Frank’s pastime of choice. He remained competitive through his last years; “shooting his age” on a number of occasions. Beyond love for family, business, and golf, Frank was truly a philanthropist extraordinaire. He was that rare individual who actually made a difference in the lives of so many in northeast Colorado. The list of projects, organizations and causes that Frank and Gloria have so generously supported over the years is extensive, to say the least. In 2008, their donation enabled the establishment of the David Walsh Cancer Center. Frank is survived by wife, Gloria; son, Bill and wife Patty; daughter-in-law, Kathie Walsh; grandchildren, Rory Walsh-Miller and husband Jason Miller, Carlin Walsh and wife Michelle, Frank Walsh, III, and girlfriend Kara Stanley, Darrin Walsh; niece, Suzie Gallagher; great-grandchild Fiona Walsh, and long time personal assistant, Judy Vandagriff. He was preceded in death by his parents; a sister, Evelyn Gallagher; and son, David.
Watson, William Ruple 1939 JC ~ 16-Mar-1951
Weaver, Edwin R. 1939 JC
Wellborn, Olin Guy, Jr. 1939 JC ~ 04-Dec-1982
Wilder, Thomas Patten 1937 HS-1939 JC ~ 19-Feb-2002
Wilson, Howard W. 1939 JC ~ 11-Jun-2002
Wilson, Hugh 1939 HS ~ 11-Apr-2000
Wilson, Lynn Gerald 1939 HS
Winkler, Lloyd W., Jr. 1939 HS ~ 19-Feb-1997
Wood, Lamont H., Jr. 1939 JC ~ 04-Sep-1995
Woolverton, Willard Cline, Jr. 1939 HS
Works, Landon 1939 HS ~ 01-Jul-1980
Wright, Thomas Russell 1939 JC
Wunderlich, Frederick W. 1937 HS-1939 JC
Zirker, Richard Daniel 1939 JC ~ 27-Mar-2011 died peacefully at home, at age 91, on March 27, 2011. Born January 24, 1920 in San Francisco, he was the son of Perena Octavia (Smith) and Dr. Daniel Webster Zirker. Richard grew up in Merced, with frequent trips to Yosemite and the Big Sur home of his grandparents. In his youth he won both the Merced County titles in tennis and golf. He graduated from Merced Union High School in 1937. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute where he was named outstanding new cadet in his troop. He was appointed to Annapolis in 1938 and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in the Class of 1942. He served as an officer in WWII, seeing active duty in the South Pacific on the USS NORTHAPMTON. His military service included the Battles of Tokyo, Midway, Wake Island and Guadalcanal. The Northampton was sunk shortly after he left the ship. Following his service, Richard began a distinguished 40-year career with Shell Chemical. While at Shell, he was stationed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, New York, and Houston. While in Los Angeles, Richard met the love of his life, Ruth Mannlein. In 1947 they married and together raised seven children and enjoyed a very happy 63 years. In 1981 Richard retired and he and Ruth moved to Carmel to enjoy a long and happy retirement. He enjoyed many fine years on the golf course and even scored a hole-in-one. He and Ruth traveled the world, made many friends on the Monterey Peninsula, and actively participated as parishioners at the Carmel Mission Catholic Church. Richard’s mother was part of the Smith family of Big Sur pioneers. In 2003 Richard and Ruth, with the enthusiastic support of their children, generously donated their share in the family ranch at Rocky Creek to the Big Sur Land Trust, promoting the preservation of this stunning land for perpetuity. He was preceded in death by his parents; sister, Nanette McWethy; daughter, Mary Landin; and son, Thomas Zirker. He is survived by his wife, Ruth; five children, Daniel Zirker, Ann Rapoport (Lloyd), Margaret Zirker (Scott), Elizabeth Schiff (Jage), and Kathleen Zirker-Smith (William); and eight grandchildren, Joshua, Christopher, Matthew, Cara, Theo, Aviva, Ian and Talia.


Alexandre, Jerome 1938 HS ~ 25-Apr-1955
Ambrister, John J. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ Sep-1983
Apt, MAJ Robert H., USAF (Ret) 1938 HS ~ 17-Apr-2011
Asbury, Lt Col J. Lester, USAF (Ret) 1938 JC ~ 24-Mar-2005
Auferoth, John, Jr. 1938 HS ~ 11-Aug-1971
Austin, James C., Jr. 1938 HS
Baer, Ernest O, Jr. 1938 HS ~ 28-Dec-2005
Baker, SSG Venoy, USA 1938 JC ~ 04-Jan-1945 – WWII-Killed in action in Belgium on 4 January 1945.
Barron, 1LT Joseph Phelon, USA 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 17-Mar-1943 WWII-Killed in service in a plane crash near Blythe, CA, on 17 March 1943.
Barry, CPT Dwight Watkins, USA 1938 JC ~ 10-Mar-1945 WWII-Killed in action at Moratai, South Pacific, on 10 March 1945.
Bates, Leslie H. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Bedwell, Maurice D., Jr. 1938 JC ~ 14-Nov-1958
Benson, John 1938 JC ~ 20-Mar-1998
Bird, Russell G., Jr. 1938 JC
Black, Harry G. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 07-Nov-1975
Bliss, Charles W., Jr. 1938 HS
Blocher, Joe S. 1938 HS ~ 01-Aug-1988
Botts, LTC Clarence M., Jr., USA 1938 JC ~ 16-Apr-1945 WWII-died in Manila from wounds received during fighting in the Philippines on 16 May 1945.
Bowen, Harold C. 1938 HS ~ 03-Jul-2003
Boyce, Robert L., Jr. 1938 JC ~ 01-Jul-1980
Boyd, 1LT Walter H., Jr., USA 1938 JC ~ 19-Sep-1941 – WWII-Killed in service in a plane crash at Marshall, TX, on 19 September 1941.
Broderick, William R. 1938 HS
Brown, Clyde T. 1938 HS ~ 09-Nov-1991
Brown, CAPT Garrison, USN (Ret) 1938 HS
Brown, Jordan Frederick 1938 HS
Buchman, Howard M. 1938 JC
Burns, 1LT William S., Jr., USMC 1938 HS ~ 23-Jul-1943 – WWII-Killed in service in a plane crash at Mojave, CA, on 23 July 1943.
Burrell, Gid A. 1938 JC ~ 19-Apr-1971
Burton, Raymond 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 21-Sep-2008
Cain, William M., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Caldwell, Jack C. 1938 JC ~ 01-Sep-1980
Callan, Russell, Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 15-Jul-2003
Cartwright, Matthew, III, 1938 JC
Cash, James G., Jr. 1938 HS ~ 03-Jan-2002
Caskie, John J. K., Jr. 1938 HS
Channer, John W. 1938 HS ~ 01-May-1976
Charlesworth, Earl E. 1938 JC
Chaves, James S. 1938 JC ~ 01-Apr-1981
Clark, Robert M. 1938 HS ~ 09-Jul-1991
Cloman, James L. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Clyde, William R. 1938 JC ~ 22-Dec-2002
Cobb, Roswell H. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Cole, W. Edgar 1938 HS
Colter, Larry W. 1934 HS-1938 JC ~ 29-Jan-1975
Cooney, COL Jack B., Jr., USA (Ret) 1938 JC ~ 11-Mar-1985
Cotton, William E. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Cowden, J. Franklin, Jr. 1938 JC ~ 14-Oct-2006 a loving husband and father, died peacefully Saturday, October 14, 2006, in Midland, TX. Frank was a fourth generation rancher, a graduate of Midland High School (1936) and New Mexico Military Institute (1938) where he was a member of the polo team. He served four years in the Army Air Corps as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Crew chief) on P-38 aircraft. His tour of duty included 26 months in England, Africa and Italy during World War II. Frank was born May 11, 1919 in Midland to Frank and Gladys Holt Cowden and attended Midland Schools. He lived in Midland and at the M Bar ranch founded by his grandfather Fred Cowden. After his military service, he returned to Midland and married June Wilkinson of Tuscola on December 8, 1945. He raised cattle and horses on the M Bar and Cross Bar Ranches and became active in civic and community service. He loved Hereford cattle, quarter horses and fly fishing in Colorado. As a member of First Baptist Church of Midland, he served on numerous committees and capital campaigns and ushered at the 11:00 am service for over 45 years. Frank was Vice-President for Administration of the Executive Board of the Buffalo Trail Council of the Boy Scouts of America, received the Silver Beaver Award given for distinguished service in the Scout program, and was the recipient of the Boy Scouts first Distinguished Citizen s Award for exceptional community service in December 1989. He was inducted into the Haley Library Hall of Fame in September 2000, and is a recipient of the Midland High School Distinguished Graduate Award. Frank served as the first President of the Directors of Midland Memorial Hospital and was also a Trustee of Midland Memorial Hospital and a member of the Board of Governors. Frank has worked with the educational community of Midland serving as an elected school board member and a member of the Bi-Racial Study to Desegregate the Midland Public Schools in the 1950s and was a member of the Midland College Foundation Board. Frank was a Director of the First National Bank of Midland for 24 years and a past Director of Midland Savings and Loan Association, a director of the Midland Chamber of Commerce and was a board member of the United Way. He was a past president of the Midland Fair and Rodeo Association, and past Chairman and Director of Midland County, Texas Beef Council. He served on the board of the Midland Y.M.C.A. and is a former president of the Midland Country Club and the Midland Racquet Club. He is a Master Mason. He is survived by his wife, June, sister Elizabeth Walter Keeney, his daughter, Linda Cowden, his son, Jim and wife, Chris of Austin, his grandchildren, Hunter Isbell and wife Liz of Tuscola, Allison Isbell of Midland and Carter and Avery Cowden of Austin, and two great granddaughters, Mallory and Marcy Isbell of Tuscola. He was preceded in death by his parents and his brother Courtney Cowden of Midland.
Cox, Clarence A., Jr. 1938 JC ~ 01-Sep-1992
Curto, Wayne C. 1938 JC ~ 06-Aug-1990
Dakin, Carrel 1938 JC ~ 05-Jul-1969
Dalin, Carl G. 1938 JC
Daulton, Charles N. 1938 HS ~ 21-Jun-2017
Davis, Dr. Frank Lloyd 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 01-Dec-1982
Davis, Robert S., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC
DeSanders, Neil J., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Dolde, 1LT Henry Charles, Jr., USA 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 09-Jan-1943 – WWII-Killed in service when his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean about three miles out of San Francisco, CA, on 9 January 1943.
Donovan, Richard, Jr. 1938 JC ~ 19-May-1990
Douglass, David R. 1938 HS
Dudley, Carter G. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 04-Feb-1999
Ellis, Robert W. 1938 JC ~ 01-Jun-1980
Evans, George W. “Pete”, III, 1938 JC ~ 08-Jan-2006, 88, passed away peacefully on Sunday, January 8, 2006 at his home in Socorro, NM. He is survived by his daughter, Pat Miller; son, Bart Evans; Susan Fitzpatrick; two grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Pete was preceded in death by his wife, Helen (Jobey) Evans. Pete settled in Catron County at the age of 2 in 1919 with his father, former state senator G.W. (Dub) Evans, and his mother, Beulah Gillett Evans. They owned the Slash Ranch in the Gila Wilderness. Pete spent the majority of his life managing the Montosa Ranch between Magdalena and Datil. He was a graduate of Albuquerque High School and the New Mexico Military Institute. He served his country with distinction in the 35th Infantry Division in France and Germany during WWII, earning a Bronze Star. Pete was elected to the board of directors of the Socorro Electric Cooperative and served for many years. In 1983 he was chosen as Grand Marshall for the Socorro County Fair parade. Pete retired to his beloved Horse Camp in the Gila at the age of 70 and lived there for 15 years. He has been a resident of Socorro for the past three years. 
Fiedelman, Melvin 1938 HS ~ 22-Dec-1965
Fraser, Donald C. 1938 HS ~ 01-Aug-1971
Freas, Walter John 1938 JC ~ 11-Nov-2005
Gabbert, Gordon A. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 16-Jan-1985
Garner, C. Robert, Jr. 1938 JC
Gatlin, Allison D. 1938 HS ~ 20-Mar-1939
Gatlin, Wesley G. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Gay, David S., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 16-Jul-2014 died July 16, 2014, in Ocala. He was born at “Breeze Hill”, Clark County, KY, on September 28, 1919 to David Spurgeon Gay Sr. and Ruth Coleman Gay. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Miami (The U). A veteran of World War II in Europe, he received the Silver Star and subsequently was discharged from the Army as a First Lieutenant. A small business owner in Ocala for many years, he was active in the Marion County Genealogical Society. As a descendent of many generations of Kentucky families, he was appointed “Colonel” in the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. David was preceded in death by his wife Vera Leontine Gay. He is survived by daughter Kate Hetherington Gay Mulhearn and son David Spurgeon Gay, III; four grandchildren; three step-grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
George, Fred E. 1938 JC
Gerlach, Harvey B. 1938 HS ~ 07-Aug-49
Gifford, Porter W. “Pete”, Jr. 1938 JC ~ 11-Sep-2004 passed away peacefully Sept 11, 2004. He was born in Dallas, TX, December 14, 1918 to Porter W. Gifford, Sr. and Eveline Bonorden Gifford. He is survived by his wife Kay Williams Gifford whom he married in 1998, her sons Darrell Jr., Steven, David, and Thomas Manley of Dallas, their wives and children. Two sons: Porter Gifford, III, and wife Marsha of Whitefish, MT and Geoffrey Gifford and wife Cindy of Evergreen, CO, and one daughter: Sharon Gifford and husband Fernando Alvarez of Highland Park, NJ and seven grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his first wife of 49 years Rose Elizabeth Butte Gifford, two sisters: Edna May Parrish and Marjorie Touchstone. He attended Armstrong School, Highland Park High School, New Mexico Military Institute, and Cornell University in Ithica, NY, receiving a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering and was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi. He served 38 months overseas in WWII from 1941-1945 with the Ninth Air Force in Iran, Egypt, England, France, and Belgium; attaining the rank of Major and received the Bronze Star for meritorious service. He worked for Gifford-Hill & Company, Inc. from 1945 to 1970 and from 1958 to 1970 as Pres. and CEO. During this time he expanded the company in ready-mixed concrete, built Gifford-Hills first cement mill and took the company public onto the NYSE. He remained a Consultant and member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the company. He was Pres. and CEO of Q-Dot Corp from 1973 through 1976. He was the Vice Chairman for Development of the International Linguistics Center, the President of Dallas Freedom Forum, the Chairman of Mid-TX Chapter of YPO, and the Pres. of TX Aggregates Assoc. He served on the Board of Directors of the 1st Natl Bank in Dallas, Q-Dot Corp, Varo, Inc., American Enterprise Forum, Foundation Francisco Marroquin, Free Market Foundation, Dallas Museum of Natural History, Episcopal School of Dallas, and Southwestern Medical School where his family donated the Gifford Diabetes Laboratory in honor of Eveline and Porter W. Gifford, Sr. He was involved all his life in education and politics and was a trustee of the Foundation for Economic Education in Irvington-on-Hudson, NY, the International Linguistics Center of Dallas, Future of Freedom Foundation and was in Whos Who in America. He was a member of Northwood Club, City Club, Petroleum Club, Salesmanship Club, Downtown Rotary Club, Coon Creek Club, Dallas Genealogical Society, Friends of the Arboretum, XPO, and attended NW Bible Church. He gave his Wolf Run Ranch to the Episcopal School of Dallas Outdoor Education Center where for 35 years he raised Limousin cattle and certified organic beef. He donated land to Circle Ten Council, Boy Scouts of America connected to Trinity Plains by Cedar Creek Lake. Memorials may go to the American Cancer Society, International Linguistics Center of Dallas, Episcopal School of Dallas Outdoor Education Center or NW Bible Church. 
Gilkey, William E., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 04-Feb-1999
Gillespie, Bernard A., Jr. 1938 HS
Gossett, James C. 1938 HS
Grant, Frank L., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 31-May-2004
Green, Thomas W. 1938 JC ~ 12-Aug-2007 87, died Sunday, August 12, 2007. Mr. Green was born December 23, 1919 in Granham, to William G. And Wille Green. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and graduated from Texas Tech. He served in the 8th Air Force in England and France during World War II. Tom was a cattle rancher who raised good cattle and was foremost an intense steward of the land.
Green, William H., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 19-Jun-1994 W.H. “Bill” Green Jr. Died Sunday June 19, 1994 in an Abilene Hospital. 
Greene, Paul J. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 02-Jul-2005 was a proud Texas native son and Kerrville resident. He was a graduate of New Mexico Military Institute and a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force, where he flew P-38 fighters during World War II and where he also was a flight instructor. Most proudly, he was an original member and fighter pilot in the AVG, better known as the Flying Tigers, prior to WWII. Paul had a successful business career in a variety of endeavors, ranging from farming, ranching and manufacturing to real estate investments. Paul was an avid golfer for 70 plus years, played in many PGA Pro-Am events and had 11 documented holes in one. He greatly enjoyed his local playing partners and the local courses. Paul is survived by Mary Frances Greene, his four children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, all of California. We will all miss him.
Griffen, Frank W., Jr. 1938 HS
Grote, George C. 1938 HS ~ 01-Jan-1972
Guy, Leonard Philip, Jr. 1938 HS ~ 27-Jun-1988
Hall, Robert E. 1938 HS ~ 04-Jan-2005 Born in Riverside, CA, on January 5, 1921 and passed away peacefully in his sleep of heart failure on January 4, 2005 in Newport Beach, CA. He attended high school at South Pasadena High School and New Mexico Military Institute (1938) and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Stanford University in 1942, where he was a member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. He was a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer in California. A life long businessman, he succeeded his father in running the family owned manufacturing plants for steel fiber drums and corrugated metal pipe. He developed numerous industry patents. During World War II he served as a member of the United States National War Production Board. He was a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization and was a founding member of World Presidents’ Organization. He was also a founding member of the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association, The Beavers (a heavy-engineering construction organization) and the Big Canyon Country Club. He was an active member of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club and the Balboa Bay Club. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Rosamond Upson Hall, and by his daughters, Lurline Hall Twist (George), Robin Hall Leason (J.K.) and Lucy Ann Hall (Allen Sweet). He is also survived by grandchildren Jordan Robert Twist (Tracy), Gwendolen Hall Twist (Jordan Harris), Amelia Leason Frinier (Jim), Timothy James Leason, Lurline Lauren Sweet, and great grandsons Koben Twist and Nathan Frinier. 
Hamburger, Howard H. 1938 HS ~ 05-Nov-1946
Harden, James D. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 27-Jul-1998
Harkey, Lewis M. 1938 HS
Harvey, George A. 1938 JC ~ 08-Jul-1998
Hauser, Kenneth D., Jr. 1938 HS ~ 01-Aug-1976
Hayden, E. Bush 1937 HS-1938 JC ~ 14-Nov-2013
Hebenstreit, Bruce A. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Hershey, John H. 1938 JC ~ 08-May-1953
Hogg, Edward F. 1938 JC
Holland, John Graham 1938 JC
Holland, John Paul 1938 JC
Holman, Robert T. 1938 HS ~ 03-Oct-1990
Hooker, 1LT Jeff Davis, USA 1938 HS ~ 04-May-1942 – WWII-Missing/Killed in action – officially declared dead after having been missing in action since 4 May 1942.
Hoopes, Gordon L. 1938 JC ~ 23-Feb-2011 was born to Roy and Maude Sowell Hoopes on May 5, 1919, in Miami. He didn’t have much time to be the baby because just 16 months later, his sister, Wille Reese, was born. They attended their first year of school in Miami before their family moved to Safford, and they both attended the rest of their school years in Safford. Gordon graduated from Safford High School in 1936 just after his 17th birthday. After graduating from high school, he attended New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, and the University of Arizona. Fern Burtcher was also at the university. She and Gordon met at a dance, and Gordon immediately fell in love with her. Gordon Leroy Hoopes * Gordon and Fern were married by President Spencer W. Kimball on June 23, 1940. They built a home on Central Avenue, and their first daughter, Michal, was born the July after WWII started. For the first couple of years, Gordon was exempt from military service because he was a farmer, but he was drafted in the fall of 1944. Their second daughter, Debbie, was born in November, just before Gordon left for active duty. After his discharge from the Navy, Gordon, Fern, Michal and Debbie moved to their farm in Central. Danny was born in July 1947. Gordon was baptized into the LDS Church in 1947, and in 1949, he and Fern were married and sealed to their children in the Mesa Temple. In 1953, they purchased a ranch near Cherry Creek, CO. Michal, Debbie and Danny went to school in a two-room schoolhouse. Brian was born in Denver in March 1955. Even though it was beautiful and they loved it there, they were homesick for their family back in the Gila Valley, so they sold the ranch and moved back to the Valley. In high school, Gordon was a champion tennis player. In much later years, he enjoyed playing against tennis players years younger than he was. Glenn Smith, Chuck Lavetter and Kris Brockemeir were some we can remember. He also played his own grandson, Jason, and friend, Damon McRae, who were college students at the time. Sometimes he beat them all. Gordon was in the state Legislature in the early 1960s and was later Graham County assessor. He took particular care to be sure widows and others with tax exemptions took advantage of that privilege. He was a volunteer fireman for a short period and served on various school and community boards or committees, but his favorite was being involved with Little League for years – as president and coach. He coached Danny, Brian and grandson Shawn, along with many other boys in Safford, through the years. He remembered them all, the positions they played and the games they played in. He remained friends with most of them and liked remembering and talking about those years. Gordon was proud of his years of farming and identified with his many friends in that profession and respected their hard work. After purchasing El Charro in 1979, he became good friends with several of the employees. He respected them and appreciated their hard work. He also had other friends and neighbors who took him for rides and visited him. He really enjoyed the rides and sharing stories. This was especially appreciated after Fern passed away. Gordon had an incredible memory for people and names, and one day, bragging about his memory, he even said that he was quite amazing. He knew and could remember who the old-timers were, what houses they lived in and who was related to whom. He was the one to ask for history of the Valley. A great wealth of experiences and information is gone. Gordon was generous almost to a fault. He has helped most family members – immediate and extended – and people in the community who he knew needed help. He was an unselfish man. After a couple of years of declining health and almost six years of missing Fern, Gordon passed away at his home Wednesday night, Feb. 23. Gordon is survived by his daughters, Michal (Dalton) Overstreet, Debbie (Dave) Powell and Becki (Chuck) Corley; sons, Dan (Diane) and Brian (Donna); grandchildren, Shawn and Jason Dolan, Michele Sampson, Bret Bundrick and Bobbie Robinson, Adam, Tanner and Luke Hoopes, Hannah derusha, Allison Ellerman, Kyle, Sarah and Cody Hoopes; 27 great-grandchildren; and nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his wife of almost 65 years, sons-in-law, Pat Dolan in 1972 and Larry Hudson in 1982; sister, Wille Reese Larson; and Donald and Ruth Jones.
Horan, John P., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 20-Nov-1996
Horton, Frank L. 1938 JC ~ 21-Feb-2004, a founder of the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA) and a significant contributor to the planning and restoration of Old Salem, died Saturday, Feb. 21, 2004. He was 85 years old. Mr. Horton is survived by his sister-in-law, Ruth Horton of Blacksburg, Va.; and a niece, Carolyn Horton Lappan of Virginia Beach. Born in Raleigh in 1918 to Theodosia Horton Taliaferro and Dr. Miles Horton, Frank Horton was raised in Winston-Salem. He graduated from Reynolds High School in 1935 and attended the Augusta Military Academy in Fort Defiance, Va., and the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, before attending Pace Institute (now Pace University) in New York City, where he studied business. His family were members of the First Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. In 1942, Mr. Horton enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served during World War II aboard the USS STURTEVANT, a destroyer escort ship. When Old Salem, Inc. was established in 1950, Mr. Horton was hired as the museum’s first director of restoration. He held this post for over 20 years. The town of Salem was established in 1766 by Moravian settlers from Pennsylvania and became an important trade and cultural center of backcountry North Carolina. In 1965, Mr. Horton and his mother opened the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA) in Old Salem. MESDA collects, exhibits and studies the furniture, silver and other metals, textiles, ceramics and visual arts made in the South from the 1600s to 1820. The collection complements the innovative research initiatives that Mr. Horton planned and implemented in the 1970s. The MESDA research center continues to be a resource used by art scholars around the world. In 1988, Mr. Horton retired from his position as director of MESDA and was made director emeritus of the museum. Despite being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he remained active as an adviser to the MESDA collection until his death. An author of numerous articles on southern decorative arts, Mr. Horton was awarded many honors for his contributions to the fields of historic preservation and American decorative arts. Among his notable awards are the Louise du Pont Crowninshield Award in 1970 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation for achievement in the preservation and interpretation of significant historic and cultural treasures; the Henry Francis duPont Award in 1989 for distinguished contributions to the American arts (awarded by the Winterthur Museum); and the North Carolina Award in Fine Arts in 1999, the most distinguished award presented by the State of North Carolina. Mr. Horton was awarded an honorary doctor of humanities degree in 1995 by Wake Forest University. In 1997, Old Salem named its new museum complex in Mr. Horton’s honor. The Frank L. Horton Museum Center now houses MESDA, the Old Salem Toy Museum and the Old Salem Children’s Museum. 
Horton, Miles C., Jr. 1938 JC ~ 07-Feb-2001 of Newport, was given rest by God after a long illness on Wednesday, February 7, 2001. He was the son of the late Dr. M. C. Horton, Sr. Of Raleigh, N.C., and Theodocia Lipfert Horton Taliaferro of Winston-Salem, N.C. He is survived by his wife, Ruth C. Horton; his daughter and son-in-law, Caroline H. And Sheldon Lapan, his grandsons, Samuel Lapan and Tovin Lapan, all of Baltimore, MD; a brother, Frank L. Horton of Winston-Salem, NC; a sister-in-law, Mrs. L. S. Cline of Harrisonburg; and his nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cline of Dayton, VA. 
Howard, George W. 1938 JC ~ 07-Apr-1988
Hughes, 1LT William Robert 1938 JC ~ 20-Mar-2011 93, of Louisville, passed away Sunday, March 20, 2011 at Baptist East Hospital. He was a West Point graduate serving in World War II, separated as a lieutenant colonel and became a civil engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers. He loved horses and enjoyed ballroom dancing. He is survived by his loving wife of 20 years, Linda Bolander Hughes; two sons, Robert and Mark Hughes; daughter, Judith Hughes; step-son, Daniel Williamson; stepdaughter, Crista King; and three grandchildren.
Hunter, William O. 1938 HS ~ 06-Feb-1990
Jenkins, CPT Charles Edward, USA 1938 JC ~ 19-Dec-1944 WWII-Killed in action at Mahonag, Leyte Island while leading his company against enemy artillery on 19 December 1944.
Johnson, Charles Ellicott 1938 HS ~ 01-Jun-1969
Johnson, Charles Taylor, Jr. 1938 HS ~ 14-Jul-2003
Johnson, Clarence Walter, Jr. 1938 HS ~ 29-Jun-2008 a resident of the Socorro area for more than 50 years, died peacefully in his sleep early Sunday, June 29. He was 87 and died as a result of the infirmities of old age. “Walter” was born to Col. Clarence W. and Lillian H Johnson on January 16, 1921 in El Paso, TX. During his many years in this area he was a teacher, farmer and merchant. Always a dedicated student he spoke many languages and read widely in various areas of history, particularly the period of WWII. On December 7, 1941, the day of the Pearl Harbor attack, Walter and his parents were living at Hickam Field, HI, where his father was stationed as an Army dentist. He was an ROTC lieutenant attending the University of Hawaii. He was immediately commissioned and served in Hawaii, North Africa, Italy and Germany throughout the entire war. Of the many things he did during a long full life, he was proudest of his service to his country, service that he performed without question, reservation, or regret. He was wounded in action and lost a significant part of his hearing during repeated engagements as a tank commander. Walter earned a bachelor’s degree from New Mexico State University in 1950. He was active for a time in state politics and ran for representative from Doña Ana County with then gubernatorial candidate Ed Mecham. He taught Bible study classes at Socorro’s First Presbyterian Church where he remained a member until his death. He served for many years as a reservist in the Army Counter-Intelligence Corps. He was active in Masonic affairs and in the Socorro Animal Protective Association. He is survived by two daughters, Emily Johnson and Dr. Leslie Johnson; son-in-law Randall Engle; five granddaughters: Jocelyn Nelson, Caroline Maynard, Nicola Maynard, Abigail Smoake, and Elizabeth Smoake; two great grandsons Tyler and Connor Nelson, one great granddaughter, Lillianna Grace Wanner; his former wife, Virginia Johnson; and his faithful caregiver of recent years, Helen Dennis. Walter was very much loved by his family. We will miss him.
Johnson, Paul D. 1938 JC
Johnson, Winston R. 1938 HS ~ 01-Feb-1989
Jones, James A. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Jones, John Tilford, Jr. 1938 JC
Katz, Mervin 1938 HS ~ 01-Jun-1985
Katzenbach, Donald E. 1938 HS
Kelley, Colin Campbell 1938 HS ~ 31-Jan-2007
Kennedy, James Y. 1938 JC ~ Jan-1998
Kiewit, Charles W. 1938 HS ~ 17-Jun-1991
King, Thomas Clarence 1938 HS ~ 10-Jun-1989
Kistler, William F. 1938 JC ~ 02-Mar-1999
Klett, Richard Charles, Jr. 1938 JC ~ 11-Jun-2003 Mr. Klett died June 11, 2003 at his home in La Junta at the age of 85. He was born Jan. 14, 1918 in Caddoa to Richard and Florence (Schilling) Klett. He graduated from Bent County High School in the Class of 1935 and attended the New Mexico Military Institute for three years. He also attended West Point for two years and Colorado University for two years, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. Mr. Klett joined the U.S. Navy as an ensign in 1942 and served in both the Pacific and European Theaters of Operation during World War II. His last 19 months of military service he served aboard an air craft carrier. He married Betty Jean Schaffer on July 15, 1948 in Broadus, MT. Mr. Klett was in the oil exploration business prior and just after WWII. He and Betty Jean moved to Caddoa in 1951 where he ranched. They moved to La Junta in 1975. Preceded in death by his wife, Betty Jean, who passed away on June 3, 1991, Mr. Klett is survived by his companion, Carolyn Sanders of the La Junta home; two sons, Richard Charles (Julie) Klett of Houston, TX, and Steven Brian Klett of Key Largo, FL; a daughter, Carolyn Sue (Bruce) Fong of Portland, OR; grandchildren David and Meredith Fong of Portland, OR; a sister, Margaret Hunker of Roswell, NM; and by Carl Sanders of Rocky Ford and Travis (Jody) Sanders and their daughter, Megan, of Pueblo West.
Kremer, Lawrence N., Jr., 1939 HS ~ 11-May-2006, 84, retired advertising executive, of Austin died Thursday. Survived by wife Bejay.

Lahm, COL Lawrence, USA (Ret) 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 06-Oct-2011 May 9, 1919 – Oct. 6, 2011 Lawrence “Larry” Lahm passed away on Oct. 6, 2011, at the age of 92. Born on May 9, 1919, in Washington, DC, Larry was the son of Major Gen. Frank P. Lahm and Gertrude Jenner Lahm, both of Mansfield, Ohio. His father was one of the two first U.S. military airplane pilots trained by Wilbur Wright in 1909. Growing up in a military family, Larry made frequent changes in residence. His greatest childhood memories were pitching to Babe Ruth and having Charles Lindbergh and Will Rogers come to his home. His high school years were spent in Paris, France. After a year at Yale University, he entered West Point, following in his father’s footsteps. By this time he was widely traveled and was fluent in French. Larry graduated in 1942, shortly after the United States entered World War II. During the next 22 years, his assignments took him all around the U.S. and to Panama, Ecuador, Germany, Vietnam and Peru. He attended the Army Language School in Monterey, CA, where he became a fluent Spanish speaker. In 1942, he married Eleanor Margaret Haskell of Albany, N.Y. Their five children were all born in different places, two overseas. A four-year Reserve Officer Training Corps assignment at Oregon State University starting in 1956 sold the family on Corvallis, where they settled after Army life. Larry retired in 1964 with the grade of Colonel, having had command assignments at company and battalion level and staff jobs from company to theater command level. His only regret was that, despite his frequent requests for transfer, he never commanded troops in combat, despite serving during World War II, the Korean War and the war in Vietnam. In civilian life, Larry went into academics and taught political science and French at Oregon State. Always looking for new challenges, he shifted into real estate sales, real estate appraisal, property management and real estate development. He was president of the Rotary Club of Greater Corvallis in 1983 and 1984. He also was a member of the Benton County Foundation, the Republican Party, Toastmasters and several social and athletic clubs in Corvallis. As a boy in France, he became an Eagle Scout. For many years he remained active in the Boy Scout program, and was a Scoutmaster for troops in Germany, Colorado, and Oregon. In high school, Larry was on the football, basketball and soccer teams. He made the boxing team at Yale, and was on the varsity boxing team at West Point for all four years. He also played soccer at the Point. After college, he played golf and tennis. Tennis was a great passion in Larry’s life. Taught the game by his mother at an early age, he continued to play until a month before his passing. For close to 40 years, Larry, Ken Hedburg, Lou Krakauer and Ed Trione played tennis every Friday afternoon. In more recent years, Larry played every week against Ken Hedburg or Al Haunold. These were his most favorite days. He also loved to travel and hike, and was a voracious reader. He was preceded in death by his wife of 37 years, Eleanor Margaret Haskell Lahm; and his sister, Barbara Lahm McMahon. He is survived by his children, Frank Purdy Lahm, II and his wife, Joan, of Rapid City, SD, Lawrence Lahm Jr. And his wife, Gail, of New Lenox, Ill., Arthur Haskell Lahm of Eugene, Laura Lahm Evenson and her husband, David, of Corvallis, and Sarah Lahm of Corvallis; grandchildren Bridget Lahm, Frank Lahm III, Nicholas Lyman, Lawrence Lahm, III, Alyssa Lahm, Eric Evenson, Sarah Evenson and Britta Evenson; and many nieces and nephews. He is also survived by his longtime companion, Mary Decanter; and sister-in-law, Sally Haskell Crumme. Colonel Lahm lived his life following the West Point creed of Duty, Honor and Country. He was an officer and a gentleman. 
Landes, Herbert Davidson, Jr. 1938 JC ~ 29-Jun-1992
Landrum, James Neely 1938 HS ~ 18-Oct-2002
Langham, Raymond Gordon 1938 JC 
LaPrade, Arthur Thornton, Jr. 1938 HS~ 25-May-1994
Larner, MAJ Edward Lawrence, USA 1938 JC ~ 30-Apr-1943 – WWII-Killed in action in New Guinea on 30 April 1943.
Larson, COL Robert Wilson, USA (Ret) 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 03-Feb-1997
Lavery, Alfred Carl 1938 HS ~ 05-Aug-2003
Lee, Quincy J. 1938 HS ~ 20-Apr-1999
Lee, Robert E. 1938 JC ~ 01-Feb-1989
Lewis, Quentin Arthur 1938 JC ~ 17-Apr-2008 89, of Amarillo died Thursday, April 17, 2008. Quentin Lewis was born on Feb. 16, 1919, in Laverne, Okla., the first son of Ada and Elmer Lewis. His family moved to Amarillo in 1922, where he attended San Jacinto and Wolflin Grade Schools. He was confirmed in St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in 1931. He achieved his Eagle Scout Badge in 1933 at the age of 14. Quentin graduated from Amarillo High in 1936 and from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1938. He attended the University of Oklahoma at Norman and remained a loyal Sooner fan. In 1940, he married Shirley Oliver in Canyon and with her he had two daughters. He served in the U.S. Air Corps, stationed at Randolph Field in 1943 and 1944. After the war they returned to Amarillo. He owned and operated the Lewis Oil Company in Amarillo and built many service stations throughout the Texas Panhandle. In later years, he was associated with M&L Transfer and Storage. He was a member of the Executive Club, the Panhandle Art Center, the Million Dollar Club and the Bombers. Quentin was a man with many interests who enjoyed life to the fullest. He loved to travel and was an avid trout fisherman, golfer, artist, gardener and writer. He was a member of the Amarillo Masonic Lodge #731. He was preceded in death by his mother, father and brother, Robert Elmer Lewis. Survivors include his wife of 67 years; two daughters, Tracy Curtis and husband Gregory and Sally Bechtol Strickland and husband John; six grandchildren, Liza Savage Richardson, Ann Quentin White, Vivian Reed Curtis, Gregory Ben Curtis, Jr., Bradley Elizabeth Bechtol and Hub Nance Bechtol; and five great-grandchildren, Hub William Bechtol, Hayden Roy Bechtol, Isabella Scott Savage, Jackson Douglas Savage and Jesse Quentin Ramos.
Lindsay, John Rufus 1938 HS ~ 06-Dec-2012 Passed away peacefully at home on December 6, 2012 at the age of 91. Jack was born in San Francisco on April 17, 1921 to William and Catherine Lindsay of Engels, CA. The son of a mining engineer who managed several mines in Canada and the United States, Jack grew up in remote locations in both countries. He ultimately completed high school in 1938 as a boarding school student at New Mexico Military Institute. Jack attended Washington State University. He graduated in 1943 with a degree in Engineering, after taking a year off to work for the Boeing Aircraft Company on construction of the B-17 bomber. Jack enlisted in the Navy as an undergraduate. Upon graduation, he received orders to attend Midshipmen’s School where he was commissioned as Ensign and assigned to Norfolk, VA, for service aboard the U.S.S. Hornet (CV12), an Essex class aircraft carrier. During Jack’s service on the Hornet, the ship was awarded 12 Presidential Unit Citations for successful combat operations against Japanese naval forces. In early 1945, Jack’s division officer was transferred to shore station stateside and Jack succeeded his mentor as B division officer. Shortly after this singular honor, Jack was pleased to receive orders directing him to the Naval Shipyard-Bremerton (near Seattle) to work again for his former division office from the Hornet, now a Lieutenant Commander. After a year in a destroyer trial assignment, freedom beckoned and Jack elected to leave the Navy. On release from active duty, Jack travelled to the Panama Canal Zone to work on expansion of its hydro-electric generation capacity. After a year in Panama and Columbia, Jack visited his parents in eastern Canada and decided to stay. Jack joined General Electric in 1950 to take on an industrial sales assignment. In 1950, he was promoted and transferred to the western sales office in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he met his bride-to-be Marjorie Clare Dwyer, known as Pegie. They married in 1952 and moved to Montreal where Jack joined General Electric’s Canadian headquarters. In Montreal, Pegie and Jack added four to their family: Clare, Catherine and Patricia, and son Bill, named after his grandfather. In 1961 Jack moved his family to Toronto, where he was appointed President of the Canadian subsidiary of a large U.S. manufacturing conglomerate, later to become Amerace Corporation thru mergers. While in Toronto, Pegie and Jack added a fourth daughter, Kristine. In 1969, Amerace moved Jack to Ohio as Senior Vice President-Marketing of the Swan Hose Division. In 1973, Jack was moved again to Hackettstown, NJ, as President of the Elastimold Division, which had developed a series of new processes to manufacture molded rubber high voltage electrical cable connectors. During this period of professional and personal family upheaval, Jack’s wife of 23 years passed away in 1976, leaving him with a young family including a ten-year old daughter. In 1978, Jack married Shirley Mary Casey, the widowed younger sister of his first wife. He also retired from Amerace in Columbus, Ohio, where the family had lived previously and had many friends. (In 1983, Amerace was delisted from the New York stock exchange and the divisions were sold off). In 1986, Jack and his new wife moved from Columbus to California, his birthplace and the place where he long wished to retire. His family was now grown, the elder four in graduate schools and Kris a graduate of Ohio State. Jack and Shirley settled initially in Santa Barbara, but Shirley hated to play golf in the winter morning fogs so they moved to Phoenix, AZ, where they spent the next 20 years. In 2008, after 30 happy years together, Shirley passed away and Jack returned to Santa Barbara. Jack’s only brother, Bill, passed away in 2007 at age 89 in Shelton, WA. Jack is survived by five adult children: Clare Lindsay of McLean, VA; Dr. Catherine Loe of Orlando, FL; Patricia Draghi of Santa Barbara, CA; Bill Lindsay of Los Angeles, CA; and Kristine Dangla of Seattle, WA, along with ten smart and beautiful grandchildren.
Linton, Earl Budd, Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 19-Dec-1974
Little, George Bailey, Jr. 1938 JC ~ 01-Dec-1988
Lowrey, Herbert F. 1938 JC ~ 25-Feb-2000
Ludwig, CPT William Robert, USA 1938 JC ~ 18-Nov-1944 – WWII-Killed in action in Italy on 18 November 1944.
Lusk, Morgan Dolph 1936 HS-1938 JC
MacGillivray, Finlay 1938 JC ~ 18-Aug-2006
Maddox, Joe C. 1938 JC
Malone, Ernest P., Jr. 1938 JC
Marra, Oliver D. 1938 JC
Marx, Myron A., Jr. 1938 JC
Mason, Charles Paul 1938 JC ~ 14-Aug-2004
McConnell, James Gordon 1938 JC ~ 09-Feb-2013 94, of Pampa, died Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013, in Amarillo. J.G. died of congestive heart failure on Feb. 9, 2013, at Hospice Care of the Southwest in Amarillo. He was born Nov. 29, 1918, in the family home five miles west of Pampa, to Roger S. and Willie C. Hopkins McConnell. J.G. was the eldest of three boys. His younger brothers, both deceased, were John Edwin and Glenn Roger. The family farmed and ranched in Gray and Carson Counties. J.G. went to work at an early age, sharecropping with mules, primitive tractors and helping tend the family herd of polled Hereford Cattle. He grew up on the frontier stories of his great uncle and aunt, Henry and Fanny Lovett, and attended the funeral of Charles Goodnight. His uncle, Skinny Adams, was a range boss on the JA Ranch. He saw the oil boom of the 1920s and survived the Dust Bowl, giving a vivid personal account of “Black Sunday”, April 14, 1935. In high school, he excelled in F.F.A. livestock judging and in state wide speech tournaments. He attended junior college at New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, when the cadet corps drilled on horseback. He did his bachelor’s work in animal husbandry at Oklahoma State University. His studies were interrupted by World War II, and he served with distinction in the Army, rising in the ranks from draftee and buck private to first lieutenant in the Medical Corps. When he returned to Pampa, he met a beautiful high school teacher named Lee Una Sullivan on a blind date and married her in Fort Worth on Nov. 8, 1947. They farmed and ranched in Crowley County, CO, until 1959. Their only child, James Gordon McConnell, Jr., was born in 1950. After selling the farm, J.G. returned to Stillwater to complete his final semester for his bachelor’s degree at OSU. He then completed a Masters in Science Education degree at Adams State College in Alamosa, CO, and became a science teacher at La Junta Junior High School in La Junta, CO. A devoted teacher, he soon became head of the science department. He was a lay leader at First United Methodist Church and a dedicated volunteer and Key Man with the Explorer Scout group and the Koshare Indian Dancers in La Junta. In the summers, he took geology field study courses with Dr. Richard Burroughs of Adams State University. They floated the Colorado River and explored Canyonlands National Park and other places in the southwest. Lee often went along on these adventures. He retired from teaching in the mid-1980s and was able to spend more time with Lee, friends and family in “God’s Country” at Pearl Lakes Trout Club, near Creede, CO. J.G. and Lee also were members of Denver-based Ports of Call Travel Club and traveled more than 200,000 miles together, visiting Mexico, China, Japan, Bali, Western Europe, the Middle East and seven countries in Africa. As J.G. was fond of saying, they “had a great run together.” In 1995, Lee and J.G. moved to Canyon and joined First United Methodist Church. They were members of the Crusaders Sunday school class and developed many warm friendships in the church and community. J.G. continued working in his later years as president of R.S. McConnell, Inc. with properties in Gray and Carson counties. He supported several ministries and gave generous gratuities to college students working in the eateries of Canyon and Amarillo, helping them, in his words, “climb the ladder”. J.G. lost Lee, the love of his life, after 62 years of marriage in November 2009. Tenaciously independent, he continued to live at home for the next three years, aided by friends from church, the neighborhood and especially his “gal Friday”, Becky and her husband Kevin Deckard. He often said, “I thank the Lord every day for my walk on this Earth.” Those who knew and loved J.G., thank the Lord for him. J.G. McConnell was the elder of the McConnell and Hopkins families, esteemed by nieces and nephews and cousins of multiple generations. Survivors include a son, Gordon and wife Betty; held in loving memory by Betty’s son, Brett Loos, and his family; a sister, Lillie Grace; and a sister-in-law, Laverne Sullivan Brewster, of Austin.
McKee, John J. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 01-Sep-1969
McPhail, Jack Rolland, Jr. 1938 HS
McQuilkin, CAPT William Reginald, USN (Ret) 1938 JC ~ 10-Nov-1982
McWhirter, Max 1938 HS ~ 01-Feb-2015 was born in Mountainair, NM, October 1920. He had a sister, Donna Gail, who was four years older. He spent his summers helping on his grandmother’s farm in House, NM. In his early teens his mother passed and he and his father moved into the Shaffer Hotel. Later he attended and graduated from NMMI in Roswell, NM. He worked in the family hardware store, saving money to go to college and attended UNM graduating in 1944. At that time he received his commission in the Navy and married Eleanor Humphreys of Raton, NM. He served on the USS – LSM 137 in the Pacific Theater. After WWII he worked at the School of Mines in Socorro, NM, doing research on thunderstorm physics and cloud seeding. Then he moved to Albuquerque as he had a new job at Sandia Labs. He worked there for 28 years in a division that tested shock and vibration of metal for rockets and missiles. He retired in 1978. He and Elly were active members at First Presbyterian Church of Albuquerque for many years. He taught Sunday school, was an elder and an active member in Round-Up, a family group. Max is survived by his daughter, Beth of Walnut Creek; his sister-in-law, Mary Jo Humphreys of Phoenix; and her daughter Kay Manahan and her husband, David, and their daughters, Kathleen, and Erin. He was preceded in death by his wife, Elly in 2010 and his stepmother, Corona and sister, Donna Gail.
Means, C. Cowden 1938 JC ~ 07-Dec-1974
Meyners, Conrad Milton, Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 13-Sep-1987
Minton, LTC Warren A., USA (Ret) 1938 JC ~ 26-Sep-1994
Moore, Lynnwood R. 1938 JC
Moran, Richard J. 1938 HS ~ 23-Oct-2007 86, died on Oct. 23, 2007, in Wichita Falls. Services will be held Friday, Oct. 26, 2007, at 2 p.m. At the Crestview Mausoleum with the Rev. W.J. “Bill” Swift, Tulsa, Ok, officiating. Mr. Moran was born Feb. 17, 1921, in Bartlesville, OK, to W.J. “Bill” Moran and Bonita Freishinger; both preceded him in death. His cherished wife of 62 years, Eugenia McMurrey preceded him in death as did his sister, Betty Rice of Dallas; uncle and long-time business partner John J. Moran and his wife, Hallie Pirtle, step-mother, Gertrude Reardon all of Wichita Falls; aunts, J. Edna Moran and Helen Moran Swift, Bartlesville, OK, and cousins Frank W. Swift, New Braunfels, TX, and Joseph Leo Swift, Bartlesville. Survivors include sons, Richard J. Moran Jr., of Knoxville, TN, and John W. Moran and wife Wendy of Wichita Falls; three grandchildren Mia mcdaniel and her husband, John, Fort Worth; John Zachary Moran, Wichita Falls, and Bowen Denmark Moran, Knoxville, TN; half-sister, Mary Basden and her husband, Ted, Houston; brother-in-law, Charles Rice, Dallas, cousin and long time business associate Thomas E. Swift, Wichita Falls, cousins, W.J. “Father Bill” Swift, Bartlesville, Okla., sister, Mary Grace Swift, Paola, KS, along with several nieces and nephews. Following Mr. Moran’s education in Wichita Falls, he graduated from Roswell Military Academy in Roswell, NM. He also attended Notre Dame, St. Edwards University and The University of Texas. He began a flying career as a pilot for Braniff Airways in 1940, subsequently serving in the Pacific during World War II. After being discharged, he began a long career in the oil and gas business, working as a “toolpusher” in Western Kansas; returning to Wichita Falls in 1949 as an Assistant Drilling Superintendent. In 1965 he became President of Moran Energy Inc., (formerly Moran Bros, Inc.), a New York Stock Exchange Company that was later merged in Kaneb Services of Houston. Mr. Moran’s oil and gas career spanned the globe, with operations for Cook Inlet, AK., to Ekofisk Field located in the North Sea 250 miles offshore Stavanger, Norway. In addition to operating numerous land drilling rigs throughout the United States, conducting directional drilling offshore Long Beach, CA, he participated with Shaft Drillers in big-hole drilling near Las Vegas, NV, for the Atomic Energy Commission; other business interests centered on the travel industry and radio broadcasting. Throughout his career, Mr. Moran worked diligently in oil and gas industry organizations including the National Petroleum Council, International Association of Drilling Contractors, American Petroleum Institute, Independent Petroleum Association, North Texas Oil and Gas Association, Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association and A.I.M.E. He also served as director of the First Wichita National Bank, the Boys Club and United Fund. The family is immensely grateful to the many friends, employees, their families and business associates whose dedication and service enriched and enhanced Mr. Moran’s life.
Mundy, William H., Jr. 1938 HS ~ 06-Apr-2009 Age 91, died peacefully at the Arbors of Del Rey, a Vista Living Community, in Las Cruces, NM, on April 6, 2009. ‘Billy’ Mundy was born in Dona Ana, NM on October 3, 1917 to William H. Mundy and Elizabeth Mundy. Bill attended New Mexico Military Institute in 1937-1938 where he was an alternate on the polo team and New Mexico State University. In 1938-1939 he guided tourists on mules in the Grand Canyon for the Fred Harvey Company. Bill also worked for the infamous Las Cruces Rancher, Emmitt Isaacks, where he met his future bride, Ethel Isaacks. Bill and Ethel were married in Nutt, NM, in 1941. Bill and Ethel moved to Chama, NM, in 1949 to settle his dream. Bill and Ethel endured the violence shown against them in the early days of their ranch settlement and continued to persevere through six decades of Rio Arriba County unrest. Bill’s enemies were fierce and his friends the ‘best a man could have.’ Bill was called ‘Mano de el’guila’ (Eagle Hand) a name bestowed to him when he lost his pinkie and part of the use of his hand in a hunting accident. Bill and Ethel survived a near-fatal car crash on our country’s Bi-Centennial in 1976. He was an active member of the Los Rancheros Vistadores- Bustardos Camp and rode with Ronald Reagan in 1989. The Mundy Ranch is also home to the ‘Mundy Buck’ (pictured) the #1 World Record Mule Deer in the Burkett Scoring System and the widest Buck entered in Boone & Crocket. Bill Mundy was a hard worker, a hard hitter, a horseman, a hunter, a mountain man, a fence and road builder, a rodeo clown, a rancher, a cowboy, a cowman, a tier of knots, a nail ‘straightener’ and baling wire fanatic, a rock-hound, a land baron, a poet and an artist, a nature conservationist, a comedian, an organizer, a collector of everything, a dad, grandpa and great-grandpa, an uncle, a father-in-law and a part time husband, a full time ladies man and most of all he had a great line of B.S. He never lacked for a first-rate story! Bill is predeceased by his wife, Ethel and his sister, Florence (Betina). He is survived by his two sons, Emitt W. Mundy and James W. Mundy; grandsons: Print, Cache, Robert and Mark Mundy; and four great-grandchildren: Tyler, Annalee, Aria and Trew Mundy; and his nephew’s, Joe Morrow and William (Bill) Morrow. 
Murphy, James F. 1938 JC
Murray, Robert R., Jr. 1938 HS ~ 14-Nov-1996
Newberry, Phelps, Jr. 1938 HS ~ 16-Dec-1989
Nye, Avery M., Jr. 1935 HS-1938 JC ~ 01-Feb-1980
Overstreet, CPT Bobby AUS 1938 HS ~ 25-Sep-1943 – WWII-Killed in service – died of spinal meningitis on 25 September 1943.
Parker, William S. 1938 HS ~ 06-Mar-1994
Parrish, Owen S., Jr. 1938 JC ~ 16-Mar-2002
Patton, Bernard 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 24-Feb-1984
Penn, Otis 1938 HS
Peters, Judge Walter Casper, Jr. 1938 JC
Peterson, Sigurd Harold 1938 HS ~ 14-Jan-1995
Picard, Dr. Robert S. 1938 JC
Pickard, James K. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 25-Nov-2008 (Age 89) Born in Abilene, TX, of Chevy Chase and Claiborne, MD, died Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at The Methodist Home. He was predeceased in 2002 by Julia Lynch Pickard, his beloved wife of 54 years. He is survived by a sister, Jane P. Huey of Orlando, FL; children, Peter K. Pickard (Jacqueline), J. Patricia Pickard MD and Jane P. Stevens (Herbert); grandchildren, James K. II, John E. (Megan) and Joseph P. Pickard, Sarah L. and Benjamin G. Comeau. 
Pratt, David S. 1938 HS ~ 15-Mar-1993
Putty, Ross H. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 17-Feb-1994
Rapp, Earl Richard 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 08-Dec-1978
Reppa, Robert B., USA (Ret) 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 23-Aug-2005
Reynolds, Dewitt C., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 28-Feb-1975
Reynolds, George Thomas 1937 HS-1938 JC ~ 24-Jun-1967
Rice, Rayburn Fitz-Hugh 1936 HS-1938 JC
Rice, Rex, Jr. 1938 JC ~ 16-May-2004
Ridgway, George U. 1938 HS ~ 01-Mar-1976
Roettger, MAJ Morris William 1938 HS ~ 25-Mar-1963
Roggenkamp, Charles Richard 1938 HS
Ruegnitz, Louis M. 1938 HS ~ 01-Mar-1994
Runyan, David Edmond 1938 JC ~ 22-Jan-2008 88, passed away at his home in Elephant Butte Jan. 22, 2008. Born in Carlsbad July 9, 1919, he was the son of Tom and Bonnie (Wilburn) Runyan. Mr. Runyan was a rancher in the Penasco Valley. A lifelong resident of New Mexico, he loved the land and was noted for his contributions to soil and water conservation. He loved to hunt, fish and travel. He was an Army veteran of World War II, an active Shriner and member of the Masonic Lodge of Artesia, a member of the Church at the Butte, and a member of the B.P.O Elk Lodge. Mr. Runyan is preceded in death by his wife, Charlotte Woods Runyan, who died Sept. 28, 1967. He is survived by his wife, Mary Jayne Runyan, of Elephant Butte; his son, Tom and wife Pam Runyan, of Mayhill; daughter Shirley Rich, of Albuquerque; sons Jack and wife Betty Myers, of Petal, Miss., and Tommy and wife Karen Myers, of Vicksburg, Miss.; grandchildren Charlotte Rich, Sarah Rich Jackson and husband Wesley, of Albuquerque, Amy Myers, of Petal, Miss., Seth and wife Sarah Myers, of Maryland; and two great-grandchildren, Oliver Henry Jackson, of Albuquerque, and Ashlyn Arnold of Petal, Miss. A graveside service will be conducted Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008, at 1 p.m. At the Woodbine Cemetery in Artesia with Pastor Lyman Graham and the Artesia Masonic Lodge officiating. Serving as casket bearers are George Rich, Jim Runyan, Bill Runyan, T.J. Runyan, Charles McMath and Red Jones. Honorary casket bearers are Dale Burgett, Jack Myers, Tommy Myers, Wesley Jackson, Jim Ferrell, Tony Dorsey and Leo Gutierrez.
Sands, Lynn Alexander 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 18-Nov-1993
Shepherd, COL Howard T., USAFR (Ret) 1938 JC ~ 26-Sep-2004
Shirley, Jackson Evert, Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC
Simmons, Felix Ford 1938 HS
Slaner, David J. 1938 HS
Smith, Dr. Clyn, Jr. 1938 JC
Smith, Davis Ikard 1938 JC ~ 16-Feb-2005 died on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2006, in Wichita Falls. Ikard was born Aug. 25, 1919, in Colorado Springs, CO, to Marvin and Don Ikard Smith. He graduated from Wichita Falls High School, attended New Mexico Military Institute and graduated from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Smith entered the Army and was a paratrooper during World War II, serving from 1941 to 1945 in the U.S. Infantry, 36th Division, 13th Airborne Division. He was commanding officer of Company G, 515 Regiment and served in France. He attained the rank of Major. Ikard married the former Ann Myers in 1947 in Wichita Falls. In 1945, he joined McClurkans Department Store, founded by his father in 1907, later becoming owner and CEO. In 1982, he sold the store to Dunlaps, although he remained as Senior Chairman of the Board and Consultant until 1999. During his business career, he served as President of the Texas Retail Federation for two years and as a board member of the National Retail Federation for over 20 years. Many community endeavors were achieved with his leadership and support. Mr. Smith served as President of the Chamber of Commerce, The Industrial Foundation, YMCA, Midtown Now, Inc. and the Wichita Falls Symphony Board. He was Chairman of the Board of Stewards at Floral Heights United Methodist Church and Co-Chairman of the March of Dimes and United Way Employee Division campaigns. Other civic involvements included board memberships of Bethania Hospital, American Red Cross, Woman’s Forum, Boy Scouts and the Wichita Falls Museum and Art Center. In addition to serving 10 years on the school board, with the last four as president, Ikard was a board member of First Wichita National Bank, on the advisory committee for city government and a regent for Midwestern University. He was chosen Outstanding Salesman of the Year for Wichita Falls Sales and Marketing Executives and Citizen of the Year for 1988. He was a Rotarian. An avid golfer, Ikard was a member of the Wichita Falls Country Club and made six holes-in-one over the many years he played. Mr. Smith was preceded in death by a son, Bryant Smith, in 1979; two sisters, Katherine Wilkes and Marvin Gene Johnson; and a brother-in-law, Harry S. Myers Jr. Survivors include his wife; a daughter, Cinda Courtney of Amarillo, TX; two sons, Clay Smith and wife, Kaye, and Clint Smith of Dallas; four grandchildren, Trey Tull and wife, Leah, of Kerrville, TX, Liza Baker and husband, Brandon, of Norman, Okla., Brian and Emily Smith of Dallas; a great-granddaughter, Elli Tull of Kerrville; a sister-in-law, Sue Clowe, of Ardmore, OK; and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. 
Snow, Wilbur Dean 1936 HS-1938 JC
Speer, Jack 1938 HS
Spiller, Thomas Jacob, Jr. 1938 JC
Spurgin, Robert III, 1938 JC ~ 12-Oct-2006
Stayton, Billy Freear 1938 JC ~ 15-Feb-2007
Stevenson, Harry T. 1938 JC 
Stitt, Arthur A. 1938 HS ~ 01-Jun-1978
Stroecker, Edward F. 1938 JC ~ 02-Jul-1972
Stumberg, Stephen L., Jr. 1938 HS ~ Jul-1974
Stumm, Richard A., Jr. 1938 HS~ 11-Oct-1968
Sturgis, William H. 1938 JC ~ 01-Jun-1987
Sullivan, Godgrey R. 1938 HS ~ 09-Jul-2018
97 years young, passed away on July 9, 2018, at Baylor Scott and White Hospital in Austin, in the company of his wife, Viola Sullivan. Graveside services will be 3:00 p.m., Friday, July 13, at Moore Cemetery in Chalk Bluff, TX, with the Rev. Aaron Zimmerman of St. Alban s Episcopal Church officiating. Godfrey had a full and fascinating life. He was born in Lawrence, KS, and grew up working on his grandfather s oil rigs. As the son of an early executive of General Motors, he moved constantly through the U.S., living in Lawrence, Dallas, Detroit and Los Angeles. At age 17, he joined the US Navy and served for 10 years as a Chief Petty Officer on PBY sub-chasers. He was the sole survivor of one airplane crash in Hawaii, and one of two survivors of a PBY crash in the Panama Bay. He served in Hawaii at the time of Pearl Harbor, and was stationed throughout the South Pacific for the duration of the war. During a trip home to Highland Park, he met the lady of his dreams, Viola W. Jensen, and they married in 1943. At the end of WWII, he returned home and graduated from Baylor University Law School. He practiced law in Waco for thirty years, and was active in the Fidelis Masonic Lodge. Godfrey loved his family, their farm, and their Quarter Horses. He was a long-term member of St. Alban s Church in Waco. Godfrey was preceded in death by his daughter, Augusta Sullivan James. Survivors include his loving wife, Viola Sullivan; his daughter, Meredith Perkins and husband, Wesley, grandsons, Ross, Scott and Donovan Perkins, as well as seven great grandchildren; and his son, Godfrey R. Sullivan, Jr., and wife, Suzanne, and daughters, Hayley and Shea Sullivan. 

Swords, Marion Louis 1938 HS
Talbot, John F. 1938 JC ~ 26-Jan-1994
Taubman, Morris B. 1938 HS ~ 08-Nov-1990
Taylor, Donald E. 1938 HS ~ 28-Jul-2000
Taylor, CPT James Vernon, Jr., USA 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 22-Apr-1945 – WWII-Killed in service died of pneumonia in Manila on 22 May 1945.
Tempest, CPT Robert Leonard, USA 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 06-Feb-1945 – WWII-Killed in action in a plane crash in India on 6 February 1945.
Thygesen, Leon Robert 1938 HS ~ 15-Feb-2000
Tietjen, Willard Irving 1938 HS ~ 18-Oct-1999
Tingley, Lloyd M. 1938 HS ~ 23-Jun-2004 83, of Cincinnati, Ohio, died Wednesday morning, June 23, 2004 in Hospice of Cincinnati. He was born September 24, 1920 in Springfield, Ohio, the son of Lorin and Ada (Rummel) Tingley. Mr. Tingley graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in 1938, while his Uncle Clyde Tingley was the Governor of New Mexico. He served in the United States Navy during World War II and had his own little welding shop, Modern Arc Welding. Ting worked at Ohio Steel Foundry for thirty years and the Joint Vocational School for twelve years, and then became a welder consultant. He was an incredible welder. After his retirement, he and his wife traveled all over the United States, including Hawaii seven times. Lloyd had been suffering with Pulmonary Fibrosis for 16 months. Leaving to mourn is his wife of 63 years, Helen Eileen and their son, Barry Patrick (Pat Barry) of Cincinnati. His parents; and son, Larry Michael (Mike) in 2003, preceded him in death. 
Tolleson, James Frank 1938 JC ~ 28-Jan-1984
Ton, William E. 1938 JC
Tooraen, Charles T., Jr. 1938 HS ~ 01-Jan-1961
Tucker, Roger F. 1938 HS
Tuttle, 1LT Frank David, Jr., USA 1938 JC ~ 20-Nov-1943 WWII-Killed in service in a plane crash in Washington on 20 November 1943.
Walden, SSG John Charles, USA 1938 HS ~ 26-Apr-1944 – WWII-Killed in action – died in an army hospital of wounds received in action in Italy on 26 April 1944.
Wear, William H. 1938 HS ~ 28-Dec-2006
Weaver, Samuel H., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 21-Mar-2001
Weed, Herbert Morrison 1938 HS
Wendel, Charles A., Jr. 1938 JC ~ 10-May-1999
Weston, Frederick John 1938 JC
White, 1LT Robert Gardiner, USA 1938 JC ~ 20-Nov-1944 – WWII-Killed in action on 20 November 1944.
Whiting, Kenneth Austin 1938 JC ~ 23-Aug-1944
Whitman, Dr. J. Farrell 1938 JC
Whitten, Donald Lancaster 1938 HS ~ 22-Oct-1952
Wilbourn, Robert 1938 HS ~ 02-May-1997
Winchester, John Knox 1938 JC ~ May-1995
Woodruff, Col Harold D. “Chips”, USAF (Ret) 1938 JC ~ 21-Nov-1992
Woody, Edward Merton, Jr. 1938 JC ~ 14-Feb-1963
Yelton, Fred L., Jr. 1936 HS-1938 JC ~ 24-Nov-2005, 86, died Saturday, April 9, 2005.Funeral Mass: 4 p.m. Monday, St. Ann’s Catholic Church. Wake: 7:30 p.m. Sunday, St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Midland. Pallbearers: Kenny Catney, William Fricker, Kevin Friedman, Flynn O’Neill and Garrett Donnelly. Honorary pallbearers: Charles Priddy, Decker Dawson, Jim Lucas, Whit Whitlow, Bob Gregory, Bob Lively, Clem George, Toby Carlton, Robert Garst, Harry Miller, Michael Shearen, Don Ewan and the Exchange Club members. Memorials: In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Hospice of Midland, P.O. Box 2621, Midland 79705; Home Hospice, 901 W. Missouri, Midland 79701; Allison Cancer Center, Midland Memorial Hospital, 2200 W. Illinois Ave., Midland; or to a favorite charity. From his earliest years in the oil industry, starting at age 11, pumping water with a Fairbanks-Morris one-lunger for a cable tool rig run by his father to his most recent position as chairman of the Eastland Oil Company, his world had been the oil industry. He came to the oil industry following his great-grandfather, Patrick, who operated gas wells in New York state and his grandfather, Arthur Michael, A.M., who was in the drilling business in Oklahoma in 1905.George was born Oct. 31, 1918, in Muskogee, Okla., while his father was working as a scout for the Carter Oil Company. He moved with his parents, Helen and George A. Donnelly, Sr., to Fort Worth in 1922.In 1933, he graduated from Central (now Paschal) High School. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Texas at Austin, where he obtained a degree in geology in 1940, then spent a year at Harvard University working on his M.B.A. The summer before George graduated from UT-Austin, he met the beautiful young lady, Jean Copeland. They were married the morning of Nov. 1, 1941, the day after graduating from pilot training in the Army-Air Forces. He served a five-year tour in the Army Air Corps as an officer and pilot squadron commander, accumulating over 10,000 hours as a pilot. In 1946, he returned to West Texas to join the Eastland Oil Company. He and his lovely wife lived in Monahans, Odessa and eventually settled in Midland in 1959.George had been an active member of the oil industry through the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, AAPG Foundation Trust Association (1981 to present), Geological Foundation Advisory Council for the University of Texas (1972 to present), Society of Earth Scientist Certified Professional Geologists (since 1987).One of his favorite pastimes, other than flying, was as a volunteer docent for the American Air Power Heritage Museum, where he was a colonel in the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). He was also an enthusiastic member of the Exchange Club. The family would like to thank Dr. David Watkins and his entire staff at Allison Cancer Center and the Midland Memorial 4th floor East staff for their support and excellent care. Thanks go to Christy from Care Keepers; Dr. Don McClarey of Home Hospice for his comfort and support; and the wonderful caring, compassionate staff at Hospice of Midland, especially Christine Beebe, Debbie, Debbie, Terri and Heather for all the time and energy given to our family. Survivors: Wife of 63 years, Jean Donnelly; children, George A. Art Donnelly, III, Jan D. O’Neill, Robert R. Robin Donnelly, all of Midland; grandchildren, Magan D. Carney of Wichita Falls, Degen D. Fricker of Keller, G. Arthur Donnelly IV of Houston, Casey O. Friedman of Denver, CO, P. Flynn O’Neill, Garrett K. Donnelly and Kiersten A. Donnelly, all of Midland; great-grandchildren, Blake Arthur and Katy Catney of Wichita Falls, Keeton, Claudia and Copeland Fricker of Keller and George P. Donnelly of Houston.
Zabloudil, Jake, Jr. 1938 HS ~ 31-Dec-1990


Adams, MAJ Charles Benton, USA 1937 JC ~ 05-Jun-1945 – WWII-Killed in action in a plane crash on Luzon on 5 June 1945.
Aldridge, Guy D. 1937 JC ~ 03-Feb-1983
Alexander, William Franklin 1937 JC ~ 01-Apr-2015 was born February 8, 1920, in Wichita Falls, TX. He was educated at the New Mexico Military Institute. Thereafter, he received an Army Reserve Commission and graduated from Southern Methodist University School of Law in 1941. He was inducted into the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant and served in France, Italy, Nigeria, and Germany during World War II. He rose to the rank of Captain. On November 22, 1963, Bill was the chief felony trial attorney at the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, having already secured more than a dozen death penalty convictions where all appeals had been exhausted. He was the chief law enforcement officer present at the command post near the School Book Depository when the murder of Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippett and the sighting of Lee Harvey Oswald in Oak Cliff were broadcast. He and a police officer were at the back door of the Texas Theater where Oswald was captured. Bill obtained and was present for the execution of a search warrant at Oswald’s rooming house. He and Captain J.W. “Will” Fritz conducted interrogations of Oswald, and Bill personally prepared the indictment against Oswald that same evening. Two days later, Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald during his transfer to the Dallas County Jail. Bill became the chief prosecutor in the murder trial of Jack Ruby and successfully secured a conviction of murder with malice and the death penalty. He very much enjoyed the practice of law for more than 60 years as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney in State and Federal courts. He was Past President of the Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Bill was a Past Master of East Dallas Masonic Lodge No. 1200, a Past District Deputy Grand Master, a 33° Scottish Rite Mason, and served for many years on the Jurisprudence Committee of The Grand Lodge of Texas. He is preceded in death by his father Edgar, his mother Maria, and his sister. He is survived by his wife Alicia Rodriguez Alexander. 
Allen, Douglas C. 1937 JC
Alpert, Arnold B. 1937 HS ~ 15-Oct-1999
Alphin, Hendrick McHenry 1937 HS ~ 15-Mar-2005
Arbuckle, John C. 1937 HS ~ 21-Oct-1997
Arnold, Max P. 1937 JC ~ 05-Feb-1980
Bailey, Cecil O. 1937 HS ~ 19-May-2007
Baker, Willard E. 1937 JC ~ 12-May-1991
Balcomb, Kenneth C., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 10-Nov-2005
Bassett, Charles C., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 05-Jan-2002
Beard, William J. 1937 HS
Beattie, William Y. 1937 HS
Beatty, William N., Jr. 1937 HS
Beaty, William F., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 29-May-1997
Benton, T. Bruce 1937 HS ~ 22-Feb-2015 passed away February 22, 2015. He was 94 years old. He was predeceased by his wife, Tina Benton. He is survived by his five children, James Benton of Seattle, WA, Peggy Benton of Charleston, SC, Barbara Ellis of Santa Fe, NM, Sylvia Livingston of Washington, DC, and Teresa Benton of Los Angeles, CA. He is also survived by six grandchildren and five great grandchildren. A life-long resident of Albuquerque, he graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute and attended the University of New Mexico, where he majored in engineering. He served in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II as a pilot, flight instructor, and test pilot. Assigned to the Air Transport Command, he was a “Hump Pilot” flying from Burma to China through the Himalayas to supply the “Flying Tigers.” Later, based in Greenland, he flew supplies to Europe and returned with wounded soldiers. He flew sled dog teams into Bruges for the Battle of the Bulge. Following the liberation of the Philippines near the end of the war in the Pacific, he was the first to fly into Clark Field, landing on a bombed runway, to evacuate the most seriously ill Bataan prisoners. Many of these survivors were friends from New Mexico. He also served during the Korean War. Following World War II, he was a commercial airline pilot and also designed homes and commercial buildings in a contracting and real estate development business with his father until his father retired. He was active in the New Mexico aviation community, and held airline transport pilot, ground instructor and mechanic certificates. He continued his love of flying in his later years, building a Falcon Ultra Light and an experimental light sport aircraft replica of a Jenny biplane and flying them until he was 90 years old. He was a charter member of the Albuquerque chapter of Quiet Birdmen and belonged to the Albuquerque Ultra Light Association, and the Experimental Aircraft Association. He was also a Freemason, a Shriner and member of the American Legion Post 13. An avid musician, he played with Shrine band for many years. He was presented the UNM Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Alumnus Award in 1995 and FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award in 2009.
Blanchard, Alfred B. 1937 HS
Blankenbeckler, Frank A., Jr. 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 06-Feb-2002
Bode, George, II, 1937 JC ~ 01-Jul-1987
Booth, Horace 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 26-Apr-2010
Booth, LTC William E., Jr., USA (Ret) 1937 HS
Boston, Robert William 1937 JC ~ 01-Jun-1972
Boyd, David C., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 14-Feb-2005
Braniff, Thurman 1937 HS ~ 11-Jul-1938
Bratton, Judge Howard C. 1937 HS ~ 05-May-2002
Broday, Bert E., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 01-Oct-1977
Brueggemann, CDR Arthur R., USN (Ret) 1937 JC ~ 29-Dec-1993
Bryant, 1LT Marcellus D., Jr., USA 1937 HS ~ 22-Jun-1942 – WWII-Killed in service in a plane crash near Seguin, TX, on 22 June 1942.
Bryant, Tom, Jr. 1935 HS-1937 JC
Bullock, Richard B. 1937 JC ~ 01-Mar-1974
Caldwell, Forest B., Jr. 1937 HS
Calkins, John U., III, 1937 HS
Camp, James D. 1937 JC ~ 01-Feb-1983
Campbell, MAJ Chandler E. 1937 JC ~ 06-Jan-1988
Carscaden, Luis P. 1937 HS
Cassedy, LTC William P., USA (Ret) 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 23-Aug-1998
Christenson, Robert P. 1937 HS
Clark, LTC Richard S., USA (Ret) 1937 JC ~ 16-Sep-1999
Coblentz, Warren E. 1937 JC ~ Jan-1981
Collier, George P., Jr. 1937 JC
Coogan, Frederick L., Jr. 1937 JC
Cope, Hal B. 1937 HS ~ 03-Feb-1955
Corbin, John F. 1935 HS-1937 JC
Corbin, Mark A., Jr. 1937 JC
Cox, LTC William W., USA 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 13-May-1945 – WWII-Killed in action in a plane crash on Mindoro Island, Philippines on 13 May 1945.
Crabb, John E. 1937 JC ~ 04-Nov-1987
Crile, Herman R., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 16-May-1987
Crollett, Fred R., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 28-Aug-1982
Curry, William R. 1937 HS ~ 03-Apr-1977
Dickson, James V. 1937 HS ~ 08-Mar-1993
Donnelly, George A., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 09-Apr-2005, 86, died Saturday, April 9, 2005.Funeral Mass: 4 p.m. Monday, St. Ann’s Catholic Church. Wake: 7:30 p.m. Sunday, St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Midland. Pallbearers: Kenny Catney, William Fricker, Kevin Friedman, Flynn O’Neill and Garrett Donnelly. Honorary pallbearers: Charles Priddy, Decker Dawson, Jim Lucas, Whit Whitlow, Bob Gregory, Bob Lively, Clem George, Toby Carlton, Robert Garst, Harry Miller, Michael Shearen, Don Ewan and the Exchange Club members. Memorials: In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Hospice of Midland, P.O. Box 2621, Midland 79705; Home Hospice, 901 W. Missouri, Midland 79701; Allison Cancer Center, Midland Memorial Hospital, 2200 W. Illinois Ave., Midland; or to a favorite charity. From his earliest years in the oil industry, starting at age 11, pumping water with a Fairbanks-Morris one-lunger for a cable tool rig run by his father to his most recent position as chairman of the Eastland Oil Company, his world had been the oil industry. He came to the oil industry following his great-grandfather, Patrick, who operated gas wells in New York state and his grandfather, Arthur Michael, A.M., who was in the drilling business in Oklahoma in 1905.George was born Oct. 31, 1918, in Muskogee, Okla., while his father was working as a scout for the Carter Oil Company. He moved with his parents, Helen and George A. Donnelly Sr., to Fort Worth in 1922.In 1933, he graduated from Central (now Paschal) High School. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Texas at Austin, where he obtained a degree in geology in 1940, then spent a year at Harvard University working on his M.B.A. The summer before George graduated from UT-Austin, he met the beautiful young lady, Jean Copeland. They were married the morning of Nov. 1, 1941, the day after graduating from pilot training in the Army-Air Forces. He served a five-year tour in the Army Air Corps as an officer and pilot squadron commander, accumulating over 10,000 hours as a pilot. In 1946, he returned to West Texas to join the Eastland Oil Company. He and his lovely wife lived in Monahans, Odessa and eventually settled in Midland in 1959.George had been an active member of the oil industry through the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, AAPG Foundation Trust Association (1981 to present), Geological Foundation Advisory Council for the University of Texas (1972 to present), Society of Earth Scientist Certified Professional Geologists (since 1987).One of his favorite pastimes, other than flying, was as a volunteer docent for the American Air Power Heritage Museum, where he was a colonel in the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). He was also an enthusiastic member of the Exchange Club. The family would like to thank Dr. David Watkins and his entire staff at Allison Cancer Center and the Midland Memorial 4th floor East staff for their support and excellent care. Thanks go to Christy from Care Keepers; Dr. Don McClarey of Home Hospice for his comfort and support; and the wonderful caring, compassionate staff at Hospice of Midland, especially Christine Beebe, Debbie, Debbie, Terri and Heather for all the time and energy given to our family. Survivors: Wife of 63 years, Jean Donnelly; children, George A. Art Donnelly III, Jan D. O’Neill, Robert R. Robin Donnelly, all of Midland; grandchildren, Magan D. Carney of Wichita Falls, Degen D. Fricker of Keller, G. Arthur Donnelly IV of Houston, Casey O. Friedman of Denver, CO, P. Flynn O’Neill, Garrett K. Donnelly and Kiersten A. Donnelly, all of Midland; great-grandchildren, Blake Arthur and Katy Catney of Wichita Falls, Keeton, Claudia and Copeland Fricker of Keller and George P. Donnelly of Houston.
Downie, Charles R. 1937 JC ~ 07-Sep-1976
Dunigan, William E. 1935 HS-1937 JC
Dunlavy, Harrison A. 1937 HS ~ 01-Aug-1977
Earhart, Stewart E. 1937 JC ~ 12-May-1995
Edwards, Charles M. 1937 JC
Edwards, Elmore B. 1937 HS ~ 13-Jun-1989
Englehart, Francis A., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 01-Mar-2005, 86, a resident of Bennington for more than 30 years and formerly of Talcottville, CT, died peacefully on Tuesday, March 1, 2005, at the Bennington Health and Rehab Center, where he had been since May 2004. He was born at West Point, NY, on Dec. 10, 1918, the son of the late Gen. Francis A. Englehart, Sr., and Imogen (Norton) Englehart. He received his education at various U.S. Army base schools all over the world, including Cambridge Latin, New Mexico Military Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgia Tech. As an electrical engineer, Francis worked for Pratt and Whitney of United Technologies. For more than 30 years. Mr. Englehart was particularly proud of his part in producing fuel cells for the Apollo Moon Program. He married the former Mary Q. McKee in 1944. In Connecticut, Francis and Mary rebuilt an old 1790s school house for their home. Mr. Englehart was an active member of the volunteer fire department and the local Episcopal parishes. Mrs. Mary Englehart died in 1969. In 1972, Francis married the former Mab DuHamel Cockrell of Bennington. They retired to the Bennington area in 1995. A born engineer, Francis continued to improve and reconstruct each of the homes in which he lived. Survivors include his wife, Mab Englehart of Bennington; his daughters, Grace Elliott of Arlington, TX, and Sarah Evans of Tucson, AZ; his son, Francis A. Englehart, IV, of Colchester, CT; plus seven grandchildren and 9.5 great-grandchildren. He leaves a brother, Norton F. Englehart of Agawam, MA, and his sister Nancy Smith of Melbourne, FL,. and several nephews, nieces, grandnephews and grandnieces. 
English, Dr. Frank A., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 08-Jun-2009
Estes, Amos C., Jr. 1937 HS
Fish, Frederick G. 1937 JC
Flato, William R. 1937 HS
Frick, Robert S. 1937 JC ~ 01-Jan-1984
Fuller, Dr. Ralph S. 1937 JC ~ 10-Dec-1997
Gatewood, Charles C. 1937 JC
Gerdeman, Dale B. 1937 JC ~ 26-Jan-2009 longtime resident of Las Vegas, NM, passed away peacefully on January 26, 2009 with his family by his side. He was 91 years old, and had been living in Chandler, AZ, near his daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren since the death of his loving wife Glenda in 2003. He is survived by two daughters, Diane Peters “Jeff” and Ellen Gerdeman-Klein of Chandler, AZ; two grandchildren, Scott Silva “Inga” of Chandler, AZ, and Kara Ashcraft “Matt” of Gilbert, AZ; four great-grandchildren, Brooke and Cole Ashcraft of Gilbert, AZ, and Sean and Liam Silva of Chandler, AZ; a sister, Donna Jean Hays of Las Vegas; and two brothers, William A. Gerdeman 1943 JC of Grand Junction, CO; James M. Gerdeman 1950 HS of Lubbock, TX, and their families. Dale is preceded in death by Glenda “Davison”, his wife of 55 years; and by his sisters Mary Josephine of Topeka, KS, who passed away in 1993, and Elizabeth Ann of Las Vegas who died at age three. During his lifetime, Dale was a banker, realtor, pilot, genealogist, published writer, and inventor holding three patents. He worked at the Bank of Las Vegas from 1946 to 1969, beginning as assistant cashier, then becoming vice president and president. He was a long-time member of the First Presbyterian Church of Las Vegas, joining at age 13 and serving the Church faithfully for 74 years as a member, deacon, and on many committees. Born to Alvin H. Gerdeman and Fern Brooke Gerdeman on December 5, 1917 in Albuquerque, he moved with his parents to Las Vegas in 1918. He was the oldest of six children. Dale married Glenda Rae Davison on October 24, 1948 in the First Presbyterian Church of Pampa, TX. The couple made their home in Las Vegas, where they raised their two daughters, Diane and Ellen. Dale graduated from Las Vegas High School, New Mexico Military Institute, and attended University of Illinois. In 1940, he graduated from New Mexico Normal University (now New Mexico Highlands) with a major in chemistry and minors in mathematics and education. He furthered his education at a graduate seminar in banking at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Business Administration. Dale served in the United States Army from November 1942 until March 1946 and was a life member of the Disabled American Veterans. As a volunteer, Dale was a long-time member of Las Vegas Rotary Club, the Kit Carson Council Boy Scouts, the Las Vegas Chapter March of Dimes, and the New Mexico Heart Association. In 1958, Governor Edwin L. Mechem appointed him to the New Mexico State Board of Educational Finance. Dale also dedicated 20 years to the Greater Las Vegas Child Health Center, which provided needy grade-school students in Las Vegas with food, vitamins, and health care. From 1962 to 1981, he was treasurer and president of the Viles Foundation Board, which gives college grants to orphans from San Miguel and Mora Counties. After his retirement, Dale became interested in genealogy research and traced his family back many generations to about eleven hundred ancestors. His most beloved project was to study the history of Presbyterianism in the southwest. He wrote many biographies of missionaries, ministers, and educators starting from 1870, which he published as Presbyterian Missionaries in Rural Northern New Mexico. A companion book covering Presbyterians in Las Vegas between 1870 and 2002 is in the final stages of editing and will be available in summer 2009.
Gerhart, James C. 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 09-Nov-1991
Gerlach, Jesse P. 1937 HS ~ 02-Dec-1988
Gibson, James W. 1937 JC
Gilbert, William E. 1937 JC
Gill, COL Alfred Riley, USAF 1937 HS ~ 29-Nov-1985
Gillies, John Arrin, Jr. 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ Nov-2016
Ginsberg, Bernard R. 1937 JC ~ 15-Sep-2011 93, passed away on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011 in Roswell. Bernard was born Nov. 7, 1917, in Roswell to Benjamin B. Ginsberg and Mabelle Phillips Ginsberg. Bernard is survived by his wife, Hannah Pruit Ginsberg of Roswell; sons Pruit (Yolanda) Ginsberg of Los Alamos and Lane (Jeannie) Ginsberg of Ft. Mill, SC; daughter Emily (Steven) Karassik of Sun Valley, Ind; grandchildren Amy Sanders, Laura Karassik, Jeremy Karassik, Elizabeth Wurtemburger, Erin Mooring, Jennifer Lovato, Melissa Ginsberg, and Amy Tarango; great grandchildren Judah Ramsborg, Sam Karassik, Elise Mooring, Zackary Wurtemburger, Christopher, Savannah, and Julianna Lovato; Noah Ginsberg and Talullah Erskin; and Avelina, Santiago and Eliana Sophia Tarango.. Bernard served in the US 9th Air Force, Pioneer Mustang Group during WWII. He was the owner of Ginsberg Music Co. Which was founded by his father, Ben Ginsberg, in the early 1900s, and continues to serve the community today. 
Goetz, Charles E., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 11-Feb-1962
Goetz, Frank L., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 01-Oct-2004, 88, a former Kansas City area resident, now residing in Boca Raton, FL, died Friday, October 1, 2004. Mr. Goetz was the last president of the former M.K. Goetz Brewing Company, before it was sold to the Pearl Brewing Company. From 1964 to 1982, he was the president and owner of South Park Lumber Company, St. Joseph. Born July 2, 1916 in St. Joseph, Missouri, he was a former resident of Mission Hills, KS, and the Kansas City, MO, area since 1946; and since 1996, he had resided in Boca Raton, FL. Mr. Goetz served as a Captain in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II in the Pacific Theater, and was an Aide to Lt. Gen. Barny Giles, USAAC. He was a member of the Second Presbyterian Church of Kansas City, MO; Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club of Boca Raton, FL; and the Delray Beach Club. He was a former member of the St. Joseph Country Club and the Benton Club of St. Joseph, Indian Hill Country Club of Kansas City, Missouri and Garden of the Gods Club of Colorado Springs, CO. He had attended New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, NM, and Rollins College at Winter Park, FL. He was preceded in death by his parents, Frank Louis and Lena Dora Meierhoffer Goetz Sr.; a brother, M. Karl Goetz; and two sisters, Frances Porter and Mildred Jornayvaz. Survivors include his wife, Georgina Dorrance Stayton Goetz of the home; three daughters, Gloria Goetz Grizzle of Richardson, TX, Elissa Goetz Hemphill of Liberty, Missouri and Suzanne Michelle Goetz of Kansas City, MO; a son, Lawrence Edward Goetz of Kansas City, MO; a stepson, Edward Stayton Riss of Mission Hills, MO; three stepdaughters, Leslie Riss Raemdonck of Wilton, CT, Laura Riss Stanford of Los Gatos, CA, and Juliana Riss Jurden of Mission Hills, KS. He was also blessed with seven grandchildren and ten step-grandchildren, whom he adored. 
Good, T. Jefferson, Jr. 1937 HS
Goodwin, BG Samuel McC., USA (Ret) 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 01-Oct-1998
Griffin, Ephraim P. 1936 HS-1937 JC
Grubitz, Gene, Jr. 1936 HS-1937 JC ~ 06-Feb-1990
Guy, Hubert 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 09-May-1994
Hale, Elmer “Bud”, Jr. 1937 HS, of McAlester, Oklahoma died Tuesday, May 20, 2003 in McAlester at the age of 84. Bud was born February 7, 1919 to Elmer and Opal (Harvey) Hale in McAlester, Oklahoma. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1937 and earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma in 1941 where he affiliated with Beta Theta Phi fraternity. Bud joined the U.S. Army and was most proud to serve as Captain of ‘C’ Battery, 18th Field Artillery Regiment which campaigned throughout France, Germany, and Belgium and fought in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. He received the Bronze Star and the French Croix D’ Guerre for his battalion’s part in the deliverance of France. After returning to the States, Bud went to work for Hale-Halsell Company, a wholesale grocery firm founded by his grandfather, Tom, in 1901. Bud served in various capacities for over 55 years, but mostly as Chairman of the Board. He originated the name of Git ‘N Go for the convenience store division. Bud was also Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of McAlester, now The Bank NA. Service was a big part of Bud’s life, and most often he preferred contributing anonymously. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of McAlester. He also became a 33rd Degree Mason and was associated with various Masonic organizations. As a member of Rotary Club, he served as President. In that same capacity he served at the McAlester Country Club where he helped organize the golf tournament which now bears his name. Bud also was a member of the Veterans Shrine in Muskogee. Bud carried on the family tradition in the Boy Scouts, continuing his support for Camp Tom Hale. He has received the honorary Silver Beaver Award. He purchased and donated the old Busby office building for use by the Pittsburg County Genealogical and Historical Society. At one time Bud enjoyed golfing and always enjoyed traveling. Bud Hale believed in always being yourself: ‘Be honest with your family and with the Lord in Heaven and treat people like you want to be treated no matter what your station or lot in life is be yourself, love your country, love God, and respect others’. Bud is survived by nieces, Cirrelda Mills and husband Jack of Boulder, CO.; Frances Ann and husband Jose Burruel of Scottsdale, AZ; Mary Pineda and husband Ray of Santa Fe, NM; great nieces, Cristina Pineda of Flagstaff, AZ; Deborah Mills Stamets of Phoenix, AZ; Mary Mills Schrock of Leawood, KS; a great nephew, Thomas Hale Mills of Lafayette, CO, and 6 great great nieces and nephews. Bud was preceded in death by his parents, Elmer and Opal Hale, and his sister, Cirrelda Hale Barnard. Memorial services will be 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 10, 2003, at the First Presbyterian Church of McAlester with Reverend Archie Lawrence officiating. The American Legion of McAlester will provide military honors. A private entombment will be at Hillcrest Memorial Park Mausoleum in Dallas, TX. Honorary Pallbearers will be: Guy and Linda Andrews; Bob and Pat Bartheld; Buck Conner; Bruce and Donna Hall; Dorothy Kennedy; Mike and Nancy McGowan; Ed and Katherine Robinson; and Mary Tonkin Smith. Also included as Honorary Pallbearers are the following: Officers and Directors of The Bank NA; Beta Theta Phi Fraternity; ‘C’ Battery, 18th Field Artillery Regiment, U.S. Army; First Presbyterian Church; Friends of Bill; Loyal Employees of HaleHalsell Company, Rotary Club; Thursday Night Dance Club; South McAlester Lodge No. 96; McAlester Scottish Rite, and Red Cross of Constantine. 
Hall, Robert P. 1937 JC ~ 20-Nov-1992
Harkey, Dr. Ira B., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 08-Oct-2006 88, former New Orleans and Mississippi newspaperman, who died from complications of Parkinson’s disease on Sunday, October 8, 2006 at 12:50 a.m. At Parsons House in Kerrville, TX. He had been a resident at Parsons House for nearly two years. In 1963 he won a Pulitzer Prize for his editorials in the Pascagoula, Mississippi Chronicle, of which he was editor and publisher from 1948 to 1963. He began his newspaper career as a reporter for the Times-Picayune in New Orleans while a junior at Tulane University in 1940. Among other honors were the Society of Professional Journalists’ medal for outstanding national newspaper public service. A media award from the National conference of Christians and Jews, and the Silver Em Award from the University of Mississippi. The Silver Em honors a broadcast or print journalist whose career exemplifies the highest ideals of American journalism. In 1992 he was given the annual libertarian award of the Mississippi Civil Liberties Union, and the following year was elected to the Mississippi Newspaper Association hall of fame. Harkey was born in New Orleans January 15. 1918. He was a graduate of Isidore Newman School, attended New Mexico Military Institute and was inducted into the NMMI Alumni Hall of Fame for eminence in 1985. He graduated from Tulane and held masters and doctoral degrees from The Ohio State University. He was author of five books. Including The Smell of Burning Crosses, an account of his 14-year participation in the Mississippi civil rights battles. He published many magazines articles. He intended to be a teacher, but in 1942 left Tulane graduate school to join the US Navy, in which he served as a lieutenant in air combat intelligence and as a mobile correspondent in the Pacific. In 1946 he returned to The Times-Picayune as a magazine writer, and in a 1948 bought the Pascagoula newspaper, a weekly. In 1957 he converted it to a semi-weekly, to a daily in 1962. After selling the Chronicle in 1963, Harkey wrote his autobiographical book and went to The Ohio State University as a journalism teacher. In the late 1960s and 1970s he was a Carnegie Foundation professor at the University of Alaska and professional lecturer at the universities of Montana and Oregon. Until 1993 he lectured at various colleges, universities and before other organizations. Since 1977 Harkey had lived near Kerrville, TX. His other books are Pioneer Bush Pilot: the Story of Noel Wien. A biography of the first aviator to tame the Alaska Artic; Alton Ochsner: Surgeon of the South, with co-author John Wilds of New Orleans; Dedicated to the Proposition a brief summary of his editorial activities during and after the James Meredith crisis at the University of Mississippi; and Mississippi Sounds, story of a family of six that moved from the big city to a small town. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Kappa Epsilon, the American Association of University Professors and the American Political Science Association. He was a member of the Louisiana Club and had been a member of the Boston Club for sixty-five years. Surviving are his widow, the former Virgia Ouin Mioton of New Orleans; and seven children, five of whom live in Mississippi, Ira, III, in Ocean Springs, Meg Harkev Walters and Amelie Harkev Foster of Gautier, Erik Gore Harkev of Columbia and William Millsaps Harkev of Pascagoula and Mavbin Harkev of Beaumont, TX, and Katherine A. Kibbv of Minneapolis, MN. Also he is survived by a sister, Eleanor Harkev Wheeler of Norfolk, VA. 13 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; eight step-children; and several nieces.
Harrison, Charles Frederick, Jr. 1937 JC ~ 01-Mar-1982
Hatcher, Dr. Albert C. 1937 JC
Haughey, Richard F. 1937 HS
Hays, James E. 1937 JC
Heard, Bettis W., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 10-Jan-1968
Henderson, Paul Darling, Jr. 1933 HS-1937 JC ~ 01-Sep-1984
Hennessee, LTC Joe D., USA (Ret) 1937 JC ~ 19-Mar-1992
Hindes, Charles A. 1937 JC ~ 16-Mar-2000
Hinsen, Wallace Whipple 1937 JC ~ 08-Aug-1948
Horne, Beckford Kibbey 1937 HS ~ 01-Dec-1984
Humphrey, Alfred H. 1937 JC
Hunt, Frederick Rockefeller, Jr. 1937 HS ~ 17-Apr-1958
Hunt, Robert F. 1937 JC
Huston, Robert Harry 1937 JC ~ 05-May-1988
Innis, Ralph Bryson, Jr. 1937 JC ~ 01-Jan-1984
Irvine, Van R. 1937 HS ~ 22-Jul-2005
Jaffa, Robert Benjamin 1935 HS-1937 JC
James, Joseph Virgil 1937 JC ~ 01-Mar-1964
James, Winfield Henry 1937 JC ~ 30-Nov-2015
Johnsen, Robert Thomas 1937 JC ~ 27-Sep-1992
Johnson, Dr. Samuel G. 1937 JC ~ 19-Jul-2005
Jordan, Charles A., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 10-Jul-1984
Jordan, William Derryl 1937 JC ~ 22-Dec-1988
Joseph, George Jay 1937 HS ~ 01-Jan-2007 who owned and rebuilt Baltimore’s Yellow Cab Co., into the region’s largest passenger ground transportation business, died of cancer Monday, January 1, 2007 at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda. The Chevy Chase resident was 87. Born in Bethlehem, PA, he was the son of a Lithuanian immigrant peddler who went on to found a department store in Reading, PA. He earned a bachelor’s degree at Pennsylvania State University and a law degree from the University of Virginia after Army service during World War II. Mr. Joseph went into the legal publishing business in downtown Washington in the 1950s and named his first two companies, Jefferson Law Book and Thomas Jefferson Publishing, in honor of the president who established the University of Virginia. Mr. Joseph also founded the Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce and Journal of Law and Education. Mr. Joseph began his association with Baltimore’s Yellow Cab as a vice president in the business — then largely owned by his father-in-law, Benjamin D. Friedman. In 1974, Mr. Joseph bought out other stockholders and initially considered selling Yellow Cab, which was unprofitable. Instead, he spent the next 15 years rebuilding it and brought one of his four children into the company. He was a longtime political supporter of William Donald Schaefer and backer of his plans as mayor in the late 1970s to develop the Inner Harbor. He put his Yellow Cabs at downtown hotels — notable among them the Hyatt Regency, an early component of the area’s revitalization. “He believed that cabdrivers should be ambassadors for the city,” said his son, Mark L. Joseph of Bethesda, chief executive officer of Veolia Transportation North America, a ground transportation business whose assets include Yellow Cab. “He had a great love for people.” The elder Mr. Joseph won an exclusive cabstand at Pennsylvania Station, and in 1989 he consolidated Yellow Cab garages in a new complex at Howard and 21st streets. “He taught me customer service and public service,” his son said. “He was the driving force in helping to turn the business around.” Family members said Mr. Joseph revamped Yellow’s management and finances, and made it into a component of the largest cab and ground transportation firm in the Baltimore-Washington area. “I consider my drivers very important human beings because if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t roll,” he told The Sun in 1989. When Mr. Joseph would ride in one of his cabs, he would add to the customary tip a $2 bill, which carries the portrait of Jefferson, his son said. His business became Yellow Transportation and was acquired by Connex Corp., now Veolia, in 2001. At his death, he was chairman emeritus and adviser to Yellow Transportation, which employs about 17,000 people in the U.S. in a variety of transit venues, including rail, bus, medical paratransit, taxis and shuttle vans. He was a past board president of Camp Holiday Trails for children with severe illness and special health needs in Charlottesville, VA. He was the first president of the Washington chapter of the Friends of Magen David Adom, Israel’s equivalent of the Red Cross. He also belonged to the Baltimore Rotary. He was inducted for Eminence into the New Mexico Military Institute Hall of Fame in 1993. Survivors also include his wife of 57 years, the former Ann Friedman; two other sons, Bruce Joseph of Santa Monica, CA, and Edward Joseph of Washington; a daughter, Martha Lee Mellis of Scarsdale, NY; a sister, Sara Cohn of Sarasota, FL; and six grandchildren.
Kaufman, Thomas C. 1937 JC ~ 11-Sep-1983
Keller, Dr. John C. 1937 JC
Kelly, Albert Emory, Jr. 1937 JC ~ 12-Dec-2001
Keneipp, Robert W. 1937 JC ~ 01-May-1992
Kerr, Ben Jones, Jr. 1937 JC ~ 13-Apr-1998
Kirkpatrick, Robert D., Jr. 1937 JC
Knorr, Rex Brainard 1937 JC
Koeski, Edmund D. 1937 HS ~ Jun-1985
Krannawitter, CPT John A., Jr., USA 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 02-May-1996
Krida, Arthur, II, 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 16-Mar-1999
Kritser, David S., Jr. 1935 HS-1937 JC
Kunkle, Bill W. 1937 HS
Lacy, Fred Henry 1937 JC
Lancaster, Luther C. 1937 HS
Lane, 1LT Harold Edgar, USA 1937 JC 17-Apr-1943 – WWII-Killed in action in the European Theater of Operations on 17 April 1943.
Lawson, Ben K. 1937 JC
Lee, 1LT Jack, USA 1937 JC ~ 18-Nov-1942 – WWII-Killed in action on Solomon Islands on 18 November 1942.
Lee, Robert E. 1937 HS ~ 02-Nov-1989
Leggat, John Mathew 1937 HS
Lilystrand, Theodore Oscar, Jr. 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 01-Feb-1987
Lindsay, William H. 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 29-Oct-2007 89, passed away peacefully on Oct. 29, 2007, exactly six months after the unexpected death of his beloved wife, Patricia Belle. Bill was born in a Bishop, CA. Mining camp on Feb. 26, 1918, to William Rufus and Catherine Anne Lindsay. At the age of seven, he and his family moved to a remote fjord on British Columbia’s glacial coastline to the company copper mining town of Anyox. He attended school at the New Mexico Military Institute, and graduated from high school in 1937. After graduation, Bill left for college at Washington State University. A year shy of his degree, he decided to return to his first love, the sea. He manned the radio room on 30 different ships – on junkers, tramps, passenger liners and tankers all over the world. In the early 70s, he headed north to explore the Canadian valleys of his youth, and stumbled upon a place he could finally call home – the Methow Valley. He bought a piece of land outside Mazama and built a beautiful cedar chalet under the pines and the shadow of Goat Wall. He married Patricia Belle Shomler in the summer of 1978. Bill and Pat enjoyed many years of hiking and cross country skiing in the Methow Valley before they decided to move to “Windy Ridge” in Ellensburg in 1986. They traveled the world together after that, by air and by sea, with stops around the country to visit friends and relatives. Bill finally fulfilled the promise he had made to his father to complete his college education when, at the age of 71, he graduated from Central Washington University in 1988 with a bachelor of science degree in industrial technology. At the age of 78, he again graduated from CWU with a degree in economics. Bill and Pat spent their final years in Fawn Lake in Shelton, WA, which provided them with a warm community of friends and a beautiful place where they could take their daily walks around the lake. These two wonderful people, who loved each other above all else, have found peace together once again. Bill is survived by his daughters Patty Kuhnau, Michelle Merritt and Sara Parsoneault; his stepsons Michael Shomler, Matthew Shomler and Mark Shomler; his grandchildren; many beloved family members and friends.
Lusk, Thomas Eugene 1937 HS
Mahony, Edmund O. 1937 JC ~ 30-Mar-1999
Major, Stanley B. 1937 HS ~ 13-Jun-2005
Malcolm, CDR Everett Allen “Sinbad”, USN (Ret) 1937 JC ~ 02-Sep-2005, died at his home on Friday, September 2nd. He was a resident of the Villages in the Evergreen district of San Jose. Before moving there in 1998, he was a 36-year resident in Los Altos, CA. Everett was born in Maxwell, NM, in April 1916. He was the oldest of five brothers born to Loren and Ernest Everett Malcolm. His father worked in the coal mining camps near Raton, in Colfax County, NM. His mother, Loren taught school in the camps and ultimately, became the Superintendent of Public Schools. Everett graduated from Raton H.S. in 1932 at the age of 16. He moved with his father to the mining community of Terrero, NM. where he worked as a Timbermen for the American Metals Co. He saved his money, which enabled him to attend the New Mexico Military Institute during the years 1934-1936. While there he established himself as an outstanding football player and was a Gold Glove boxing champion from 1934-36. In 1937, he accepted an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. During his 4 years there he continued his academic and athletic success, excelling again at boxing and football. In the 1940 Army-Navy football game he threw for one touchdown and ran for another in Navy’s 14-0 victory, something for which he was always quite proud. It was during his time on the football team that his coach Rip Miller for being the oldest sailor on the bench gave him the nickname Sinbad. His class graduated early in Feb. of 1941. His first duty assignment was as Ensign aboard the battleship U.S.S. Arizona in Pearl Harbor, HI. He reported for duty in April of ’41. In late November, he was sent to the Naval hospital for treatment of an infection. Released on Dec. 6th, he reported back to his ship and found his next duty watch didn’t require his presence until 0930 on the 7th. He went ashore and contacted the daughter of a Navy Captain, to whom he was engaged, Marian Shaffer. (By May of 42, they would be married). They played golf with some friends that afternoon and then went to a party in the evening. After taking Marian back to her parent’s house in the hills above Honolulu, he realized he would not make the last launch back to the Arizona. He headed for the home of Captain D.C. Emerson, who had been the senior dentist aboard the Arizona. Captain Emerson provided a sort of bunkroom ashore for the ship’s junior officers. On the morning of Dec. 7th, he awoke to the attack at Pearl Harbor with the others at the house and they made their way as quickly as possible to the harbor. Everett assisted with the fire suppression operation on the U.S.S. Vestal, a tender ship anchored adjacent to the Arizona. In January of ’42, he reported to chemical warfare school in Bayonne, NJ, and in May of that year he married Marion Shaffer in Washington, DC. He was assigned to the battleship during her commission in June of ’42. During her more than 3 years in the Pacific, the Indiana was involved in over 12 major naval campaigns. Among those were the battles of Guadalcanal, Gilbert and Marianas Islands, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. On Aug. 28th, Lt. Malcolm led one of the first detachments of marines ashore to secure the occupation of Japan’s Yokosuka Naval base in Tokyo Bay. He once remarked how he had been a witness to both the beginning and the end of the war. After the war, Lt. Comdr. Malcolm had tours of duty in Guam, Bremerton, WA, New York Naval shipyard and San Diego Naval base. In 1955, the Navy sent him to the U. of Pittsburgh to study petroleum engineering. He received his master’s degree in 1956. He foresaw the need for establishing oil reserves and his thesis explored the use of abandoned salt caverns for petroleum storage. The current administration has just authorized the release of some of our oil reserves; much of it stored in such a manner. After two years of working with and studying the private oil industry in Long Beach, CA, Cmdr. Malcolm was again stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI. His duties involved fulfilling the petroleum needs of the Pacific 7th fleet. In 1960, he was sent to work at the Pentagon in Naval supply operations. His last duty station was in Oakland, CA, at the Alameda Naval Air station where he retired from the Navy in Jan. of 1962. In Feb. of 1962, he went to work for Microwave Electronics. Utilizing his navy supply talents, he organized and streamlined the material procurement system to make it more efficient and cost effective. During this period, he began to enjoy more of his leisure time playing tennis and golf on a more regular basis and won many tournaments with his 6 handicap. When he retired in 1972, he spent much of his time developing hobbies in photography, lapidary, metalworking, cooking and gardening. He and his wife Marian traveled extensively with the People to People organization, making trips to Australia, New Zealand, India, China and Hong Kong. He loved the Asian area of the world. Everett was an outgoing, gregarious person who made friends easily. He was a man who always looked forward, never dwelt on the past, had a wonderful sense of humor and recognized the amusing aspects of life’s ironies. When his young granddaughter Lisa would come to visit he looked forward to the hair treatments she would bestow upon him, at times looking like Alfalfa of the Our Gang group. When his wife, Marian, died in 1994, after 52 years of marriage, he remained in Los Altos until 1998. He then moved to the Villages in San Jose and enjoyed the company of his old Navy friends and new ones he made there. He gave free golf lessons (many times unsolicited) and played regularly with a Friday golf group until his Parkinson’s disease made it difficult for him to play up to his standards. He could be seen with his giant Airedales, Angus and then Bruce as passengers, cruising the streets in his golf cart as he made his way to the practice range to hit golf balls. He played his last 6 holes of golf less than a month ago and scored quite well. His brothers, William, Jack and Gilbert preceded Everett in death. His brother Robert, his wife Rosemary survives him, nephews Michael and John, and nieces Lena and Nikki. He also leaves his daughter Lauren Malcolm, granddaughter Lisa Snyder, her husband Jeff Foster and great-grandsons, Pierce and Malcolm Foster of Newton, MA. He also leaves his daughter Sandra of Portland, Oregon and son Howard, his wife Becky, and granddaughter Kaitlin and grandson, Logan of Santa Cruz, CA. A Celebration of Life will be held on Sept. 18th from 12:30 to 3:00 at the Sunset room at the Villages Golf Country Club in San Jose. 
Malcolm, William T. 1937 JC ~ 01-Nov-1984
March, George 1937 HS
Marshall, Jack K. 1937 JC ~ 24-Jul-1990
Martz, CPT Donald B., USA 1935 HS-1937 JC 22-Dec-1942 WWII-Missing/Killed in action – missing in action in the European Theater of Operations since 22 December 1942 and officially declared dead.
Matthews, John A. 1937 HS ~ 18-Jul-2020 Albany – Following in his father’s footsteps, the second generation Matthews’ man to portray the Old Timer in the Fort Griffin Fandangle, rode off to greener pastures Saturday, July 18, 2020, at a spry 101. From the Shackelford County pioneering Matthews family, Albany, Texas’ beloved native son, John Alexander Matthews, was born on March 9, 1919, the only child of Joseph Beck and Louise Webb Matthews. He often recalled riding his horse from the YL, (his childhood home and place of death), to the “picture show” at the Aztec Theater with a nickel in his pocket for the show and a cold drink. John attended Albany schools and graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in 1937. He told wonderful stories of riding the train to his alma mater, Cornell University, where he graduated with a degree in animal science in 1941. He was a proud member of Delta Kappa Epsilon where he mastered the art of being a smooth dancer. “Tex” glided on the dance floor to any music that was not, “too loud” until he could no longer showcase his partner in his late nineties. After graduation, John entered World War II as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps. He primarily flew B-17s from South America to North Africa helping to create maps, and in the process became a skilled pilot. John flew innumerable people in need with a smile and kind words for many years. He led a relatively quiet life as a cattleman, and unknowingly, a shining example of the greatest generation. Well known for his quick wit, sound logic, and a twinkle in his eye, he was a walking encyclopedia on geography and historical events both domestic and abroad. He ran for Texas Land Commissioner in 1964, and served as a delegate for the ’64 Republican Convention, the party which he supported until his death. He enjoyed politics and economics nearly as much as the Trinity Episcopal Church and the Fort Griffin Fandangle, where he respectively served as Senior Warden and president for well over two decades. To know John Matthews, was to know his love of dogs, good horses and cattle, chickens, and birds. He was a tried and true man of the land. He was the founder of the Texas Experimental Ranch near Vernon, TX. John loved a good joke, often sported a sly grin and delighted in pranks. He was semi-famous with Abilene’s First National, now First Financial Bank board meetings for his canine companion’s attendance. John was the youngest and longest serving board member in the bank’s history. He served on the boards of St John’s College in Santa Fe and Annapolis, St. Stephen’s School in Austin and the Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association. He also served as chairman for the first fourteen years of the West Texas Rehab’s Foundation Board of Trustees. Affectionately known as The Warden to his family and friends, he was a true joy to be around. He aged beautifully and remained a consummate gentleman until the end. Until recently, he took wonderful care of his wife Sharon in their home, and subsequently, rarely missed his weekly visit with her in Abilene. Their love for one another was a sight to behold. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Sharon Osborne Matthews and his children: Jill Matthews Wilkinson (Stephen) of Austin, Matt Matthews (June Bell) of San Angelo, Kade Matthews (Chris) of Clarendon, Holly Green (Mark Brown) of Albany and Randy Green (Cindy) of Paron, AR; seven grandchildren, John Matthews (Margaret), Jamie Matthews (Mary Clare), Dennis Wilkinson (Melissa), William Matthews, Margaret Matthews Frederick (Jonathan), Watt Matthews (Elizabeth), Meredith Matthews Nicholson (Spencer) and twelve great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his sons, Joe Matthews and Watt Matthews.
John cherished his caretakers: Suzanne Kelton, Rita Crowder, Kay Box, Vicki Wright and Jesse Vega. The family extends their heartfelt gratitude for their loving care. In addition, a special thank you to Dr. Sandy Hazelip and Hospice of the Big Country for their compassionate and professional care. 
Mayes, Charles G. 1937 HS ~ 17-Feb-2013
McCreery, Stanley C. 1937 JC ~ 21-Oct-1970
Means, Huling M., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 27-Feb-2004
Merritt, James R. 1937 JC ~ 19-May-1998
Miller, Carl L. 1937 HS ~ 01-Mar-1976
Miller, Col Edwin M., USAF (Ret) 1937 JC ~ 09-Nov-2000
Montgomery, George B. 1937 HS
Montgomery, William H. 1937 JC
Montgomery, William M. 1937 JC
Moore, John W. 1937 JC ~ 16-Jun-2003
Morris, Earl C., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 21-Jul-1981
Morrison, Paul G. 1937 HS
Morrison, Thomas III, 1937 HS ~ 07-Sep-2002
Murphy, John H. 1937 HS
Murray, Thomas E. 1937 JC
Murry, Richard A. 1935 HS-1937 JC
Neal, SSG James W., USA 1937 JC ~ 08-Jul-1945 – WWII-Killed in service – died in China of scrub typhus on 8 July 1945.
Nicholson, J. Donald 1937 JC
Nicholson, Col Robert W., USAF (Ret) 1937 JC
Noble, Morgan A. 1937 JC
Noe, Franklin R., Jr. 1937 HS
Norman, James E., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 01-Nov-1979
Norris, Tom R. 1935 HS-1937 JC
Norsworthy, George H. 1937 JC ~ 01-Oct-1976
O’Brien, James B., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 27-Mar-2012 “Junior”, 93, of Harvest Hill, passed away on March 27th, 2012 at the Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital surrounded by his family. His loving wife, Blanche J. O’Brien, preceded him in death. He is survived by his three children and their spouses: James Burke O’Brien, III, and wife Cathy Lines of Denver, CO, Kathleen O’Brien Snyder and husband Robert E. Snyder of Etna, NH, Maureen O’Brien Gearin and husband John M. “Mike” Gearin of Cincinnati, Ohio; and grandchildren: Michael O’Brien Snyder, 26, and wife Sarah Kate Snyder, Christopher O’Brien Snyder, 24, James Burke O’Brien, IV, 24, Kathleen O’Brien Gearin, 23, John O’Brien “Brien” Gearin, 21, Elizabeth O’Brien Snyder, 20, Sean Patrick O’Brien, 20, and Molly O’Brien Gearin, 15. Jim was born on August 5, 1918, to Esther Peterson O’Brien and James Burke O’Brien, Senior, in Sistersville, WV. He had one younger sister, Mary Ellen O’Brien Purkrabek, by whom he is also survived. Jim spent his early life in Java, Mexico, and Venezuela before returning to the United States to complete his elementary education. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute and went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1941. Inspired by the events at Pearl Harbor, Jim enlisted in the United States Army and served in the Asiatic Pacific Theatre of War from 1942 to 1946. He was called back into service during the Korean War, and was stationed in Aberdeen, MD. Following World War II, Jim met his future wife, Blanche, while working for United Airlines in Cleveland, Ohio. They were married in 1948 at St. Adalbert’s Catholic Church in Berea, Ohio, where they remained to raise their children. They had a close-knit group of friends with whom they enjoyed much companionship over the years. Jim retired in 1981 after a dedicated career in the manufacturing industry, and moved to the Upper Valley after his wife passed away. Jim enjoyed writing heartfelt letters, reading the Wall Street Journal, and socializing with his many dear friends at Harvest Hill, where he resided from 2005 to 2012. His deepest devotion, however, was to Blanche, his beloved wife of 53 years. He cherished his roles as “Dad” to his three children and as “GP” to his eight grandchildren who will miss him dearly and will lovingly remember him for his kind-hearted nature and cheerfulness. The family greatly appreciates the compassionate and professional staff at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and at Alice Peck Day Hospital who provided such wonderful care and comfort to Jim during the past two months. 
O’Brien, James M. 1937 HS
Olson, Arthur R. 1937 HS
Orme, Weldon R. 1937 HS ~ 25-Jul-1992
Parker, Milton E., II, 1937 HS ~ 27-Jul-1995
Patterson, 1LT Donald F., Jr., USA 1937 HS ~ 14-May-1944 – WWII-Killed in action in Italy on 14 May 1944. Army – Died in Italy while flying a P-38 on 14 May 1944.
Patterson, CDR John D., Jr., USN (Ret) 1937 HS ~ 03-Aug-2004
Pearce, Dr. John Y. 1937 JC ~ 03-Oct-1993
Pence, Raymond E. 1937 JC
Pipes, Robert L. 1937 HS ~ 01-May-1981
Pitz, Laurence James 1937 HS
Pitz, MAJ Phillip B. 1935 HS-1937 JC
Powell, Robert Harter 1937 HS ~ 01-Apr-1964
Prince, Bradford Howland 1937 HS ~ 08-Sep-2016 sole surviving grandson of former New Mexico Governor L. Bradford Prince, died Thursday, September 8, 2016 in his Albuquerque home. Born in Santa Fe, NM, in December 16, 1919, Brad spent his life in his beloved New Mexico. He served in WWII , Korea and in the New Mexico National Guard and later became a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives. For many years he was the president of Prince Advertising and Public Relations in Albuquerque and was involved in many civic organizations in the city. Brad is survived by his four children: Barton (Bart) Bradford Prince of Albuquerque; William (Bill) Prince and wife Julie of Salt Lake City; Anne Prince Radcliffe and husband Mike of Salt Lake City; and James (Jim) Prince and wife Saskia of Salt Lake City as well as numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his wife and love of his life of 43 years, June Prince and her children: Terri Simoneau and partner JoAnn Shellenbarger who were his loving caretakers during his last years; Bill Simoneau; Jack Martin Jr., and close family friend Lewis (Lee) Wilson. He was preceded in death by June’s son, Brian Simoneau. The family would like to thank Dr. Scott Forman and nurse Carol of Presbyterian Hospital for their caring attention as well as Kat Cordova who helped with the home care, making both June and Brad comfortable during the past several months.
Provine, Joe Finley, Jr. 1937 JC ~ 21-Aug-1957
Rader, Jean Watkins 1937 HS ~ 31-Jan-2008 88, died Jan. 31, 2008. No services. Burial at Elmwood Cemetery, Augusta. Survivors: wife, Alice of Augusta; sons, David and Kevin Rader; daughter, Karen Money; 3 grandchildren; step-daughters, Connie Peters of Augusta and Betty Sue Howe. Headley Funeral Chapel, Augusta.
Ratcliffe, Arthur T. 1937 JC ~ 24-Oct-2001
Reagan, Chapell Roy 1937 JC ~ 13-Apr-2000
Reese, Judge Norman Randolph 1937 JC ~ 12-May-1990
Reynolds, Dan W. 1937 JC
Richardson, Keith W. 1937 HS ~ 01-Feb-1975
Roberts, O. Alan, Jr. 1937 JC ~ 18-Jun-2003
Robinson, Stanley T., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 15-Jul-1996
Rogers, Col Robert Conant, USAF (Ret) 1937 JC ~ 02-Mar-2010
Roslington, Frank MacGregor 1937 HS ~ 09-Mar-1955
Scannell, Joseph Wilson 1935 HS-1937 JC
Seymour, MAJ Clinton Cotton, USA (Ret) 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 17-Jul-2003
Sharp, William Henry 1937 HS
Shipp, Elbert Damon 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 08-Dec-2000
Simco, L. Z. 1937 JC ~ 02-Mar-1994
Simmons, George Albert, Jr. 1937 JC
Simon, Jacques R. 1937 HS ~ 09-Jun-2012 formerly of Rockville Centre, NY, died June 9 at age 92 at home in Solana Beach, CA. He attended USC, served in the Army Air Corps in WWII and worked in sales. He is survived by his wife Claire, daughter Nancy, sons Lloyd and Richard, daughter-in-law Susan and grandchildren Andrew, Claire and Zachary.
Skarda, Cash Taylor 1937 HS ~ 24-Oct-1944
Sklar, CPT Fred, USA 1937 JC ~ 25-Dec-1945 – WWII-Killed in action – officially declared dead as of 25 December 1945.
Smith, Jack Z. 1937 HS
Smith, Roy O., Jr. 1937 JC
Smith, Talbot T., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 01-Aug-1992
Snyder, Gerald Pershing 1937 JC ~ 26-Oct-2000
Soden, Henry Patrick, Jr. 1937 HS
Spivey, Rufus Bernard 1937 JC
Sprecher, Robert Hodgdon 1935 HS-1937 JC
Stansell, Mills, Jr. 1937 HS
Stapleton, Jake C., Jr. 1937 JC
Stone, Benton, Jr. 1937 JC ~ 28-Jan-1982
Swenson, Earl A., Jr. 1937 HS ~ 19-Jan-1985
Taylor Sanders, Homer S., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 30-Apr-2015 97, of Amarillo died Thursday, April 28, 2015.Homer was born Oct. 2, 1917, in Howland to Jessie Brooks Sanders and Homer Shelton Sanders Sr. Homer grew up in Floydada and Quitaqua. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Texas. Homer served as a first lieutenant in the Army Quartermaster Corps between 1941 and 1945. He was at the bombing of Pearl Harbor and behind enemy lines at the Battle of the Bulge. In Europe he was part of the 28th Infantry Division. Homer received two Purple Heart medals. He received the Bronze Star for leading a platoon of soldiers from behind enemy lines back to the Allied forces. While both were stationed in England, Homer met his future wife, Kay Feuchuk. Kay was a second lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps and a physical therapist. Kay and Homer married on June 9, 1945, in Paris, France, at the hospital where Kay was stationed. After the war, they resided in Muleshoe where Homer owned a lumber yard. Once they moved to Amarillo, Homer became a commercial real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. He was a member of the prestigious Society of Industrial and Office Realtors. Homer was a Shriner and volunteered more than 5000 hours at the Amarillo VA medical center. Homer was a resident of Amarillo for more than 55 years. Homer was a loving husband, father and grandfather and will be missed. He was preceded in death by his parents; a sister, Aurelia Sanders; and a son, Michael B. Sanders. Survivors include his grandson, Steven T. Sanders of Denver; and a daughter-in-law, Shirley Taylor of Littleton, CO.
Tempest, Lt Col Rone Brenton, Jr., USAF (Ret) 1935 HS-1937 JC

Tepe, Benjamin Franklin 1937 JC ~ 16-Feb-2003
Thelin, Dr. Alfred L., III, 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 15-Jan-1998
Thomas, Thurston L. 1937 JC
Thompson, John E., Jr. 1937 JC ~ 19-Oct-1993
Thompson, Roy Benjamin, Jr. 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 19-Sep-2009 93, died Sept. 19, 2009, in Roswell. Roy’s early childhood was spent on horseback in the cow camps of family ranches around Santa Rosa. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute, where he enjoyed youthful happy days on the polo field. After NMMI he studied at the University of Arizona where he and his bride, Helen Lane Thompson, were the first married students on campus. Upon graduation, Roy joined the Army and served as a mechanized cavalry unit commander. He was awarded the Bronze Star, the Legion of Merit, the American Defense Ribbon EAME Theater Ribbon, and three Bronze Service Stars for his service in Italy. After the war, Roy returned to New Mexico and began ranching in the Tatum area. Over the years Roy and Helen Thompson enjoyed owning several ranches including one in Mexico. They raised racehorses, spectacular beef cattle, and three fine children on their home ranch at Buena Vista. They also had homes and businesses in Clovis, and Santa Fe. In 1995, Roy and Helen retired to Ruidoso, where Roy lived until shortly before his death. Roy was preceded in death by his daughter, Nancy Singletary; his wife Helen Thompson; and his son, Pete Thompson. He is survived by his Daughter, Nora T. Midkiff; his granddaughters, Anne Power, Sarah Watts, Rachel Kingrey 2002 HS-2004 JC and Dionne Pignatiello; and his grandsons, Lane Thompson, Luke Thompson and Stuart Thompson; and numerous very good-looking great-grandchildren. 
Threadgill, Walter L. 1937 HS ~ 18-Mar-1986
Tibbets, Charles Robert 1937 JC ~ 01-Apr-1986
Tice, Alan V. 1937 JC
Tucker, Oliver Moore 1937 HS ~ 06-Mar-2005 Tuck attended the Columbus Academy, the New Mexico Military Institute, and The Ohio State University. During World War II, he served in the Army as an artillery officer in the Philippines Campaign and in the post-war occupation of Korea. He met his wife, Theresa Zak Tucker, at Fort Bragg, NC. After his discharge from the service, Tuck took over the operation of his mother’s and father’s orchid greenhouse, Tucker’s Orchid Nursery, on Riverside Drive in Columbus. He perfected the process which forced orchids to bloom at prescribed times, such as holidays, and he mechanized potting techniques. Oliver was active in the American Orchid Society, serving on the Board of Directors and as chair of the Research Committee. He was a Kentucky Colonel. After the sale of the greenhouse, Tuck returned to The Ohio State University and received a B.S. in Horticulture Education. He was a member of the honorary society Pi Alpha Xi and took graduate courses. Terrie Tucker, his wife of 48 years, precedes him in death. Oliver Tucker is survived by his sister, Dorothe Tucker Foreman of Fountain Hills, AZ; his nephews, James Tucker Foreman of Valparaiso, IN, and Fred Richard Foreman of Houston, TX; and his niece, Kate Foreman Suko of Charlotte, NC.
Tuell, Joseph Charles 1937 JC ~ 30-Nov-2002
Turner, John O. 1937 HS ~ 24-Jul-2001
Tyler, Charles P. O. 1937 HS
VanBuskirk, John Baldwin 1935 HS-1937 JC
Vaughan, George William 1937 HS
Viles, Charles Dana 1937 JC
Wadkins, William Henry 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 15-May-1992
Waggoner, Charles Henry, Jr. 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 23-Aug-2000
Walden, Benton Thomas 1937 JC ~ 07-Jan-2007
Weaver, William Mack 1937 JC ~ 01-Jul-1972
Webb, Col Clarence Russell “Rusty”, Jr., USAF (Ret) 1937 HS ~ 19-Mar-2003 83, of Treasure Island, died Wednesday (March 19, 2003) at Palms of Pasadena Hospital, South Pasadena. Born in San Antonio, TX, he came here in 1968 from Midwest City, OK. He retired in 1968 as an Air Force colonel and command pilot. He served in World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars, receiving two Distinguished Flying Crosses, four Air Medals, an Army Commendation Medal and two Air Force Commendation Medals. He was a graduate of New Mexico Military Institute, Rice University and the University of Texas, majoring in military tactics, engineering and economics. He was a member of the Retired Officers Association, the Air Force Association and Bay Pines Holiday Isles DAV. Survivors include his wife, Muriel; a daughter, Perrin Webb, St. Petersburg; a brother, George E. III, Marbridge, TX; two stepsons, James Fletcher, St. Petersburg, and Joseph Fletcher, Fort Lauderdale; two stepdaughters, Erin Fletcher, Miami, and Marybeth Holladay, St. Petersburg; and five grandchildren.
Weiller, Harold Joseph 1937 JC ~ 02-Jan-1956
Weiner, Stanley 1937 HS
Werlich, Richard T. 1937 HS ~ 08-Aug-1991
Whalley, William E., Jr. 1937 HS
Wheeler, Robert L. 1937 HS
White, Jack Howard, Sr. 1935 HS-1937 JC
Whitlock, Warren 1937 JC ~ 17-Mar-1966
Wieser, Vincent M. 1937 JC
Wilcox, Homer F., Jr. 1937 JC
Wiley, Billy Tom 1937 JC ~ 01-Nov-1969
Willcox, Julian 1937 HS ~ 01-Dec-1983
Williams, Denzyl I. 1937 JC ~ 01-Jan-2015
Williams, LCDR Donald Roberts, USN 1937 JC ~ 01-Jun-1980

Wilson, Frederick Eagle, Jr. USA 1937 HS ~ 26-Sep-1943 WWII-Killed in in action in the European Theater of Operations on 26 September 1943.
Wood, John Gibbon 1937 HS ~ 05-Sep-2007 Passed away peacefully on September 5, 2007 after a long illness at Mills-Peninsula Hospital at the age of 87. He was surrounded by family and friends. John was born and raised in Portland, OR, the son of William Maxwell and Myrtle Wood. After graduating from the New Mexico Military Institute, he attended the University of Oregon before entering the U.S. Army during the Second World War. While serving in the Army he received additional training in engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After the war, John moved to the Bay Area where he began employment with the Calgon Carbon Corporation, first as a specialist in water chemistry and treatment and then with the pharmaceutical divisions of Merck, Beecham, ultimately retiring from Glaxo-Smith-Kline after nearly 50 years of employment. John resided in Portola Valley for more than five decades, before moving to San Mateo after retirement. He is survived by his loving wife of 33 years, Betty Palmer Wood; his son Scott Gibbon Wood of Kornwestheim, Germany; daughter, Susan Madigan and her husband Edward Madigan of Incline Village, NV; sons, Kirkham Berwick Wood of Boston, MA, and Damon Lewis Wood and wife, Deborah Wood of Richmond, VA; step-daughters, Linda Viele Silva and husband, Robert Silva and Barbara Viele Basques and husband, Tony Basques, both of San Mateo, CA. He is also survived by 11 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by the late Sarah McManus Wood and the late Helen Reith Wood. The family wants to express our heartfelt gratitude to John’s friend and companion of nine months Delfin Villaviza. 
Wood, MAJ Melvin Clinton, USAF 1937 JC – Korea-Killed in action when his plane was hit by flak and went down on 16 February 1953.
Zinn, Dean S. 1935 HS-1937 JC ~ 18-Sep-1988


Abdou, Salim Nicklis, Jr. 1936 HS ~ 22-May-1989
Adams, Josiah K., Jr. 1936 HS
Alexander, Lt Col Daniel, Jr., USAF (Ret) 1936 JC ~ 09-Nov-2006 51 year resident of Palo Alto and Los Altos Hills, died November 9, 2006 in Palo Alto at age 90. Born in Salt Lake City, UT, September 27, 1916 to Minette B. and Daniel Alexander, Dan summered as a cow hand on the family ranch in Colorado, and upon the death of his father attended the New Mexico Military Institute where he earned a commission in the horse cavalry in 1936. A graduate of Stanford University, as a student he exercised horses at the Menlo Circus Club and waited tables at the University Creamery to make expenses. At Stanford, Dan met his wife of 53 years, Margaret Woodard, also a Stanford student, who predeceased him in 1993. They were married at Stanford Memorial Chapel in 1940. Dan served in the Army Air Corps in England and France through World War II, and was awarded the Bronze Star for his work planning the rescue of allied prisoners of war by using the Air Corps’ heavy bombers to ferry prisoners from formerly German-held territory. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel during the war, and continued in the Air Force Reserve until retirement. Settling after the war first in Yuba City, Dan worked for PG&E for 43 years, moving to Palo Alto in 1955 and ending his career at retirement in 1981 as manager of the Mountain View district office. Moving from Palo Alto to Los Altos Hills in 1966, Dan gave 30 years of volunteer Board of Directors service to the Purissima Hills Water District of Los Altos Hills, was a long time member of Mountain View Rotary, Friends of Westwind Barn, the Los Altos Hills Historical Society, the Friends of Griffin House (historic residence at Foothill College) and many other civic and charitable organizations. The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce honored Dan as Citizen of the Year in 1980, and the Friends of Westwind Barn awarded him a John W. Gardner Building Community award in 2005 and honored him as Horsefather of the Century in 2006. Dan was an avid horseman, sailor, skier and hiker until well into his 80s, relishing especially his annual participation in the High Sierra Regatta at Huntington Lake in the Sierra Nevadas. Dan is survived by his children, Nancy Nuechterlein of Marina Del Rey, Wendy Arthurs of San Anselmo and Daniel Alexander, Jr., of Palo Alto, his sister Marion Peterson of Chapel Hill, NC, six grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews and his dear friend Jean Dugan.
Alexander, Doyle C. 1936 JC ~ 27-Sep-2005
Allinson, J. Burchell 1936 JC ~ 19-Jul-1990
Anthony, William F., Jr. 1936 HS ~ 18-Sep-1990
Ashby, CPT Jack G., USA 1936 HS ~ 24-Oct-1944 – WWII-Killed in action – died while a prisoner of war on a Japanese transport which was sunk on 24 October 1944.
Aughenbaugh, Lane W. 1936 HS ~ 28-May-1974
Baca, Gilberto H. 1936 JC ~ 08-Dec-1994
Ballard, 1LT Ernest P. 1936 HS ~ 21-Feb-1992
Beardall, CPT John R., Jr., USA (Ret) 1936 HS ~ 01-Nov-1993
Beaty, Russell T., Jr. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 11-Jan-1998
Beaver, Brownlow R. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 17-May-1958
Beeth, R. Kingdon 1936 JC ~ 29-Apr-1992
Blue, LTC David B., Jr., USAR (Ret) 193 HS-1936 JC ~ 26-Sep-2001
Born, Harold J. 1936 HS ~ 31-Mar-2005
Bowman, COL Harold E., USA (Ret) 1936 JC ~ 07-Oct-2010 born in Santa Fe, NM, March 16, 1918 and died in Fullerton, CA, October 7, 2010. He was a retired full Colonel in the US Army, Served under General Patton in WWII and then in Korea. He was a graduate of New Mexico Military Institute; University of California at Berkeley; Columbia University; and doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He was an active member of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg, and the Gideon’s International. He was survived by his wife of 64 years, Jeanne Klinger Bowman; a son, Robert; a daughter, Teri Watson; his son-in-law, Dr. Robert Watson; 2 granddaughters; and a great-grandson. He was preceded in death by his son Captain Barry Alan Bowman, who died in the service of his country in Vietnam; his parents Harry S. & Bertha C. Bowman; and his brother Robert D. Bowman.
Bragaw, Neil D., Jr. 1936 JC ~ 01-Apr-1987
Braselton, Kenneth Emanuel 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 09-Sep-1981
Brazeal, Clifford A. 1936 HS
Briscoe, Powel, Jr. 1936 HS ~ Aug 1984
Brooks, Robert H. 1936 JC ~ 04-Mar-1998
Bryan, J. Ballinger, Jr. 1936 JC ~ 30-Dec-1972
Bubenzer, Harvey K., Jr. 1936 JC
Buescher, Jack F. 1936 JC ~ 20-May-1972
Bullen, Charles W. 1934 HS-1936 HS ~ 23-Dec-2009 “Chic” (1919 – 2009) Charles William Bullen, 90, passed away peacefully on Dec. 23, 2009, in Logan. He was born on Jan. 15, 1919, in Logan, UT, to Roy and Annie Nibley Bullen. Charles married Jonnie Blackett on Dec. 6, 1940. He graduated from East High School and received a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Utah. Charles was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy in 1940. He served on active duty from 1942 to 1946 in the Pacific Theater. By the end of World War II, he was a Lt. Cmdr. Following World War II, Charles worked for Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in both Salt Lake City and Ogden, UT. In 1949, he and his family moved to Logan, where he owned and managed a farm equipment and irrigation supplies business. Charles also started a retail tire store in Logan. Managing these businesses was a lifelong passion. Charles was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He enjoyed financially helping members of his extended family serve missions for the church. Charles was very active in civic and political affairs. He was elected a member of the Utah State House of Representatives for four years and the Utah Senate for 10 years. Prior to his legislative service, he served as president of the following organizations: the Big Blue Club; Logan Chamber of Commerce; Logan Golf and Country Club; Logan Rotary Club; Intermountain Hardware Dealers Association; and First Security Bank of Logan. Charles was a member of the following boards of directors: Boy Scouts of America, Cache Valley Council; Northern Utah First Security Bank; Utah Council of Retailers and Wholesalers; Utah State Board of Regents; Sunshine Terrace Foundation; and Logan Regional Hospital. During his lifetime, Charles received many awards including the Distinguished Service Award, Utah State University; Distinguished Executive Award, Utah State College of Business; and Alumni of Merit Award, University of Utah. He was the Utah Chairman for the George H.W. Bush for President campaigns in 1980 and 1988. He is survived by his children, Bill (Marty) Bullen and Jim (Sherry) Bullen of Logan, UT, and Sidney Bullen Dibble of Park City, UT; along with nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. 
Bullen, Roy N. 1936 JC
Burke, Lawrence N. 1936 HS ~ 04-Feb-1994
Burlinson, PO Robert M. 1936 HS ~ 18-Sep-1941 – WWII-Killed in action as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force off the Belgian coast on 18 September 1941.
Caldwell, Walter D., Jr. 1936 HS
Carpenter, Daniel E. 1936 JC
Carscaden, John D. 1936 HS ~ 26-Jun-2009 passed away peacefully Friday, June 26, 2009 in San Luis Obispo. He was born in 1917 in Los Angeles to Aylesworth and Andrea Carscaden. John’s father was born in Winnipeg, Canada, but moved to Southern California to become a rancher, where he met and married Andrea Calac, a member of the Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians from Valley Center, CA. John was very proud of his Native American heritage. After their father passed away when they were quite young, John and his brother, Luis, spent much of their youth and teen years attending The Webb School of Clairmont, Oneonta Military Academy and the New Mexico Military Institute, where they both excelled in athletics. John set the school record for the mile at The Webb School, which wasn’t broken for over 20 years. He also participated in football, baseball, and musical groups. John was serving in the U.S. Army in the Aleutian Islands when World War II broke out. He continued his service to his country in both the Asiatic Pacific and European Theaters. Upon his honorable discharge he moved to San Luis Obispo. While attending Cal Poly in 1946, John met Joyce Mathison, a descendent from the Evans and Van Gorden families, who settled in San Simeon in the 1860s. They were married in 1947 and lived briefly in Santa Maria. They moved back to San Luis Obispo in 1948, where they raised their family. John owned and operated Westway Market and Liquor Store on Higuera Street for over 25 years before he sold it to work in the maintenance department at Cal Poly. He was a avid golfer and one of the original members of the San Luis Country Club. For many years he was a member of the Morro Bay Golf Course, where he held a six handicap at one time. He was very proud of the hole-in-one and two double eagles he recorded at that course. John was an active member of the Elks Club, the San Luis Historical Society and American Legion, where he and Joyce enjoyed meeting and visiting with their many friends. After his retirement, he was one of “The Sunshine Boys,” a group of local men, who would frequent Frank’s Hot Dogs and McDonalds to enjoy each others company and have a little breakfast. In keeping with his athletic interests even into his 80s, John was a familiar figure in downtown San Luis making daily walks all over town with one of his walking sticks and visiting his many friends at local shops. John will be remembered for his sweet smile, kind heart, and gentle nature. John is survived by his sons Jeff (Peggi) of Atascadero and Gordie (Saundra) of San Luis Obispo; and grandchildren Doug, Ali, Tim, Stacie and Tyler who could always count on Grandpa John to keep a watchful eye on them. He was preceded in death by his loving wife, Joyce, in 2003. 
Chiaramonte, COL Julio F., (Ret) 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 10-Feb-1983
Clark, COL Harry Ainsworth, Jr., USA (Ret) 1936 JC ~ 14-Dec-2010 passed away on December 14, 2010, at the age of 93. He was born in North Andover, MA, on March 21, 1917, to Colonel (Medical Doctor) Harry A. Clark, Sr. and Grace Urban Clark. He and his sister, Barbara Clark Humphreys, grew up as “Army brats,” accompanying their parents on assignments to Fort Ethan Allen, VT, Newport, RI, The Philippine Islands, Marfa, TX, and Fort Bliss, TX. Colonel Clark graduated from Austin High School in El Paso, TX, in 1934, and the New Mexico Military Institute Junior College in 1936. He accepted a commission in the Cavalry, U.S. Army, in 1939, and served his initial active duty assignment at Fort Meade, South Dakota. There he met and married Frances Smith Tully, the daughter of Colonel (later Brigadier General) and Mrs. Joseph M. Tully, Commander of the 4th Cavalry Regiment. During World War II, then Major Clark, age 25, served as the Squadron Executive Officer of the 24th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Group. While he was away his wife and her mother moved back to San Antonio, their hometown, to await their husbands’ return. During combat operations in France, Major Clark was wounded in action and awarded the Purple Heart. In July 1944, he was awarded the Silver Star for leading a successful attack against a German unit defending a bridge. During the Korean War, then Lieutenant Colonel Clark, commanded the 2d Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment (nickname – “Manchus”) in the 2d Infantry Division. He was awarded a second Silver Star for his actions on the night of March 1st, 1953, when he led a counterattack against a Chinese Army force that had overrun several American defensive positions. At a critical moment in the fight, while under intense artillery fire, he entered a burning bunker and pulled a wounded soldier to safety. On the night of March 16th, 1953, he led another counterattack against a Chinese Army force that had penetrated the front lines of his battalion. His heroism inspired his battalion to repulse the attack and restore the front lines. He was severely wounded in the fight and was awarded a second Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation’s second highest award for valor. He was evacuated to a field hospital, then to Japan, and finally to Fort Benning, GA, where he spent eighteen months recuperating from his wounds. His injuries left him unable to lead combat arms units, so he became a logistician and held key logistical positions for the rest of his distinguished career. He was promoted to Colonel in 1961, and went on to serve as the III Corps G4 (Chief of Logistics for the largest armored corps in the U.S. Army) at Fort Hood, TX,  in his last assignment on active duty. He retired from the Army in 1968, and settled in San Antonio. In retirement, Colonel Clark earned a Master of Arts Degree in history from Trinity University, and then taught American History at San Antonio College for about fifteen years. He thoroughly enjoyed his years as a professor and his many days playing golf with friends at the Fort Sam Houston Golf Course. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. He loved music and poetry, and although Alzheimer’s disease stole his short term memory, he never lost his ability to sing his favorite songs and recite limericks and poetry. At every family gathering, he delighted us all with “The Old Armchair” and “The Yarn of the Nancy Belle.” Our family has lost a beloved patriarch and the nation has lost a courageous and selfless Soldier. Colonel Clark is survived by his wife of 68 years, Frances T. Clark, of San Antonio, their eldest daughter Catherine C. Wiles and her husband, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Roger L. Wiles, of Enid Oklahoma; son Harry A. Clark, III, and his wife, Augusta, of San Antonio; son Lieutenant General (Retired) Robert T. Clark and his wife, Karen, of San Antonio; daughter Sarah Johns and her husband, Tommy, of Sandpoint, ID; son Colonel (Retired) Stephen M. Clark and his wife, Ellen, of Fairfax, VA; son Colonel (Retired) David L. Clark and his wife, Ja Young, of San Antonio; son Thomas J. Clark and his wife, Marilynne, of Houston; eighteen grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.
Clark, John M. 1936 HS ~ 17-Apr-2005
Clark, Nelson S., III, 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ Nov-1991
Clayton, Allen D., Jr. 1936 JC ~ 01-Jun-1991
Closson, 1LT Charles T., USA 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 07-Oct-1943 – WWII-Killed in service in an auto accident at El Paso, TX, on 7 October 1943.
Cole, Richard L. 1936 JC
Coleman, LTC George T., USA 1936 JC ~ 08-Feb-1945 – WWII-Killed in action by machine gun fire on the outskirts on Manilla, Philippines, on 8 February 1945.
Combs, LTC David O., (Ret) 1933 HS-1936 JC ~ 01-May-1986
Conroy, Robert L. 1936 HS
Cook, Joseph D., Jr. 1936 HS ~ 22-Nov-1992
Copeland, Jefferson L., Jr. 1936 JC ~ 26-Apr-2004
Corbyn, G. Scaling 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 17-Aug-2001
Crabb, James W., II, 1936 JC
Cummings, I. Lester, Jr. 1936 JC ~ 01-Mar-1984
Cundiff, LTC Milton R., USA (Ret) 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 27-Jan-1988
Curtiss, John S., Jr. 1936 JC ~ 29-Mar-1998
Daugherty, Clarence G., Jr. 1936 JC
Davis, Fred H. 1936 HS
Day, George E., Jr. 1936 HS
Deupree, William Ernest 1936 HS ~ 01-Sep-2008
Donaldson, Thomas H. 1936 JC

Doughty, R. Marvin 1936 JC
Downey, MG Stephan W., (Ret) 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 01-Feb-1973
Duffy, James T. 1936 JC
Dysart, Billy W. 1936 JC ~ 01-Dec-1980
Ellis, COL Frank T., USAF (Ret) 1936 HS
Eytinge, Dr. Ernest J., Jr. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 20-Mar-2011 M.D. Ernest J. Eytinge, M.D., 94, husband of Isabelle Eytinge, Moses Lake resident and formerly of Everett, WA, passed away Sunday, March 20, 2011 at Columbia Crest Care & Rehab, surrounded by his loving family. Dr. Eytinge was born in San Francisco, CA, to Ernest J. O. and Marian Brooks Eytinge on August 1, 1916. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Academy in 1936 and did his undergraduate studies at Stanford University. His medical training was at Washington Medical School in St. Louis, MO, and his residency training was in New York City and Lahey Clinic in Boston, MA. His specialty was Internal Medicine. He was certified and recertified by the Board of Internal Medicine. As an Army doctor in World War II in the European Theatre, he fought in France and helped liberate prisoners from the Jewish Internment Camp at Dachau, Germany. Returning from the War, he practiced for over 40 years on Colby Avenue in Everett, WA. After he retired he was a ship’s Doctor on many cruise lines, visiting every continent. His interests include boating, flying his plane, scuba diving, skiing, reading and traveling. For over fifty years Dr. Eytinge was a familiar face at the Everett YMCA enjoying the camaraderie and exercise. Ernest married Marion Hedges in 1944. They had three children, Jonathan (wife, Mary), Margo and Barbara (husband, Richard). His grandchildren are Jonathan, Bret, Alexis, Lian, and Bin. He is survived by Isabelle, his wife of 40 years; his step-children are Mary Margaret Endicott, Jennie Larson (husband, Larry) and James Cory (wife, Jackie); grandchildren are Todd Lewis, Katina Eme, Ryan, Kene and Jamie Larson. 
Fairleigh, Thomas B. 1936 HS
Finklea, Raymond A., Jr. 1936 JC ~ 11-Dec-1999
Flower, Charles R. 1936 JC ~ 01-Dec-1981
Foster, Franklin M. 1934 HS-1936 JC
Frazar, BG Joe N., Jr., AUS (Ret) 1936 JC ~ 12-Aug-2005 age 88, born Januray, 19, 1917 in Eagle Lake, TX, died in Houston on Friday, August 12, 2005. General Frazar graduated from Eagle Lake High School and New Mexico Military Institute (Jr. College Div.), Class of 36. He graduated with a BBA from the University of Texas where he was a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Following his graduation, he was employed by Esso Corporation until the outbreak of WWII. As a resident of Wharton for over 25 years, he was a member of the Wharton Country Club, the Wharton Rotary, and St. Thomas Episcopal Church. He started the Rotary sponsored Boy Scout Troop 229 and was their Scoutmaster for over 10 years. General Frazar was one of the founders and organizers of the Wharton Little Leagues Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball Leagues. After returning to his birthplace of Eagle Lake, TX, he participated in many community activities, earned his 50 year pin as a Mason, and served as President of The Colorado Valley Shrine Club. He contributed to the local Lions Club where he was the champion broom salesman for many years. He was a well known golfer in the area and played almost daily. General Frazar was a member of Christ Episcopal Church of Eagle Lake where he was a dedicated and regular member. General Frazar was a dedicated patriot. One fellow soldier described him as one who never never failed to answer his country’s call when Old Glory waved. He was honored by his country when he was awarded the Legion of Merit. In 1967, he was inducted into the New Mexico Military Institute Hall of Fame. He and his son, Joe, III, are the only father and son General Officers to be so honored by New Mexico Military Institute. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Ellen Douglas Brooks Frazar and their son, G. Brooks Frazar 1962 HS-1964 JC, and his parents: Joe N. Frazar and Gladys W. Frazar, lifelong residents of Eagle Lake, TX. General Frazar is survived by his wife of 39 years, Shirley Ann Frazar, daughters Kathy Frazar of Houston and Lisa Frazar of New York City, sons BG Joe N. Frazar, III, USA (Ret) 1959 HS-1961 JC (wife, Marilyn S. Frazar) of Peachtree City, GA, and Richard D. Frazar (wife, Barbara K. Frazar) of Dallas, TX; six grandchildren Joe, IV, Catherine F. Myers, John S. Frazar 1996 HS, Harrision Frazar, Kevin Frazar, and Taylor Green; five great-grandchildren James M. Myers, Maryellen Brook Myers, Andrew Frazar Myers, Harrison Frazar and William Stafford Frazar. He is also survived by his sister, Virginia Fair Well of Eagle Lake, TX, and numerous nieces and nephews. 
Fulwiler, Hal 1936 HS ~ 29-Sep-1996
Furlow, MAJ Grady M. 1936 JC ~ 22-May-1990
Galbreath, Gerald H., Jr. 1936 JC ~ 30-Oct-1981
Gavello, Elmer P. 1936 HS ~ 22-May-1998
Getman, Robert E. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 23-Nov-1993
Gibson, Robert H. 1936 JC ~ 26-Nov-2004 Bob Gibson, age 88, of Mattoon, passed away at 2:10 p.m. on Friday, November 26, 2004, at his residence. Survivors include his two daughters, Christie Pepmeyer of Galesburg and Holly Dyer and husband Jay of Raleigh, NC; his stepson, Lindsay Phipps and wife Beth of the Ocala, FL, area; four grandchildren, Jason Dyer and Chelsey Dyer, both of Raleigh, NC, Stacey Phipps and Corey Phipps, both of Chicago; a niece, Helen Tafel of San Antonio, TX; and a nephew, Jody Ruck of Jackson MS. He was preceded in death by his parents and one sister, Louise Ruck. Bob was born in Mason, Effingham County, IL, on December 4, 1915 but moved to Mattoon when he was a young boy. Bob’s first two years of college were at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, and he graduated from Northwestern University in 1938. Bob resided in Connecticut for two years, working for Aetna Insurance Company. He then decided to move back to Mattoon, where he worked with his father and later owned Gibson’s Furniture Store. He resided in Mattoon for the rest of his life, except for the time he served during World War II as a Captain in the U.S. Army. While living in Mattoon, Robert served on several boards. He was Past President and board member of the Mattoon Chamber of Commerce and served on the board and as Chairman of the Fire and Police Commissioners for over thirty five years. He was currently an Emeritus Member of the Board of Directors of the First Federal Savings and Loan. He was a member and Past President of the Wabash Valley Furniture Association. Bob was a member of the First United Methodist Church, the American Legion, and was a former member of the Kiwanis and the Elks. He was a 32nd Degree Mason and also enjoyed his membership in the Shriners. In addition, he served on SCORE for a number of years. He loved golf and playing gin rummy and was a member of the Mattoon Golf and Country Club for many years. Mr. Gibson was a wonderful father, grandfather, and friend. Throughout his life he was a man of great dignity, charm, love, generosity, and had a zest for life that all who encountered him admired. He brought an extraordinary joy of life to many. The family would like to thank the staff at Brookstone Estates and his personal caregivers for their excellent and compassionate care of their father. Words cannot express the family’s appreciation of the loving care extended to Bob in his final days. Memorial gifts in his honor are suggested to Lincolnland Hospice or to the Salvation Army.
Gillespie, Donald E., Jr. 1936 JC
Golladay, Thomas P. 1936 JC ~ 31-Jan-2002
Gordon, COL William T., USA (Ret) 1934 HS-1936 JC
Goudelock, Robert W. 1936 JC
Graham, J. Bruce 1936 JC
Green, Donald W., Jr. 1936 HS
Green, George B. 1936 HS
Green, Thomas B., Jr. 1936 HS
Greeninger, Edward Mathews 1936 HS ~ 19-Oct-1995
Greenlaw, Morrison B. 1936 HS ~ 01-May-1991
Griffith, John D. 1936 HS
Gundrum, Frederick Fretageot, Jr. 1936 HS ~ 06-Jul-1944 – WWII-killed when the plane he was piloting to Guadacanal crashed and burned on 26 July 1944. Civilian Pilot (U. S. Air Transport Command)
Haney, 1LT Norris Brydia, USA 1936 JC ~ 25-Aug-1944 – WWII-Killed in action in a plane crash in England on 25 August 1944.
Harriss, Robert L. 1936 HS ~ 01-Jul-1973
Hayter, Lloyd L. 1936 JC
Healy, Edward Leland 1936 HS ~ 14-Nov-2006
Henley, Arthur S., Jr. 1936 HS
Hieb, Roy O. 1936 JC ~ 12-Feb-1990
High, Adrian K. 1936 HS ~ 07-Jan-2008
Hildebrandt, Charles Nichols 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 11-Oct-1967
Hill, Jack W. 1936 HS ~ 01-Jun-1982
Hirsh, Harry J. 1936 HS ~ 22-Oct-1991
Holt, Edward Huston 1936 JC ~ 1974
Holzman, Harry Truman 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 21-Oct-1982
Honochick, George James 1936 HS ~ 10-May-1994
Horwitz, Henry Milton 1936 JC
Howard, Frank W. 1936 HS ~ 10-Oct-2000
Hubbell, Frank Aleric 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 04-Jun-2007 89, of Topeka, passed away Mon. June 4, 2007. Frank graduated from St. Michael’s College in Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, NM, and studied Business Management and Accounting from Gem Business College in Quincy, IL. He graduated from the Command and General Staff School in Leavenworth, KS, on June 8, 1944. He served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army stationed at Ft. Bliss in El Paso where he was in charge of intelligence for the Mexican Border in the states of New Mexico and Texas. Frank was honorably discharged from the Army Reserve on Nov. 14, 1957. He moved to Topeka in 1952 where he went into business for himself and in the course of his professional career, he owned Electric City, Central Service and Delivery, Hubbell’s Furniture Acres, Hubbell’s Rental and the HUB Warehouse. In 1976 he took over the operation of the Frank A. Hubbell, Co. Cattle ranch, which was started by his grandfather. The ranch diversified into commercial real estate consisting of two Andy’s Fast Food Restaurants and the Casa Restaurant. He remained active in the administration of his commercial properties until 2000. Mr. Hubbell was a private pilot with commercial and instructor ratings. He passed on his love of flying to his sons who received their pilot’s licenses under his instruction. He was a member of Most Pure Heart of Mary Church and a faithful guardian in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. He served as a lector and as a Eucharistic minister at church and to the homebound. Frank was born in Albuquerque, NM on July 18, 1917, the son of James L. and Charlotte Pratt Hubbell. He was married to Elizabeth Valliant on Nov. 20, 1940 in Albuquerque. She preceded him in death July 18, 1993. Survivors include three sons, James L. Hubbell (Barbara), Vance P. Hubbell (Sally), of Topeka, and Pat Hubbell, Kansas City, KS; eight grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.
Irish, Harold R. 1936 JC ~ 21-Apr-2012 age 96, formerly a 60-year resident of Lewiston, died Tuesday, April 17, 2012 in the Beechwood Continuing Care in Getzville, where he had been a resident since 2008. Harold was born December 18, 1915 in Niagara Falls, NY, the son of the late Ralph and Beulah (Bryning) Irish. He was a 1934 graduate of Deveaux School in Niagara Falls, and went to the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM for two years. He started working at Carborundum Co. In 1936, and after several years went to work at General Abrasives in Niagara Falls. Harold retired as Assistant Director of Marketing and Shipping in 1990. He married his first wife, Mary Elizabeth (Richardson) on December 24, 1940. Mary died April 28, 1973. He married Mary Elizabeth “Betty” (McCarthy) Burley on September 21, 1973, and she predeceased him on July 22, 2004. Harold was a longtime member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lewiston where he had served as a Vestryman, Treasurer and on the Building Committee. Harold had also attended St. Peter’s RC Church in Lewiston. He had served on the Lewiston Porter School Board and the Village of Lewiston in various capacities for several years. He was a member of the Lewiston Senior Citizens as well. He enjoyed playing bridge, dancing and traveling, having taken 23 cruises. He is survived by a daughter, Lynette (Charles) Spencer of Vermillion, SD; a son, Thomas H. (Lynndell) Irish of Danbury, CT; a step-daughter, Brenda L. (Thomas) Crowe of Lockport; a brother, S. Lee (late Eleanor) Irish of Huntley, IL; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by a step-son, Ronald Burley. . Please celebrate his life when you are with someone who knew him; raise your glass in Harold’s honor and memory.
Johnsey, Theron Eugene 1936 JC ~ 10-Mar-1973
Johnson, PVT Paul Harvey, USMCR 1936 HS ~ 11-Dec-1942 – WWII-Killed in action in the South Pacific on 11 December 1942.
Jones, Joseph Roy, Jr. 1936 HS
Kehoe, Kenneth E. 1936 HS
Kelley, A. Leigh 1936 HS
Kennemer, Morris Donald, Jr. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 01-Jan-1996
Kenney, BG John Joseph, Jr., USA (Ret) 1933 HS-1936 JC ~ 03-Nov-1990
King, John L. 1936 JC ~ 02-May-1990
Kirby, Joseph Greenwood 1936 HS ~ 19-Dec-1999
Kline, John Lewis 1936 HS ~ 04-Oct-1998
Knox, John W. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 01-Nov-1977
Kokernot, Lee Glenn 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 29-Jul-1972
Latta, Dr. Harrison 1936 HS ~ 29-Dec-2007 (89), was a prominent pathologist at UCLA for 50 years. Dr. Latta died on December 29th, survived by his wife of 22 1/2 years, Lya Cordova Latta. Dr. Latta requested no services.
Lewis, Robert Wallace 1934 HS-1936 JC
Linck, CWO Ralph Eugene, Sr., USA (Ret) 1936 JC ~ 06-Jan-2002
Looney, LTC Jack Reeson, (Ret) 1936 JC ~ 09-May-2008
Love, Charles H. 1934 HS-1936 JC
Mack, Louis W., Jr. 1936 HS ~ 10-Jan-2008 Was born April 24, 1918, in Denver, CO, and passed away, at age 89, in Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, CA, on January 10, 2008. As the son of one of Denver’s founding families, Lou spent his younger years in the mile high city. Wanting to be even higher in the clouds, he developed a love for flying early in life and had gotten his pilots license by the time he was 16. He excelled at boxing and won the Lightweight Golden Glove Championship in Colorado at 18. He attended New Mexico Military Institute, Menlo College, the U. of Virginia, and Southern Methodist University in Dallas. It was at SMU, in a Shakespeare class, that he met his future bride and love of his life, Martha Proctor. They celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary in June, 2007. Lou’s passion for flying evolved into a career when he was 23 and became a commercial pilot with Continental and later United Airlines. He also flew with the Army Air Transport Command and was later a civilian flight instructor for the Army-Air Force. In 1944, he built Sky Ranch, a private airport in Denver, which he owned and operated for over twenty years. It became one of the largest private airports in the west. Lou flew his own planes well into his sixties and we feel sure that he is flying again now. Coming to La Jolla for vacations since his childhood, and with his own family for years, it finally became a permanent home in the 1960’s. Desiring to help his new community, he served on the Board of Trustees of Scripps Memorial Hospital throughout the 1970’s. Former Chief of Staff, Dr. David Roseman, said, Lou contributed greatly to the board and hospital with most valuable help and business knowledge throughout his tenure. He also served on the Arthritis Foundation Board at the University of Arizona. Golf was another passion of Lou’s and he played most of the great courses of the U.S., and was a scratch golfer for many years. He declined an opportunity to turn pro in his twenties. Although he had been unable to play in recent years, he continued to hold memberships at La Jolla Country Club, Denver Country Club, Cherry Hills Country Club, and La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. His life-long love of hunting and fishing took him to his home in Jackson Hole, WY, for many months each year. All of his grandsons say their fondest memories of their grandfather involve their times spent with him in Jackson during winters and summers. He was named a Board of Trustee Emeritus of the U. of Wyoming after serving there for many years. His home and membership at the Old Baldy Club enticed him to Saratoga, WY, for weeks at a time. Lou’s greatest love of all was for his family. Surviving him are his wife, Martha; his daughters, Ann (Bob) Abbott of Laguna Beach and Susan (Fred) Oliver of La Jolla; his grandsons, Gregg Gaynor and Justin Resnik of Laguna Beach; Josh, Hunter, and Spencer Oliver of La Jolla; Louis Mack, IV, of Laguna Beach; granddaughter, Brittany Mack of Connecticut, and great-granddaughter, Makenna Gaynor. His son, Louis Mack, III, preceded him in death by eighteen months. 
Maechtle, Everett V. 1936 JC ~ 01-Apr-1980
Marshall, Rollo E. 1936 JC
Martin, Villard, Jr. 1936 HS ~ 10-Mar-2002
McCarty, Richard Earle 1936 JC ~ 03-Apr-1998
McGraw, Clarence R. 1936 HS ~ 28-Nov-1991
McKinney, Burl E., Jr. 1936 HS
McKinney, George K. 1936 JC
McKnight, Thomas Lanier 1936 JC ~ 09-Oct-2001
Meeting, COL Herbert, JAGC, USN 1936 JC ~ Dec-1972
Moore, Lt Col Paul G., Jr., USAF (Ret) 1936 JC ~ 01-Apr-2005
Mundy, Jess G. 1936 HS
Nance, Clyde B., Jr. 1936 JC ~ 11-Oct-1991
Newton, George H., Jr. 1936 JC
Newton, John W., Jr. 1936 JC
Nickerson, Randolph R., Jr. 1936 HS
Nobles, John O., Jr. 1936 JC ~ 25-Feb-2001
Nolte, Henry E., Jr. 1936 HS
Norfolk, Edward S. 1936 HS
Owens, Robert V. 1934 HS-1936 JC
Owens, William M. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 15-Aug-1987
Parham, Melvin L. 1936 HS
Parker, C. H., Jr. 1936 JC
Paton, Arthur M. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 15-Nov-1989
Pearson, Robert Hiram 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 23-Aug-1998
Pickrell, Donald Griffin 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 05-Nov-1995
Pincham, James D. P. 1936 HS
Pratt, William D., Jr. 1936 HS ~ 22-Jul-1965
Presley, Walton M. 1936 JC ~ 25-Mar-1997
Ricks, James M. 1936 JC
Riner, Roy L., Jr. 1936 HS
Robertshaw, Lafayette Drew 1936 HS ~ 30-Sep-1953
Robertson, John Richard 1936 HS
Rogers, Douglas G., Jr. 1936 JC
Royall, Charles C., Jr. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 28-Oct-1983
Rubin, Melvin J. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 11-Feb-1989
Russell, Clayton Stewart 1936 JC ~ 01-Dec-1984
Russell, Frank E. 1936 JC ~ 30-Jul-2015 99, a Tucson Pioneer Descendent, passed away July 30, 2015 in Chula Vista, CA, with his family at his side. Frank was born Oct. 15, 1915 in Tucson to Earline and Ernest Russell. He graduated from Tucson Senior High School and The University of Arizona, he belonged to the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Frank worked in his father’s business before enlisting in the U.S. Army Air Force. During WWII Frank was a B-29 Pilot. He met the love of his life Betty Gee when she was visiting her uncle and aunt in Tucson, they were married in 1944 at the military base in Roswell, NM. They were married for 63 years. After his service to our country, Frank started his own business, Russell Electric, which he owned and operated until his retirement in 1981. Frank and Betty Raised 2 children in the house he resided in for 65 years. Frank was predeceased by his wife, Betty Russell (Gee) in 2007, his son, Ernest Paul Russell in 2009 and his sister, Mary Jo Frazell in 2010. Frank is survived by his daughter, Patricia Fredrickson (John); daughter-in-law, Karen Russell; grandchildren, Kristy Russell Winter (Jay), Katie Russell Poore, Scott Russell (Angela) and Tyler Fredrickson. Great-grandchildren, Griffin and Molly Winter, Lindsey and Jackson Poore, LillyMae Fredrickson and Victoria Russell. Nephew, Allen Coulson (Magdalena) and niece, Barbara Luckett. Frank was an avid hunter, hunting trips were planned annually. He also belonged to the Arizona Historical Society. 
Rutherford, Philip R. 1936 JC ~ 02-Jul-2007 91, Phillip R. Rutherford, of Monroe, a hardware store owner, died Monday. 
Ruud, Bert Max 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 03-Nov-2005
Sacra, Glaze M. 1936 JC ~ 06-Apr-2005
Sadler, Daniel K., Jr. 1936 JC
Samworth, Robert B. 1936 JC ~ 08-Aug-1991
Shaw, Robert E. 1934 HS-1936 JC
Shea, COL Gerald Hugh, USA (Ret) 1936 HS
Sheldon, Harrison William 1934 HS-1936 JC
Simmonds, Lewis T. 1936 JC
Singer, Alexander S. 1936 HS
Sipes, Paul Gilbert 1936 HS ~ 09-Nov-1987
Spurrier, Odith King, Jr. 1936 HS ~ 16-Mar-1967
St. John, John 1936 JC ~ 28-Oct-2005, 88, passed away Friday, Oct. 28, 2005, in Fort Worth. John was born May 17, 1917, and grew up in Cisco. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and served in the 36th Infantry Division during World War II. He received a Purple Heart. John attended the University of Texas, where he was a quarterback for the Longhorns. John was a member of the Petroleum Club, River Crest Country Club and Steeplechase. He was an avid golfer and longtime independent oil operator in Fort Worth. He was preceded in death by his wife, Bernice St. John. Survivors: Son, John St. John, II, and wife, Lynne; stepdaughters, Barbara Thomas and husband, Jim, and Bunny Ridgeway; granddaughters, Mary Lynne Zurawel and husband, Sam, Gretchen Brandt and husband, Matthew, and Meredith Thomas; grandsons, Stoney Thomas and wife, Elizabeth, Bart Thomas, Barrett Vawter and Brandt Vawter; and great-grandchildren, Sophie St. John Zurawel, John Pierce Zurawel and Luke Palmer Zurawel.
Strickland, Davis Frank, Jr. 1936 HS ~ 17-Mar-1993
Summers, LTC John William, USA 1934 HS-1936 JC
Sumner, George A. 1936 HS ~ 01-Aug-1978
Tarbell, Robert S. 1936 JC
Thompson, Thomas Donley 1936 JC ~ 10-Oct-1979
Thompson, LTC William Roth, USA (Ret) 1936 HS ~ 18-Mar-1999
Thurmond, Seymour S., Jr. 1936 JC
Towne, William S. 1933 HS-1936 JC
Tubb, C. Brevis 1936 JC ~ 21-Nov-1954
Tugman, Robert F. 1936 HS ~ 01-Nov-1982
Underwood, Harris F. 1936 JC ~ 26-Feb-1996
Van Winkle, Kellog, Jr. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 19-Jan-1961
Van Winkle, Spencer 1936 HS ~ 14-May-1993
Ventilacion, Benjamin C. 1936 HS
Vernon, Richard F. 1936 JC ~ 01-Dec-1975
Visser, Louis G., Jr. 1936 HS ~ 01-Jan-1969
Waldo, Robert Leib 1936 JC ~ 28-Aopr-1987
Waltman, William J. 1936 JC ~ 08-Feb-2005
Warde, Jack R. 1936 HS ~ 27-Aug-2011
Warr, George D. 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 22-Jun-2002
Warren, Shields, Jr. 1936 JC ~ 26-Jan-1994
Webster, Van A. 1936 JC
Weeth, Harvey Glen 1936 JC ~ 11-Sep-1981
Wentworth, LTC Howard Clinton, USA (Ret) 1936 JC ~ 20-May-1998
White, Thomas J., Jr. 1936 HS ~ 01-Jan-1981
Wilkins, Clifford Holcomb 1934 HS-1936 JC ~ 25-Nov-1989
Williams, Walter J. 1936 JC
Wilson, LTC H. Ritchie W. C., USA (Ret) 1936 JC
Wirts, E. Allen 1936 HS
Wolf, Irl R., Jr. 1936 HS ~ 05-Jul-1961
Woltman, William J. 1936 JC ~ 30-Jan-1995
Wood, Berwick Lewis 1936 HS ~ 03-Jan-2001
Wood, Thomas J., Jr. 1936 HS
Youngheim, Aaron Pickens 1936 JC ~ 16-Mar-2009 92, of El Reno, died March 16, 2009 in El Reno. He was born Dec. 14, 1916 in Anadarko. He was a veteran of WWII, serving in the Army Air Corps as a B-24 bomber pilot. He worked most of his life in Youngheim Brothers Clothing Store in El Reno. In 1953, he married Johanna Farris. Aaron is survived by children, Mike Spivak and wife, Rosemary Fran Turpin and husband, Ron Estelle Cash and husband, Brian brother, Stanley Youngeim and wife, Ruth grandchildren, Jennifer Crites-Cline and Daniel Crites and a great-grandchild, Ardara Cline.
Zimmerman, Ward Kable 1936 JC ~ 15-Apr-1979


Adams, Dr. Walter B., Jr. 1935 JC ~ 05-Sep-1984
Ahlswede, Charles, Jr. 1935 HS ~ 28-Jun-1994
Anderson, Kenneth B. 1935 HS ~ 30-Nov-1996
Armagnac, 1LT Alexander L., USA 1935 JC ~ 08-Sep-1944 – WWII-Killed in action in a vehicle accident in France on 8 September 1944.
Ballinger, Carl J., Jr. 1932 HS-1935 JC ~ 25-May-1979
Barker, Arthur F. 1935 JC ~ 01-Jan-1967
Beach, C. John 1935 JC ~ 01-Jun-2001
Beardsley, Randall S. 1935 HS ~ 01-Jul-1976
Bearly, Col James H., USAF (Ret) 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 22-Oct-1998
Beatty, William H. 1935 JC ~ 01-Mar-1981
Becker, William E., Jr. 1935 JC
Bennett, Frank H. 1935 HS ~ 01-Apr-1982
Benson, H. Lloyd 1935 JC ~ 29-Jun-2008 94, died Sunday, June 29, 2008, in Amarillo. Graveside services will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday in Citizens Cemetery in Clarendon with the Rev. Jess Little, pastor of First Baptist Church of Claude, officiating. Arrangements are by Robertson Funeral Directors of Clarendon. Lloyd was born Feb. 5, 1914, in Brice to Custus Lee and Bertha Hudson Benson. At age 4, he and his family moved to Clarendon, where he was a lifelong resident of Donley County, until moving to the Hudson House in Claude four years ago. In 1935, he married Marjorie Louise White in Clarendon. He attended New Mexico Military Institute on a football scholarship. Lloyd and his brother, C.L., operated Benson Brothers Farming in Hall County for many years. Soon after, he and his son, Bernie, partnered in the cattle and land leasing business. He loved hunting, fishing, horses and cattle, and he valued the land he worked on. In 2004, Lloyd was selected as Pioneer Man of the Year in Clarendon. He was a devoted football fan and was very knowledgeable of all current events regarding the sport. Mr. Benson was a director at Farmer’s State Bank for many years and was a member of First United Methodist Church in Clarendon. He was preceded in death by his parents. Survivors include his wife, Marjorie Benson of Claude; a son, Dr. Bernie Benson and wife Mary of Claude; a daughter, Janice Martin and husband Ronnie of Lubbock; a brother, C.L. Benson of Clarendon; a sister, Susan Latrice “Susie” Benson Bell of Kansas City; four grandchildren, Dr. Michael Lee Benson and wife Jill of Claude, Briss Benson Mann and husband Mark of Seminole, Kelly Pederson and husband Raulie of Magnolia and Lisa Martin Mangold and husband Dr. David Mangold of Lubbock. 
Berry, 1LT Frank, Jr., USA 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 12-Apr-1943 – WWII-Killed in service in an airplane crash near Davis-Monthan Field while on a routine training flight on 12 April 1943.
Bigbee, Judge Harry L. 1935 JC ~ 26-Jun-1999
Bisceglia, Bruno T. 1935 HS
Bivins, Oliver W. 1935 HS ~ 02-Mar-2015 97, of Amarillo died Monday, March 2, 2015. Oliver was born July 17, 1917, in Amarillo to Julian and Berneta Bivins. He marched to his own drummer and in so doing, may have discovered the purpose of life: have fun, help your fellow man and of course enjoy life. He was a proud member of Rover Boys but his greatest pleasure came from helping others and helping others to spread God’s word. He traveled the world but loved Amarillo and all his friends here. He was preceded in death by a daughter, Billie. Survivors include two sons, Julian, II, and Oliver, II; a grandson, Jude; three granddaughters, Shelly, Shelton and Christina; and two great-granddaughters. 
Blackburn, Stanley T. 1935 HS ~ 20-Nov-1997
Blake, I. James 1935 HS ~ 14-Oct-1991
Blueher, Oscar G. 1935 HS ~ 14-May-1990
Brigham, Jack S. T., Jr. 1935 JC
Brown, Malcolm M. 1935 HS
Brownfield, BG Albert R., Jr., USA (Ret) 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 13-Dec-2009 Ray or Brownie, passed away on Dec. 13, 2009, in Liberty, Mo. Albert was born on March 29, 1915, the son of Albert Ray and Allie Dee Brownfield. He was delivered by midwife who arrived in horse and buggy to the ranch house six miles from the nearest town in Terry County, TX. When he was nine, the family moved to the town of Brownfield, where he attended public schools. He completed high school and junior college at the New Mexico Military Institute. He entered the U.S. Military Academy in 1935 as then freshman Congressman George Mahon’s first West Point appointment. He graduated in 1939 and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant, Field Artillery, in the U.S. Army. He married Virginia Edgerly Goodwin in 1939, and over the next 15 years they had four children, Barbara, Ray, Bill and Betsy. With the United States’ entry into the Second World War, then Captain Brownfield was assigned to the newly formed 811th Tank Destroyer Battalion. He became its commanding officer in 1943, led it to Europe in 1944 and fought it continuously across France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Austria from September 1944 to May 1945. The 811th held the southern hinge of the U.S. Army during the Battle of the Bulge, mounted the only two major counter-attacks in the first day of fighting, held its position during eight days of continuous German attacks, destroyed an estimated 100 German tanks, and on December 26 held the left flank of the U.S. armored column that broke through to and relieved the 101st Airborne Division in Bastogne. The 811th spearheaded two attacks that penetrated the German Siegfried Line, liberated a POW and a concentration camp in Germany and accepted the surrender of a German field army at the end of the war. The 811th was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for its war service. Following the War, Ray Brownfield commanded units in Japan, Alaska and North Carolina. He was promoted to Brig. General in 1966 and served more than two years in the Vietnam War as Chief of Operations, Military Assistance Command, Viet Nam and later Assistant Division Commander of the 4th Infantry Division. He retired in 1969 as Deputy The Inspector General of the U.S. Army. Following retirement, he served as Chief of Staff (CEO) and later Commander in Chief of the Military Order of the World Wars, a national veterans organization. In 1972, his wife Virginia died. In 1974, he married Naomi “Cissy” Campbell Amick and returned to his native Terry County, TX. There, for the next 30 years, he ran the Red Onion Farm that his father and grandfather had run before him. He played a prominent role in his community, supported local veterans and was active in the Texas Masons. There is a statue dedicated to him in the City of Brownfield’s memorial park. General Brownfield is survived by his wife, Cissy; his children, Barbara Rushing, Ray Brownfield, III, Bill Brownfield and Betsy Brownfield Fay; his stepchildren, Lon, Alice, Anne, Eugene and John; 10 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. He will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on the 24th of February. He lived his life by the West Point motto -“Duty, Honor, Country” — and the West Point honor code – “A man does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.”
Brownfield, Lee A. 1935 JC ~ 22-Jun-2002
Buffinger, Charles E. 1933 HS-1935 JC
Burt, Richard 1935 HS
Candelario, John S., Jr. 1935 HS ~ 05-Oct-1993
Cardinal, Daniel E., Jr. 1935 JC ~ 27-Mar-2005
Cartwright, James Ingram, Jr. 1935 JC ~ 18-Nov-2000 passed away November 18, 2000, in Terrell. Born in Terrell to James I. Cartwright, Sr. & Eugenia Polk Cartwright on November 18, 1915, he was a veteran of World War II & attended New Mexico Military Institute & University of Texas at Austin. He operated family ranching business in Kaufman & Taylor Counties for over 50 years. An active civic volunteer in Terrell, he also served as a director for American National Bank of Terrell, Soil Conservation, Texas & Southwest Cattle Raisers Assn. & Terrell Chamber of Commerce. Surviving are his wife, Virginia Dewitt Cartwright, and daughter, Virginia “Ginny” Cartwright, both of Terrell; a large circle of family and friends.
Casad, Humboldt, Jr. 1935 JC
Chase, Harry S. 1935 JC
Chiaramonte, Nardine F. 1935 JC ~ 26-May-2010
Christopher, J. Arthur, Jr. 1935 HS ~ 01-Feb-1991
Clark, James T. 1935 JC
Cloman, William A., Jr. 1935 JC
Cluck, 1LT Martin S., USA 1935 HS ~ 23-Sep-1942 – WWII-Killed in action in a plane crash in the Asiatic theater on 23 September 1942.
Cobb, Lloyd T. 1935 HS
Coletti, Frank J. 1935 HS ~ 15-Sep-1996
Comstock, William C. 1935 HS ~ 21-May-2003
Connell, David L. 1935 JC
Corbett, Harris B. 1935 HS ~ 23-Mar-1975
Croom, Wilbur C. 1935 JC ~ Mar-1986
Doran, Thomas S. 1933 HS-1935 JC
Drolet, Sam R. 1935 JC ~ 01-Feb-1987
Drummond, Thomas M. 1935 HS
Duncan, James J. 1935 HS ~ 28-Jan-2001
Duncan, John A. 1935 HS ~ 12-Sep-1999
Dunwoody, Charles G., Jr. 1935 HS ~ 26-Oct-2005
Edwards, James A. 1935 JC
Edwards, John H., Jr. 1935 HS ~ 04-Jul-2003
Eitzen, LTC Charles B., USA (Ret) 1935 JC ~ 04-Jun-2010 Entered into rest June 4, 2010 in San Antonio at the age of 95. He was born December 20, 1914 in Tucumcari, NM to the late Walter & Theresa (Burke) Eitzen. He was preceded in death by his daughter Patricia Lee and grandson Ryan Lee. Survivors include his wife of 65 years, Maycel Eitzen; daughter Ann Relat, phd; sons Charles B. Eitzen, II, John B. Eitzen, Ph.D; 7 grandchildren; 4 great grandchildren. 
Elliott, Robert A. 1935 JC ~ 21-Feb-1993
Ellison, W. Woods, Jr. 1935 JC
Ely, CPT Clyde E., Jr., USA 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 20-Feb-1945 – WWII-Killed in action – died in a Japanese prison camp on 20 February 1945.
Evans, Fred B., Jr. 1935 JC ~ 20-Sep-2002, 88, passed away quietly at his home in Alamogordo on Sept. 20, 2002. He was born in Dawson, NM, April 22, 1914, to Dr. and Mrs. Fred Evans. He moved to Alamogordo with his family in 1923. He graduated from Alamogordo High School, New Mexico Military Institute and the University of New Mexico. Fred served honorably as Captain in the 26th Cavalry during World War II. Following the fall of Bataan, he was taken prisoner and held captive for four years. After his military service, Fred came home to Alamogordo and had several businesses in the community. He married Frances Dale on Dec. 28, 1950. Fred is survived by his wife, Frances Evans of the family home, his daughter, Becky Bock and husband Galen of Midland, TX; Thomas Reynolds and his wife Jean of Cloudcroft. He is also survived by his grandchildren, Timothy Bock, Raebecca Harp and husband Trey, Marybeth Reynolds, Thomas Reynolds, Jr., Kris Creed, Karla Harrison and four great grandchildren. Friends are invited to visit with the family from 5 until 7 p.m. on Monday at Hamilton-O’Dell Funeral Home, 1334 N. Scenic Drive. Graveside services will be conducted at 2 p.m. on Tuesday in the Monte Vista Cemetery with Ted Hardwick officiating. Pallbearers will be Paul Light, Jac Curry, Orran Fairly, Dale Lindley, Joe Haley and John DiRisio. Honorary pallbearers will be Bob Jones, Frank Simpkins, Sam Scott and Ken McMurry. 
Evans, Glenn N. 1935 HS ~ 12-Aug-1978
Eytinge, Jonathan B. 1935 HS
Fain, Hugh 1935 HS
Faris, George D. 1935 HS ~ 03-Mar-1971
Farr, Ronald O. 1935 HS ~ 01-Jul-1972
Fink, CPT Hugh H., USA 1935 JC ~ 14-Jan-1945 WWII-Killed in action – died from wound received while aboard a Japanese transport that was bombed by our Naval Air forces in Takao Harbor 9 January 1945. Fink lived through the bombing, but died 14 January 1945 from lack of food and medical attention.
Finn, George R. 1935 HS ~ 01-Jan-1980
Foster, G. Page, III, 1935 HS
Fraser, Edgar L. 1935 JC ~ 21-Jan-2002
Freed, John M. 1935 JC
Gaddis, William S. 1935 JC ~ 01-Jan-1976
Gambill, P. Travis 1935 HS
Garner, John D. 1935 JC
Garrett, Hickman N., Jr. 1935 HS ~ 01-Feb-1984
Garrette, Peter J. 1935 JC ~ 28-May-1992
Gersbach, Frank B. 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 24-Aug-1981
Giacobbi, Elvin A., Jr. 1935 JC ~ 01-Jun-1967
Gibson, A. Manning 1935 JC
Glines, James D. 1935 JC ~ 10-Nov-1996
Gooch, Joel M. 1935 HS ~ 21-Apr-1995
Graham, Sawyer A. 1935 JC
Grandovic, Martin A. 1935 HS
Greene, William S. 1935 JC
Griffith, Benjamin Whitfield, Jr. 1935 HS ~ 22-Sep-2011 Age 94. “Whit” is preceded in death by Anne Griffith, wife of 58 years and son Richard Griffith. Whit is survived by wife Joan Griffith, daughter Nancy Griffith Mercer and husband Jack, grandchildren Alisa Griffith Henderson, Rebecca Griffith Day, Cindy Rosser and Steven Puckett and great grandchildren Emily Henderson, Abigail Henderson, Erin French, Madison Rosser and Jaden Puckett. He is also survived by four step children and eight step grandchildren. Whit was a graduate of MIT and an active ham radio operator for eighty years (N5SU). 
Gross, Benjamin D., Jr. 1935 JC ~ 01-Feb-1985
Hale, Sam P., Jr. 1935 JC ~ 09-Dec-1989
Hall, Thomas D. 1935 JC ~ 01-Feb-1978
Hall, Winfield E., Jr. 1933 HS-1935 JC
Hamilton, LT Donald Wheeler, Jr., USN 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 03-Feb-1945 – WWII-Killed in action – died in a Japanese prison camp on 3 February 1945. Hamilton survived the bombings of prison ships but died of severe bronchitis.
Harvey, John S. 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 07-Feb-2008
Hawk, William S., Jr. 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 29-Jul-1994
Hazard, Bruce R. 1935 HS ~ 08-Jun-2001
Head, Winston C. 1935 HS ~ 01-Feb-1982
Heath, Wiley C. 1935 JC ~ 03-Oct-1961
Heller, Dr. Robert C. 1933 HS-1935 JC
Helms, Billie 1935 HS
Hendricks, George H. 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 25-Aug-2002
Henrichs, LTC Paul H., USA (Ret) 1935 JC ~ 24-Feb-2003
Herron, Francis M. 1935 HS ~ 09-Mar-1989
Hewes, Calhoun S. 1935 HS ~ 03-May-1994
Heyne, Frederick Jay, Jr. 1935 JC
Hill, John O. 1935 HS ~ 01-Jul-1969
Hoffman, Bowley 1935 JC ~ 16-Oct-2000
Holmes, Paul Kinloch, Jr. 1935 JC ~ 08-Aug-1998
Hubbell, 1LT James Laurence, Jr., USA 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 02-Sep-1942 – WWII-Killed in service when his plane plunged into the ocean near Point Loma, CA, on 2 September 1942.
Hudson, Kenneth D. 1935 HS
Hudson, Walter D. 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 01-May-1955
Hussmann, Elmer August 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 28-Feb-1958
Hussmann, J. Irving 1935 HS
Hussmann, Roy H. 1935 HS
Jinkins, Dr. Wiley J., Jr. 11933 HS-1935 JC ~ 17-Aug-2000
Johnson, Arthur 1935 JC
Jones, Robert M. 1935 JC ~ 22-Jul-2000
Jopling, Raymond Calvert, Jr. 1935 HS ~ 05-Apr-1986
Keith, Paul G., Jr. 1935 HS ~ 20-Apr-2001
Keith, William G. 1935 HS
Knorr, John W., Jr. 1935 JC
Lambeth, William E. 1935 JC
Lambing, Jack 1935 JC Z~ 06-Mar-1973
Leonard, Leslie Thain 1935 HS
Leverton, Wilfred Bailey 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 24-Feb-2003, devoted husband, father, and grandfather, passed away on Monday, February 24, 2003. Mr. Leverton was a resident of El Paso, TX, and a previous resident of Winston-Salem, NC, for 50 years. He is survived by his loving wife of 64 years, Sallie Leverton. Mr. Leverton is survived by three children Charlotte Leverton Hamner of Anniston, AL, Stephen Colwell Leverton of Beaufort, South Carolina, and Reed Leverton and his wife Cathy of El Paso, TX. Mr. Leverton is also survived by ten grandchildren, Kim Hamner Plash (Al) of Orange Beach, AL, Anne F. Hamner of Birmingham, AL, Sam Hamner, Jr., (Julie) of Birmingham, AL, Wilfred Bailey Leverton, II, (Beth) of Winston-Salem, NC, Elizabeth Leverton of Beaufort, South Carolina, Mary Margaret Park (Trent) of Richmond, VA, Katherine Leverton, Margaret Leverton, Luke Leverton, and Bailey Leverton all of El Paso, TX, and five great-grandchildren. Mr. Leverton was a retired businessman who will be dearly missed by those who had the opportunity to know him.
Long, LTC Curry Armstrong, Jr., USA (Ret) 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 08-Mar-2003
Lusk, CPT Virgil Witt, USA 1935 JC ~ 09-Mar-1943 WWII-Killed in service in a plane collision in San Diego, CA, on 9 March 1943.
Mackie, Albert L., Jr. 1935 HS ~ 01-Oct-1961
Mason, Steve W. 1935 JC
Masterson, Robert B., III, 1935 HS
Matkins, Robert W. 1935 HS ~ 01-Apr-1977
Matkins, Thomas L., Jr. 1935 JC ~ 03-Apr-1978
Maxwell, COL John B., II, USA (Ret) 1935 JC
May, Murphy M. 1933 HS-1935 JC
McBride, Clyde Edward, Jr. 1935 JC
McCrae, Fletcher Taylor 1935 JC ~ 09-Feb-1968
McDougal, Walter L., Jr. 1935 HS ~ 01-Dec-1965
McGee, Weldon M. 1935 HS
McKay, John G., Jr. 1935 JC
McKeown, Dr. Scott B. 1935 HS
Mead, Roy, Jr. 1935 HS
Morey, Russell W. 1935 JC
Morley, Robert E. 1935 JC
Moss, Theodore F. 1935 HS
Muench, A. Mason 1935 JC
Nalle, Edmond R. 1935 JC ~ 26-Dec-1964
Napier, Eugene V. 1935 JC
Napier, George L. 1935 JC
Neal, Clarence A., Jr. 1935 HS
Neis, Gifford P. 1935 HS ~ 01-Oct-1990
Nelson, James C. 1935 HS ~ 01-Jun-1971
Neumann, Ernest P. 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 26-Sep-1965
Newell, William C. 1935 HS ~ 13-Apr-1998
Newkirk, William S., Sr. 1935 HS ~ 12-Mar-2001
Newland, John L. 1933 HS-1935 JC
Newsom, Weir G. 1935 HS ~ 01-Jan-1974
O’Donnell, James D. 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 01-Apr-1976
Otto, COL Richard G., USA (Ret) 1935 JC ~ 27-Jun-2000
Parenti, Frank P. 1935 HS
Parsons, Ellis E., Jr. 1935 JC ~ 01-Apr-1959
Parsons, F. Baird 1935 HS
Pate, J. William 1935 JC
Patterson, James H. 1935 HS
Patterson, Stanley G. 1935 JC ~ 12-Jul-2005, age 90, of Shell Knob, Mo., died July 12, 2005, at his home with his family at his side. He was born October 23, 1914, in Jefferson City, MO, to the late Alexander Zachariah and Agatha (Weidemeyer) Patterson. He was educated in the Kansas City, MO, Public School System. Upon graduation from high school, he attended New Mexico Military Institute, William Jewel College, as well as Washington and Lee University where he received his LLB degree. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Upon being admitted to the practice of law by the Missouri Supreme Court in 1939, he joined the law firm of Patterson, Chastain, Graves & Smith in Kansas City, MO. In 1939 he was united in marriage with Martha A. Jenkins of Orleans, IN, and to that union eight children were born. In 1943 he was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Naval Reserve and proudly served in the South Pacific as C.O. of a Naval Armed Guard unit with the rank of Lieutenant, J.G. At the end of the war, he continued the practice of law with his father in the firm of Patterson & Patterson in Kansas City, MO. In 1957 he owned and operated an iron mine in West Plains, Mo. he then formed the Patterson Land & Development Company and engaged in the real estate business in and near Shell Knob, Mo., where he and wife, Mary Elliot (Gardner) of Springfield, Mo., with whom he married in 1964, made their home on beautiful Table Rock Lake. In 1992, they moved to Berryville, AR. For many years he has supported and was involved in the protection of animals both wild and domestic. In April 2004, he was preceded in death by Mary. He was also preceded in death by two infant sons, Stanley and Thomas his daughter, Penny and his son, Zack. He is survived by his son, William and his wife, Lou, of Shell Knob his son, Joseph and wife, Carrie, or Torquerville, UT, his daughter, Julie and husband, Glenn Austin of Salt Lake City, UT, his daughter, Lucie Elwell of Salt Lake City, UT, 10 grandchildren nine great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. 
Perkins, Arthur Peter, Jr. 1935 HS ~ 17-Mar-1997
Peyser, William J., Jr. 1935 HS
Pickett, Paul D. 1935 HS
Pincetl, Marcel Frank 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 01-Nov-1978
Rabb, Frederick H. 1935 HS ~ 01-May-1986
Ragsdale, Paul C. 1935 JC ~ 09-Sep-1999
Rank, William Anton, Jr. 1934 HS-1935 JC ~ 20-Nov-1946
Rankin, Bruce 1935 HS
Ray, John D. 1935 HS
Reed, Raymond W. 1935 JC
Reynolds, Wiley E. 1935 JC ~ 16-apr-1994
Richardson, James Ross, Jr. 1933 HS-1935 JC
Rieger, Melvin J. 1935 JC
Rosenwald, Dr. Alan K. 1935 JC ~ 25-Oct-1991
Ruddiman, B. Edsel 1935 HS ~ 30-Sep-2006
Russell, Joe H. 1935 HS
Ruud, Jack T. 1935 JC ~ 26-Jan-1981
Schadel, William A. 1935 JC ~ 05-Apr-1993
Schooler, Tennyson W. 1935 HS ~ 10-Jan-1992
Schultz, RADM Paul G., USN (Ret) 1935 JC ~ 26-Sep-2014 97, Bradenton, died on 26 Sept. 2014 after a short illness. Born in Stevenson, AL on 31 Oct. 1916, his family moved to Roswell, NM in 1926. He graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1938 and retired from the Navy in 1959. He moved to Bradenton in 1973 from Huntington, LI, NY where he was VP & GM of the Hartman Systems Division of Figgie International, Inc. He was a 41-year member and former dir. of the Bradenton Country Club. He was preceded in death by his wife of 68 years, Teen, and brother, Cdr. Jesse Z. Schultz, USN (Ret). Those left to lovingly remember him are daughter, Judith S. Dewey, Glendale, AZ; son, Paul G. Schultz, III, Bradenton; sister, Frances S. Jennings, Roswell, NM; and numerous nieces and nephews, their children and grandchildren.
Seifert, Charles G. 1935 JC ~ Sep-2005

Seligman, Jack J. 1935 HS ~ 31-Oct-2007 Born in Bernalillo on March 31, 1918 to a pioneer New Mexico family, Jack made lots of friends. 
Semple, William F., Jr. 1935 HS ~ 28-Jan-1994
Shai, Dr. Joseph Park, II, 1935 HS ~17-Nov-1995
Sidler, Walter Julious 1935 HS ~ 13-Jul-1972
Simmer, Leonard Keith 1935 HS ~ 12-Mar-2013
Slaughter, Hubert Si Randall 1935 JC ~ 02-Dec-1997
Smith, Marquis La Velle, V 1935 JC
Spencer, Truman Augustus, Jr. 1933 HS-1935 JC
Stacher, CPT Sherman Franklin, Jr., USA 1935 JC ~ 01-Jul-1942 – WWII-Killed action in a plane crash in England on 1 July 1942.
Stanfill, Dr. Charles Mac 1935 JC ~ 12-Jan-1996
Staples, Edgar E. 1935 JC ~ 01-Nov-1984
Starnes, William Fletcher 1935 HS ~ 01-May-1993
Stauder, CPT James Berry, USA 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 25-Nov-1944 – WWII-Killed in action – officially declared dead after having been missing in the English Channel since 25 November 1944.
Stebbins, John D. 1935 HS ~ 10-Apr-2005
Stengele, Frank Hopkins, Jr. 1935 JC ~ 06-Nov-2002 died November 6, 2002, at the Veteran Hospice Center in Palo Alto. A native of Plainfield, N.J., his family moved to NM, in 1921. He graduated from Lordsburg High School, New Mexico Military Institute and received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico A&M. He continued his education at UCLA, Stanford and Foothill College. He was honored as “Older Adult Learner of the Year” by the Mountain View-Los Altos School District in 1999. He worked for Southern Pacific Railroad, retiring in 1976 as Manager of Industrial Engineering. He was the designer and project engineer for the railroad for numerous projects including the famous dome cars. Five dome cars still exist; one was recently shipped to Panama Railway. He was a registered professional mechanical and industrial engineer, member of the American Society of Industrial Engineers, Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association and life member of the El Paso Masonic Lodge. Mr. Stengele is survived by his daughter Charlotte; son Terry; four grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife of 56 years, Lois, in 1995. 
Stewart, Ralph Benson 1933 HS-1935 JC
Stewart, Richard Meredith 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 04-Apr-1969
Stickle, B. Granger 1935 HS ~ 16-Apr-2002
Sullivan, Dennis W., Jr. 1935 JC ~ 01-Aug-1978
Taubman, Milton I. 1935 HS
Todd, John D. 1935 HS ~ 01-Feb-1986
Travis, Marshall 1935 HS ~ 01-Sep-1977
Tregenza, John E. 1935 HS ~ 01-Apr-1974
Treichler, Herbert E., Jr. 1935 JC
Tucker, Joseph Archibald 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 16-Dec-2002
Tuttle, Franklin H. 1935 HS ~ 03-May-1992
Tyler, John Waldo 1935 HS ~ 04-Jan-1968
VanHook, Jack Reese 1935 JC ~27Feb-1976
VonPawel, COL Ernest (Ret) 1935 JC ~ 22-apr-1987
Waltermire, Robert K. 1935 JC
Waterhouse, Alexander Cooke, Sr. 1935 JC ~ 30-Mar-1999
Wheeler, Elliott B. 1935 JC ~ 01-May-1972
Whitaker, George Barker 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 28-Jan-2002
Williams, A. Sidney, Jr. 1935 HS
Williams, Col William A., USAF (Ret) 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 30-Oct-2009
Wright, COL Frederick Starr, Jr., USA (Ret) 1935 JC ~ 02-Jun-2007
Yeatts, Bill G. 1935 JC ~ 02-Nov-1997
Yelverton, Thomas M., Jr. 1935 HS ~ 13-Apr-1991
Zuckerman, Bertram 1933 HS-1935 JC ~ 03-Sep-2000


Alexander, Jack R. 1934 HS ~ 01-Jan-1977
Allen, George M. 1934 JC ~ 13-Jan-1999 88, of Falls Road, Toccoa, died Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005 at the Stephens County Hospital. Services will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at the First Baptist Church, Toccoa. Burial will be in the Martin City Cemetery. Survivors include a number of cousins and close friends.
Allen, John W., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 25-Jul-1995
Altom, Arthur F. 1934 HS
Anstett, Charles E., Jr. 1934 HS
Arrison, Glendale 1934 HS ~ 29-Oct-1963
Augustine, John L., Jr. 1932 HS-1934 JC ~ 09-Oct-2006 “Mr. Farm Bureau” John Augustine, the first executive vice president of the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau, passed away October 9, 2006 in Las Cruces, NM. Mr. Augustine is a true legend in the annals of New Mexico agriculture where he started as county extension agent and went on to build one of the nation’s premier agricultural organizations. In 1987 he was presented with the Distinguished Service Citation by the American Farm Bureau Federation, the nation’s highest agricultural honor. He was also the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award for the NMSU College of Agriculture and Home Economics in 1975. John was born in El Paso, TX August 29, 1914 to John L. Augustine and Myrtle Smith Augustine. El Paso was the closest hospital to where his family lived in Lordsburg, NM, where his father worked as a copper and silver miner and his mother was a homemaker. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute and the New Mexico College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts, now New Mexico State University, in 1937. He taught vocational agriculture in Farmington, NM 1937-1938. In 1938 he moved to Las Cruces and was named Dona Ana County Extension Agent. Mr. Augustine built the foundation for a county 4-H program and was also involved for many years with the FFA. In those days the extension service and Farm Bureau were affiliated organizations on the county level. In 1946 he accepted the position of Executive Secretary of the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau, a post he held until January 1, 1980. Upon taking the helm of Farm Bureau he formed “The 100 Club” an organization of farmers and ranchers who would put up $100 each in seed money to fund the new agricultural organization. He built the New Mexico Farm Bureau from 500 members to 9,000 family-members statewide prior to his retirement. Following his retirement he then served as a consultant for the organization until 1994. He and his protégée, Bob Porter, would build the organization to 10,000 members making it the states largest and most influential agricultural organization. Porter went on to serve as Farm Bureau’s Executive Vice President following Augustine’s retirement. Today statewide Farm Bureau membership tops 17,000 families, businesses and organizations. Mr. Augustine also served as secretary-treasurer of Western Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company, serving both Arizona and New Mexico, and was active as a nominal editor of New Mexico Farm and Ranch Magazine, from 1947-1985. Mr. Augustine was very active in many civic endeavors including: The Rotary Club, Masonic Lodge, Lion’s Club and as chairman of the Agricultural Committee of the Chamber of Commerce. He was always active in the local, state and national Republican Party serving as precinct chairman, member of the county central committee and the state central committee. According to the achieves at the NMSU College of Agriculture, Augustine was “tremendously effective in securing adequate funding for the Cooperative Extension Service, the NM Department of Agriculture and NMSU . . . Year after year.” Mr. Augustine was instrumental in bringing Roger Corbett, executive secretary of the American Farm Bureau Federation, to serve as president of NMSU. Augustine served two terms on the New Mexico Racing Commission and bred and raced quarter horses. He was a long time cotton farmer in the Mesilla Valley and a member of the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Posse. He and his late wife Elise formed and coached the Thunderbirds, a square dance team on horseback performing at fairs and rodeos all over New Mexico. After his retirement, Mr. Augustine went right on building and promoting the Farm Bureau by founding NM Farm Bureau Prime Timers, an organization of retired farmers and ranchers which thrives to this day. John Augustine was a master motivator and a quiet, behind-the-scenes leader of men and women. Part of his legacy are the thousands of young people he helped develop into leaders in agriculture across New Mexico. State history will remember Augustine’s influence on the careers of numerous political leaders including the late Governor Ed Mecham and Congressman Joe Skeen. He was the driving force behind elevating the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau to a potent political force in New Mexico and across the nation. Most of the good things in agriculture in New Mexico have John Augustine’s guiding hand upon them though he always made sure his students, Farm Bureau volunteers and staff took the credit. He never missed the chance to praise the virtues of the Farm Bureau organization and its grassroots structure and his lessons to young staff people and volunteers are legendary. He leaves a network of friends and family across the Land of Enchantment that would fill Aggie Memorial Stadium, all of them better off for knowing the man who earned the title “Mr. Farm Bureau.” Those folks will also treasure the memories of his fine-tuned, yet subtle sense of humor and friendly mischief. He is survived by his children, Peggy (Doug) Bogart, Las Cruces; John (Diana) Augustine, Poway, CA; grandchildren, Sherry (Joe) Galemore, Los Lunas, NM, Annette Augustine, Debbie Schatzle, and Amanda Augustine, all of Poway, CA; great-grandchildren, Traci Galemore and Chris Galemore of Los Lunas, NM. His parents and his wife, Elise preceded him in death.
Ault, Frank B., Jr. 1934 HS ~ 24-Jul-2001
Austin, Stacker L. 1932 HS-1934 JC ~ 02-Jan-49
Azcarate, Francesco 1934 HS
Babcock, Howard E., Jr. 1934 JC
Baird, Robert B. 1934 HS ~ 09-Jun-2014
Barney, COL John C., Jr., USA (Ret) 1934 JC
Beach, Russell Easterley 1932 HS-1934 JC ~ 24-May-2003
Becker, Henry C. 1932 HS-1934 JC ~ 01-Dec-1978
Becker, Richard H. 1934 JC ~ 12-Dec-1990
Bellamy, James H., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 09-Jan-1990
Benson, H. William 1932 HS-1934 JC
Bickel, James M. 1934 JC ~ 09-Dec-1997
Boise, D. Richmond 1934 JC ~ 29-Sep-1988
Bond, L. Gordon M. 1934 HS ~ 01-Dec-1976
Boyd, Col Clay A., USMC (Ret) 1934 JC
Braddock, William F. 1934 HS ~ 01-Aug-1980
Braly, M. Weldon 1934 HS
Breath, Dr. Marshall B. 1934 JC ~ Jul 1957
Brookman, Murray E., Jr. 1934 HS ~ 01-Jan-1987
Brown, Frank T. 1934 JC ~ 15-Jan-1990
Brown, Sandford H. 1934 JC
Brumby, Capt Birto R., USAF (Ret) 1934 HS ~ 14-Sep-2015 was born on April 23, 1917 in Waco, TX, to parents William McDuffie Brumby and Lila Ralston Brumby, and passed away on September 14, 2015, at home in Houston, TX. He was 98 years old. He was preceded in death by his parents, one sister, one brother, and his first wife, Jean McGee. He is survived by his wife Ann, his sister Courtenay White, his three children, Birto Ralston Jr. (Wanell), Kirby Jackson (Debby), Vicki Brumby, and his step-son, Robert Stanley (JoAnn). He is also survived by several grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, numerous cousins, and a host of friends. He graduated from Texas Tech University as a Petroleum Engineer. In World War II , he enlisted in the Army Air Corps, and served in the 458th Bombardment Group, stationed at Worsham, St. Faith, England. He flew 30 missions over Europe and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and a Purple Heart , as well as other various medals and commendations. 
Burns, George J., Jr. 1934 HS
Bussey, TSgt Charles, USA 1934 HS ~ 14-Dec-1973
Byrne, George P. 1934 JC
Campbell, Doak S., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 01-Oct-2003
Cann, William H., Jr. 1934 JC
Catto, Robert J. 1934 JC
Cerf, James H. 1934 JC
Clark, James Dallas, III, -1932 HS-1934 JC ~ 24-Mar-2005
Cohen, COL Haskell C., AUS (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 07-May-2005, 88, of Cheyenne died May 7 at United Medical Center-West. He was born Aug. 17, 1916, in Fort Dodge, IA, and moved to Cheyenne several months later with his family. He was founder and president of Realty Services Company. Mr. Cohen graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute as an Honor Graduate 1st Lieutenant in the Cavalry Reserves in June 1934. He was a graduate of Stanford University where he was an ROTC instructor of a horse drawn artillery unit and was a member of the polo coaching staff. Mr. Cohen’s military career began with his first assignment as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 324 Cavalry Reserve at Fort Meade, SD. His horse, Tango, was the last horse to reside at F.E. Warren Air Force Base. During World War II, he was designated deputy area commander for the military liaison in Yugoslavia’s portion of Military Headquarters Balkans. In that capacity, he headed the Anglo/American Relief Program to distribute food to all Balkan countries. In 1944, as lieutenant colonel of the Cavalry, he was named chief liaison officer. In April 1945, he joined Gen. Mark Clark’s army in Italy as executive officer of Internal Affairs Division of the U.S. Allied Control Commission. Returning to the United States after the war, Mr. Cohen joined the Armor Reserves as a lieutenant colonel. Over the years, he inspected reserve units and instructed at many logistics schools. He was instrumental in moving medical personnel from a reserve general hospital that functioned in tents in Kansas to Fitzsimmons Army Hospital. He later worked for the comptroller of 5th Army Headquarters in Chicago to establish finances for “Travel of the Army.” He was promoted to colonel in March 1961 and was named commander of the 5022nd Logistics Command stationed at F.E. Warren. He was retired from the military in 1976 at age 60. His 30-year military career spanned from horses to tanks and other mechanized vehicles. During his youth, he worked as a Parades Volunteer for Cheyenne Frontier Days. As a teenager, he set up the first walkie-talkie system for parade coordination and timing, and with the exception of the war years, continued to work parades throughout his lifetime. In 2001, the Frontier Days Parades Committee named him a special VIP to ride at the beginning of the parade. He was a member of the Cheyenne Frontier Days Heels and loved serving in this capacity. Mr. Cohen was an active member of Mount Sinai Synagogue, serving as president in 1962, on the board of directors for many years, and on the building committee. Animals were a large part of his life, and for many years he was the canine chairman of the Morris Animal Foundation for the state of Wyoming. Throughout Mr. Cohen’s lifetime, he provided a role model of integrity, kindness, and humor to all who knew him. He is survived by two daughters, Susan Cohen of Cheyenne and Sheryl Cohen of Tuscaloosa, AL. his sister, Dorothy Schwartz of Cheyenne one niece, Beverly Mognaz of New York three nephews, Dr. Craig Cohen of Phoenix, Dr. Robbin Cohen of Los Angeles, and Brent Cohen of Denver sister-in-law, Arline Cohen Harris of Cheyenne and California and countless friends who knew and loved him. He was preceded in death by his wife, Bette parents, H.R. and Bertha Cohen brother, Dr. Lawrence J. Cohen and sister, Frances Davis.
Compton, Charles E. 1934 JC ~ 13-Nov-1997
Cook, George C. 1934 HS ~ 12-Dec-1997
Corbyn, Marmaduke, Jr. 1934 JC
Cox, Lt Col Robert L. L., USAF (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 25-Oct-2011 97, of Amarillo, died Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011. Col. Cox was born on Sept. 23, 1914, in Roff, OK, to George and Malinda Cox. He graduated from New Mexico Military Institute and earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Oklahoma. He married Julia Bridger on Oct. 23, 1948, in Bladenboro, NC. Col. Cox served his country in World War II, piloting bombers. He was shot down over Belgium in 1944 and was released from a prisoner of war encampment at the end of the war. He later was associated with an outdoor advertising firm. He was a member the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. He was a longtime member of the men’s Golf Association at Amarillo Country Club and a member of St. Paul United Methodist Church. Survivors include his wife, Julia Cox, of Amarillo; two sons, Robert Lewis Cox, Jr., and wife Gay of Edmond, OK, and G. Bridger Cox and wife Janice of Ardmore, OK; two daughters, Julia M. Fletcher and husband David of Austin and Susan C. Lokey and husband Dan of Amarillo; grandchildren, Adam R. Cox and wife Melanie and Christopher L. Cox and wife Kerry, all of Houston, Tatum E. Hankins of Corpus Christi, Julia L. Hankins of Austin, J. Bridger Cox, M.D., of Gainesville, FL, Courtney Davidson and husband Guy of Savannah, GA, D. Yeatts Lokey, Jr., of Amarillo, Bonnie M. Lokey of Norman, OK, Taylor Henschel and Sam Henschel, both of Edmond; and a great-grandchild, Cora Cox of Houston. 
Crabb, R. Conklin, Jr. 1934 JC
Craig, Daniel F., Jr. 1934 HS ~ 19-Apr-1995
Currie, LTC Robert P., (Ret) 1934 JC
Daigle, Edward K. 1934 HS ~ 01-Apr-1986
Davis, Dabney Carr Terrell 1934 JC ~ 15-Mar-1995
Deane, CDR Donald C., USN (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 13-Nov-1989
Dinelli, Dante J. 1934 JC ~ 06-Apr-1943
Donnelly, John W. 1934 HS
Dorman, Orlan P. 1934 JC
Downer, Marvin F. 1934 HS ~ 04-Aug-1968
Dunn, H. Norman 1934 HS ~ 26-Feb-1984
Dunton, Ivan H. 1934 HS
Durham, Dr. Davis G. 1934 JC ~ 04-Dec-2010 Age 96, of Wilmington, DE, and Playa Carrillo, Costa Rica, died on December 4, 2010, in La Paila, Playa Carrillo, Costa Rica. Dr. Durham was born in Warren, PA, on November 18, 1914. He graduated from Warren High School; then New Mexico Military Institute, the University of Pennsylvania, and Jefferson Medical College. He interned at the Delaware Hospital after medical school and then served as a Battalion Aid Surgeon in WWII in the 63rd Infantry Division, Company C 363rd Medical Battalion, in Germany and northern France – the last infantry division to come into the European Theater. He was awarded the European Theatre Ribbon with two battle stars, the Bronze Medal and the Combat Medical Badge. After the war, Dr. Durham returned to Wilmington to practice ophthalmology. He was certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. Dr. Durham practiced ophthalmology in Wilmington since 1948 and also for many years at St. Luke’s Cataract & Intraocular Lens Institute in Tarpon Springs, FL, with Dr. James Gills. He was on the staff at the Medical Center of Delaware, St. Francis Hospital, and Wills Eye Hospital, and was Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson Medical College. He was the first surgeon to introduce diamond knives, manufactured by the Dupont Company, in human surgery. These subsequently became widely used, especially in cataract surgery. He was the first Delawarean ever to be elected to the prestigious American Ophthalmological Society. He was past president of the Delaware Academy of Medicine and the first medical director of the Ophthalmology Department of the Wilmington Medical Center. Often assisted by his wife, Harriet, an orthotic technician, he was the first head of the Eye Department of Project Hope, serving in Indonesia, Peru, Guinea, and Colombia. Other overseas assignments included Alaska, Samoa, Haiti, South Africa, Nigeria, China and Thailand. He was vice-president of Aid for International Medicine. Dr. Durham received the Brandywine College Award, Distinguished Delawarean Award for Distinguished Citizenship, Certificate of Award for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Significant Sig Award of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, the Hall of Fame of New Mexico Military Institute, and the Outstanding Humanitarian Award of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He published more than thirty scientific articles in his profession. In conjunction with Dupont engineers, he developed a pneumatic application tonometer for measuring eye pressure in glaucoma patients. Dr. Durham was a member of the Wilmington Monthly Meeting of Friends, as well as the Rotary Club of Wilmington, Greenville Country Club, and The Explorers Club. He was proud to be a member of the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada. His wife, Harriet Frorer Durham, died in 1991. Dr. Durham is survived by his five children, Davis G. Durham Jr. And wife Marie (Pansy) Allen Durham of Landenberg, PA; James F. Durham and partner Sandy Beckwith of Hockessin; Andrew C. Durham and wife Christine Cho of Annandale, VA; Jeffrey F. Durham and wife Linda Lundstrom of Wilmington; and Dee Durham with her husband Barry Evans of Wilmington. Grandchildren include Matthew and Lindsay Durham with their mother Rose Durham; Jack and Eliza Durham and their mother Martha Durham; and Lauren and Ryan Evans.
Eagle, PFC Zackary Eugene, USA 1934 HS ~ 21-Nov-1944 – WWII-Killed in action in France on 21 November 1944.
Eaton, Homer D. 1934 JC
Echols, John W. 1934 HS ~ 21-Apr-1996
Ede, Marshall 1934 HS
Farish, Jefferson D., Jr. 1934 HS
Farr, Lloyd J. 1934 JC
Finkhousen, Franklin W., Jr. 1934 HS
Ford, Leland M., Jr. 1934 HS
Frankenberg, LTC Alexander G., AUS (Ret) 1934 HS ~ 28-Feb-2002
Franklin, Todd L., Jr. 1934 HS ~ 01-Dec-1957
Gaffield, Joseph S. P. 1934 HS ~ 01-Feb-1988
George, MAJ Anthony R. 1934 JC ~ 26-Apr-1998
German, William P. Z., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 30-Jun-1998
Gilbert, J. Charles, Jr. 1934 HS ~ 01-Jan-1984
Gilleland, Archibald J. 1934 HS ~ 30-Jul-1994
Goode, Royden L., Jr. 1934 HS
Gorman, Dewitt D. 1934 HS ~ 01-May-1980
Gould, Charles H., Jr. 1934 HS ~ 01-Sep-1968
Gover, Alex M. 1934 HS ~ 09-Feb-2008 91, beloved husband of Louise Eleanor Meiser Gover, died Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008, at Tuomey Regional Medical Center. He was born June 1, 1916 in Charlotte, NC, a son of the late Charles Hundley Gover and Mary Mercedes Gover. He graduated from the University of North Carolina Law School and practiced law with his father before going to post-graduate law school at Northwestern University in Chicago, where he met his wife. From there he entered the Army Air Corps in June 1941 and was a flight instructor at Shaw Field until he went to the Pacific, flying a B-29. He got out of the service in 1946 and was involved in various occupations until he retired in 1966. He was a member of St. Anne’s Catholic Church. Surviving in addition to his wife are a son, Christopher James Gover and his wife, Nancy, of Punta Gorda, FL, and a brother, Hundley Gover of Charlotte. 
Graham, E. Douglas 1934 JC
Griffith, Robert B. 1934 HS ~ 01-Mar-1965
Gross, CPT Jerre Smith, USA 1934 HS ~ 08-Jun-1944 WWII Killed in action at the invasion of Normandy when a shell exploded in foxhole.
Guthrie, William L. 1934 JC
Guyton, William F. 1934 HS
Hanks, Dr. Robert W. 1934 JC ~ 29-Jul-2001
Hannum, Warren T., Jr. 1934 HS ~ 01-Jun-1983
Harmon, Myron J. 1934 HS ~ 20-Apr-1997
Hawley, George M. B., II, 1934 JC ~ 01-Jul-1984
Hawthorne, LT William Gillmann, Jr., USN 1934 HS ~ 10-Apr-1944 – WWII-Killed in service -died in plane crash as a flight instructor near Sanford, FL, on 10 April 1944.
Helmig, Phillip D., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 25-Jul-2001
Henderson, William C. 1934 HS
Hepburn, John M. 1934 JC
Herd, John Harvey 1934 JC ~ 03-Jul-2011 died at the age of 95 on July 3, 2011 at his home in Midland. Harvey was born October 27, 1915 in Post, TX, to Eloise Shropshire Herd and John Tevis Herd. He graduated from Post High School, New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Colorado in 1936 with a B.A. degree in geology. His first job after graduation was with The California Company as a lease roustabout at Quealy Dome Field near Laramie, WY. He came to Midland in 1937 as an oil and gas scout and geologist for the Standard Oil Company of Texas. He was an active member of West Texas Oil Scouts Association. Harvey married Harriet Daniel Herd on March 10, 1940, in Temple, TX, and they made their home in Midland. He served as a captain in the Army Air Corp during World War II, including 20 months in Italy with the 15th Air Force, 465th Bomber Group. He became an independent operator in Midland in 1945, and was associated with John Redfern from 1945 to 1962. Together the independents were active in drilling in the San Juan Basin and the Denton field in Lea County. He was also one of the founders of Midland Map Co. And served on the boards of Elcor Corp., Pioneer Corp. and The First National Bank of Midland. He has provided civic leadership by serving as director or officer of the following boards: Midland Diagnostic Cancer Clinic, Central YMCA, Midland Memorial Foundation, United Way, Midland Chamber of Commerce, Midland College Foundation, Museum of the Southwest, Boy Scouts of American Buffalo Trail Council, High Sky Children’s Ranch, Midland Community Theater, and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. In 2001, Harvey received the “Top Pioneer” award from the Permian Basin Petroleum Pioneers. The Association of Fund Raising Professionals recognized Harriet and Harvey as the outstanding philanthropic family in 2003. Harvey was predeceased by his wife, Harriet, and his grandson, Daniel Parker Herd. He is survived by his son Tevis and wife Patty, of Midland, daughter Claire Crumbley and husband Alex, of McDonough, GA, and son Dan and wife Paula, of Austin. He is also survived by five grandchildren: Holly Herd of Midland, John Tevis Herd and wife Chesly of Midland, Alexander Crumbley and wife Michelle of New York City, Jason Herd and wife Anna Lee of Austin, Valerie Parker and husband Chico of Austin, and eight great grandchildren. Harvey’s family is deeply grateful for the loving care provided to Harvey during his last years by Alice Saenz, Connie Catano, Mary Franco, Erica Franco, and Susanne Rios. 
High, William Yates 1934 HS ~ 01-Sep-1969
Hill, Warren Avery 1934 JC
Hines, COL Carol Cecil, Sr., AUS (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 06-Sep-1990
Hoffman, Leon B. 1934 HS ~ 01-Feb-1979
Hood, Jack 1934 HS ~ 01-Oct-1974
Hopkins, W. Branigar 1934 HS
Howes, William Jarvis, Jr. 1934 JC ~ 25-Jun-1953
Huber, Oscar Joseph 1934 JC
Huffaker, Garth Buddy 1934 JC ~ 23-Apr-2005
Janeway, Desmond C., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 01-Oct-1998
Jolesch, William 1934 JC ~Aug-1983
Jolly, David 1934 JC
Jones, LCDR Frank M., USN (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 12-Dec-2009
Jones, Herschel Leroy 1934 JC
Jones, Meredith F. 1934 JC ~ 06-Jul-1986
Junker, 1LT Edward, Jr., USA 1934 HS
Keever, James Edwin, Jr. 1934 JC ~ 08-Jan-1994
Kelley, Robert K. 1934 HS
Kennamer, Philip Milholland 1934 HS ~ 15-Aug-1944 – WWII-Killed in action in France on 15 August 1944.
Kennedy, William John 1934 JC
Keyes, Conrad G. 1934 HS ~ 13-Nov-2007 91, of Ruidoso, a retired Water Well Driller and NM Highway Department employee, died on November 13, 2007 in Las Cruces, NM, at the Mesilla Valley Hospice – La Posada. Conrad was born in Worchester, MA, at the family home on January 22, 1916. He married Ada Josephine Green, daughter of Barney and Lucille Green, in Carlsbad, NM, on March 28, 1937. Conrad was a Polo player at the NMMI in the 1930s and worked in the oil fields near Artesia and Carlsbad for his dad in the late 1930s. He and Jodie lived at the Red Lake Oil Lease where their son was born. He worked in California during the World War II years at two different locations, while moving back and forth from Artesia and/or Roswell. After the war, Conrad and Jodie moved to Roswell, NM, and he started Keyes Drilling Company in 1945. He drilled many water wells in southeastern NM for ranchers, farmers and towns during 1945-1965. He retired from the drilling business and worked as a contractor for and as an employee of the NM Highway Department in Roswell until his retirement in the 1970s. Jodie and Conrad moved from Roswell, NM, to Ruidoso, NM, in 1972. Conrad also did many water well searches for individuals and communities in southeastern NM during his retirement years under Accurate Water Location. Conrad and Jodie traveled in their travel trailer for over 40 years to all but four states of the U.S. Conrad was a life member of Roswell Lodge No 18 AF & AM for over 60 years and a member of Knight Templar. He was a member of the Ballut Abyad Temple of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine, Roswell’s Shrine Patrol Drill Team, Roswell Elks Lodge 969, life member of the National Water Well Association (now National Ground Water Association), the National Rifle Association, the Ruidoso River Association and the Ruidoso Community United Methodist Church. He is survived by his wife Jodie and one son (Conrad G. Keyes, Jr. And wife Tywilla Jo Reddoch Keyes) and two grandsons – Garry Doyle Keyes (and wife Roberta Ann Wesley Keyes) and Kevin Lyn Keyes and two granddaughters – Kirsten Shelby Keyes and Kori Rae Keyes. His son and family and grandsons and family all live in Las Cruces. Preceding him in death in the Keyes Line were his father (Floyd Grant Keyes who was a pioneer oil operator and royalty broker in the Pecos Valley), mother (Amy Garst Keyes who was the daughter of Dr. Julius Garst that once owned parts of downtown Roswell), his two sisters (Marjorie Lillian Keyes Meyer who was an artist and movie actress in the late 1920s, and Barbara King Keyes Davidson who lived in Roswell most of her life) and his brother (Robert Grant Keyes who was in World War II and worked for Southwestern Public Service of New Mexico).
Kilgroe, Rufus G. 1934 JC ~ 30-Oct-1998
King, George A. 1934 HS
Kitchen, Dick 1934 HS
Kokernot, John W. 1934 JC
Lancaster, COL Carolus Newton, USA 1934 HS ~ 22-Sep-1974
Larkin, J. Webster 1934 HS ~ 20-Apr-1989
Laughlin, PO Loran Lee, RAF 1934 JC ~ 21-Jun-1941 WWII-Killed in action in a plane crash in England on 21 June 1941 while a member of the Royal Air Force.
Lechner, Robert L. 1934 HS ~ 11-Jul-1999
Lewis, William Vasse 1934 JC ~ 22-Jan-1994
Littlejohn, Floyd Noble 1934 JC ~ 15-Nov-1978
Loffland, John M., Jr. 1934 JC
Loffland, Tom W. 1934 JC
Long, PFC Charles Jerome, USA 1934 HS ~ 17-Apr-1942 – WWII-Killed in service at Mills Valley Air Field in San Francisco, CA, on 17 April 1942.
Luppen, Peter Atkinson 1934 JC
Lyda, Herbert Willard 1934 JC ~ 13-Jan-2000
Maldonado, Jules V. 1934 HS ~ 01-Jul-1983
Markham, Edward L., Jr. 1934 JC
Marshall, 1LT Charles B., USA 1934 JC ~ 12-Sep-1944– WWII-Killed in action in Germany on 12 September 1944.
Mauldin, Charles E., Jr. 1934 JC
McCarthy, Joseph Edward 1934 HS ~ 01-Jul-1984
McCleneghan, Samuel R., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 13-Jun-2009 95, of Sun City, AZ, formerly of Valley, died quietly at his home in Sun City on Saturday, June 13, 2009. He was born Aug. 19, 1913, in Omaha, the son of Dr. Samuel and Elizabeth McCleneghan. Sam, Jr., graduated from Omaha Central High School in 1932. After high school, Sam attended New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, where he graduated after two years as a Cadet Major in the cavalry. After NMMI, Sam worked as a cowboy on his uncle’s 90-section sheep and cattle ranch in New Mexico and the following year on a large cattle ranch in Wyoming. After cowboying, Sam returned to college at Utah State University in 1938 where he earned his bachelor’s degree in range management. Upon graduation, Sam moved to Valley to take over operations on his father’s farm. In Valley, Sam met Delia Rose Titus from Pilger, who was teaching there. Sam and Dee were married in 1940 and moved onto the family farm west of town on Highway 64. Sam began designing and building farm equipment for use on the family farm. His wagon boxes for transporting picked corn, and a towable, gas powered corn elevator were soon in demand by Midwest farmers. Sam found himself in the business of manufacturing farm equipment for sale and the Valley Manufacturing Company was born. The company flourished with Sam’s many ideas and inventions. By the late 1940s, it had outgrown the shop on the family farm and he moved the company to its present location, now known as Valmont, along old Highway 275 northwest of Valley. Sam continued to build and grow the company constructing other kinds of agricultural equipment and pipe for the irrigation industry. He recognized the significance of an idea for a rotary self-propelled irrigation system brought to his company by an inventor. Over the next couple of years Sam worked to engineer the design and perfect the operation of this innovative irrigation system. Today these rotary center-pivot irrigation systems are a common sight and are Sam’s most widely recognized contribution to the agriculture industry worldwide. In the mid-1950s, Sam sold his manufacturing company and moved his family to Texas to work on diesel power systems for the agriculture, oil, and marine industries. He also helped design and engineer remote controlled generators to power the Defense Early Warning Line (DEW Line) inside the Arctic Circle. In the early 1960s, Sam returned to Nebraska as general manager of Fremont Foundry and Machine Co., later known as Nebraska Steel. There he made the company a leader in the construction of large, centrifugal pumps for the irrigation and gravel dredging industries. Sam retired in 1967. He and Dee traveled widely throughout the U.S., Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Mexico, Tahiti and China. They moved to Sun City, AZ. In 1989 where Sam enjoyed the warm climate, golf with friends and where he served as a volunteer teacher in high school wood shop for many years. Survivors include: his wife, Dee, in Sun City, AZ, to whom he was married for 69 years; a son, Kim and his wife in Herald, CA. and his two granddaughters; a son, Sam, III, and his wife, four grandsons and two great-grandsons in Breckenridge, CO. Sam will be buried with his wife’s family in Stanton.
McCully, Robert T. 1934 HS ~ 03-Jun-2000 86, retired farmer and rancher, died Saturday, June 3, 2000. Survivors: sons, Larry of El Dorado, Bill of Andover; six grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren.
McKinney, Joseph S. 1934 JC
McLure, Grover Cleveland, Jr. 1934 JC ~ 02-Mar-1998
McNair, G. Stuart 1934 HS
McNutt, William H. 1934 HS ~ 03-Jul-2010
McShaffry, John Lawrence, Jr. 1934 JC ~ 11-Oct-2014 John, age 100, joined his wife, Dottie, in heaven on Saturday, October 11, 2014. He is survived by sons, Larry McShaffry, Patrick Barnes, Michael Barnes and Bill Barnes; daughter, Stephanie Keith; and grandchildren, Mike, Mark, Karen, Jason, David, Linda, Steve, Jeff, April, Scot, Niki, Ashlle, Jason and Erik. Upon his return from service in the US Army during WWII, he graduated from the University of Texas. For many years, John was involved as a life insurance underwriter, earning his CLU and becoming an insurance officer after 14 years. John enjoyed tinkering around the house. He was also a 4th degree member of Knights of Columbus. He was an active participant of the Catholic Church. He and Dottie, the love of his life, drove extensively throughout the United States. 
Merrill, Bruce R. 1934 HS ~ 07-Aug-1994
Moberly, Max C. 1934 HS ~ 12-Jul-1982
Moore, James R. 1934 HS
Morrison, Crockett B. 1934 JC ~ 22-Dec-1968
Munson, Aaron Robert 1934 HS ~ 01-May-1980
Niemann, Hal T. 1934 JC
Nisbet, John A., USNR 1934 JC ~ Nov-1944 – WWII-Killed in action in the Pacific around November 1944.
Noel, Lee 1934 JC
Nordhem, William B., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 24-Nov-1961
Norris, Harry A. 1934 HS
Norris, Robert M. 1934 HS ~ 01-Dec-1968
North, James J., Jr. 1934 HS ~ 01-Aug-1985
Parrish, Nathaniel K., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 01-Apr-1987
Patterson, John H. 1934 JC ~ 25-Apr-1962
Pearson, Raymond, Jr. 1934 HS
Peckham, Vassar C. 1934 HS ~ 19-Dec-1974
Pettett, Dr. J. Richard 1934 HS
Pickett, Dr. Charles P. 1934 HS ~ 13-Oct-1988
Poorbaugh, Frederick Wilson 1934 JC ~ 27-May-1998
Popham, Arthur C., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 23-Sep-2009
Potter, Hugh M., Jr. 1934 HS
Prentice, Sylvester A. 1934 HS
Prince, Bertrand Bradford 1934 HS
Prunty, George W. 1934 HS
Raithel, LT Stanley Orison, USNR 1934 JC ~ 26-Aug-1944 – WWII-Killed in service – officially declared dead after having been missing since 25 August 1942 in the Alaskan area.
Reed, Robert G. 1934 JC ~ 01-Aug-1974
Reeves, David P. 1934 HS ~ 01-Oct-1964
Rhoads, David L. 1934 HS
Rice, Frank Tull 1934 JC
Richmond, Gavin G. 1934 JC ~ 01-Oct-1980
Roberts, Charles Loring, Jr. 1934 HS ~ 01-Sep-1983
Rogers, James B. 1934 HS ~ 28-Apr-2000
Rose, James E., Jr. 1934 HS
Ross, COL William Emmett, USA 1934 HS ~ 28-Feb-1971
Rountree, William Stone 1934 JC
Rucker, James Monroe 1934 JC ~ 27-Sep-1976
Russell, James Spencer 1934 JC ~ 04-Nov-2000 (April 17, 1915 – Nov. 4, 2000) Age 85, died November 4 in Pulaski Health Care Center, Winamac, of natural causes. Survivors include a brother, John C. of Burlington, VT.
Schmidt, Edward, Jr. 1934 HS
Scott, Carl Frank 1934 JC ~ 30-Mar-2004
Seelig, Frank R. 1934 JC ~ 20-Jul-2005 – WWII-Killed in action on the India-Burma Front on 27 October 1944.
Seelig, CPT Franklin Whitlock, USA 1934 JC
Shankel, Robert, Jr. 1934 HS ~ 01-Apr-1979
Shuey, Hayden 1934 HS ~ 23-Dec-2006 (August 25, 1916 – December 23, 2006) Born and raised in Berkeley, graduate of UC Berkeley, member of Zeta Psi. Husband of Betsy Hiller Shuey; father of John Shuey of Sausalito and Lisa Shuey Richardson (Bill) of Coral Gables, FL; grandfather of Jack Shuey and Kelly Richardson. Also survived by sister, Sevilla Shinn. Served in the Army in WWII, mostly in Europe. Upon return joined wholesale hardware firm Dunham, Carrigan and Hayden, and later the US Department of Agriculture. Member of the Society of California Pioneers and Sirs Branch 47.
Simpson, MG Everett Selden, AUS (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 25-Aug-1999
Smith, Dana Tyrrell, Jr. 1934 JC
Stanmire, Marshall Henry 1934 JC ~ 12-Nov-1949
Stephens, Hugh M. 1934 JC ~ 15-May-2001
Stewart, Wesley R. 1934 HS ~ 02-Sep-1997
Street, Robert G. 1934 JC
Stucky, Dr. Jack E. 1934 JC ~ 25-Jun-2007 died at his home in Sebastopol on June 25, 2007 at age 91, one month short of turning 92. He was born to Ernest and Linda Stucky in Phoenix, AZ, and lived his early life in Klamath Falls, OR. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute graduating in 1934; the University of Oregon graduating in 1938; the University of Oregon Medical School graduating in 1942; and served his internship at the Charity Hospital of New Orleans, LA until July 1943. After his internship he volunteered for the U.S. Army Medical Corps where he served in the 3rd Army with General George Patton, and was honorably discharged in 1946. Jack returned to the Charity Hospital for radiology residency where he met Eileen Waltzer, they were married in March 1947, and moved to Modesto in April 1950 where he practiced radiology with the Modesto Radiological Medical Group until his retirement in 1983. He served on staff at Scenic General Hospital, Memorial Hospital, and Doctors Medical Center all in Modesto, as well as the Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock. Jack and Eileen moved to Sebastopol in May 2006 after their health began to decline. They were members of the Grace Lutheran Church in Modesto and the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Sebastopol. He is survived by his wife of 60 years Eileen Stucky of Sebastopol, daughter Gretchen Chertov of Sebastopol, son John Stucky of Palo Alto, as well as four grandchildren. Jack was preceded in death by his son Eric Stucky in 1960. 
Stutzman, Arthur 1934 JC
Sullivan, Sylvester T. 1934 HS ~ 01-Feb-1970
Swope, Fred Henry 1934 JC
Tallichet, LTC Rene Ledlie, USA (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 29-Jul-1995
Tarver, Jack H. 1934 HS ~ 29-Aug-2004
Taylor, C. Waldie 1934 JC ~ 30-Jul-1965
Taylor, MG Livingston N., Jr., USA (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 11-Jul-1999
Thorpe, E. Robert 1934 HS ~ 27-Mar-1999
Traung, Charles L. 1934 HS ~ 01-May-1977
Valentine, Harry E. 1934 JC
VanZandt, Robert 1934 HS
Vaughan, COL Curry Ned, USA (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 23-Oct-1997
Wagner, Furlo Swift 1934 JC
Watson, William E., Jr. 1934 JC
Weaver, 1LT James Howard, USA 1934 JC ~ 13-Oct-1941 WWII-Killed in service in a plane crash in the Philippines on 13 October 1941.
Welch, James Maire 1934 JC ~ 28-Dec-1991
Weymouth, James M. 1934 JC
Whitson, Lawrence S. 1934 JC ~ 01-Nov-1982
Whittington, CPT George Peuris, Jr., USA 1932 HS-1934 JC
Wiecks, Lt Col Max Reid, USAFR (Ret) 1934 JC ~ 12-Oct-2004, of Madison, husband of Barbara (MacDonald) Wiecks, died Saturday, (October 9, 2004) at the Madison House after a brief illness. Born on August 18, 1915, in Ponca City, OK, he was the son of the late Judge Bernard and Maxine Wiecks. Mr. Wiecks attended New Mexico Military Institute and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with BA and LLB degrees. He was formerly a member of the Oklahoma Bar Assoc. After graduation he worked for the Texas Public Utilities in Dallas, TX before joining the Army Air Corps in February of 1941 and obtaining his wings in November of 1941. He was assigned as a fighter pilot to the Southwest Pacific combat theater in December of 1941 and served two tours of duty in the Southwest Pacific during World War II in addition to serving his country in Korea. During his military career, he flew 262 combat missions and had four confirmed victories. Among his many decorations were the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Purple Heart and the Air Medal with six clusters. In 1955, he joined the Central Intelligence Agency from which he retired. He was a member of the Madison Country Club and the Madison Beach Club. Besides his wife of 61 years, he is survived by three children, Reid and Stephanie Wiecks of Palmer Lake, CO, Susan Sladen of Hingham, MA and Barbara Dodd and Doug Buechter of Killingworth; three grandchildren, Darcy Wiecks, Heather Sladen and Owen Dodd.
Wilson, Raymond M. 1934 HS ~ 10-Jul-1992
Wilson, Tanner G. 1934 HS ~ 15-Jul-1989
Wilson, Warren W., Jr. 1934 HS
Woodman, Dr. Wace Harry, Jr. 1934 JC ~ 22-Apr-2004
Wright, Claude Gilbert 1934 HS ~ 01-Dec-1982
Wright, Fred Sylvester, Jr. 1934 JC ~ 16-Aug-2006 Passed away Wednesday, August 16, 2006. He celebrated his 90th birthday in March of this year and was a long-time resident of Midland, TX. He was preceded in death by his wife of 62 years, Elizabeth Payne Wright, his brother, Thomas Russell Wright, and his parents, Frederick Sylvester Wright and Cora Alma Russell. Born in Great Falls, MT, on March 27, 1916, Mr. Wright spent his early childhood in a mining camp in the Little Belt Mountains of Montana. In his youth, he lived in various parts of the western and southwestern United States. A graduate of Midland High School and New Mexico Military Institute, Mr. Wright earned his bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of California at Berkeley in 1938. He began his career as district engineer for Magnolia Petroleum in Ellinwood, KS. In 1942, he entered the Army, serving with the artillery in the South Pacific Theater during World War II. He was discharged in 1945 with the rank of Captain, remained in the Officers’ Reserve Corps, and was honorably discharged with the rank of Major on December 10, 1952. Upon his return from the Army, he rejoined Magnolia Petroleum, as district engineer in Salem, IL. He was appointed division engineer in Midland in 1949, assistant general superintendent in Dallas in 1955, and producing manager for the newly consolidated Midland Exploration and Producing Division of Mobil Oil in February of 1966, where he was responsible for all required engineering and geology connected with development drilling and production of several thousand wells scattered over the Permian Basin. He served as division manager for Mobil in Midland from 1971 until his retirement in 1976. Upon the establishment of Midland Junior College District in 1972, Mr. Wright was appointed to the Board of Trustees, where he subsequently served, as president, secretary, vice president and a member of several board committees until 1992. He was a director of Midland Junior Achievement, the Midland Symphony, the Petroleum Club, and the Racquet Club, of which he was a charter member. He was very active with the Boy Scouts of America at the troop and district levels, and he served as western region chairman of the Oil Information Committee. Mr. Wright was a lifelong member of St. Ann’s Catholic Church, where he served on numerous committees and as a Eucharist Minister. He was instrumental in the establishment of St. Ann’s Catholic School. He was a fifty-eight (58) year member of the Knights of Columbus and a benefactor of many Catholic organizations. Mr. Wright’s favorite pastimes were first and foremost family and friends, followed by fly fishing, tennis, and his cabin along the Conejos River in Colorado, which he and his family and friends built in the 1960s. He is survived by six sons and two daughters: Carol Wright Bailey and husband Art of Midland, Dr. Thomas Wright and wife Judy of Albuquerque, NM, Richard Wright and wife Diane of Evanston, IL, Fr. Robert Wright, O.M.I. of San Antonio, TX, Fred Wright, III, and wife Jan of Midland, Christopher Wright and wife Cecilia of Santa Fe, NM, Shelley Wright and husband Jack Hickman of Midland, Erle Wright and wife Marilyn of Espanola, NM, sixteen (16) grandchildren, eleven (11) great grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. 
Young, Elwood Hooper 1934 JC ~ 22-Jun-1991
Zerwer, Walter C., Jr. 1934 JC ~ 01-Apr-1981


Abbott, Baldwin Jean 1933 HS ~ 12-Sep-1969
Adams, William A., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 24-Feb-1995
Anderson, Arle Herndon 1933 HS ~ 14-Apr-1954
Anderson, William E. 1933 HS
Anicker, William J., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 25-Jul-1980
Austin, John M. 1933 JC
Balinger, Arthur S. 1933 HS ~ 10-Jun-2011
Ball, Eugene B. 1933 JC ~ 23-Dec-2004
Barr, Henry E. 1931 HS-1933 JC ~ 01-Dec-1971
Black, Robert W. 1933 HS ~ 01-May-1972
Blair, Clay C., Jr. 1933 JC
Bloch, Jules, Jr. 1933 HS
Blueher, Dr. William A. 1933 HS ~ 12-Oct-1976
Bondurant, Wm. E. 1933 JC
Bowermon, 1LT William H., USA 1933 HS ~ 27-Apr-1940 – WWII-killed in service in a plane crash at Port Washington Bay, Long Island, NY, on 27 April 1940.
Boyd, James M., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 05-Feb-2000
Boyle, William Kent 1933 HS ~ 14-Oct-1998
Breidenthal, George Gray 1933 JC ~ 08-Apr-2003
Brennan, James C., Jr. 1933 JC
Brown, Alfred N. 1933 JC ~ 24-Sep-2002
Brunton, Carville J. 1931 HS-1933 JC ~ 02-Jun-1965
Budd, Dr. Edward C., Jr. 1933 JC
Burch, H. Donald 1933 JC
Burns, David 1933 JC
Busch, L. Arthur 1933 JC ~ 13-Feb-1996
Caldwell, James A., Jr. 1933 JC ~ 01-Feb-1980
Callaway, Roy E. 1933 JC
Cannon, Kingsley W., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 17-Aug-1999
Carrillo, Ruben 1933 HS
Caton, Lewis, Jr. 1933 JC ~ 10-Feb-2000
Caviness, James J., Jr. 1933 HS
Chambers, Lewis E. 1933 HS ~ 23-Jul-1985
Cisco, Jack 1933 HS ~ 11-Jun-2000
Clary, John H., Jr. 1933 HS
Connor, Dr. Thomas E. 1933 JC
Creamer, William G. 1933 JC ~ 01-Dec-1964
Cross, Chaillos, Jr. 1933 JC ~ 11-Jul-2001
Crow, Emory S., Jr. 1933 JC ~ 17-Aug-1988
Cunningham, Kenneth P. 1933 HS ~ 19-Sep-1998
Cutsinger, Homer M. 1933 JC
Daniel, Robert H., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 01-May-1982
David, George S. 1933 JC
Davis, Victor W. 1933 HS
DeGroot, Jim E. 1933 JC ~ 06-Feb-1973
Dickinson, Granville L. 1933 HS ~ 06-Jun-1987
Doughton, Luther F. 1933 HS ~ 01-Jan-1981
Downey, Sheridan, Jr. 1933 JC ~ 16-Sep-1988
Downs, John A. 1933 HS ~ 08-Jan-2007
Duff, Clinton T., Jr. 1933 JC
Duffin, Thomas R. 1933 HS ~ 1970
Edwards, Frank M., Jr. 1933 HS
Eldridge, George P. 1933 JC
Ely, Robert V. 1933 JC ~ 20-Oct-1990
Ely, William F. 1933 JC
English, Clarence A., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 01-Sep-1982
Erwin, Robert O. 1931 HS-1933 JC ~ 17-Sep-1992
Evans, Harry B., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 30-Jan-1998
Flynn, William H. 1933 HS ~ 15-Nov-1994
Foote, Ross B. 1933 HS ~ 26-May-1974
Freeman, COL Waldo D., (Ret) 1933 JC ~ 09-Nov-1969
Freese, Donald S. 1933 JC ~ 01-Jan-1969
Fuller, Charles D. 1931 HS-1933 JC ~ 19-Sep-1998
Funk, John K. 1931 HS-1933 JC ~ 13-Feb-2003 Oilman, aviator, and philanthropist John K. Funk died February 12, 2003, at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas after a lengthy illness. He was born November 7,1911, in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Mr. Funk was the only surviving great grandson of the legendary Captain A.B. Funk who, less than two years after Col. Edwin Drake’s drilling of the world’s first oil well in Titusville in August of 1859, drilled the famous “Fountain Well”, the first free flowing and largest producing well drilled to that time. Mr. Funk was the fourth generation of his family to be involved with the oil industry. His father, Wilbur Funk, managed the interests of Carter Oil in Tulsa, Oklahoma, until his retirement in 1932. Mr. Funk attended the public schools of Titusville and Tulsa before completing a four year program of studies at The Oilman, aviator, and philanthropist John K. Funk died February 12, 2003, at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas after a lengthy illness. He was born November 7,1911, in Titusville, PA. Mr. Funk was the only surviving great grandson of the legendary Captain A.B. Funk who, less than two years after Col. Edwin Drake’s drilling of the world’s first oil well in Titusville in August of 1859, drilled the famous “Fountain Well”, the first free flowing and largest producing well drilled to that time. Mr. Funk was the fourth generation of his family to be involved with the oil industry. His father, Wilbur Funk, managed the interests of Carter Oil in Tulsa, Oklahoma, until his retirement in 1932. Mr. Funk attended the public schools of Titusville and Tulsa before completing a four year program of studies at The New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, in 1933. A pioneer in the aviation industry, Mr. Funk worked with founder Claude Ryan in the earliest days of Ryan Aircraft and was familiar with virtually all the aviator heroes of that era. With the beginning of World War II, Mr. Funk entered the government’s air service at San Diego, flying governmental missions to the Island of Oahu, Canton Island, Nindi Fiji, New Caledonia, and Brisbane, Australia. Since the mid 1940’s Mr. Funk has been a resident of Dallas, where he continued and expanded his family’s oil interests. A life-long member of the First Presbyterian Church of Titusville and a devoted alumnus of The New Mexico Military Institute, Mr. Funk was also active in the work of the Republican Party and generously philanthropic with churches, schools, museums, hospitals, non-profit retirement homes, and many other charitable causes in and around Dallas and throughout the country. Known for his ready smile, his easy-going sense of humor, his extraordinary memory for names, dates, and places, and his first-hand recollections of the early days of the aviation industry, Mr. Funk will be sadly missed by colleagues, friends, and family members alike. He is survived by his daughters, Jonnie Kay Myers and Henrietta Funk both of Heavener, Oklahoma; grandsons, Darren L. Cole and wife, Mary of Kissimmee, FL, and Keith A. Cole and wife, Cherie of Virginia Beach, VA; granddaughters, Julianne Simpson of Bowie, MD, and Shawn A. Yeager and husband, Chris of Heavener, Oklahoma; 6 great grandchildren; 2 great-great grandchildren; very special friend, Olivia Rodriquez of Lancaster, TX; life long friends, Walter and Gerry Lawr of San Diego, CA; sisters-in-law, Margie Morgan of Dallas, TX, and Zoe Estep; brother-in-law, Bob Estep of Anna, TX; and numerous nephews and nieces. He was preceded in death by his wife, Elsia Pat Funk, in Roswell, NM, in 1933. A pioneer in the aviation industry, Mr. Funk worked with founder Claude Ryan in the earliest days of Ryan Aircraft and was familiar with virtually all the aviator heroes of that era. With the beginning of World War II, Mr. Funk entered the government’s air service at San Diego, flying governmental missions to the Island of Oahu, Canton Island, Nindi Fiji, New Caledonia, and Brisbane, Australia. Since the mid 1940’s Mr. Funk has been a resident of Dallas, where he continued and expanded his family’s oil interests. A life-long member of the First Presbyterian Church of Titusville and a devoted alumnus of The New Mexico Military Institute, Mr. Funk was also active in the work of the Republican Party and generously philanthropic with churches, schools, museums, hospitals, non-profit retirement homes, and many other charitable causes in and around Dallas and throughout the country. Known for his ready smile, his easy-going sense of humor, his extraordinary memory for names, dates, and places, and his first-hand recollections of the early days of the aviation industry, Mr. Funk will be sadly missed by colleagues, friends, and family members alike. He is survived by his daughters, Jonnie Kay Myers and Henrietta Funk both of Heavener, Oklahoma; grandsons, Darren L. Cole and wife, Mary of Kissimmee, FL, and Keith A. Cole and wife, Cherie of Virginia Beach, VA; granddaughters, Julianne Simpson of Bowie, MD, and Shawn A. Yeager and husband, Chris of Heavener, Oklahoma; 6 great grandchildren; 2 great-great grandchildren; very special friend, Olivia Rodriquez of Lancaster, TX; life long friends, Walter and Gerry Lawr of San Diego, CA; sisters-in-law, Margie Morgan of Dallas, TX, and Zoe Estep; brother-in-law, Bob Estep of Anna, TX; and numerous nephews and nieces. He was preceded in death by his wife, Elsia Pat Funk. 
Gilmer, Glenn E. 1933 HS
Glenn, Joe J. 1933 HS ~ 01-Nov-1984
Goedeke, Leonard S. 1933 JC ~ 28-Feb-1968
Goldstein, Bert Eugene 1933 HS – WWII-Killed in service – details unknown.
Goodyear, Howard R. LTC, USAR 1933 JC ~ 25-Jun-2006, 92, of Pine Bluff, died Sunday at his home. He was born Feb. 23, 1914, at Webster Groves, Mo., a son of the late Russell William Goodyear and Rosa Mae Goodyear. He was reared and received his education at Oklahoma City, graduating from Central High School at Oklahoma City. He also graduated from junior college at New Mexico Military Institute at Roswell, NM, in 1933. He graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., in 1937, with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He took a commission in the Army field artillery after graduating from Purdue and served in the following units: B Battery 27th Field Artillery, 45th Field Artillery, 4th Army Ammunition Train, 188th Field Artillery, 736th Field Artillery Battalion and 317th Field Artillery Battalion, 81st Division. He also served in the Pacific Theatre in World War II. He retired as a Lt. Colonel from the Army Reserves. He had worked for the Cotton Belt Railroad, then the St. Louis Southwestern Railroad, from 1937 until 1974. He was also preceded in death by his wife, Willella A. Goodyear, whom he married on Nov. 10, 1938, at Jeffersonville, Ind. Survivors include two sons, Dr. Russell H. Goodyear of Midland, TX, and William J. “Bill” Goodyear of Oakland, CA; a daughter, Dr. Nancy L. Goodyear of Rio Vista, CA; three grandchildren; three step-grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.
Graham, Malcolm K. 1933 JC
Graham, Oliver L. 1933 JC ~ 02-Nov-1992
Green, George H. 1933 HS
Grover, Howard W. 1933 JC
Guggenmos, Fred A., Jr. 1933 JC
Gullion, Maurice B. 1933 JC ~ 23-Sep-1976
Halliburton, Charles V. 1933 HS
Hamil, G. Herschel, Jr. 1933 JC
Hanny, Albert, Jr. 1933 JC ~ 01-Aug-1980
Hardesty, Walker H. 1933 HS ~ 01-Jan-1984
Hargrave, LTC Warren M., USA (Ret) 1931 HS-1933 JC
Harris, John C., Jr. 1933 JC ~ 01-Feb-1978
Harris, Rutherford B. 1933 JC ~ 07-Sep-2007
Hart, Jeff D., Jr. 1933 HS
Hartman, Louis F. 1933 JC
Haven, Girard E. 1933 HS ~ 22-Feb-1999
Hayes, Marvin L. 1933 HS
Headen, Claude, Jr. 1933 JC ~ 06-Sep-1998
Hearte, Oliver K., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 01-Jun-1983
Heath, Charles M. 1933 JC
Heimple, Harry S. 1933 HS
Hicks, David W. 1933 JC
Hill, Lemore N. 1933 JC ~ 02-Apr-1957
Holbrook, Raymond B. 1933 JC
Holcomb, Elmer Dewitt, Jr. 1933 JC
Holmes, John L. 1933 HS ~ 15-May-1994
Hopkins, John William, Jr. 1933 JC
Hortenstine, Raleigh, Jr. 1933 JC ~ 05-Nov-1995
Hudson, Thomas A. 1933 HS
Huntley, Paul H. 1933 JC ~ 08-Apr-1997
Jackson, Arthur William 1933 JC
Jeffers, Charles Vincent 1933 HS ~ 20-Jun-2007 (FEB. 25, 1915 – JUNE 20, 2007) Charles V. Jeffers passed away at Bethel Assisted Living, on June 20, 2007. He was a native of Kansas City, MO. He attended the New Mexico Military Academy and after graduation from Ainsley High School in Ainsley, NB, moved to Modesto with his parents, in 1934. He graduated from Modesto Junior College, spending time in CCC camp, Army Air Corp, working for Douglas Aircraft and also raising turkeys, and eventually became a Real Estate Broker. He was President of the Board of Realtors in 1956, and active in the Elks and American Legion and Lincoln School Dad’s Club. He and his wife Margueritte became members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary; where they became active in recruiting for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. They also were volunteers for Search and Rescue Operations on Lake Don Pedro. They spent a good deal of their time boating on the delta, both for pleasure, and volunteering training missions with the Coast Guard. Charles especially enjoyed meeting for breakfast with his friends and employees at Perkos and Ridgeways Restaurant. Charles was preceded in death by his wife, Margueritte and grandson, Stephen Price. He is survived by his daughter, Judy Price of Modesto; grandson, Dr. David Price of Florida; and great-granddaughter, Claire of Canberra, Australia. 
Jensen, Lavern 1933 JC ~ 10-Jul-1991
Johnson, Carl E. 1933 JC
Jones, Arthur F., Jr. 1933 HS
Jones, Dr. Charles Clinton, Jr. 1933 HS ~ 22-Aug-1996
Jones, Harold Lawrence 1933 HS
Jones, Myron D. 1933 JC ~ 01-May-1983
Jones, William J., Jr. 1933 HS
Justice, Donald M. 1933 JC
Klein, Roger C. 1933 HS ~ 01-Apr-1972
Knight, Alex W. 1933 HS
Knudsen, Arthur M., Jr. 1933 HS
Lacey, John D. 1933 HS ~ 01-Feb-1959
Lane, Robert B. 1933 JC ~ 31-Oct-1997
Leonard, John Reeves 1933 HS ~ 10-Aug-1959
Little, Charles L., Jr. 1933 JC ~ 01-Dec-1980
Logan, Royce B. 1933 HS
Lowe, Donald E. 1933 JC
Lowell, J. Raymond, Jr. 1933 HS ~ 06-Jan-2002
Lusk, COL Ewing Lefetra, Jr., USA (Ret) 1931 HS-1933 JC ~ 20-Jul-2010 at age 96, died peacefully in his sleep on July 20, 2010, in the home he designed for his family, where he lived for 62 years. Born in 1914 on a ranch in New Mexico, he was an accomplished horseman. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Chicago, where he played the drums and was on the polo team. After selling insurance in Iowa during the depression, he enlisted in the Army and commanded one of the last horse regiments before it was converted at the outbreak of World War II to an armored division. At a post dance at Ft. Riley, where he was stationed, Ewing met Dorothy Donovan of Kansas City. He soon asked her to dinner. They dined in a booth at the Savoy Grill. She was smitten by this Phi Beta Kappa cowboy from New Mexico, and they married in August 1942 (and celebrated their 50th Anniversary in the same booth in the main room at the Savoy). Rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel during the War, he was his division’s intelligence officer and assessed enemy strength at the taking of the Ludendorff Bridge over the Rhine in Remagen, Germany, on March 7, 1945. After the War, he served in the U.S. Army Reserve and retired as a full colonel. Settling in Kansas City after the war, he became the president of Quality Roofing Company and was active in the civic life of the community, serving many organizations as president, including the Downtown Rotary, the Indian Hills Homes Association, UMKC’s University Associates, and the Vanguard Club. He was Commander of the KC Chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars, commander of the Blue Hills Legion Post #469, and a member of the board of directors of the Ozanam Home for Boys. As an adult, Ewing earned his master’s degree in economics at UMKC. For years, he volunteered for Meals-On-Wheels and taught in area adult literacy programs. A lifelong watercolorist and an accomplished sculptor, he displayed at numerous area shows. His paintings are beloved and hang in many homes and offices. He painted well into his 90s. Having the good eye of a collector, as he and Dorothy traveled, they assembled African, Central American, and Native American art that adorned their home. Ewing is remembered by friends and family as courteous and kind, the consummate gentleman, with an instantaneous wit that never failed to illuminate a sticky situation with good-natured humor. A gardener, he bade goodbye with “Hosta la vista”. Ewing was preceded in death by his wife of 63 years, Dorothy Donovan Lusk. He is survived by their three children, Ewing Lafetra Lusk, III, (“Rusty”) and his wife Brigid Lusk of Downers Grove, Ill., Diane Lusk and her husband Gary Yablick of Charlottesville, Va., and Molly Lusk and her husband Arthur Benson of Kansas City, and by four grandchildren, Richard and Andrew Lusk, Jenny Lusk-Yablick Sheehan, and Emily Lusk Benson, and two great grandchildren. He was thrilled at the end of his life by becoming a great grandfather to Charles William Lusk and Fiona May Sheehan. Ewing also leaves his friend, Didi Lazarus, for whom he was a life- long mentor. They were always proud of each other. The family extends its deep appreciation to Blanca Andre and Ernestine Taylor, who cared so lovingly for Ewing and Dorothy and made comfortable their final years in the home they had shared so long. 
Mason, Kenneth Y. 1933 HS
Maverick, Phillip E., Jr. 1933 HS
McCrady, John Ford 1933 JC ~ 15-Jan-1999
McGee, William H. 1933 HS ~ 13-Oct-1987
McGinnis, Cliff E., Jr. 1933 JC ~ Dec-1980
McWhorter, Austin Bryon 1933 JC
Merritt, Mortimer M. 1931 HS-1933 JC ~ 08-Jan-2000
Moore, C. Wilson 1933 JC
Moore, Eugene G. 1933 HS
Morgan, Herbert L. 1933 JC ~ 01-Mar-1978
Morris, Kenneth L. 1933 JC
Norman, Edward H. 1933 JC
Nye, O. Thomas, Jr. 1933 JC
Orbison, Dr. James A., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 20-Sep-2000 Dr. and Colonel James Orbison died of a heart attack in Sausalito September 20, 2000. He was 86 years old. Dr. James Orbison is fondly remembered by scores of ex-trainees both across the country and in Hawaii. He was an outstanding Cardiologist, a superb teacher, and a practitioner of the highest ethical and moral standards. Further, he was recognized as a Laureate Cardiologist in 1988 of the Hawaii Chapter given by the American College of Physicians and received Excellence in Teaching Award. He is survived by his wife Pil; daughter Carole Seeley; son James Orbison, III; seven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. He served in the Army during WWII as Division Surgeon for the sixth Infantry Division in the European and Pacific fronts. He was Chief of Cardiology and Chief of Medicine at a number of Army medical centers including Fitzsimmons in Denver, Madigan in Tacoma, and finally at Tripler Medical Center in Honolulu, earning the Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Legion of Merit. Upon retirement from the Army in 1970, Colonel Orbison became the Director of Medical education at the Queen’s Medical Center and he joined the John A. Burns School of Medicine as Associate Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division in Cardiology until he retired to Sausalito, CA, in 1988. Dr. Orbison received his medical degree from the University of Michigan; further training in Cardiology at Walter Reed General Hospital followed.
Parks, William J. 1933 HS ~ 01-Sep-1978
Perez, Salvador V. 1933 JC ~ 20-Aug-1975
Peterson, Edward J. 1933 JC ~ 01-Jan-1975
Peterson, Joseph J. 1933 HS
Philleo, Robert W. 1933 JC ~ 19-Jan-1982
Pitcher, Sargent, Jr. 1933 HS ~ 01-Feb-1991
Plass, Martin L. 1933 HS ~ 22-Nov-1995
Posey, Hobert O. 1933 JC ~ 08-Jan-2008
Price, LTC Paxton Pate, AUS (Ret) 1933 JC ~ 28-Jan-2009 95, World War II veteran, New Mexico author, avid outdoorsman, and influential librarian, died Jan. 28, 2009, at home near Las Vegas, NM. Born June 18, 1913, in Batesville, AR, and was raised in southern New Mexico. After high school he enrolled at the New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, NM. After graduation he studied history at George Peabody College for Teachers in Tennessee and began teaching high school history in Roswell. In World War II he trained as a tank destroyer officer, serving in Europe mainly in the capacity of Army intelligence. He rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Missouri National Guard. He attended graduate school at Columbia University for a year before becoming librarian at Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO. That led to his 15-year tenure as Missouri State Librarian, Jefferson City, MO. The U.S. Office of Education offered him the Chief of Library Services and Construction post, where he administered federal aid to states, schools and colleges. He left Washington, DC, to become Director of the St. Louis Public Library, retiring in 1977 and moving back to New Mexico to pursue his favorite hobby — researching and writing history of the area where he grew up. He authored the Santa Fe Rincon Lived and Died on this Line, pioneers of the Mesilla Valley and edited international Book and Library Activities: The History of U.S. Foreign Policy. Price is survived by his devoted wife, June Riekhof Price, a retired librarian, whom he married in 1978. A friend recalls that Price had an elegance and flair for life and conversation. He is also survived by sister Judy Ellen Sullivan, of Denver, CO; son Scott and his wife Gisele Le Poder, Niskayuna, NY; son Peter and wife Mary Catherine, Rolla, MO; daughter Sumner and husband Richard Small, Las Vegas, NM; son Clayton and wife Tulin, Rolla, MO; grandchildren, Thomas Price, Juliette Price, Bridget Bogan Keitel, Brendan Bogan, Jesse Bogan, Christopher Small and Jonathan Small; and great grandaughter Claire Keitel. He is preceded in death by brother John Clayton of Batesville, AR; sister Louanna Tompkins, Denver, CO; and his first wife, Ella Ida Tarbell, of Albuquerque, NM, with whom he had his four children. 
Puckett, Jerry T. 1933 HS ~ 04-Apr-1990
Pursley, Joseph R. 1933 HS
Quilter, Maurice A. 1933 HS ~ 01-Dec-1978
Ragsdale, Jerome T. 1933 JC
Ray, James E. 1933 HS
Reeble, Lester M. 1933 HS
Rees, Emil R. 1933 HS
Reppert, Dr. Lawrence Berkley 1933 JC ~ 03-Jun-1977
Rhea, John Edwin, Jr. 1933 JC
Richards, John J. 1931 HS-1933 JC ~ 21-Jul-2001 a retired movie theater owner and manager, died Saturday at Memorial Medical Center. He was 89. Mr. Richards was born in Springfield, Mo., and lived in New Orleans for the past 80 years. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute and Babson College in Massachusetts. Survivors include a son, John J. Richards, Jr.; a daughter, Rosalind Richards Marvin; two brothers, William G. and Robert M. Richards; a sister, Loretto Richards O’Reilly; seven grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.
Rolph, Samuel W., Jr. 1933 JC
Rund, Jack R. 1933 HS ~ 01-Feb-1976
Rutter, George F. 1933 HS
Rutter, Thomas Tarbell 1933 JC ~ 02-Jan-1973
Sabin, Myron C. 1933 JC ~ 02-Jan-1984
Sandel, Percy, Jr. 1933 JC ~ 27-Dec-1994
Sargent, John P. 1933 HS
Scott, Reid B., Jr. 1933 HS ~ 11-Jul-1992
Seligman, Irving O. 1933 HS
Shearer, Dr. Gerhard T. 1933 JC ~ 03-Aug-1985
Shindelar, O. Edward 1933 JC ~ 06-Mar-1989
Simms, John, Jr. 1933 HS
Sims, Robert W. 1933 HS ~ 30-Dec-1997
Singer, Joseph B. 1933 HS
Smith, Benjamin M. E., Jr. 1933 JC
Smith, Madison O. 1933 JC
Smith, Ralph L., Jr. 1933 JC
Smithwick, Frank Lawrence 1933 JC
Speer, George O. 1933 JC
Stevens, Benjamin H. 1933 JC
Strong, Addison Livingston 1933 HS ~ 31-May-1989
Swan, COL Thomas Harold, USA (Ret) 1931 HS-1933 JC
Swarts, Frederick B. 1933 HS
Sweatt, John W. 1933 JC
Taubman, Solomon 1933 HS
Thomlinson, Frank M. 1933 JC ~ 04-Nov-1996
Thompson, Thomas W. 1933 HS
Thornton, James C. 1933 HS
Tigner, Richard Martin, Jr. 1933 HS ~ 18-May-1997
Trammell, Thomas W. 1933 HS ~ 1972
Trigg, James Henry 1933 HS ~ 14-Apr-2006
Turner, John Richard 1933 JC ~ 01-Apr-1975
Twitty, Omer A. 1933 JC ~ 01-Jul-1969
Tyler, Joseph Curtis, Jr. 1933 HS ~ 19-Dec-2004
Vickery, Dr. Eugene Livingstone 1933 JC ~ 22-Jul-1994
Walker, Richard D. 1933 HS ~ 02-Apr-1993
Walker, Robert J. 1933 HS ~ 01-Apr-1973
Wallace, Charles W., Jr. 1933 JC ~ 01-Feb-1987
Wallace, George F. 1933 JC ~ 23-Jan-1989
Wallace, John Scott 1933 HS
Waller, Charles F. 1933 JC
Waring, Charles Wildey 1933 JC
Warren, Alton B. 1933 JC
Wathen, Warren J. 1933 HS ~ 04-Feb-1998
Wetter, Carl H. 1933 JC
Whittington, LTC David Burbank, USA 1931 HS-1933 JC
Wilcox, William Wentworth 1933 HS ~ 01-Aug-1968
Wildenstein, Carl W. 1933 JC ~ 01-Apr-1971
Williams, Robert Joseph 1933 HS ~ 15-Jan-1943 – WWII-Killed in service – died at William Beaumont Hospital on 15 January 1943. He was an Officer Candidate.
Willmott, Curtis L. 1933 HS ~ 01-Jun-1970
Wilson, William B. 1933 HS ~ 12-Apr-1997
Wolfe, COL Harvey Gwin, USA (Ret) 1933 JC
Woodworth, Lemuel A. 1933 HS ~ 01-Mar-1972
Woolworth, Philip M. 1933 HS ~ 15-Jan-1991
Wrigley, James Beaumont 1931 HS-1933 JC ~ 31-Mar-1998
Young, George D., Jr. 1933 JC ~ 06-Nov-1988


Abney, Ira Gordon, Jr. 1932 JC ~ 18-Feb-1999
Agee, Maj Gen Sam W., USAF (Ret) 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 06-Aug-1995
Akin, M. B. 1932 HS ~ 01-Sep-1984
Alexander, Edward B. 1932 JC ~ 29-Sep-1956
Allbritton, Lawrence L., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 01-Mar-1985
Allison, Dwight M. 1932 JC ~ 01-Feb-1983
Anderson, Dr. Bruce M. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 24-Jan-1996
Anderson, Charles Donald 1932 JC ~ 18-May-1990
Armstrong, Jack B. 1932 HS ~ 12-Oct-1984
Austin, John T. 1930 HS-1932 JC
Baird, Charles R., Jr. 1932 HS
Barton, Harry M., Jr. 1932 JC
Benecke, Louis W. 1932 JC ~ 13-May-2011 passed away on May 13, 2011 at his home in Gastonia. Lou was born December 28, 1913, son of Ruby Waldo and Eleanor Magruder Benecke. A 1932 graduate of Junior College, New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, NM, he attended the University of Wisconsin where he earned an A.B. degree. He earned his law degree from the University of Missouri and passed the bar in October 1938. After serving his country as a 1st lieutenant in the Army Reserves, Lou worked as an attorney with his father in the firm of Benecke and Benecke. Lou went on to a 25 year career with the US Treasury Department and became the City Prosecutor for the city of Kansas City, MO, in 1969. Lou had affiliations with The Lions Club, Shriners International, and AF & AB. He came from a long line of community leaders. The Benecke family’s rich history of community service in Brunswick, MO, documented at the Library of the University of Missouri, Columbia. Lou is preceded in death by his parents, his sister Joanna Josephine Townsend Benecke, and his two wives Helen Smith Benecke and Serena Talley Benecke. He is survived by his adopted family in Gastonia, NC; Selma Thorstenson, her daughter, Cheryl Rhoades, son-in-law Don Rhoades, Grand Daughter Amelia Becker, Great Grand Daughters Madisyn and Emma Becker, Grandson Ryan MacDonald of Northhampton, MA, Selma’s son Allen McCulloch and Grandson Sean McCulloch, Mary Elizabeth Landis, and Forest Joe Talley, Step-Children (of Serena Benecke) of Kansas City, MO.
Benham, James E. 1932 HS ~ 01-Sep-1971
Bennett, K. Wade 1932 HS
Berryman, Beverly D. 1932 HS
Bibo, COL Harold S., USA (Ret) 1930 HS-1932 JC
Blakeney, James R. 1932 HS ~ 04-Nov-2003
Booth, Edwin B. 1932 HS ~ 01-Sep-1977
Boulware, Ford M. 1932 JC ~ 17-Oct-2007 died peacefully in San Angelo, TX, on Friday, Oct. 19, 2007. Ford Boulware was born in San Angelo on March 18, 1913. He was the son of Lemuel Ford Boulware, originally of Kentucky, and Sarah Millspaugh Boulware. Sarah was one of six daughters of J.L. Millspaugh, a San Angelo pioneer, setler at Fort Concho, and a founder of the San Angelo Waterworks. Sarah Boulware was U.S. Postmistress for San Angelo from 1925 until 1929. Mr. Boulware attended San Angelo public schools, graduating from San Angelo High School in 1930. He was an Eagle Scout. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduating Tau Beta Pi from MIT in 1936 with a degree in mining engineering. From 1936 until the end of 1940, Mr. Boulware was in underground mining in Utah with U.S. Smelting, Refining and Mining Co. He served with distinction in World War II, commanding a battalion of amphibious engineers in the Allied landings in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Normandy, including landing on Utah Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. He received his promotion to lieutenant colonel on the crossing to France. He directed the erection of the highest Bailey Bridge constructed in the European Theater, over the Albert Canal in Belgium. In the Reserves, Mr. Boulware attended the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. After the war, he returned to mining with U.S. Smelting Co. In 1947, he married Edith Anson Howard of San Angelo, TX, a war widow with one son. She was the daughter of William Anson, a rancher and one of the founders of the quarter horse breed. Mr. Boulware took over the Anson ranch located outside of Christoval, TX, known as the Head of the River Ranch. He operated the Head of the River for 50 years, where he raised cows, sheep and Angora goats until his retirement in 1998 at age 85. He and his family were members of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. He had a long career in public service, serving as the founding chairman of the Clinic Hospital Foundation (Community Hospital) for nearly 15 years, as a trustee for 25 years of the Christoval School Board, and was a founder of the Christoval Water Supply District. He was also president of the South Concho Water District, and a director of the Eldorado Soil Conservation District and the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association. Ford was a lifelong member and former president of the San Angelo Country Club and member of the Misquamicut Golf Club in Watch Hill, RI. He was also a member and former president of the San Angelo Cotillion. Ford was what his son calls “a real golfer”, a lifetime golfer who plays whenever and wherever he can and is good at it. Ford and Edie spent many summers and early fall seasons at their shore home in Rhode Island, where the air was cool and the golf was unlimited. Ford is survived by his loving wife, Edith Anson Boulware; his son, A. Ryland Howard; and three grandchildren, Anson Boulware Howard, Laura Isabel Howard and Louisa Carrigan Howard, and Ryland’s wife, Pamela, all of San Antonio, TX. He is also survived by his first cousin, Louise “Chickie” Blanchard, and Jean Millspaugh, widow of his cousin, Austin Millspaugh, and numerous younger descendent cousins of the Millspaugh, Sanderson and Cunningham families. Ford’s family expresses its gratitude for the tender care of the staff of Meadow Creek Nursing Center, including Bertie Chappell and Esperanza Knight.
Bowdey, CAPT George W., USN (Ret) 1932 HS ~ 01-Jan-1989
Brunsdon, William C., Jr. 1932 HS
Butler, Percy C., Jr. 1932 JC
Cahoon, Dr. Daniel H. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 25-Jul-1958
Calvin, Richard H. 1932 HS ~ 01-Aug-1983
Campbell, Phil M. 1932 HS ~ 14-Jan-1997
Carey, Wilfred W. 1932 HS ~ 01-Mar-1979
Carmichael, Glenn V. 1932 JC
Catron, Jack B. 1932 HS
Childers, Charles G. 1932 HS
Cochran, Tom W. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 18-Nov-1995
Coles, Alfred P., II, 1930 HS-1932 JC
Collins, Frank M. 1930 HS-1932 JC
Collins, Robert L. 1932 HS ~ 12-Jan-1994
Compton, Kenneth O. 1932 HS ~ 01-Dec-1986
Cook, Dudley P. 1932 JC ~ 01-Feb-1980
Cornell, Howard M., Jr. 1930-1932 JC
Counter, Benjamin F. 1932 JC ~ 29-Sep-1989
Cox, Frank D. 1932 HS
Cox, LTC George A., USA 1930 HS-1932 JC
Cox, Seymour E. J., II, 1932 HS ~ 18-Jan-1993
Cox, Dr. Vincent M. 1932 JC
Crawley, Frank T. 1932 JC ~ 01-Aug-1983
Cummings, Lonnie 1932 JC
David, Edward F. 1932 JC
Davidson, Charles L. 1932 HS
Davis, LTC Jack R., USA 1932 JC
Davis, LTC John M., (Ret) 1930 HS-1932 JC
Davis, Samuel R., Jr. 1932 JC
Dean, Bob A. 1932 HS
Dengler, Frederick 1932 HS
DePalacio, Lucas, Jr. 1932 HS
Dillon, Richard K. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 18-Oct-2002 age 89, passed away peacefully on October 18, 2002, surrounded by his loving children. Mr. Dillon was preceded in death by his wife, Daurice Hill Dillon; father, Governor R.C. Dillon; and mother, Josephine Dillon; daughter, Patricia Thompson; sisters, Virginia Cutter, Florence Dillon, and Betty Jo Achen. He is survived by his daughters; Laura Norton of Albuquerque, and Gwen Bennetts of Seattle, WA; sons, Rod Dillon and wife, Sandra of Albuquerque and Larry Dillon and wife, Karen of Las Vegas, NV; brother, Malcolm Dillon of Albuquerque; and 11 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren. Richard graduated from Albuquerque High School and attended the New Mexico Military Institute. Mr. Dillon, a long time resident of Albuquerque, spent his life working in soil and water conservation. 
Dorr, John J. 1932 HS
Downer, George S., Jr. 1930 HS-1932 JC
Duke, LTC Dexter L., USA (Ret) 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 03-Oct-1996
Eaves, Johnny S. 1932 JC ~ 15-Sep-1987
Edmondson, Sidney M., Jr. 1932 JC ~ 01-Apr-1985
Edmundson, Lewis E. 1932 HS ~ 17-Jan-1997
Edwards, Charles W. 1932 JC ~ 26-Mar-1995
Edwards, Jerome O. 1932 JC ~ 20-Jan-1989
Einstein, Joseph S. 1932 HS ~ 18-Sep-1989
Ellsaesser, Charles W., Jr. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 01-Nov-1989
Emery, William R. 1932 JC ~ 25-Jul-2004
Emmert, LTC H. D., AUS, 1932 HS ~ 01-Mar-1996
Estrada, Roberto E. 1930 HS-1932 JC
Ewell, LTG Julian J., USA (Ret) 1932 HS ~ 27-Jul-2009 Lt. Gen, USA (Ret.) On Monday, July 27, 2009, Julian J. Ewell age 93 of Fairfax, VA. Born in Stillwater, OK. Graduated from the United States Military Academy- West Point Class of 1939. Jumped into Normandy before dawn June 6, 1944, with the 101st Airborne Division. Received the Distinguished Service Cross for his leadership and heroism at the Battle of Bastogne. Commanded the 9th Infantry ‘Manchu’ Regiment of the 8th Army during the Korean War. Was the Assistant Commandant of Cadets at West Point. He commanded the 9th Infantry Division followed by command of the II Field Force, Vietnam and subsequently served as the military advisor to the Paris Peace delegation. Completed his service as Chief of Staff, NATO Southern Command at Naples, Italy. A highly decorated veteran his honors include four Distinguished Service Medals, Two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Two Legion of Merits, and many foreign decorations including the French Legion of Honor-Chevalier. Throughout his career General Ewell was known for his leadership style, keen intellect, droll wit and devotion to his country, his men and his profession. Marriages to Mary Gillem and Jean Hoffman ended in divorce. A 40-year marriage to Beverly McGammon Moses ended with her death in 1995. In 2005 he married Ambassador Patricia Gates Lynch. General Ewell is survived by four children: Gillem Ewell of Charles Town, WV, Dorothy Ziegler of Montgomery, AL, Dale Moses Walker of Albuquerque, NM, Stephen Moses of Williamsburg, VA. Two step-children Pamela Gates of Denver, CO, and Lawrence Gates of Memphis, TN. Six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. 
Farrow, Thomas E., Jr. 1932 HS
Fleming, RADM Allan F., USN (Ret) 1932 JC
Flippen, Ryman H. 1932 HS ~ 21-Nov-1996
Fowler, Godfrey A. 1930 HS-1932 JC
Freeman, John D. 1932 HS ~ 07-Dec-1998
Freitas, Worthing C. 1932 HS ~ 09-Dec-1992
Friend, Bill A. 1932 JC ~ 29-Jul-1973
Frush, Dr. John P. 1932 JC ~ 18-Jan-2008
Garnett, ENS Edward J. 1932 HS
Gernsbacher, Harold L. 1932 JC
Glasier, Robert A. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 19-Aug-1953
Goodson, Walter J., Jr. 1932 JC ~ 11-Jul-1994
Goostree, Arthur T. 1932 JC ~ 14-Aug-1993
Gordon, David L. 1932 JC
Goss, Carl L. 1932 HS ~ 27-Nov-2006
Graham, Edwin S., Jr. 1932 JC ~ 01-Jan-1998
Graves, Richard C. 1932 JC ~ 31-May-1993
Green, Charles C., Jr. 1932 HS
Green, Joe M., Jr. 1932 HS
Griffin, DeWitt James 1932 HS ~ 05-Sep-1997
Griffin, G. Kenneth 1930 HS-1932 JC 72, a retired account who lived in San Mateo the past 35 years, died at his home. He is survived by his wife, Caryol of San Mateo; a daughter Fay Jeanne Rickert of Australia; four grandchildren; and two great grandchildren.
Groves, Donald J. 1932 HS
Gurley, Arthur L., Jr. 1932 HS
Halff, Albert Henry 1932 HS ~ 25-Mar-2013 passed on March 25, 2013, at his home on Kaua’i, in Hawaii. He was 97 years young. He was born in Midland, TX, on August 20, 1915, to Henry Mayer Halff, a prominent West Texas rancher, and Rosa Wechsler Halff. He was the youngest of four children. His siblings were Hal, Ernestine, and Betty. He attended the San Marcos Academy and the New Mexico Military Institute as a young man. He moved to Mineral Wells and then Dallas with his parents, and attended the School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University. After his graduation in 1937, he earned a Master’s Degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in 1940. There he met and married, after a six-week courtship, Lee Catherine Benson. The couple moved to Kingsville, TX, where Albert taught at Texas A&I College. He served with distinction as an officer in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II, primarily in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where he was in charge of a malaria control project. His first son, Henry, was born in 1942. After the war, Albert taught at S.M.U., and then attended The Johns Hopkins University, where he earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. His son Bro was born in 1946. In 1950, Albert founded a consulting engineering firm, with partner Allen Hundley. Soon thereafter, Albert established on his own Albert H. Halff Associates. He led the firm until his semi-retirement in 1986. He remained active in the firm as chairman emeritus until his death. His fellow engineers and he grew the firm from a one-man company to the largest independent consulting engineering firm in Texas. Halff Associates, under Albert’s leadership, became a pioneer in environmental engineering, flood plain management and wastewater disposal. Albert was active in the American Society of Civil Engineers and Toastmasters. He was a great philanthropist, donating generously to universities, other schools, and many charitable organizations. He was an active member of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, and, in his later years, the Community Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio. After his retirement, Albert moved to San Diego with his wife Lee. Before her passing, they shared sixty-four years, in an inspiring bond of love and friendship. After Lee’s demise in 2004, Albert made his home in San Antonio and on Kaua’i, spending time with his two sons and their families there. He travelled extensively, including trips to South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and around the world. As recently as the summer of 2012, he travelled in Europe. Albert became an accomplished artist in his later years, creating watercolors with brilliant colors and bold designs. He also swam competitively, and won three events in a swim meet in Hawaii on the weekend before he passed. Albert was a visionary, with a deep commitment to innovation in engineering and creative thought in all fields. He had an abiding faith in, and love of, people. He expressed that love in his work, his friendships with others, and his boundless commitment to help others in any way that he could. Albert had a wonderful sense of humor, and took great joy in learning about the lives of all whom he met. Albert leaves behind a legacy of love, service, and faith in the basic goodness of humankind. Albert is survived by his two sons, Henry and Bro; his daughter-in-law, Jean; and a grandson, Larry. 
Hanson, Jerome 1930 HS-1932 JC
Harman, LTC Harold M., USA 1930 HS-1932 JC
Heath, James P. 1932 HS
Hemphill, Breverly G. 1932 JC ~ 04-Mar-1994
Henderson, Courtenay B. 1932 HS ~ 01-Sep-1984
Herron, Sam B., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 01-Mar-1983
Hesser, Dr. Robert Neelly 1932 JC ~ 01-Nov-1981
Hinson, G. D., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 27-Jun-1993
Holzinger, Gerald F. 1932 JC ~ 01-Sep-1979
Hopkins, William Harlen 1930 HS-1932 JC
Howell, Cleves Harrison, Jr. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 29-Oct-1970
Huguelet, Warren Eugene 1932 JC ~ 18-Jul-1995
Hulpieu, Charles Frederic 1932 HS ~06-Mar-1990
Hunter, Dwight Lemoine, Jr. 1932 JC ~ 26-May-2005 92, died May 26, 2005 of congestive heart failure. Dwight, known affectionately by family and friends as Daddy Boy, was born Sept 20, 1912, into a pioneering San Angelo family. During his youth in San Angelo, Dwight became an Eagle Scout, amassing 57 merit badges. He was known as the fastest swimmer in West Texas and became an expert pianist. Dwight graduated from San Angelo HSl,1930. He continued his education at New Mexico Military Institute, graduating in 1932. Dwight then attended the UT, Austin, graduating 1936 with a BA in journalism. While at UT, he was a member of SAE fraternity, and had the lead role in several plays as a member of the drama group Curtain Club. After graduation, Dwight moved to New York City, where he studied journalism at Columbia, and worked in the advertising field. In 1942, Dwight volunteered to serve in the US Army, and was honorably discharged as a Major after WWII. He then pursued his journalistic career writing for the San Angelo Std Times, the Houston Chronicle and the Beaumont Citizen Press. While living in San Angelo, Dwight was the pianist/organist for Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Recalled to the US Air force in 1947, Dwight was sent to Munich, Germany to be the PR Officer for a fighter/bomber wing in 1951. Also in 1951, Dwight married the former Lucy Seeligson Roe of San Antonio. The couple lived in Munich, Germany where he was stationed. Dwight and his wife then settled in Dallas in 1954, where he was named Public Information Director for the American Red Cross. He eventually began his own public relations firm, Dwight Hunter Associates, which he ran for many years, serving clients such as the Arthritis Foundation, Six Flags Over Texas, and Planned Parenthood. Dwight’s career in public relations suited him well, as his main interest in life was people – their families, histories, lives and interests. Dwight took great joy in his many friends of all ages, all of whom he called Stuff, and whom he constantly regaled with stories and reminiscences. Lunch with Dwight was a three hour affair, where friends came away amazed that Dwight knew more about their family history than they did! Known for his colorful wardrobe, quick wit and keen memory, Dwight was an avid golfer who carried an 11 handicap. He was fascinated and frustrated by the great game of golf, and had an extensive library of golf books which he read in his quest for the perfect swing. Dwight was a member of Northwood Country Club, Brook Hollow Golf Club, Idlewild Club, Terpsichorean Club, the Dallas Press Club and the Church of the Incarnation. He served on many boards, including the Arthritis Foundation and the American Red Cross. Dwight is preceded in death by his wife of 32 years, Lucy Seeligson Roe Hunter; parents Dwight Lemoine Hunter and Mary Bland Millspaugh Hunter of San Angelo, and one sister, Sally Hunter Trolinger. He is survived by daughter Lucy Hunter Washburne, daughter Nancy Hunter Beck and her husband Henry C. Peter Beck, III; grandchildren Hunter, Eleanor, and Mary Lamar Washburne, Spindrift and John Henry Beck, first cousin Louise Develin Blanchard and husband Arthur Blanchard, first cousin Ford Boulware and wife Edie Anson Boulware. Also surviving are son in law Richards Dick P. Washburne, sister in law Nancy Roe Conway of California, brother in law Edward Jedd Roe of Arizona, and numerous other cousins. 
Hyatt, Marvin E. 1932 HS ~ 01-Jun-1983
Irby, Robert E. 1932 JC ~ 01-Jun-1980
Jeffries, LTC Clymer DeFoor, Jr., USA 1932 HS ~ 26-Nov-1944 WWII-Killed in action on the Western Front on 26 November 1944. Jeffries was in charge of a tank-destroyer battalion.
Johnson, Walter G. 1932 HS
Jones, Thomas William 1932 HS ~ 01-Oct-1966
Kaster, 1LT John L., USA 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 15-Dec-1944 – WWII-Killed in action when a Japanese prison ship was torpedoed off the Philippines on 15 December 1944.
Kauffman, Andrew H., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 01-Oct-1972
Kelly, Michael Wakefield 1932 JC ~ May-1978
Kennedy, Phillip Joseph 1930 HS-1932 JC
Kimball, George G. 1932 JC
Kirtley, Jerome W. 1932 HS ~ 01-Aug-1981
Koether, Herbert F. 1932 HS ~ 16-Sep-2011 98, died September 16, 2011. Koether was most recently President of the Over Lowe Company, Englewood, a leading manufacturer of mobile floodlighting and light highway construction equipment. He sold the company in 1985 to Federal Signal Corporation. From his arrival in Denver in 1952, he was active in Republican Party activities even before U.S. Senator Peter H. Dominick asked him to chair the Colorado effort for Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign. Mr. Koether served on numerous Denver area boards. He was the only trustee to serve on both boards of merging schools when the Kent Denver School was formed from the Kent School for Girls and the Denver Country Day School. He served 54 years on the Advisory Board of The Salvation Army. At the time of his death, Koether was the oldest male member of the Denver Country Club. He was also a member of St. Mark’s Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church. Prior to WWII, he worked at the War Production Board in Washington, DC, and later entered the Air Force, attaining the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. In addition to his wife, Sarah Louise (Sally), Herbert F. Koether is survived by his younger and sole surviving brother, Martin Lewis Koether of Tequesta, FL, his step son, Douglas Jefferson Arnot of Denver, three sons: Frederick Gustave Koether of Longmont, James Huntington Koether of Roseville, CA, and Philip Hathaway Koether, an architect living in New York City, daughter Sarah Louise Patterson of Centennial, as well as eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Kynoch, Edward G. 1932 HS ~ 12-Apr-1992
Lamberth, Allen J. 1932 HS
Lancaster, Dr. George Marvin 1932 HS ~ 31-Dec-1994
Laney, Hubert S. 1932 JC ~ 11-May-2009
Leach, Frank H. 1932 JC ~ 01-Aug-1981
Lemon, COL Maurice Raymond, USA (Ret) 1932 JC ~ 31-Dec-1976
Leonard, Richard W. 1932 HS ~ 01-Aug-1972
Liddell, Vance W. 1932 JC ~ 13-Sep-2006
Lind, Elmer N. 1932 JC
Longworth, Henderson McKee 1932 JC ~ 30-Dec-1986
Luckel, Frey L., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 01-Oct-1972
Lunebring, Herman H. 1932 HS ~ 29-Jul-2000
Luppen, Luppe Hodgdon 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 17-Feb-1995
Lusk, LTC Charles Benton, USA (Ret) 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 09-Apr-1997
Machenheimer, Don, Jr. 1932 JC
MacMichael, Ralph Harrison 1932 HS ~ 12-Dec-1984
Macy, Dick L. 1932 JC
Macy, Elbert C. 1932 HS
Martin, G. Keith 1930 HS-1932 JC
Masterson, Harris 1932 JC ~ 07-Apr-1997
Masterson, Tom B., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 28-Dec-1953
Mauldin, William P. 1932 HS ~ 01-Nov-1968
May, Burl L. 1932 JC ~ 06-Jan-2000
McCallum, Donald Charles 1932 HS ~ 18-Aug-1995
McCarthy, LTC Willis Byron, (Ret) 1932 JC ~ 01-Nov-1981
McCelvey, Jack S., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 17-Sep-1996
McCommis, Joseph Wayne 1930 HS-1932 JC
McCrohan, Geoffrey O., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 24-Mar-1975
McDonald, Dick Andrew, Jr. 1932 HS ~ 01-Sep-1969
McKinney, Carl, Jr. 1932 HS ~ 01-Jul-1973
McNatt, Stanley Roland 1932 JC ~ 27-Dec-1982
McSheehan, Charles W., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 09-Jun-1991
Meaker, Gordon W. 1932 HS ~ 03-Jun-1992
Mendell, Wilbert T. 1932 JC ~ 06-Sep-1994
Merrill, Dudley Sperry 1932 JC ~ 18-Jan-2013 100, of Contoocook, passed away Friday, January 18, 2013 after a short illness. Dudley was born September 21, 1912, in Manila, Philippines to Mary Augustus Sperry and Elmer Drew Merrill. Dudley attended the New Mexico Military Institute, and is a graduate of the University of Maine. He served in World War II as a Member of the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division. Prior to his retirement, Dudley worked for the Utica Mutual Insurance Company. He enjoyed skiing, tennis, fly-fishing and boating, and was well known for his original wood carvings. He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Ann Norton Merrill. 
Meyer, Walter J., Jr. 1930 HS-1932 JC
Miller, Donald W. 1932 JC
Miller, Herbert S. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 01-Sep-1971
Moore, Hiram H., Jr. 1932 HS
Morgan, LTC John C., USAFR (Ret) 1932 HS ~ 17-Jan-1991
Morris, Melvin L. 1930 HS-1932 JC
Moulton, Donald C. 1932 JC
Myers, William D., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 02-Aug-2004
Nash, Horace R. 1932 HS ~ 15-Sep-1973
Nash, COL William Lafayette, USA (Ret) 1932 JC ~ 12-Aug-1959
Neece, James H. 1932 JC
Neece, John R., III, 1929 HS-1932 JC ~ 01-Jun-1962
Neel, Jonathan G. 1932 HS
Neff, Charles E. 1932 HS ~ 01-Jul-1980
Nicholas, James W. 1932 JC
Niemann, Edward C. 1932 HS
Noble, Emerson M. 1932 JC ~ 01-Jan-1986
Norman, Bert E. 1932 JC ~ 24-Nov-1937
Norton, Laurence E., Jr. 1932 HS
Oglesby, Blanks W. 1932 JC ~ 08-Apr-1998
O’Neill, William L., Jr. 1932 HS
Orgain, John C. 1932 HS
Orr, Ernest C. 1932 HS ~ 01-Aug-1986
Orr, Lee Cornelius 1932 JC
Paul, Albert M., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 01-Feb-1975
Paul, Watson K. 1932 HS
Pentz, Robert H., Jr. 1932 JC ~ 16-Dec-1993
Phillips, Edwin T. 1932 JC
Pierce, John C. 1932 HS
Pinkley, LT Addison Boyd, USNR 1932 HS ~ Jun-1944 – WWII-Killed in action – declared dead when the USS GUDGEON failed to return in June of 1944.
Prince, COL William Raymond, USA (Ret) 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 18-May-2008 Born October 12, 1911 in Santa Fe, NM to William B. Prince and Florence Howland Prince, both of whom predeceased him. He was the grandson of New Mexico Territorial Governor Lebaron Bradford Prince. Also predeceased by his brother, Bertrand B. Prince; his sister, Louise; and one grandchild, Stacy Ryan. Married in 1937 to Margaret Evans (d. 1972). Married in 1973 to Elaine Faden. Survived by his wife Elaine; one brother, Bradford H. Prince; two children, Mary F. Adams and Margaret L. Prince both of Santa Fe; six grandchildren; nine great grandchildren; one step-daughter and two step grandchildren. Col. Prince was graduated from New Mexico Military Institute High School in 1930 and NMMI Junior College in 1932. He entered the United States Military Academy at West Point on July 1, 1932. Graduated in 1936, the 134th Anniversary of the founding of the United States Military Academy. The graduation address was given by General of the Armies, John J. Pershing. He was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star Medal and the Legion of America. After World War II he served as commanding officer at Sandia Base in Albuquerque; Chief of the U.S. Army Mission in Ecudor; Professor of Military Science and Tactics at Norwich University in Vermont; Commanding Officer at Fort Hood and Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff, Joint United States Military Advisory Group in Thailand. He was the Senior Advisor to the Army National Guard in Idaho prior to his retirement as Colonel in 1964. After retirement, he became a Real Estate Broker in Santa Fe where he was active in Real Estate for nearly 30 years before his retirement.
Radford, Ernest M. 1932 JC ~ 01-May-1994
Reinemund, Carl Allen 1930 HS-1932 JC
Rice, James M. 1932 HS
Richardson, Dr. George Shackelford 1932 JC ~ 23-Jun-1999
Richardson, James L. 1932 HS ~ 12-Oct-1988
Richardson, Theodore 1932 HS
Rittenhouse, Pollard L. 1932 HS ~ 01-Aug-1986
Robbins, William Allen 1932 HS ~ 01-Nov-1981
Roberts, Theodore A. 1932 HS ~ 01-Dec-1975
Rockwell, Clinton Alvord, Jr. 1932 HS ~ 30-Dec-2011 Mar. 12, 1914 – Dec. 30, 2011 Clinton Rockwell Jr., 97, of El Centro passed away Friday, December 30. He was born March 12, 1914 in Wheatland, WY. Clinton served with the Navy Seabees for 3 years and served in World War II. Following his service, he went on to work as a mechanical engineer for Great Western Sugar Factory in Colorado. He continued on to Rio Grand Railroad before going to work for Martin Merietta. He worked for Martin Merietta for 15 years before retiring in 1966. Clinton was later married to Marion Gay Rockwell on March 11, 2000 in Laughlin, NV. He was preceded in death by Leonea and Clinton A. Rockwell. Clinton is survived by his wife, Marion Rockwell; son, Clinton A. Rockwell, III; grandsons, Jeffery Scot, and Paul Rockwell; great-grand- children, Abigale Rockwell, and Clinton Rockwell; stepdaughters, Catherine (Bob) Bogart, and Patricia (Tony) Avalos; stepsons, Anthony C. (Michelle) Martinez, and Steven V. (Renee) Martinez; and step-grandchildren, Catherine and Sahara. No services will be held.
Sale, Paul Leonard, Jr. 1932 JC
Salisbury, Robert 1932 HS ~ 01-Aug-1966
Sanchez, Dr. Max Mariano 1932 JC
Saunders, David O., Jr. 1932 JC
Schick, Herbert Donald 1932 HS
Schumacher, William F. 1932 HS
Seeley, Joseph B. 1932 HS ~ 30-Jun-1992
Seligman, Milton S. 1932 JC ~ 03-Sep-2005
Seligman, Dr. Randolph V. 1932 JC ~ 04-Apr-2009 94, a 3rd generation native New Mexican, passed away April 4, in Albuquerque, NM. He was born in Bernalillo, NM. He was preceded in death by his wife, Eleanor Floersheim Seligman; his parents Julius Seligman and Blanche Block Seligman; and his brothers, Thornton Julius Seligman and Joseph Jack Seligman. Randy is survived by his three daughters, Elizabeth Ann (Betty) McCarty and her husband Dr. Christopher McCarty of Brenham, TX, Cynthia Kay Engelstein of Hod JHasharon, Israel, and Gretchen Louise Goldstein and her husband Randall Goldstein of Nashville, TN. Also surviving are four grandchildren, Thomas Randolph McCarty, Molly McCarty and Jennifer Goldstein and Katie Goldstein. Survivors also include a very close and special family friend for 50 years, Alice Stewart, family friend Debbie Hendrex, caregivers from Special Live-In Care and many nieces, nephews and cousins. At age 16, Dr. Seligman graduated from Albuquerque High School. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute for 2 years before transferring to the University of California-Berkeley. He returned to Albuquerque and graduated from the University of New Mexico. He took his medical training at Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, PA, and completed his residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL, in Obstetrics and Gynecology. During the war years that followed, he served as an Army Major in the 302nd Medical Battalion of the 77th Infantry Division in the South Pacific Theater. He then returned to New Mexico and established himself in private practice. He served as head of the Obstetrics/Gynecology program at Bernalillo County Indian Hospital from 1955 to 1960. In 1986, he was asked to mentor OB/GYN residents and students in UNM School of Medicine clinics and surgical areas. By 1988, he dedicated all his time to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Having retired from his work at the university in June 1996 at the age of 81, Dr. Seligman estimated that he had delivered some 10,000 babies throughout his career.
Selmi, E. James 1932 HS
Sewall, MAJ Albert Russell 1932 HS ~ 01-Jul-1981
Sexton, COL Robert Curtis, (Ret) 1932 JC ~ 25-Jan-2003, age 89, passed away January 25, 2003, at the Montebello Health Care Center in Albuquerque, where he had been a resident since 1997. He was born October 6, 1913 to Dr. Troy Curtis and Lena Broaddus Sexton in Las Cruces, NM. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and New Mexico State University, graduating in Electrical Engineering. He married Mary Carolyn Moesta December 28, 1937. He entered the Army Air Corps and completed flight school, beginning a 30 year career in the Air Force. He was a pilot during WWII and retired in Albuquerque in 1963. He worked for the City of Albuquerque in the Dept. of Environmental Health. He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Mary Sexton; daughters, Carol Bradley (Mitchell) of Heathsville, VA, and Susan McNeil (Douglas) of Salt Lake City, UT; four grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. 
Shafsky, H. Mero 1932 HS
Sheets, James D., Jr. 1932 HS
Sloan, John E. 1932 HS ~ 27-Jun-1993
Smith, Don C. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 01-May-1984
Smith, Lt Col James L., Jr., USAF (Ret) 1932 JC ~ 31-Jul-1993
Stacy, Dr. Joseph E. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 06-Jan-1993
Stahlman, Hugh I., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 01-Oct-1972
Stamm, William Finley 1932 HS ~ 24-Apr-2014 age 99, a lifelong resident of Albuquerque, passed away in the early hours of Thursday, April 24, 2014 with his devoted wife of 48 1/2 years, Ruth at his side. He was born at home to Elizabeth Baldridge Stamm and Roy A. Stamm on June 18, 1914. He attended Old Forth Grade School, Washington Junior High School and Albuquerque High School at Broadway and Central. But graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell in 1932 and attended UNM in 1933 and 1934. He worked at Baldridge Lumber Company in 1935 (This company was started in 1882 by his grandfather, J.C. Baldridge). From 1936 to 1941, Bill and his father had a sporting goods store and outdoor recreational area. (Tennis, shuffle board, bikes for hire, camping trips) When WWII started he went to work at a Munitions Plant in Denver, until he was sent to Honolulu in 1943 to 1947 with the Army Engineers and on to Post War Japan for 4 years to the 5th Air Force Base, then back to Albuquerque to Kirtland Airforce Base Engineers until he joined Sandia Labs from 1952 to 1974, when he took early retirement. Bill’s father, Roy who wrote “For Me, The Sun”, was quite an outdoors person and exposed Bill and his two brothers, Allen now deceased and Bob to beautiful areas in New Mexico and Colorado on many camping trips. Little wonder that Bill started the New Mexico Mountain Club in 1952 and it is still going strong after 62 years. Bill wrote this “The high point in my life was when I married Ruth, a girl from Chicago, September 4, 1965 who I met at the April meeting and it was truly “Love at first sight” for the both of us. We had a rustic cabin in the Jemez Mountains and enjoyed it year round with friends and as a base for snowshoe trips. Bill loved camping, hiking, backpacking and down hill skied until he was 83 in all our western states, Japan and Austria. Other high points in his life were climbing to the Summits of 12,360 Ft. Fujiyama, 14,870 Ft. Matterhorn, 17,876 Ft. Popocatepetl and 14,500 Ft. Whitney. He and Ruth were also active members of the Sierra Club, Volunteers for the Outdoors, Friends of the Petroglyphs, New Mexico Cross Country Ski Club, Sandia Ski Club, Sandia Thunderbirds Nature Conservancy and NM Wilderness Alliance. He built 28 huge dog houses for PACA, drove vans for the Albuquerque Senior Centers for five years and hosted the Audubon Wildlife Film Series at Popejoy Hall form 1971 to 1979. Both Bill and Ruth were on the Board of Directors of the Rio Grande Zoological Society from 1980 to 1990. What Fun That WAS! And we did get to travel a lot; Tibet, Russia, China, New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland, Europe, Thailand, etc. But the best trips of all were in our 1972 VW Camper in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Bill was preceded in death by his sons, Billy and Phillip. He is survived by his son Paul, grandson Dario, brother Robert and his wife Mary and many nephews and nieces and friends. A donation in his memory, to your favorite animal charity would make him smile. Bill will be missed!
Stearns, Dr. Charles F., Jr. 1932 JC ~ 07-May-1997
Stege, Otto T. 1932 HS
Stephens, Richard B., Jr. 1932 HS
Stevens, James W. 1932 JC
Stewart, Charles V. B. 1932 HS
Street, E. Bruce, Sr. 1932 JC ~ 10-Apr-2005 Edwin Bruce Street, 92, descendant of Graham’s founder died Sunday, April 10, 2005, in the Graham hospital. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 13, 2005, at First United Methodist Church of Graham with Dr. Bob Holloway, pastor, officiating. Arrangements are under the direction of Morrison Funeral Home. Mr. Street was born June 5, 1912, to Horace Bruce Street and Anna Bertha Street in Graham. He and Virginia Owens were married Sept. 9, 1934, in Dallas and recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with their family. He attended school in Graham and was a 1932 graduate of New Mexico Military Institute. He received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Southern Methodist University in 1934. In 1939, he entered the oil business with his twin brother. He served in the U.S Navy as a Lieutenant from 1942 until 1945. In 1949 their business developed into a partnership, Ibex Company, with Lester Clark of Breckenridge and developed into the current Breck Operating Company and its affiliated partnerships. He has served as chamber president, mayor and was a co-founder of the Graham Community Trust Fund. In 1996, he and his twin brother, Boyd, formed The Bertha Foundation as a tribute to their mother. The foundation has been an integral part of many community projects in Graham, most notably the Library of Graham and the Senior Center. Mr. Street’s principal interests have been in the areas of wellness and education. He has been the principal motivator in the establishment of a diabetes clinic at Graham Regional Medical Center. His passion for the advancement of education has continued throughout his years. He served as a Regent of the University of North Texas for three terms, chairing numerous committees. He was presented the Distinguished Achievement Award of 2005 by the Texas Business and Education Coalition. Survivors include his wife Virginia Street of Graham a daughter, Virginia Street Smith of Fort Worth a son, Bruce of Graham five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. 
Street, Malcolm B. 1932 JC ~ 31-Mar-1999
Sweeney, Jack L. 1932 HS
Taylor, Howard W. 1932 JC ~ 17-Sep-1997
Thomason, William Ewing 1932 HS ~ 20-Jun-1999
Thompson, Howard H. 1932 JC
Tidemann, Frederick Ernest 1932 JC
Tillotson, T. Carrol 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 15-Oct-1995
Toler, William J. 1932 HS
Tourtellot, Lt Col Dallas Morse, USAF (Ret) 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 16-Nov-1985
Trammell, Earl M., Jr. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 25-Jul-2004
Troxel, Austin B. 1932 JC ~ 07-Sep-2004
Tull, Arthur D. 1932 HS
Utley, Dr. Thomas Edmund 1932 JC
VanGundy, John C. 1932 JC ~ 01-Nov-1978
VanZandt, Morris Logan 1932 HS
Voss, Lauren W. 1932 HS
Walker, Howard J. 1932 HS ~ 01-Feb-1982
Ward, Bernard O. 1932 HS
Ward, James C. 1932 HS ~ 29-May-1989
Webber, Thomas B., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 01-Nov-1979
Weidmann, Louis A. 1932 HS
Westermann, John L., Jr. 1930 HS-1932 JC
Westmoreland, Charles R., Jr. 1932 HS
White, Emmett Dyson 1932 JC
Whitlock, John R. A., Jr. 1932 HS ~ 05-Nov-1991
Wiechers, Miguel 1932 HS
Wilder, Beverly B., Jr. 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 15-Jul-2005 died of cancer at his home in Tuolumne. He was 91. Mr. Wilder was born and raised in Oakland and attended the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, later graduating from UC Berkeley. He worked as a maintenance supervisor for the U.S. Steel Corp. for 27 years. After retirement, he and his wife moved to Ben Lomond, where he taught recreational folk dance at Cabrillo College. He also taught folk dance at San Francisco State University. For more than 50 years, the couple was active in the international folk dance community and made many lasting friendships. Mr. Wilder served as president of the Folk Dance Federation of California and the Square Dance Callers Association. Model railroading and trains were his hobbies, and he was a charter member of the East Bay Model Engineer s Society of Emeryville. Mr. Wilder also was a longtime member of the Audubon Society and led many bird trips throughout the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay regions. He was close to his caregiver Jamie Stout of Tuolumne. Mr. Wilder is survived by son Douglas B. Wilder of Castroville brother Guy Earl “Pete” Wilder of Annandale, MN. and sister Eleanor Wilder Edmund of Berkeley. His wife of 52 years, Virginia H. Wilder, and his sisters Alice, Anne and Marion all died before him. 
Williams, Dr. William Hudson, Jr. 1932 JC ~ 21-Dec-2000
Willoughby, John T. 1932 HS ~ 20-Jan-1995
Wilson, William R., Jr. 1930 HS-1932 JC
Winn, Robert H. 1932 HS ~ 12-Mar-1993
Woodworth, John O. 1932 HS
Wright, Jack 1932 HS ~ 24-Feb-1988
Wyles, COL Eben Richards, USA (Ret) 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 19-Jun-1975
Yallalee, MAJ William Pryce, AUS (Ret) 1930 HS-1932 JC ~ 17-Nov-2010


Ainsworth, Alton C. 1931 JC ~ 04-Sep-1968
Allen, R. Evan 1931 JC ~ 31-Dec-2001
Amis, William J. 1931 JC ~ 04-Feb-1964
Ball, Dr. Wendell L. 1931 JC ~ 14-Nov-1948
Bargar, William A., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 28-Dec-1984
Barnard, James R. 1931 HS ~ 03-Jul-1968
Barr, Francis Edmund 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 17-Apr-1998
Barrett, Guy W. 1931 JC ~ 10-Jun-1951
Beazell, George A. 1931 HS
Becker, Carl F. 1931 HS ~ 01-Mar-1967
Beisel, E. Eugene 1931 JC ~ 08-Jan-1987
Bennett, Robert T. 1931 HS
Bennetts, James R. 1931 HS
Bennington, F. Everett 1931 JC ~ 18-Mar-1979
Berg, Jack 1931 HS ~ 27-May-2004
Bickford, Max W. 1931 JC ~ 09-Sep-1984
Blackmar, Richard A. 1931 JC ~ 31-Mar-1996
Blackmore, Gerald R. 1931 JC ~ 11-Jul-1939
Blacknall, Joseph C., Jr. 1931 JC ~ 28-Jun-1962
Bost, J. Wilson 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 05-Feb-1983
Bowser, Frederick P. 1930 HS-1931 JC ~ 19-Jul-1951
Boyle, James P., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 04-Apr-2003
Brawn, Dudley L. 1931 JC ~ 18-May-1972
Breidenthal, BG John W., USARNG (Ret) 1931 JC ~ 04-Jan-1972
Broome, James T. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 01-Mar-1965
Brown, Lewis 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 18-Jul-1967
Brunton, Carvile J. 1931 HS ~ 02-Jun-1965
Bryant, Edward L. 1931 HS ~ 25-Jan-1960

Bryant, Richard A. 1931 JC ~ 13-Sep-1980
Bryson, G. Hix 1931 HS ~ 09-Mar-2008 94, of Oroville, died Sunday, March 9, 2008, in Oroville. 
Butler, Michael W. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 21-Nov-2001
Buxton, J. Stewart 1931 HS ~ 01-Nov-2000
Caldwell, Robert S. 1931 JC ~ 17-Feb-1968
Caples, Stanley B. 1931 HS ~ 01-Mar-1978
Carey, A. Mark 1929 HS-1931 JC
Carter, Neil H. 1931 HS ~ 01-Dec-1986
Castle, Willis H. 1931 HS
Causey, Frank R. 1931 HS ~ 23-Nov-1993
Clark, Frank B. 1930 HS-1931 JC ~ 13-Jun-1978
Clark, William D., Jr. 1929 HS-1931 JC
Coblentz, Charles B. 1931 JC ~ 14-Dec-1985
Colbert, Henry W. 1931 JC ~ 17-Nov-1984
Coles, James W., Jr. 1931 JC
Coles, Robert O. 1931 JC ~ 24-Oct-1993
Collar, Jacob F. 1931 HS ~ 27-Apr-1995
Collard, John R., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 04-Oct-1998
Collins, James W. 1931 JC ~ 15-Jul-1972
Cook, Verne L. 1931 HS ~ 27-Nov-1965
Cooper, William A. 1931 JC ~ 01-Dec-1978
Cort, Nicholas L. 1931 JC
Courts, Joe T. 1931 JC
Couse, James G. B. 1931 HS ~ 01-Jul-1980
Cox, Remer S. 1931 HS ~ 01-Aug-1975
Craig, James M., Jr. 1931 JC ~ 01-May-1977
Cram, William F., Jr. 1928 HS-1931 JC ~ 30-Dec-1956
Cramer, Sterling B., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 15-Mar-2005
Culberson, James S. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 10-Feb-1975
Dahlgren, John H. 1931 HS
Dalmont, Shelby W. 1931 HS ~ 20-Jul-1987
Daniel, Gordon N. 1931 HS
Danielson, Homer S. 1931 HS
Davenport, Cecil F. 1931 HS ~ 04-Dec-1997
Davis, Aubrey 1931 JC
Davis, Harry B. 1931 JC ~ 27-Dec-1986
Dawson, 1LT James Wiley, USA 1931 HS ~ 11-Aug-1942 – WWII-Killed in action – died in a Japanese prison camp on 12 May 1943.
Dees, Byron B. 1931 JC ~ 04-Jul-1983
Deitrich, Ralph N. 1931 HS ~ 18-Oct-1991
Dempster, Charles B. 1931 HS ~ 05-Jul-2004
DeVito, Dominic J. 1931 JC ~ Apr-1986
Dodson, Dr. Aubra C. 1931 HS ~ 01-Dec-1975
Donley, Asley P. 1931 JC ~ 01-Apr-1972
Donohue, Robert E. 1931 HS ~ 16-Sep-1992
Drager, Donald G. 1931 HS ~ 09-Jan-1970
Drake, Frederick T., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 24-Oct-1962
Drewien, Harry T. 1931 HS ~ 24-Apr-1988
Drinnon, James L. 1931 HS ~ 1969
Dunn, Irvin E., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 04-Feb-1936
Edinger, Ward M. 1931 HS ~ 1987
Edwards, John W. 1931 JC
Elkin, Winston F. “Wink” 1931 JC ~ 08-Sep-2004 passed away Wednesday, September 8, 2004 at his home in Midland. Wink as he was known to his family and friends was born June 11, 1912 in Stanton, TX, to Z. Terry Elkin and Edna Cox Elkin where his father and a partner, Charles Ebbersol, owned a mercantile business. After several years in California’s Imperial Valley during World War I, the family settled in Midland. Wink attended Midland public schools and after graduation from New Mexico Military Institute in 1931, worked for the Midland County Surveyor and for Dowell, the oilfield service company, before beginning his vocation as a farmer prior to World War II. Early in 1941, Wink enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps and served for more than four years at several fields in Illinois, California and Texas as a crew chief until his discharge in 1945. Wink continued farming at the family farm east of Midland until his retirement in 1972. In the postwar years, he enjoyed fishing trips with his friends, as well as membership in the Fraternal Order of Eagles and American Legion. He was preceded in death by his sisters, Edna May Corey and Virginia Louise Ross and his brother, William Terry Elkin .Wink is survived by nephew, John Elkin Corey and wife Gail of Conroe, TX; and his nieces, Virginia Kathryn Ross of Oxford, England, Linda Louise Ross and husband G. A. Bupp of Barksdale, TX, and Susanna Alene Ross of Austin, TX; and his brother-in-law, George B. Ross of Houston, TX.
Evans, Henry F., Jr. 1929 HS-1931 JC
Evans, Herbert 1931 HS ~ 24-Jul-2001
Fairfax, John P. 1929 HS-1931 JC
Faron, MAJ Winfield S. 1931 JC ~ 18-Jan-1946
Foley, Arthur 1931 JC ~ 21-May-1935
Foley, Marshall R. 1931 JC ~ 21-Jan-2003
Foreman, LTC Wallace G., USA (Ret) 1931 JC
Fullerton, Robert C., Jr. 1931 HS
Gaastra, Edward D. 1931 HS ~ 01-Oct-1972
Garrett, Robert S. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 20-Nov-1970
George, Darrell E. 1931 HS ~ 31-Dec-1989
George, Doyle M. 1931 JC
Getman, William E. 1931 JC ~ 04-May-1974
Gilchrist, James B. 1929 HS-1931 JC
Glasier, Dr. William A. 1928 HS-1931 JC ~ 08-Jan-1947
Goodbar, James M. 1927 HS-1931 JC ~ 06-Jul-1964
Graham, Charles C. 1931 HS
Graham, Earnest U. 1929 HS-1931 JC
Graham, Warren R., Jr. 1931 JC ~ 18-Jun-1995
Gray, Robert P. 1931 HS ~ 23-Dec-1999
Grinstead, Edward T. 1931 HS
Groom, Dr. Corwin E. 1931 HS ~ 14-Jun-1980
Haddaway, Rochester H. 1931 JC ~ 05-Mar-1995
Hait, Lyle G. 1931 HS ~ 18-Oct-1962
Hall, Gorman W. 1931 HS ~ 01-Nov-1974
Hall, Leroy Edward 1931 JC ~ 28-apr-1987
Harris, Claude M. 1931 HS
Harrison, George W. 1931 HS
Harryman, Charles R. 1931 JC ~ 14-Sep-1956
Hastings, Robert C. 1931 HS
Haworth, William R. 1931 HS ~ 01-May-1983
Hayter, Dr. Robert 1931 JC ~ 01-Jan-1987
Healy, Alexander, Jr. 1931 JC ~ 29-Jan-1990
Heaney, Arthur N., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 01-Jun-1968
Heffner, Rufus S. 1931 HS ~ 07-Dec-2001
Henderson, James A. 1931 HS
Henderson, W. Carter 1931 HS
Henshaw, Fritz T., Jr. 1931 HS
Herget, COL Richard Philip, USA (Ret) 1931 JC ~ 03-Dec-2002, an attorney and native of Paragould, died of congestive heart failure at Arkansas Methodist Hospital here Tuesday. He was 88. Colonel Herget lived a full and wonderful life that spanned the 20th Century. He participated in some of his generations greatest events. He worked in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal as a young attorney at the White House Office of Education. As lieutenant in the 29th Infantry Division, he landed at Omaha Beach in Normandy in World War II where he won the Bronze Star with oak leaf clusters. He later served in the Judge Advocate General Corps at the Pentagon during most of the Cold War. He was a graduate of the New Mexico Military Institute at Roswell, the University of Arkansas and Georgetown University Law School. Following his military service, he became legal counsel of the Ford Corp’s Aeroneutronics Division in Newport Beach, CA. He retired to Paragould in 1978 where he served as chairman of the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission and an unpaid advisor to the mayor in establishing a public cable television service. Col. Herget is survived by his wife of 64 years, Mary Esther Barlow Herget; five children; 10 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. His children are: Richard Philip Herget, Jr., of Heber Springs, AR,, J. Barlow Herget of Raleigh, NC, Nancy Jackson Wood of Greenwood, AR, A. Harry Herget of Jonesboro, AR, and Rebecca Ann Bennett of Little Rock.
Hickman, George Elliott 1931 JC ~ 19-Mar-1978
Holleman, John L. 1931 HS ~ 01-Dec-1983
Hopkins, Howard H., Jr. 1931 HS
Huff, Joe W. 1931 JC
Huston, David N., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 01-May-1978
Huston, Lawrence E. 1931 HS ~ 01-Mar-1973
Hyatt, Walter H. 1931 HS
Jackson, John R. 1931 JC ~ 05-Apr-2011, 97, retired Pocahontas banker, died Tuesday, April 5. Jackson was born April 29, 1913, at Paragould to the late A.W. and Jennie Lightle Jackson. After graduation from Paragould High School, he earned degrees from New Mexico Military Institute, the University of Chicago, the University of Arkansas and Yale University. He also graduated from the Louisiana State University School of Banking. He was a civil engineer in his early working years and operated Sallee Bros. Handle Factory in Pocahontas from 1945-58. He spent 35 years as an officer and director of Bank of Pocahontas, retiring from banking in 1990. Jackson was also involved in rice, soybean and Angus cattle farming through ownership of farm land in Randolph County. Dick, as he was affectionately known, was actively involved in a wide variety of civic and community affairs. He served on the Pocahontas School Board, was chairman of the Pocahontas Water Commission for 25 years, served as president of the Pocahontas Rotary Club, for which he was named a Paul Harris Fellow, was an organizer of the Rolling Hills Country Club in Pocahontas and served for 10 years as that organizations first treasurer. He joined the Pocahontas First United Methodist Church in 1952 and had been an active member, holding many offices and teaching Sunday school. Dick was an avid golfer who played regularly into his early 90s. He was also an ardent Razorback enthusiast who believed that the Razorbacks chances of winning were lessened if he did not wear red on game days. By far his favorite activity was anything involving his family. The thing he disliked the most about being in his 90s was the inability to play on the floor with his great-grandchildren. Survivors include his wife of 74 years, Genevieve Sallee Jackson of Pocahontas; two sons, John Jackson and wife Mary, and Raymond Jackson and wife Ginger, all of Pocahontas; daughters, Sue Gibson and husband Danny of Walnut Ridge, and Lucy Jordan and husband Steve of Searcy. Also surviving are seven grandchildren and spouses; Caroline and David Morgan of Conway, Laura and Blake Whitley of Hot Springs, Elizabeth and Wade Williams of Fayetteville, Jeff and Allison Hatfield, Emily and Grant Cox, and Alice Ann Jordan, all of Little Rock, and Genny and Porter Montgomery of Dallas. Eleven great-grandchildren are Clair and Paige Whitley, Matthew, Jackson and Henry Cole, Jessica and John David Morgan, Meredith and Garrett Hatfield, and John and Charlie Montgomery. In addition he is survived by three step-grandchildren, Mike Miller of Pocahontas, Sloane Kelley and Shannon Cox, both of Walnut Ridge; along with 10 step-great-grandchildren, Mary Katherine and Payton Miller, Cameron, Barrett, John-Scott and Caroline Kelley, Andrew Smith, Abbey Cox and Lucy and Leslie Williams. In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by his sister, Rebecca Luck, and brother, Bill Jackson. 
Jeffords, Douglas C. 1931 HS ~ 01-Aug-1985
Jeffryes, Allan C. 1931 HS ~ 01-Nov-1983
Jersig, LTC Joseph Shelby, USMC (Ret) 1929 HS-1931 JC
Johnson, Bruce H. 1931 HS ~ 06-Nov-1989
Johnson, Col Donald W., USAF (Ret) 1931 JC
Johnson, Malcolm Storer 1931 HS ~ 08-Oct-1971
Johnson, Walter Donald 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 05-Jan-1997
Jones, Owen S. 1931 HS ~ 28-Aug-1971
Jordan, CPT Fred Hubert, USA 1931 JC ~ 03-Feb-1945 – WWII-Killed in action – died at a Japanese prison camp on island of Honshu, Japan on 3 February 1945. Cash Skarda sent word that Jordan was with him on 2 boats that were sunk en route from Mailia to Japan in December 1944.
Kahn, Alfred R. 1931 HS
Keeland, Robert L. 1931 JC ~ 30-Jun-1996
Keith, William D., Jr. 1931 HS
Kellam, Hollis C., Jr. 1931 HS
Kelly, Edmond, Jr. 1928 HS-1931 JC
Kennedy, James, Jr. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 01-Apr-1987
King, Edward Leroy 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 17-Jan-1979
Kistler, Robert M. 1931 HS ~ 01-Aug-1986
Kizer, John Alden 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 22-Jan-1996
Klock, Franklin Yarwood 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 04-Oct-1995
Lancaster, Dr. D. Dudley 1931 HS ~ 24-Apr-1984
Lane, Edwin E., Jr. 1931 JC ~ 13-Jan-1996
Lawrence, Jack D. 1931 JC ~ 10-Apr-1999
Lehmann, Jay C. 1931 JC
Levinson, Simeon 1931 HS ~ 01-Jul-1966
Livingston, Lunsford Philip 1931 HS ~ 12-Feb-1987
Logel, Richard B. 1931 HS ~ 15-Nov-1992
Lucero, Solomon 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 21-Sep-1964
Lynes, CPT George D., USA 1931 HS ~ 07-Dec-1983
MacGregor, Rob R. 1931 HS
MacMillan, James Henry 1931 HS
Manasse, Solle P. 1931 HS ~ 09-Nov-1997
Marmion, J. Richard, Jr. 1931 HS ~ 22-Nov-1994
Marr, James K. 1931 HS
Matteson, Asa G. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ Nov-1975
McCallister, Vaughn W. 1931 JC ~ Nov-1942
McCammon, Wilbur F., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 08-Apr-1977
McCarthy, John Wilton 1931 JC ~ 16-May-1998
McConnell, Robert C. 1931 HS ~ 21-Dec-2000 87, of Redington Beach, died Thursday (Dec. 21, 2000) at home under the care of Hospice of the Florida Suncoast. Born in Sante Fe, NM, he came here in 1969 from Silver Spring, MD. He was an attorney and an Army veteran. He was Methodist. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico and his law degree from George Washington University in Washington, DC. He was a member of the New Mexico Bar and the U.S. Supreme Court Bar. He was a law clerk for U.S. Circuit Court judges and district attorneys in New Mexico and was an assistant district attorney for seven years in Roswell, NM, and with the Army Counter intelligence in World War II. He was an administrative assistant to members of Congress from 1947 to 1961, including the late New Mexico Rep. Antonio Fernandez. He was an assistant secretary for administration and congressional liaison for the U.S. Department of the Interior under presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. He received the Distinguished Service Award of the Department of the Interior from Secretary Stewart Udall in 1967 and served as department head following Udall’s resignation and Senate confirmation of the appointment of Walter J. Hickel. He was mayor of Redington Beach from 1971-1972. He was active in the Gulf Beaches Little League from 1971 to 1985 and formerly served as the league’s president and was manager of the Rotary Little League. In 1972 he was named by the board of governors to the post of director of the Science Center of Pinellas County Inc. Survivors include his wife of 54 years, M. Colleen; and a daughter, Julie E. McConnell, Redington Beach.
McCoy, James F. 1931 JC ~ 13-Nov-1989
McKenzie, George E. 1931 JC ~ 15-Apr-2005 has gone to be with The Lord at the age of 93. He and Betty McKenzie celebrated 63 years of marriage. In 1990 they moved from Texas to Little Rock, AR, to join their daughter Miriam (Mimsie) Allen. Mr. McKenzie was raised in north Texas and worked on the Waggoner Ranch before attending New Mexico Military Institute. After graduating in 1931, he led the NMMI polo team as captain on an exhibition tour of California, sponsored by Will Rogers. He trained horses, studied at OU and worked for the Chihuahua Cattlemen’s Assn. He worked in Texas oil fields and drilled for oil in Cuba. During WWII, he worked for the U.S. Army Engineers on strategic mineral reserves. After the war, he expanded his drilling business and kept several drilling rigs in operation. He drilled throughout the southwest for natural gas, uranium, and gold. He developed and operated silver, manganese, and gold mines in New Mexico. He drilled more than 1,000 irrigation and industrial wells in the Rio Grande Valley. His work in heavy construction included the development of the Sun Bowl. His love of people, animals, and the environment inspired his family and friends. He was always giving his time and energy to his neighbors and church. He is survived by his loving wife Betty and two children, Prince McKenzie and his wife Becky, and Miriam (Mimsie) Allen; grandchildren, Jeffrey Allen, Ellie Allen, Jennifer McKenzie Compton and her husband Lt. Christopher Compton, and Miriam McKenzie; and one great-granddaughter McKenzie Allen.
McKenzie, Robert Edward, Jr. 1931 JC
McKinley, John Paul 1931 JC
McKinney, Lt Col James Elliston, USAF (Ret) 1931 JC ~ 25-Jan-1999
McKinney, Samuel R., Jr. 1931 JC ~ Apr-1986
McKnight, Joe W. 1931 HS ~ 10-Jun-1991
McMahon, Harry D. 1931 HS
McManus, Warren C. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 22-Dec-1973
Merrill, Cushing 1931 HS
Meyer, August G. 1931 HS
Millard, Hall 1931 HS
Minton, Elmer G., Jr. 1931 JC ~ 08-Apr-1990
Montonye, Claude R. 1931 JC ~ 05-Sep-1974
Morgan, Harold W. 1931 JC ~ 01-Jul-1985
Mulvanity, Edward D. 1931 HS ~ 28-Mar-1964
Mumma, Richard M. 1931 HS ~ 15-Jan-1999
Nassour, Edward 1931 HS
Nicholson, Robert I. 1931 HS
Norris, John C. 1931 HS ~ 30-Jan-1955
Noyes, George M. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 23-Feb-1999
Olinger, Grover C. 1931 HS
O’Neill, James P. 1931 JC
Orell, COL G. Seth, USAR (Ret) 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 13-Sep-1983
O’Rourke, Gordon T. 1931 JC
Osgood, Bradley D. 1931 HS ~ 11-Oct-1976
Palmer, Lynn S., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 30-Apr-1962
Patten, Beverly M. 1931 JC
Patton, Fred E., Jr. 1931 HS
Pearson, Brooks W. 1931 HS ~ 01-Mar-1979
Pellow, Wilfred F. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 01-May-1974
Pelzer, LTC Earl Delmer, USA (Ret) 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 16-Jul-1997
Pennock, John W. 1931 HS ~ 01-Oct-1979
Perry, Allen D. 1931 HS ~ 21-Nov-1969
Pettit, Clark Merton 1931 HS ~ 01-Apr-1984
Petty, John Kirk 1931 JC ~ 22-Feb-1967
Pina, Louis H. 1931 HS
Pinson, Avery Carl, Jr. 1931 JC ~ 22-Feb-2000
Pond, Robert S. 1931 HS ~ 1991
Poorbaugh, Bruce B. 1931 JC ~ 13-Apr-1983
Porter, Jack William 1931 JC ~ 01-Feb-1984
Powell, William Stull 1931 HS ~ 01-Aug-1986
Poyas, Dr. John L. 1931 JC
Primm, Thomas Chase 1931 JC ~ 11-Dec-1973
Pringle, Porter H. 1931 JC ~ 10-May-2004
Pursley, Charles R. 1929 HS-1931 JC
Rector, T. Mason 1931 JC ~ 1957
Reeble, Bernard K. 1931 HS ~ 31-Mar-2005
Reed, Francis Dale 1929 HS-1931 JC
Reeda, William, Jr. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 21-Nov-1978
Reese, Olen D. 1931 HS ~ 24-Apr-1982
Remley, Hilton L. 1931 HS ~ 10-Jul-1998
Rhea, John William 1931 JC ~ 04-Feb-1997
Rhodes, John E. 1929 HS-1931 JC
Rich, Howard B. 1928 HS-1931 JC
Richardson, Curtis B. 1931 JC ~ 25-Nov-1956
Richardson, Elga W. 1931 HS ~ 01-Jan-1934
Roberts, George Daniel 1929 HS-1931 JC
Rockefeller, Edward C. 1931 HS
Rogers, John W. 1931 HS ~ 19-Feb-1992
Ruby, Myron M. 1931 HS ~ 01-Apr-1986
Russell, Ried R. 1931 JC ~ 25-Sep-1936
Russell, Dr. William O., Jr. 1931 JC ~ 02-Aug-1997
Saehlenou, Hadley Vincent 1931 JC ~ 01-May-1972
Sampson, Thomas Watkins 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 09-Jun-1995
Sams, COL Jean Paul, USA (Ret) 1931 HS ~ 24-Jan-1994
Sanford, Durward B. 1931 HS ~ 19-Aug-2006
Sanford, James W. 1931 HS
Santini, Alfredo 1931 HS
Schlabach, Charles 1931 HS ~ 06-Jan-1992

Schmidt, Martin F. 1931 JC ~ 01-Mar-1981
Schukraft, Fred M. 1931 HS ~ 01-Feb-1973
Sears, John T. 1931 HS ~ 02-Nov-1970
Sharp, William T. 1931 HS
Shea, MG Leonard Copeland, USA (Ret) 1931 HS
Shelden, Alvah E. 1931 HS ~ 16-Apr-1999
Sherburne, COL Charles Winfield (Ret) 1931 HS ~ 25-Jan-1964
Shirk, William S. 1931 HS
Shortley, John Newton 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 01-Jun-1975
Sibley, Dr. D. Jacobi, Jr. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 08-Jan-2005, retired physician and West Texas rancher, passed away Saturday morning, Jan. 8, at his home in Austin in his ninety-second year of life. D.J. was the only child of Dr. D. Jacobi Sibley, Sr. and Effie Potts Sibley. Born prematurely on March 5, 1913, in Bertram, 20 miles outside of Austin, D.J. weighed only 3 lbs. His incubator was a shoe box filled with wool, placed in the warm oven of the kitchen wood stove. D.J.’s father, D. Jacobi, Sr., was a dentist with offices in several central Texas rural towns. He developed tuberculosis and entered a sanatorium for treatment in El Paso. The Sibleys never left West Texas. Along with Effie Sibley’s parents, John and Emma Potts, they settled in Fort Stockton, developing ranching and business interests in Pecos and Brewster counties, branding many cattle, horses and sheep with the “lazy S.”D.J. served in the U.S. Medical Corps from 1940 to 1948 and participated in the first jungle fighting in it’s history. He served in ten major encounters, beginning with Battle of Buna, Papua, New Guinea, and was in command of the medical forces for the retaking of Corregidor north through Luzon, Leyte and Milne Bay in the Phillipines. D.J. received his first commission as a 2nd Lieutenant from New Mexico Military Institute in 1931. As a Lieutenant in the U.S. Cavalry, he was automatically transferred to the army medical corps after induction into the service, leaving his medical residency in Baltimore. After 39 months in the South Pacific, D.J. was awarded the Bronze Star and rotated home to treat his tuberculosis, hepatitis and amoebiasis. He was separated from the service as a colonel after three years of hospitalization. D.J. received his B.A. from UT Austin and his M.D. from UT Medical School in Galveston in 1937. At 37, he married Jane Dunn Sibley in Fort Stockton in 1950, where he practiced medicine and ranched until 1961. During this time, D.J. persuaded the bishop of the Rio Grande to let him start a mission in Fort Stockton, where he acted as lay reader. A gift of a tiny, historic Victorian one room church from Pecos that was rescued from the wrecking ball and moved by D.J. and Jane to Fort Stockton later became St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Together, they founded the Fort Stockton Historical Society, leaving the city a permanent gift of the Old Fort Parade ground, and their home, which was adjacent to it. With this bequest, the city began rebuilding the pre-civil war fort and restoring the existing officer’s quarters. In 1962, D.J., Jane and their three children, Jake, Mahala and Hiram, moved to Austin, where he nourished his interest in ecology, range management, plant biology and genetic programming while engaging in scientific research at the UT Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute in Austin. In 1982, he established the D.J. Sibley Centennial Professorship in Plant Molecular Genetics, the first endowed support for plant research at UT Austin. His other interests were music, ballet, art, history, genealogy and philanthropy. His lifelong passion for languages centered upon Spanish, but included Latin, German, Creek and Pidgin English. He was an active participant in the Austin Symphony, was keenly interested in the archeology of Texas and was a founding member of the Texas Rock Art Society, Bat Conservation International, the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute, Environic Foundation International and the Big Bend Studies Program at Sul Ross State University in Alpine. D.J. was proud of his heritage as a member of the Creek Indian Nation. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Jane Dunn Sibley; their son, Hiram, of Alpine, along with his wife, Liz, and their two children, Rachel and Christopher; Shiloh and Kiowa Sibley-Cutforth, daughters of Mahala Sibley; and Sarah and Elizabeth, daughters of Jake Sibley and their mother, Jan. Jake and Mahala preceeded him in death. His faithful canine friend, Priscilla, was with him at the end, along with Raul Moreno.
Siermann, David E. 1931 HS ~ 01-Aug-1984
Simon, Louis Joseph 1931 HS ~ 01-Aug-1996
Sims, Dr. John Arthur 1931 HS
Smith, Eugene B. 1931 HS
Smith, Harry F. 1931 HS ~ 25-May-1991
Smith, Herbert N. 1931 HS ~ 06-Nov-1976
Smith, James Kirby 1929 HS-1931 JC
Smith, Robert L., Jr. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 1945
Smith, Thomas W. 1931 HS ~ 03-Jun-1991
Spencer, William C. 1931 HS ~ 21-Jun-1931
St. John, Richard R., Sr. 1931 HS ~ 1985
Standart, William C. 1931 HS ~ 28-Sep-2002
Stapp, Thomas Burbridge 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 21-Nov-1964
Stauder, Clyde Elden, Jr. 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 29-Nov-1991
Stennis, Robert Nash 1931 JC ~ 10-Feb-1981
Stephenson, Clay W., Jr. 1931 HS
Stewart, Robert Priestly 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 31-May-1998
Stokes, Charles Walter 1928 HS-1931 JC
Stone, Charles C. 1931 JC
Stovall, Crate T. 1931 HS ~ 01-Jan-1989
Sullivan, Russell C. 1931 JC ~ 01-Apr-1993
Sutter, Fred A., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 01-Mar-1965
Suttle, Raymond F. 1931 HS ~ 05-Mar-1938
Tannehill, John Quincey 1931 JC ~ 03-Feb-1975
Thomas, Gordon H. 1931 JC ~ 30-Dec-2008, 96, of Altus, died Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008, in Carlsbad, NM. Gordon was born Aug. 16, 1912, in San Benito, TX, to Wyatt E. and Lija D. Thomas. He grew up in South Texas and graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, NM, in 1931. He then attended the University of Texas from 1932 to 1934. While at U.T., Gordon met Virginia Holt, whom he married on June 7, 1934. They were married for 72 years when Virginia passed away in 2006. Gordon became a Certified Public Accountant in Arizona in 1946 and was a partner in the firm of L.N. Treadway and Associates, CPA’s, in Phoenix, AZ, from 1946 to 1952. In 1952, Gordon and Virginia moved to Altus to run the family farms. He farmed until he retired in 1977. Although retired from active farming, Gordon always stayed involved and on top of what was happening in farming and agriculture. He was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to the Oklahoma State Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service and served as a State Committeeman from 1959 to 1961. Gordon was appointed by Governor Bellman to the Oklahoma State Board of Agriculture from 1962 to 1966 and was re-appointed by Governor Bartlett from 1967 to 1972. He was also one of the founding members of Cotton Growers Coop in Altus. Gordon was the Treasurer of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Altus for 20 years. He was a 60-year member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He was also a member of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity and a life member of the Amateur Trapshooting Association. His wife, Virginia, and his granddaughter, Elizabeth, preceded him in death. Survivors include his daughter, Judith and her husband Dr. Robert Murray of Carlsbad, NM; son, Steve and his wife Elaine of Grants Pass, Oregon, and son Robert and his wife Pat of Coppell, TX; five grandchildren, Robert, Jefferies, Megan, Grant, and Hailey; and four great-grandchildren, Blake, Mackenzie, Harris, and Caroline. 
Thomas, Dr. Herman Leon 1931 JC ~ 24-Jul-1986
Thrash, Langdon C. 1931 HS
Tillotson, Wishard Dean 1931 HS ~ 15-Oct-2000
Towles, C. Lawrence 1931 HS ~ 27-Sep-1990
Towles, Leroy C., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 1977
Townes, John C. 1931 HS ~ 06-Sep-1969
Townsend, Don Kennedy 1931 JC ~ 29-Sep-1974
Troelstrup, Albert L. 1931 HS ~ 31-Jan-2002
Tucker, John F., Jr. 1931 JC ~ 06-Aug-1985
Underwood, George W. 1931 HS ~ 01-Feb-1975
Vaky, Themis 1931 JC ~ 04-Feb-1930
Valdez, Alfonso 1931 HS
Vanderpool, William Fay 1931 HS ~ 07-Feb-1996
Vandewart, Ralph A., Jr. 1931 JC ~ 21-May-1983
Veasey, James A., Jr. 1931 HS ~ 01-Aug-1981
Veater, J. Verl 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 26-Jan-1977
Wampler, LTC Oliver Nelson, Jr., AUS (Ret) 1931 JC ~ 02-Feb-2005, 93, died Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2005, in Mooresville, NC. He was born in Webb City, Mo., on Oct. 9, 1911, and moved with his wife to Merritt Island from Belleville, IL, in 1983. In October of 2004, they both relocated to North Carolina to be close to their daughter and son-in-law. He was a member of Grace United Methodist Church and the Rockledge Country Club. Mr. Wampler graduated from Webb City High School in 1929, and attended New Mexico Military Institute from 1929 to 1931. In 1933, he graduated from Missouri University with a BS and BA. During World War II, he served as a captain with the 640th Tank Destroyer Battalion in the Pacific. On Aug. 20, 1945, at Lingayen, Luzon, Philippines, he married Margaret Ruth Benson, from Norfolk, NE. He remained in the Army Reserves and retired as a lieutenant colonel. He had a career as an executive with the American Zinc Company in St. Louis, MO, where he retired in October of 1971. After retirement, he and his wife traveled extensively in the United States as well as many countries throughout the world. Mr. Wampler was a member of the following organizations: Beta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Retired Officers Association, Reserve Officers Association, Military Order of the World Wars, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Retirement Services Officers, Society of Mayflower Descendents, and the St. Clair Country Club in Belleville. Survivors include his sister, Mary Ellen McKinney, of Carthage, MO, daughter, Sue E. Wampler son-in-law, Mark Barnard granddaughter, Erin Barnard, of Mooresville and son, Robert N. Wampler, of Boulder, CO.
Wassell, Thomas W. 1931 JC ~ 06-Feb-1997
Watson, Charles Henry 1931 HS ~ 01-Jan-1977
Watts, Charles Gordon 1931 JC ~ 20-Oct-1977
Wickham, Howard S. 1931 HS
Wiel, Alan S. 1931 HS
Wieser, Henry A. 1931 JC
Wilkinson, Jack 1931 HS, 93, of Menard passed away June 21, 2017. Jack was born on September 14, 1923 in Menard, TX, to parents Ernest Grover and Mabel Oliver Wilkinson. He attended school at the Waddell school house, Clear Creek school and Menard public schools. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute, June 3, 1941. In February of 1945 , he was drafted by the United States Army where he served in the Second Infantry Division. During World War II he fought in Northern France, the Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe. He was awarded the Purple Heart, the Combat Infantryman Badge, a Bronze Star and several shooting medals. He ended his service in October of 1945. After the service, Jack was a member of the Rodeo Cowboy Association for six years while he participated in bull riding and saddle bronc riding. He married Sue Beth Murchison on December 23, 1951 in Menard. They made their home on the family ranch where they raised their two sons. Jack was actively involved in the ranching business in Menard Country for over 60 years. He is survived by his two sons: Bob Wilkinson and his wife Melanye of Menard, and Bart Wilkinson of Menard. Four granddaughters, Amanda Wilkinson Richardson and husband Cody of Aledo, TX; Jarrott Wilkinson Crews and husband Travis of San Antonio, TX; Kassidy Beth and Kendall Jordan Wilkinson of Menard. He also leaves behind three great-grandchildren: Hayes Barrett and Maren Ellis Richardson and Creed Montgomery Crews. He is preceded in death by his parents and wife, Sue.
Willard, Karl P. 1931 HS ~ 01-Dec-1983
Williams, James W. 1931 HS
Williams, Otis Moffett 1931 HS ~ 20-Mar-1999
Wiltamuth, Glen 1931 HS ~ 13-Sep-1934
Wiser, Wendell H. 1931 HS
Witherspoon, Luther Herbert 1929 HS-1931 JC ~ 01-Jun-1970
Woodhead, Lawrence Robert 1931 JC
Woods, George Elliott, Jr. 1931 JC ~ 16-Aug-2000
Yates, Harvey E., Sr. 1931 JC ~ 19-Apr-1999


Abrums, Thomas E. 1930 JC ~ 29-Aug-2000
Ackerman, COL David M., USA (Ret) 1928 HS-1930 JC
Adams, Andrew Jackson, Jr. 1929 HS-1930 JC ~ 01-Dec-1977
Adams, Robert H., Jr. 1930 HS
Angel, Edmundo C. 1930 HS ~ 25-Jul-1993
Archuleta, Lionel M. 1930 HS ~ 13-Jun-1972
Avery, Charles N., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 27-Jan-1992
Babcock, Herrick 1930 HS ~ 05-Aug-1967
Bagai, Brij M. 1930 JC ~ 12-Mar-1968
Bailey, Murl R., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 02-Dec-1975
Baker, George S., Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 25-Mar-1975
Barnett, Stanley M. 1930 HS ~ 23-Dec-1997
Bates, George H. 1930 JC
Beasley, Howard F. 1930 JC
Bebb, Glenn G. 1930 JC
Berry, James Heird 1930 JC ~ 14-Dec-1992
Berti, Emil D. 1930 HS ~ 24-Feb-1999
Birge, Fred J., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 26-Mar-1939
Bishop, PFC Frank Smiley, USA 1930 HS ~ 24-Apr-1942 – WWII-Killed in action – died at Camp O’Donnell Prisoner of War Camp in the Philippines on 24 May 1942.
Blackford, W. Philip 1930 HS ~ 25-Mar-1993
Bobbitt, Glenn G. 1930 JC ~ 07-Oct-2009 98, of Amarillo died Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2009. Graveside services will be at 11 a.m. Friday in Llano Cemetery with Jerry Bell, chaplain of Ware Living Center, officiating. Arrangements are by Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors, 2800 Paramount Blvd. Mr. Bobbitt was born June 16, 1911, in Panhandle to Stalla and Margaret Bobbitt. He married Lois Persons on May 15, 1937, 10 miles south of Canyon at the family home. He was a member of First Christian Church in Amarillo. He also was a Mason, a Shriner and a member of the Kiwanis Club. Survivors include his wife, Lois Bobbitt; a brother, Fred Bobbitt of Casa Grande, AZ; and several nieces and nephews
Boles, Harris W. 1930 HS ~ 30-Mar-1930
Boswell, Ben K. 1930 HS ~ 01-Jul-1976
Breeden, Lyle A. 1930 HS ~ 01-Nov-1977
Brillhart, Howard B. 1930 HS ~ 15-apr-2002
Bristol, Kenneth L. 1930 HS ~ 01-Dec-1972
Brown, D. Vinson 1930 HS
Burnette, Robert D. 1930 JC
Candelaria, Sylvester 1930 HS
Carper, Stanley R. 1930 JC
Carrington, William B. D. 1930 HS ~ 26-Nov-1997
Carter, James W. 1930 HS
Catlin, John S. 1930 HS
Champion, Donald F. 1930 JC ~ 10-Nov-1997
Chandler, Clarence A. 1930 HS
Clause, Frank A. 1930 HS
Cleland, Andrew W. 1930 HS ~ 01-Jul-1983
Cline, Platt H. 1930 JC ~ 03-Oct-2001
Cobean, George Guy, Jr. 1930 HS ~ 21-Sep-1993
Collins, Taliaferro W. 1930 JC ~ 27-Dec-1972
Collins, Dr. William A., Jr. 1930 JC ~ 21-Sep-2007 97, died Friday, September 21, 2007 in Tucson, AZ. A retired Colonel, US Army Medical Corps, he was affectionately known as The Great Healer, and was loved by all who knew him.
Cooper, Harry W. 1930 JC

Cordell, Chester E. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Corhn, William L. 1930 JC ~ 01-Mar-1985
Corn, Poe W. 1930 JC
Courchesne, William J. 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 05-Nov-1987
Cox, Albert H. 1930 HS
Cox, Tide, Jr. 1930 HS ~ Nov-1971
Cromwell, Joseph W. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Cummings, George T. 1930 HS
Cunningham, James H. 1930 HS
Curran, William F., Jr. 1930 JC ~ 20-May-2004 Born Sept. 24, 1910, in Kalispell, MT, he was a son of Benjamin Franklin and Mary Louise Loeffier Curran. He graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in 1930. He also was a graduate of Oklahoma State University and the Chicago Art Institute and had attended Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh. Mr. Curran had worked for Alcoa as a design engineer and architectural engineer, retiring in 1974. He was a Navy veteran of World War II. Surviving are his wife, Lorene L. Adsit Curran, whom he married March 1, 1940; a son, Michael F. Curran of Butler; and two grandchildren. He was preceded in death by a son.
Cyrus, Ralph L. 1930 HS
Dabney, Ward C, Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Davenport, Henry S., Jr. 1930 JC ~ 08-Nov-1999
Davidson, Donald I. 1930 HS ~ 01-Aug-1975
Davis, John G. 1930 HS ~ 01-Apr-1982
Davis, Odon S. 1930 JC ~ 22-Apr-1997
Dee, James G. 1930 HS
Derington, Max F. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Deutser, Alton J. 1930 JC ~ 01-Sep-1984
Dickinson, Dwight L. 1930 HS
Diebold, Charles R. 1930 HS ~ 22-May-2000 May 22, 2000; husband of Mary Kittinger; father of Peter D. (Martha), David K. (Catherine) and Mary D. (David) Smith and the late Charles, III; father-in-law of Shelia Diebold. 
Dowdle, Robert B. 1930 HS
Dudley, John B., Jr. 1930 JC
Dugan, Thomas J., Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Duggan, Arthur P., Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Duncan, Green C. 1930 HS ~ 04-Jun-2004 died peacefully in the presence of family on June 4, 2004. He was born in Dallas, TX, on March 5, 1913, the son of Francis Bowie Duncan (d. 1982) and May Shelmire Duncan (d. 1971), and reared in Egypt, TX. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute, and the Asheville School in Asheville, NC. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1935. He began his career in agriculture working as a cotton broker in Argentina for the Anderson Clayton Co. Upon his return from Argentina in 1936, he married Genevieve Lykes of Houston and moved to the Soledad Ranch in Freer, TX, where he was ranch manager and Vice President of Lykes Bros. Inc., a Tampa, FL, based firm. He was in charge of Lykes’ Texas, ranches and feedlot operations for 59 years, until his retirement in 1995. In 1952, the family moved to San Antonio, where he lived for the remainder of his life. He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Brush Country Bank of Freer, as a member of the Board of Directors of the University National Bank of San Antonio, and as a Board member of Hill & Hill Truck Lines of Houston. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors and Vice-President of the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of Saint Mary’s Hall, and a member of the Associates of Trinity University. He served as a Trustee of the Raymond Dickson Foundation. He was a member of San Antonio Country Club and of Christ Episcopal Church. From his youth he was a dedicated outdoorsman, and traveled widely to hunt and fish with his friends and family, especially on the Gulf Coast. He was known for his congenial nature and for his many close friendships. He was a member of the Wednesday Luncheon Club. Cameron will be remembered, by family members, friends and business associates, as a kind person with true human warmth and generosity. He was a strong and loving role model for his children. He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Genevieve Lykes Duncan; by four children, F. Bowie Duncan, II, and his wife, Helen Boardman Duncan of Redding, CT, G. Cameron Duncan Jr. and his wife, Susan Mithun Duncan of Washington DC, May Shelmire Duncan and her husband, Wendell Doty of Carbondale, CO, and Genevieve Lykes Duncan and her husband, Keith D. Snodgrass of Austin; seven grandchildren, James McKay Duncan, Sterrett Gittings Duncan, Eleanor Marguerite Duncan, Robert Bowie Duncan, Lucia Bowie Duncan, Susanna Jacqueline Duncan, and Lily Duncan Snodgrass; one great-grandchild, Oliver Cameron Duncan; sister, Mary Louise Duncan Dobson of Egypt, TX; and numerous nieces and nephews. His youngest son, James McKay Duncan, predeceased him, as did his sister Olive Duncan Hershey of Houston. 
Dunlap, Roy W., Jr. 1930 HS
Dunn, George W. 1930 HS ~ 01-Jan-1966
Edley, Edward I. 1927 HS-1930 JC ~ Sep-1982
Elliott, Card G., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 01-Aug-1986
Fatjo, Thomas J., Jr. 1930 HS
Ferrell, COL Lee Frank, USAF (Ret) 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 23-Jan-1988
Fillius, George P. 1930 HS ~ 29-Jan-2002
Fink, William N., Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Finlay, Keith F. 1930 HS
Foltz, George B., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 22-Sep-1998
Frerk, Milton A. 1930 JC ~ 20-Dec-1987
Fry, Whitford T., Jr. 1930 JC ~ 29-Oct-1965
Gallaher, Norman A. 1930 HS ~ 28-Nov-1991
Geisinger, MAJ Leslie H., USAR (Ret) 1930 JC
Gibson, Kendrick M. 1930 JC
Gilchrist, Frank 1928 HS-1930 JC
Gill, Donald K. 1930 JC ~ 18-Jul-1998
Gillespie, J. Mills 1928 HS-1930 JC
Gonzalez, Victor I. 1930 HS
Goodman, Joel H. 1930 HS
Goodwin, Clifford J. 1930 HS ~ 22-Nov-1998
Graves, Richard A. 1930 HS
Griffin, Dwight E. 1930 HS ~ 19-Mar-1989
Grissom, Charles A. 1930 JC
Grissom, Edward B. 1930 HS ~ 01-Mar-1968
Hall, Col Thomas Burns, USAF 1930 JC ~ 31-Dec-1963 – Korea-Killed in action – killed on a flying mission on 31 December 1953.
Hall, William C. 1930 HS
Hanawald, Ned H. 1930 JC
Hanson, John M. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Harris, George W., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 27-Apr-2001
Hasam, William A. 1930 HS
Haskine, William W. 1930 HS
Haus, Harold J. 1930 HS
Hawkins, Henry O., Jr. 1930 HS
Heath, Resser 1930 HS ~ 17-Mar-1996
Heckendorn, Alfred E. 1930 HS
Heffner, Landon H. 1930 JC ~ 17-Feb-1964
Heffner, Robert A. 1930 JC ~ 29-May-1988
Helm, Lloyd Cecil 1930 HS ~ 07-Jun-1997
Hill, Robert Kermit 1930 JC ~ 16-Jul-1982
Holland, Raymond P., Jr. 1930 HS
Holmes, Jack E. 1930 HS
Holmgreen, Wrather 1930 HS ~ 01-Oct-1997
Hooker, James Henry, Jr. 1930 HS
Howe, Edwin Rogers 1930 HS ~ 15-Jul-1993
Howe, Jack, Jr. 1930 HS
Huning, Fred D., Jr. 1930 HS
Hunter, Robert B. 1930 HS
Hunzicker, Walter W., Jr. 1930 JC
Hurlburt, James C. 1930 HS ~ 16-Apr-1995
Iliff, Ross H. 1930 HS
Jackson, C. K. 1930 JC ~ 15-Jun-1996
Jarrett, Ronald 1930 JC ~ 01-Jun-1980
Jeffus, COL Charles Jephthah, USA (Ret) 1930 JC
Johnson, William H. 1930 JC
Johnson, William H. 1930 HS ~ 01-Jul-1986
Jones, Charles A. 1930 HS
Jones, Curtis 1930 JC ~ 29-Nov-1999
Jones, Jasper H. 1930 JC
Jones, Robert H. 1930 HS
Jordan, Harry Philip, Jr. 1930 HS ~ 20-Feb-1996
Kellett, Frank James 1930 JC ~ 14-Jul-1945 – WWII-Killed in service – died in El Paso, TX, on 14 July 1945.
Kelly, CPT Donald Anderson, USA 1930 JC ~ 13-Dec-1944 WWII-Killed in action – died in France as a result of vehicle accident in the line of duty on 13 December 1944.
Kelly, Lt Col Richard Daniels, USAF (Ret) 1930 JC ~ 06-Jan-1996
Kennedy, Philip R. 1930 HS
Kern, John L. 1930 HS
Keyes, Bradley Hamilton 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 10-May-1988
Kithil, Richard 1930 HS ~ 12-Sep-2004 died Sept. 12, 2004, in Tucson from the effects of a stroke. He was 92 years old. Born Dec. 6, 1911, in Morgantown, W.Va., he spent his childhood years in Denver, CO. together with his older brother Karlos and his younger sister Dollie. His father Karlos Ludwig Kithil was a geologist, miner and entrepreneur active during the Western Colorado discovery years of carnotite, pitchblend and other associated radium ores. His father’s correspondence with Mme Marie Curie on the experimental uses of radioactive minerals for health purposes is in the family archives. His mother, Edith White was the daughter of I.C. White, head of the Geology Department of the University of West Virginia and the discoverer of the syncline-antisyncline geologic theory used to locate petroleum reserves. In Denver, Kithil attended Morey Jr. High and East Denver High School, then got his diploma from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1930. He graduated from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and attended the Carnegie Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, with inorganic chemistry as his field of interest. He married Virginia O’Neill Stout in Ben Avon, Pa., on July 11, 1936. Kithil first was employed by the Union Carbide Chemical Co. in New York City. Later he joined the Carwin Co., North Haven, CN. as VP/Sales. After experimenting using the family stove, he refined the first formulary for polyisocyanurate insulating foam – today a widely used product in commercial, household and industrial insulation. Carwin was acquired by the Upjohn Co. of Kalamazoo, MI, and the family moved from the east coast to the Midwest. Kithil worked for Upjohn in international sales and marketing, traveling the globe establishing licensing and manufacturing operations. Kithil retired in 1968 and moved to Evergreen, CO. A self-proclaimed environmentalist, he was active in the Jefferson County Open Space movement, the anti-Olympics movement, and local civic affairs. He was a member of the Over-The-Hill Ski Gang and a card-carrying member of the League of Women Voters. He was an enthusiastic hiker and explorer of old mines. Kithil taught many of his grandchildren to ski while he was in his ’70s. He remained physically fit all his life. In 1985 Kithil and his wife moved to Tubac. He was an active citizen for water issues and other environmental subjects. He donated much of his time to Santa Cruz County, bringing a science-based perspective to public affairs forums. Kithil was a co-founder of the Tubac Monday Morning Hiking Club which explores the Southern Arizona desert country on foot. He enjoyed playing bridge. On Mondays when the Economist magazine arrived, he could not be interrupted for some 3-4 hours as he read it from cover to cover. He loved to learn and was very eclectic in his literary interests from Zane Grey to W.E.B. Griffin to Chemical & Engineering News. His accuracy, his keen memory and his insightful worldview made him an informed and interesting conversationalist on a variety of topics. Kithil was a lifelong epicure and gourmand, always keen to appreciate the Julia Child-like offerings prepared by his wife Virginia. He maintained that chocolate was one of the four food groups and moreover that it contained Theobromine, alkaloid molecules of the Methylxanthine family which are different from the caffeine, C8H10N402 found in coffee. With the exception of a one-time visit to Red Lobster, he never tucked into a meal he didn’t appreciate.
Kizer, Egbert Alden, Jr. 1930 HS ~ 23-Mar-1981
Kugler, Frank C., Jr. 1930 JC ~ 01-Mar-1980
Lackland, Raymond C. 1930 JC ~ 01-Mar-1975
Lammers, Lowell J. W. 1930 JC
Lane, David T. 1930 HS
Lane, Joe James, Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Lanham, Harvey P. 1930 HS ~ 01-Apr-1973
Larue, Allen P. 1929 HS-1930 JC ~ 13-Jul-1999
Lattimore, Edward S. 1930 HS ~ 08-Nov-1990
Lazarus, Jack P. 1930 HS ~ 16-Feb-1981
Lee, Vincent M. 1930 HS ~ 26-Mar-1965
Lemmon, Donald N. 1930 JC ~ 01-Jan-1987
Letteer, Dr. Clarence Ralph, Jr. 1930 JC
Levy, Julian A. 1930 JC ~ 31-May-1992
Lindsley, Herbert P. 1930 HS ~ 09-Nov-1991
Lindsley, Robert K. 1930 HS ~ 26-Jan-1967
Livingston, William Shelby, Jr. 1930 JC ~ 01-Jun-1987
Lobit, COL William Edward, USA (Ret) 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 04-May-2007 was the son of the late Paul and Essie Mae McCorkle Lobit, a well-known Galveston family. Colonel Lobit was a World War Two Veteran serving in the Pacific Theater of Operations. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Air Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Distinguished Unit Citation, American Campaign Medal, American Defense Service Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal with arrowhead and three bronze service stars, Philippine Liberation Ribbon, Army Occupation Medal, Distinguished Service Star, Philippine Independence Ribbon Armed Forces Reserve Medal, National Defense Service Medal and the Army Commendation Medal, and the 1st. Oak Leaf Cluster to Bronze Star Medal. Colonel Lobit was inducted to the New Mexico Military Institute Hall of Fame in 1992 for Valor.
Lockhart, Cecil H., Jr. 1930 HS
Losey, Dale E. 1930 HS
Lowman, James Mark 1930 HS ~ 01-Jul-1987
Lucas, Anderson W., Jr. 1930 HS
Lumpkin, CPT Sam Hugh, USA 1930 HS ~ 01-Aug-1943 – WWII-Killed in action – died in Japanese prison camp on 1 August 1943.
MacDonald, William Janney 1930 HS ~ 17-Apr-1992
MacLeod, Arthur C. 1930 HS
Marks, Judge Jack G. 1930 JC ~ 26-Dec-1983
Martin, Clyde A., Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Martin, Richard W. 1930 JC
Martin, Robert F., Jr. 1930 HS
Mason, James V., Jr. 1930 HS
Matthaeus, Alfred H. 1930 HS ~ 18-Jul-1992
May, James B. 1930 HS
May, Russel E. 1928 HS-1930 JC
McBride, Thomas A. 1930 JC
McCabe, Thomas W. 1930 JC
McCrary, Jack N. 1930 JC
McCullough, Sharpe 1930 JC
McDougall, Walter G. 1930 HS 
McGrade, Edward W. 1930 HS ~ 05-Aug-1994
McRae, Thurman W. 1930 HS
Mears, T. Eldridge, Jr. 1930 JC
Meek, Jack L. 1930 HS
Mehlhop, COL John A., USA (Ret) 1930 JC
Miller, Charley R. 1930 HS
Miller, Harry D. 1930 JC ~ 01-Jun-1974
Mitchell, Ervin W., Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Moore, Franklin E. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Moore, Harry R. 1930 HS
Moreno, Robert C. 1930 HS ~ 01-Sep-2000
Morris, Charles S. 1930 HS
Morrison, Herbert G., Sr. 1930 JC
Morrison, Richard E. 1930 JC
Moses, Donald B. 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 18-Oct-2008, 97, ended his long life’s journey on Saturday, October 18, 2008 at home. His wife, Olive P. Moses preceded him as did his beloved daughter Alice Moses Waskow and son Horace J. Moses. He leaves a loving family group and faithful friends and associates. His daughter, Joanne Moses Bagley and her husband James Bagley and his grandsons Donald and William Waskow and wife Julie of Glendale, AZ, great-grandchildren, Jade and Meredith of Albuquerque and Allie and Kiran of Glendale, AZ, and new addition, Adia Eve Bartram Bagley of Willits, CA. His brother, COL Thomas L. “Tom” Moses, USA (Ret) 1942 HS-1944 JC was very active in his life along with his wife, Kay Moses. He was admired for his humor, wisdom, leadership and straight forward character and especially so by his nieces and nephews: Frank B. Mapel of San Marino, CA, Donald Mapel of Durango, Linda Mapel MaCannel of Calgary/Durango, Thomas L. “Tom” Moses 1969 HS of Anchorage, Margaret Moses Branch, Karen Moses Oltmans, Dr. Elsie Moses Hoeg of Albuquerque and all their spouses and their many children–most of whom are grown and off to college and beyond. His son-in-law John Waskow and wife, Beth, have wondrous support and friends. Thanks to the many people who facilitated his active life and helped him in his last year–especially Crystal Abeyta. This is an awesome group but he is respected and his influence goes beyond family to a wide community especially the legal one. Donald was born in Santa Rita, NM in 1911 before statehood. The son of mining executive, Horace Moses, they lived in many small mining towns including Hurley, Gamerco, Silver City and Gallup and love to tell about that life. He graduated from high school at NMMI and stayed for a year. After UNM, he entered CU and received his law degree from there in 1934. He practiced law with ex-governors Hannet and Simms, was a District Attorney and US Attorney in the 1930’s and enjoyed an interesting time in New Mexico. In 1942, he was called to Army service after serving in the State Guard. As a lieutenant, he trained soldiers and was finally sent to England in 1944. He was part of the Invasion at Normandy on D-Day +6. Slightly wounded he returned to march across Germany as a Captain. Later he was a Judge Advocate during the liberation of Germany. Several years later he formed the partnership known as Nordhaus and Moses and it later evolved into the present firm of Moses, Dunn, Farmer and Tuthill which recently celebrated 50 years of service. He was involved in the State Bar of NM and the ABA. He served as President of the NM Bar in 1964 and continued work with the American Bar Foundation. He and olive made time to have fun, to enjoy world travel and to succeed in visiting each state of our union. He was active in St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral where he became an honorary deacon.
Mosher, Clayton C. 1930 JC ~ 08-Oct-1987
Nail, Horace A. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Newby, Jack V. 1930 HS
Nicholson, Gordon B., Jr. 1930 JC
Norris, Philip A., Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Nunnery, Thomas J., Jr. 1930 HS
Odriozola, Antonio 1930 HS
Olbeter, Louis T. 1930 HS ~ 01-Jan-1981
Orr, William E., Jr. 1930 HS
Parker, Thomas F. 1930 HS ~ 01-Aug-1992
Paschall, Lisle B. 1930 HS ~ 24-Apr-2001
Patten, J. Wayne 1930 JC
Patton, Richard L. 1930 HS
Pentland, Walter J., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 13-Jan-2002
Peterson, Dr. Edwin Paul 1930 HS ~ 19-Dec-1991
Peterson, Robert G. 1930 HS
Peyton, Charles R. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Phillips, Ross M. 1930 HS
Pickrell, Richard V. 1930 HS ~ 19-Sep-2001
Poorbaugh, John H. 1930 JC ~ 03-Sep-1995
Prince, Lott M., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 01-Apr-1987
Pugh, Paul D. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Reed, Walter Warriner, Jr. 1930 JC
Reeves, Daniel Franklin Carter, Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 17-Apr-1994
Reid, REV Homer A. 1930 HS ~ 06-Feb-1995
Rhodes, Raymond E. 1930 JC ~ 01-Dec-1978
Richardson, Thomas M., III, 1930 JC
Robertson, Howard S., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 01-Jan-1987
Robertson, Thomas A. 1930 HS
Rogers, William C. 1930 HS
Roland, Dr. Marion Mansfield, Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Sansom, Marion, III, 1930 JC
Sawyer, Kenneth A. 1930 HS
Scofield, Harold E. 1930 JC ~ 08-Jun-1982
Shelley, William Boga 1930 HS
Sheuerman, Richard 1928 HS-1930 JC
Singer, Ray E. 1930 HS ~ 20-Sep-1998
Slack, Courtney 1927 HS-1930 JC
Smedley, William Clymer 1930 HS ~ 05-Feb-1970
Smith, Elmon Myers 1928 HS-1930 JC
Smith, Leonard Emmett 1930 JC
Smith, Dr. Nellins Crowder 1930 HS~ 02-Sep-1995
Smith, Robert Frederick 1930 HS
Snedden, George William, Jr. 1930 HS
Snyder, Dudley H., Jr. 1930 JC
Sparks, Jack 1930 JC
Spreckels, John D. 1930 HS
Starkey, Ned 1930 JC
Staton, William Alfred 1930 JC ~ 01-Jul-1986
Stege, Earl Russell 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 24-Jun-1991
Steinberg, Delmar N. 1930 HS
Steward, Louis L., Jr. 1930 HS
Strickland, Dudley W., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 26-Apr-1988
Sutton, Charles P. 1930 HS ~ 07-Mar-1991
Swain, MAJ Robert Adams, USA 1930 JC ~ 11-Dec-1944 – WWII-Killed in action – killed in a plane crash in Casablanca on 11 December 1944.
Taliaferro, Robert Young, Jr. 1930 JC ~ 19-Feb-2005, 93 of El Dorado, died Saturday, Feb. 19, 2005, at Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital. Services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2005 at the Trinity Episcopal Church of El Dorado. Robert was born in El Dorado, July 19, 1911, to Robert Y. and Sadie (Van Cleave) Taliaferro. He graduated from El Dorado High School in 1928, from New Mexico Military Institute in 1930 and in 1932 from the University of Kansas, where he was a member of Beta Theta Pi Social fraternity and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa Scholastic fraternity. He graduated from Harvard University Law School in 1935.He was a life-long member of Trinity Episcopal Church, where he served on the Vestry for many years and a former member of the Rotary Club, the American Legion/Butler County and State Bar Associations. He served on the boards of the American Red Cross, Chamber of Commerce, and the El Dorado community Concerts, and the Library including the period when the library vacated the old Carnege white limestone building, built a new building and changed its name to that of its new benefactors, the Bradfords. Charles Heilmann and Robert established the Butler County Abstract Company shortly before World War II. Both of the men enlisted in the services and the business was closed until after the war, when they resumed its operation until 1971 when it was sold to the F.S. Allen Abstract Company, and Taliaferro worked for the Allen company until he suffered a heart attack on his 75th birthday, and prudently retired. He enlisted in the United States Navy in early 1942 as a Yeoman second class and was later commissioned a Lieutenant Junior Grade. He served aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Bibb and the USS TERROR where her survived a Kamikaze hit which inflected heavy casualties and sent the crippled ship back to the United States and Bob back to the Bibb. Bob then remained in the South Pacific Theater until the end of the war at which time he was honorably discharged as a lieutenant commander. Before he went overseas he was united in marriage Sept. 21, 1942, in St. Columbia’s chapel of the Episcopal Cathedral in Los Angeles, CA, with Florence Marie Columbia. Upon return to El Dorado at the end of the war the Taliaferro’s soon built a home at 619 W. First St. next to his place of birth. The hospital acquired that house about 10 years ago and the Taliaferros moved to 207 N. Denver, never staying more than one-and-a-half blocks from his birthplace. For a number of years he wrote a light-hearted column called Inklings for Jessie Perry Stratford’s Western Butler County News, and later for The El Dorado Times. He is survived by two nieces, Phyllis Doane Frisby (Ray) of St. Paul, MN, and Gretchen Guinn Smith of San Diego, CA; one nephew, Charles Guinn of Delmar, NY; three grand-nieces, Margaret Frisby Carlson (David), of Turtle River, MN, Susan Frisby Lee (Jim) of McIntosh, MN, and Ann Robertson McCullough (Don) of Strawberry Point, IA; six grand-nephews, James Doane Frisby of St. Paul, MN, Mark Smith of Thousand Oaks, CA, Eric Smith of Anaheim, CA. Lee Smith of Le Mesa, CA, John Guinn of Portland, OR, and Jeffery Guinn of Delmar, NY; and numerous great-grand-nieces and nephews.He was predeceased by his wife, Florence; his parents; two sisters, Margaret Doane and Lucile Guinn; one niece, Doris Doane Robertson; and one grand-nephew, Philip Robertson.
Taylor, Dr. Clark Thomas 1930 HS ~ 12-May-1987
Taylor, Jerome N. 1930 HS ~ 21-Nov-1975
Thompson, Billy M. 1930 HS
Thompson, Fred Dickson 1930 HS ~ 10-May-2003 90, retired chairman of the board of Texas Security Bancshares and International Service Insurance Group, passed away Saturday, May 10, 2003, in Fort Worth. Memorial service: 2 p.m. Wednesday at First Presbyterian Church, 1000 Penn Street, Fort Worth. The Rev. Dan E. Goldsmith and the Rev. Floyd E. Kinser will officiate. Private Interment. Memorials: In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to a charity of choice. Frederick Dickson Thompson was born Oct. 22, 1912, in Berkeley, CA, to Robert Andrew and Evelyne Dickson Thompson. The family moved to Texas in 1926 when his father became chief engineer and general manager of the Wichita County Water Improvement District. He attended schools in Cleburne, Wichita Falls and Highland Park before graduating from high school at New Mexico Military Institute in 1930. He graduated from the University of Texas (at Austin) with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering, and married Mary Alice Rhea in December 1935. Upon joining his father-in-law, Cleaves Rhea, in the insurance and automobile finance business, they moved to Washington, DC, in early 1936 to establish the eastern branch office of Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO). In 1942, he joined the U.S. Navy, attaining the rank of lieutenant commander while serving as supply officer at Pre-Flight School-Chapel Hill, N.C., South Bend, Ind. and Naval Operations, Guam. Upon returning to Fort Worth in 1946, he rejoined his father-in-law in the ownership and administration of Government Employees Insurance Company, Government Employees Finance Company, North Fort Worth State Bank, Arlington State Bank, Fort Worth Lloyds Insurance Company and Roberts & Rhea Insurance Agency. In 1947, they chartered the South Fort Worth State Bank. When Government Employees Insurance Company was sold in 1948, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Rhea established the International Service Insurance Group, which, together with Government Employees Finance Company, provided automobile insurance and financing for U.S. military personnel through agents located throughout the United States. In 1959, these services were expanded to include agents in Great Britain, Europe and the Far East. South Fort Worth State Bank changed its name to Central Bank & Trust, and in 1980 Mr. Thompson established Texas Security Bancshares, which combined both Central Bank and Trust and North Fort Worth Bank into one organization. The insurance operations were sold in 1988 and the banking entities were sold to Norwest Bank (now Wells Fargo) in 1996. Mr. Thompson was a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Friar Society of the University of Texas, Jewel Charity Ball, the Steeplechase Club, Fort Worth Club, River Crest Country Club and Rotary Club of Fort Worth. Special acknowledgement and appreciation is extended to those who devoted so much time to his care and comfort, especially Suzana Amador, Fausto Chavez and Debbie Choate, RN. He was preceded in death by his wife of 60 years, Alice Rhea Thompson; his parents; brother, Robert A. Thompson Jr.; and sisters, Francis Thompson Wiggins, Elizabeth Thompson Smith, Eleanor Thompson Moffitt and Lucy Thompson Long. Survivors: Wife, Edna Marie Thompson; sons, Fred D. “Dick” Thompson, Jr. 1957 JC and his wife, Kathy and J. Andy Thompson 1961 HS and his wife, Nancy of Fort Worth, C. Rhea Thompson 1958 HS and his wife, Wendy of Seattle WA; grandchildren, Kelly R. Thompson and his wife, Carla, John M. Thompson and his wife, Lynne of Fort Worth, Melissa Thompson Deufel and her husband, Andrew of Kansas City, KS, Andrew Thompson and his wife, Rebecca of Berkeley CA, and Christopher S. Thompson and his wife, Heather of St. Louis, MO; sister, Evelyn Thompson Bassett of Roswell, NM; nine great-grandchildren; stepsons, John Nichols of Dallas and Robert Franks of Fort Worth; and four step-grandchildren
Threadgill, Jack 1930 HS
Tillotson, Luther A. 1930 JC
Torrance, 1LT Elisha Swift, Jr., USA 1930 HS ~ 26-Feb-1942 – WWII-Killed in service – died in San Francisco, CA, on 26 February 1946.
Troelstrup, Edward C. 1930 HS ~ 01-Apr-1980
Tully, Dr. Pierce Edward 1930 HS ~ 03-Apr-2003
Turnbull, Harry A. 1930 HS ~ 15-Dec-1990
Turner, LT Gaston Soulard, Jr., USNR 1930 HS ~ 19-Apr-1944 – WWII-Killed in service – died in the hospital on 3 November 1945.
VanZandt, Elias B. 1930 HS
Vinson, Presley E. 1930 HS ~ Oct 1956
Wagoner, Robert E. 1930 JC
Walker, James G., Jr. 1930 HS
Walker, Richard Wilde, Jr. 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 27-Feb-2002
Walton, Norman F. 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 01-Aug-1975
Walzer, Moses 1930 JC ~ 09-Aug-1957
Warner, Gene D. 1930 HS
Warnock, Basil Forrester 1930 JC ~ 01-Oct-1982
Warren, Lt Col William Hayford, USAF (Ret) 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 07-Jan-2001
Waterman, Robert C. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Waters, Fred C., Jr. 1930 HS ~ 25-Nov-1995
Watson, Lee E. 1930 HS
Watts, Thelbert E. 1930 HS ~ 07-Jul-1966
Waxman, Dr. Arnold Robert 1930 HS ~ 20-Dec-2003
Whiting, SGM Deshler 1928 HS-1930 JC ~ 04-Jun-1941 – WWII-Killed in service – died in Newfoundland as a member of the Royal Regiment of Canada on 4 June 1941.
Wilkinson, Eugene 1930 JC ~ 17-Feb-1990
Williams, Ralph C. 1930 JC
Willman, Carl Henry 1930 JC
Wilson, Allen Henry 1930 HS
Wilson, COL Arthur Harrison, Jr., USA (Ret) 1930 HS ~ 17-Nov-2004
Wilson, Lindsley C. 1930 HS
Wilson, Miles Kash 1930 HS ~ 01-Nov-1975
Winters, John G. 1930 HS
Wood, William A. 1930 HS
Woodall, Dr. Jack Miller 1930 JC
Woods, James B. 1930 HS ~ 01-Jun-1963
Woodworth, Dr. Charles H. 1928 HS-1930 JC
Wright, Travis Gray, Jr. 1930 HS ~ 24-Jun-1961
Yarbro, J. Will 1930 HS ~ Sep-1983
Yates, Clem B. 1930 HS ~ 01-Nov-1976


Adlam, Edwin W. 1929 HS
Ainsworth, Joseph C., Jr. 1929 JC ~ 01-Oct-1972
Aldridge, Samuel L. 1928-1929 JC
Allen, Wilbur George 1929 HS ~ 21-Sep-1992
Amburgey, Jay D. 1929 JC ~ 01-Apr-1987
Andreas, Herman M., Jr. 1928 HS-1929 JC ~ 05-Mar-1979
Archer, Harry R. 1929 JC
Arnold, Joseph P. 1929 HS
Atkinson, Moscoe Joe 1929 HS
Attaway, Douglas F. 1929 JC
Austin, Harold E. 1929 HS ~ 01-Mar-1975
Austin, Homer W. 1929 HS
Austin, Paul E. 1929 HS
Azar, Shaker William 1929 HS ~ 23-Sep-1993
Babbitt, Walter N. 1929 HS
Barnes, Donald C. 1929 HS ~ 01-Aug-1966
Barton, Harry H. 1929 JC
Beach, Gaston G. 1929 HS ~ 28-Mar-1958
Bean, CPT Robie K., USA (Ret) 1928 HS-1929 JC ~ 21-May-1998
Bearman, Richard A. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 25-Jan-1991
Beerman, 1LT Frederick L., USA 1929 HS ~ 03-Nov-1945 – WWII-Killed in service – died in the hospital on 3 November 1945.
Bell, Arthur J. 1929 HS
Berti, Lewis L. 1929 JC ~ 01-Nov-1984
Bettersworth, Harold S. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Biard, Ruffin S. 1929 JC ~ 01-Jun-1984
Biesel, F. William 1929 HS
Blevins, Josef A. 1929 JC ~ 01-Feb-1986
Bloomfield, John W., Jr. 1929 HS ~ 28-Mar-1973
Bocock, Oscar L. 1928 HS-1929 JC
Bogart, Delmont L. 1929 HS ~ Jan-1950
Botterill, Jack R. 1929 JC ~ 20-Dec-1963
Boyd, Charles W. 1929 HS
Bradshaw, Lyle E. 1929 JC ~ 01-Nov-1978
Brainard, Guy R., Jr. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 09-Mar-2003 was born September 26, 1910 in Artesia, NM, to Guy Reed, Sr., and Carrie Irene Brainard and passed away March 9, 2003 in Dallas, TX. Attended New Mexico Military Institute where he is a member of the Hall of Fame. Graduate of LSU with a Petroleum Engineering Degree. He was an oil company executive, retiring from Atlantic Richfield in 1975. He served on the Board of St. Simeons Episcopal Home and The Gatesway Foundation and was a proud member of the ROB’s. Preceded in death by his first wife, Lola Ward Brainard and two sons, Stephen and Daniel Brainard. Survived by his wife, Dorothy Rose Brainard, stepson, William Rose and grandchildren, Lori, Stephani, George and John Brainard. 
Brooks, Frederick W., Jr. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 15-Dec-1997
Brown, Harold E. 1929 HS
Bryant, Edward G. 1929 HS
Bucher, Charles L. 1929 HS
Burnet, Joe C. 1929 JC
Burns, Milton Dearlove 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 01-Nov-1960
Burns, Thomas F., Jr. 1929 JC
Bush, William E. 1929 JC
Byerly, Jean R. 1929 JC
Campbell, Raymond W. 1929 HS ~ 01-Mar-1977
Cappe, William M., Jr. 1929 HS ~ 10-Nov-1966
Chambers, James C. 1929 HS ~ 21-Jul-1988
Clyde, Joseph D., Jr. 1929 HS
Compton, Stewart O. 1929 HS
Compton, William D. 1929 HS
Conant, Darrell B. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 01-Sep-1978
Cooley, Philip D. 1925 HS-1929 JC
Cooper, Gibson Barnes 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 09-Aug-1951
Cooper, Jack O., Jr. 1929 JC ~ 01-Apr-1991
Cooper, James S. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Cornell, Walter P. 1929 HS
Counter, George F. 1929 HS ~ 12-Oct-1994
Cox, William L. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Cram, Charles B. 1929 HS ~ 11-May-1998
Crane, Dan C., Jr. 1929 HS
Creel, Henry W. 1929 JC ~ 13-Mar-1971
Cureton, Miles H. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 25-Aug-1992
Daly, John W., Jr. 1929 HS ~ 16-Sep-2001
Davidson, Keith S. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 02-Jun-1998
Davis, Clarence A. 1929 HS
Davison, Dwight W. 1929 JC
Davisson, George A., Jr. 1927-1929 JC
DeBogory, Larry E. 1929 HS ~ 01-Oct-1972
Denike, John E. 1929 HS ~ 11-May-1988
Dixon, William F. 1929 JC
Dougherty, Jackson 1928 HS-1929 JC
Douglas, Harry R. 1929 JC
Dritt, William M. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 20-Dec-1985
Dugan, Dr. Roger J. 1929 HS ~ 13-Aug-2002
Earickson, James P., Jr. 1929 JC
Edwards, Donald B. 1929 JC
Egnew, Kennith P. 1929 HS ~ 03-Aug-1956
Ellison, Ralph H. 1929 JC ~ 31-Aug-1990
Emerson, Dean, Jr. 1929 HS ~ 27-Dec-2004
Emmett, Felix 1929 JC
Everett, Everett H. 1929 HS ~ 01-Apr-1977
Ewell, George W., Jr. 1929 HS ~ 16-Jan-1998
Farthing, Dudley E. 1929 HS
Fleig, William R. 1929 JC ~ 21-Feb-1964
Foss, Joseph W. 1929 JC ~ 16-Feb-1998
Frerk, Laurence 1928 HS-1929 HS
Gill, Joseph N. 1929 HS ~ 17-Apr-1998
Gillis, Malcolm J., Jr. 1929 HS ~ 01-Apr-1969
Glines, Robert A. 1929 JC
Godbe, Jack 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 01-Aug-1981
Goodcell, Rex B., Jr. 1929 JC ~ 08-Jul-1976
Gordon, Julius M. 1929 HS
Goss, Joseph R., Jr. 1929 HS
Green, Charles J. 1929 JC ~ 09-Apr-1985
Greer, Edward F. 1929 JC
Gudger, Raymond H., Jr. 1929 HS
Guthrie, Dr. Thomas H., Jr. 1929 HS ~ 04-Sep-1996
Hale, Elwyn C. 1929 HS ~ 01-Mar-1974
Hammer, Estus M., Jr. 1929 HS
Harper, Richard E. 1929 JC ~ 27-Aug-1999
Hartwell, Warren S. 1929 HS ~ 23-Dec-1997
Harvey, Hubert S. 1929 JC
Haseltine, Richard G. 1929 HS ~ 29-Sep-1996
Hewson, Dr. Frank M., Jr. 1929 JC
Heye, Gustave R. 1929 HS 
Hickman, Okey Kenneth 1929 JC ~ 05-Aug-1994
Hight, Charles W., Jr. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Hihn, Jack E. 1929 HS ~ 11-Oct-1993
Hinde, Thomas G. 1929 HS
Hobson, Charles W., II, 1929 HS
Hoffman, Edward Wade 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 01-Jun-1958
Holloway, Richard C. 1929 HS
Hopkins, Marion S. 1929 HS
Horsman, COL George Leslie, (Ret) 1929 JC ~ 05-Dec-1982
Huckleberry, James H., Jr. 1929 HS ~ 12-Jun-2008 was born Aug. 6, 1908 in Muskogee, Okla. Died June 13, 2008. He was a fisherman and will be missed by his friends and family. He was preceded in death by his wife, Fanny Huckleberry. Jim is survived by M.L. Huckleberry, Peter C. Huckleberry, other family members, and Martha L. Nicols. Jim lived in Camino for 45 years and Gold Country Retirement Home the last 15 years. He served in the Coast Guard during World War II.
Humphrey, Kenneth Henry 1927 HS-1929 JC
Hunt, Carl H. 1929 JC
Hunt, John Homer 1929 JC
Hurd, William K. 1929 JC
Inge, George T., Jr. 1929 JC
Ingram, H. Rex 1929 HS
Jennings, Louis L. 1929 HS
Johnon, Alfred H., Jr. 1929 JC
Johnson, Alfred Hill, Jr. 1929 JC
Johnson, Henry F. 1929 HS
Johnston, Howard E., Jr. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Jones, Fred A. 1929 HS
Jones, George C., Jr. 1929 JC ~ 04-Sep-2000
Jones, Gilbert Ten Brock 1929 JC
Jones, Paul H. 1929 JC ~ 30-Dec-2006 96, of Tucson, passed away December 30, 2006. Survived by wife, Vivian; daughters Judith (Hollis) McDonald of Tucson, Betty (James, deceased) Craig of Mesa; sons James (Virginia, deceased) of Phoenix, Gary (Marilyn) of Tucson, and Paul Jr. (Marian) of Tennessee; stepdaughters Viki Sharp of Tucson, and Lynda (Ray) Straw of Illinois; 16 grandchildren; 36 great grandchildren and 28 great-great grandchildren. Preceded in death by wife, LaVerta Russell in 1937 and wife Lucile Hodgson in 1987. Born in Los Angeles, Mr. Jones graduated from Bowie (AZ) High School and attended New Mexico Military Institute and came to Tucson to attend the U of A in 1928. He entered the insurance business with Tucson Realty and Trust in 1934 and opened his own agency in Tucson in 1950, retiring in May, 1990. During his insurance career, he was president of the Tucson and Arizona Associations of Insurance Agents, and in 1959, he was elected president of the National Association of Independent Insurance Agents. He was elected to the Insurance Agents of Arizona Hall of Fame in 1975 and received the C.P.C.U. Lamp of Knowledge Award in 1980. Mr. Jones’ many civic activities included President of the Tucson YMCA, General Chairman of the Community Chest (now known as United Way Campaign), District Governor of the Toastmaster’s International, President of the Tucson Kiwanis Club, President of the Tucson Better Business Bureau, President and 20+ year member of the Board of Directors of Tucson Medical Center and an elder at St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church. He also served on the boards of Trico Electric Cooperative, the Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, the National Rural Electric Cooperative, and the Tucson Airport Authority. He received the University of Arizona 75th Anniversary Medallion of Merit in 1960 and was a recipient of the U of A’s Distinguished Citizen Award in 1977. In 1998, he was honored by the Tucson Chamber of Commerce with the Founder’s Award, which recognized his many years of community service.
Kattache, Leon 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 11-Jun-1937
Kelly, M. William 1929 HS
Kincaid, Thomas D. 1929 HS
Kirk, John J., Jr. 1929 HS
Kirkpatrick, Hobert Lewis 1929 JC ~ 22-Nov-1959
Kirkpatrick, William Noble 1929 JC
Kistler, Ira Arthur 1929 JC
Kleitz, Anthony Frank, Jr. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 31-Jan-1958
Klinger, Glen H. 1929 HS ~ 09-Feb-1990
Krannawitter, Richard Michael 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 26-Jan-1991
Kratz, William M. 1929 JC
Lambe, John A. 1929 JC ~ 01-Aug-1982
Lamborn, Nathan H. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Langford, Benjamin H. 1929 HS
Lauesen, Chester W. 1929 HS ~ 01-Sep-1968
Lee, Gabriel J., Jr. 1929 HS
Lemere, Bosworth 1929 JC ~ 09-Jul-2002
Leslie, William M. 1929 JC
Lochhead, Roy Irving, Jr. 1929 JC
Lowndes, James 1929 JC
MacWhorter, George I. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 06-Jul-1974
Maddock, Joseph H., Jr. 1929 HS
Mahon, Fred E. 1929 HS ~ 19-Nov-1950
Majors, James A. 1929 HS
Manley, Rufus S., Jr. 1929 JC ~ 05-Oct-1991
Matthews, Loren Coleman 1929 JC ~ 01-Apr-1982
Mayes, Cullus M. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 01-Dec-1972
McElroy, Roy Whicker 1929 HS ~ 20-Jul-1991
McElvain, James T. 1929 HS ~ 29-Nov-1990
McKean, Edward E., Jr. 1929 HS
McKinley, Joe B. 1929 JC
McMaster, Frank Allen 1929 HS
McQueen, Robert C. 1929 HS
McReynolds, Allen, Jr. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 30-Mar-2005 Carthage native and resident of Joplin since 1981, died peacefully of natural causes on Wednesday, March 30, 2005, at home in the presence of his wife of 59 years, Madeliene, and his children. Mr. McReynolds was a prominent area businessman active in stockyards, banking, farming and real estate businesses and in civic affairs. From 1945-1983, he served as president of the Joplin Stockyards. From 1983 to the present, he and Hal Patterson, formerly Vice President and General Manager of the Joplin Stockyards, maintained a real estate investment partnership. From 1943-1980, Mr. McReynolds served as Vice President and director of the First National Bank of Monett. From 1950-1956, he served as Vice President and Cashier of the Golden City Bank. From 1982-1987, he served as a director of the First National Bank of Joplin and Mercantile Bancorporation (now U.S. Bank). From 1945 to the present, Mr. McReynolds owned and operated Avilla Farms, a cattle and grain-farming operation joined by his son, Allen, in 1960. From 1941 to 1944, he served as the Assistant Administrator of the Missouri State Council of Civil Defenders. From 1976-1978, he served as President of the Jasper County Association for Social Services. From 1984-1985, he served as trustee of the Missouri Southern Foundation. In 1990, Mr. McReynolds established a scholarship fund for students studying at Missouri Southern University in Joplin to make a career in farming. Mr. McReynolds was born in Carthage on December 25, 1909, the son of Missouri State Senator Allen and Maude Clarke McReynolds. He attended the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, from 1926-1929, and the University of Missouri from 1929-1931. Mr. McReynolds is survived by his wife Madeliene his sister, Elizabeth Rozier of Jefferson City, Mo. his four children, Sharron Anne Sheets of Las Vegas, NV, Amy Elizabeth Colman, of Lake Havasu City, AZ, Mary McReynolds of Washington, DC, and Allen McReynolds, IV, of Joplin nine grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. 
Meade, Reginald E. 1929 HS
Messina, Cosmos W. 1929 HS ~ 17-Jan-1981
Messinger, Henry S. 1929 HS
Meyer, Archibald D. 1929 JC
Meyer, Henry D. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Michelmore, Rupert D. 1929 HS
Milburn, Robert T. 1929 JC
Miller, Keith G. 1929 HS
Mitchell, John L. 1929 JC
Morison, Allison F. 1929 HS
Myers, Frank W., Jr. 1929 HS
Naff, Edwin Thompson 1929 HS ~ 01-Oct-1986
Neathery, Robert A. 1929 JC
Nichols, Cecil A., Jr. 1929 JC ~ 17-Jul-2003 “Granddaddy”, 94 years young, passed away peacefully on Thursday night July 17, 2003. Cecil will be deeply missed by his family and friends that loved him so dearly. Cecil’s mother was an accomplished musician and had Cecil playing a violin at age 3. After God, his family and his church, music was his greatest love. At age 7 he had his own seven-member band that played at dances for his parents and their friends. Cecil played several instruments including the piano, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, xylophone, drums and accordion. Cecil attended San Jacinto High School in Houston followed by the New Mexico Military Institute and The University of Texas at Austin. Cecil went to work for Exxon but left to serve in the U.S. Army during WWII. After leaving the Army he went back to Exxon where he worked for 42 years and retired without a single day of absence. Cecil was the vice president of The Montrose Chapter of AARP, a member of The Houston Junior Forum Swinging String Band, and Bering Memorial United Methodist Church. Cecil was a beloved member of Bering since he and his wife Evelyn joined the church in December 1946. Both were very involved in the life of the church serving in various positions. Cecil was very proud of the fact that he served as head usher for the last 50 years. Cecil was preceded in death by his sweetheart and wife of 49 years, Evelyn Yorty Nichols, his son Cecil Allen Nichols and his sister Beth Boddeker. His two granddaughters Ginger Snyder, Stephanie Nichols Pancioli, her husband Rich Pancioli and one grandson, Corby Allen Nichols, survive Cecil. Their Mother, Beverley Nichols Dawson and her husband Robert M. Dawson, also survive Cecil. Cecil took great pride in his two great granddaughters, Lindsey Nicole Snyder and Kelsey Alysa Snyder.
Norton, Marcus A. 1929 HS
O’Connor, Jerome B. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Parker, William L. 1929 JC ~ 13-Dec-1992
Parry, William C. 1929 HS
Paul, Edward P. 1929 JC ~ 23-May-2003
Pearson, Daniel Cecil, Jr. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 13-Feb-1980
Penfield, Edward Parker 1929 JC ~ 11-May-1986
Perkinson, William W. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Pierce, Winston M. 1929 HS ~ 09-Jul-1993
Pool, Grant J. 1929 HS
Porter, Horace Alonzo Thomas 1929 JC ~ 22-Sep-1972
Poyas, Francis H. 1929 JC ~ 21-Feb-1993
Price, Charles V. 1929 HS
Rakestraw, John A. 1929 JC
Ravel, Dr. Vincent Marion 1929 HS
Reese, Herman E. 1929 HS
Reese, Theodore W. 1929 HS
Reichelt, Hubert E., Jr. 1929 HS
Reid, John H. 1929 JC ~ 24-Jun-1975
Reid, Thomas M. 1929 HS
Reynolds, Henry C. 1929 HS
Reynolds, BG Royal, Jr., USA (Ret) 1929 HS ~ 25-Nov-2003
Rhew, Meldon J. 1929 HS
Rice, Thomas B. 1929 HS
Richardson, Harold F. 1929 HS
Riter, Lewis A. 1929 HS ~ Nov-1995
Robinson, Louis C. 1929 JC
Rosenwald, Emanuel 1929 HS
Roslington, Frederick W. 1929 HS
Rothrock, Edward G. 1929 JC ~ 17-Apr-1971
Seitz, Oliver C. 1929 JC ~ 15-Dec-1998
Sellmeyer, Ralph John 1929 JC ~ 01-Mar-1969
Shaffer, Jack P. 1929 HS
Sillasen, Morton 1929 HS ~ 08-May-1988
Simmons, CDR Charles A., USNR (Ret) 1929 HS ~ 07-May-2008
Sinclair, Harold W. 1929 HS
Smedley, Dr. Charles Wheller 1929 HS ~ 31-Mar-2001
Smith, John T. M. 1929 HS ~ 01-Dec-1985
Smyer, Ewing A. 1929 HS
South, Zary J. 1929 HS
Stafford, William 1929 JC
Stewart, James H. 1929 HS
Stone, Douglas Beasley 1927 HS-1929 JC
Stone, Frank Raymond, Sr. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Stone, Heber, Jr. 1929 HS
Summer, Gilbert J. 1929 HS
Taylor, BG Harold D., USA (Ret) 1929 HS ~ 01-Apr-1977
Taylor, Robert W. 1929 JC
Thomi, Everett Andrew 1929 HS ~ 01-Dec-1986
Thompson, Paul E. 1929 HS
Thompson, Robert T., Jr. 1929 HS
Thompson, Rodger Wayne 1929 JC ~ 15-Feb-1964
Threadgill, Joe L. 1929 HS ~ 14-Jan-2001
Tolleson, Alfred W. 1929 JC ~ 01-Sep-1976
Waggoner, Harold B. 1929 HS
Wallace, William E., Jr. 1929 JC
Waller, Thomas E. 1929 HS
Ward, James W. 1929 HS
Ward, Lawrence J. 1929 HS
Weaver, Carroll S. 1929 HS
Weiner, Ted 1929 HS
Westlake, Frank P. 1929 HS ~ 06-Aug-1990
White, George Littlefield 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 27-Jul-1978
White, John L. 1929 HS
White, Peyton H. 1927 HS-1929 JC ~ 09-Jan-1933
White, Thomas D. 1927 HS-1929 JC
Whiteley, Wilson A. 1929 JC
Whittenburg, Richard B. 1929 HS ~ 03-Feb-2010 101, of Odessa, died Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010, at Hospice House. He was born in Ector County. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Survivors are son, Richard B. Whittenburg, Jr., of Lubbock; four grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
Wilhite, Samuel E. 1929 JC
Williams, James K. 1929 HS
Williams, John Richard 1929 JC ~ 01-Apr-1981
Williams, Robert L. 1929 HS
Willmott, John W., Jr. 1929 JC ~ 01-Jul-1973
Wimberly, Fred H. 1929 HS
Wiser, Douglas R. 1929 JC
Woodall, Joseph 1929 JC ~ 01-May-1975
Zlatnik, Delbert F. 1929 JC


Aird, Ralph S., Jr. 1928 JC ~ 01-Dec-1970
Akin, Gordon M. 1928 HS ~ 01-Feb-1973
Algert, Edward D. 1928 JC ~ 18-Sep-1988
Anderson, Augustus E., Jr. 1928 JC
Armstrong, William M. 1928 JC
Askren, Eugene H. 1928 HS
Atwood, John B. 1928 JC
Bacon, LTC Allen Friend, USA 1928 HS ~ 09-Apr-1986
Bacon, Milo W., Jr. 1928 HS ~ 08-Apr-2005
Bailey, Robert L. 1928 HS ~ 01-Jan-1979
Ballow, Roy L. 1928 HS ~ 10-Feb-1977
Bean, Neil H. 1928 HS
Beckmann, Julius K. 1928 HS ~ Sep-1977
Beeman, John E. 1928 JC ~ 17-Dec-1975
Beers, John B., Jr. 1928 HS
Black, D. Lee 1928 HS
Blakely, R. Keith 1926 HS-1928 JC ~ 20-Feb-1975
Blanton, Hartwell B., Jr. 1928 HS
Boone, Claude T., Jr. 1928 HS ~ 01-Aug-2001
Bowen, Alexander C. 1928 HS
Brenner, Jack S. 1928 HS
Broeker, Edward W. 1928 HS
Brown, Ermand W. 1928 JC ~ 01-Jan-1974
Bruce, James H. 1928 JC
Bucknam, Robert H. 1928 HS ~ 01-Mar-1983
Butler, F. Boynton, Jr. 1928 JC
Butler, George T. 1928 HS ~ 01-Jul-1969
Cahn, Robert 1928 HS
Cardiff, George H. 1928 JC
Cardiff, Robert L., Sr. 1928 JC
Carrow, Herbert P., Jr. 1928 HS
Carter, Conwell B. 1928 HS
Cassady, Harvey R. 1928 HS
Chase, Edward P. 1928 HS
Chase, Peter M. 1928 JC
Clark, William W. 1928 HS
Cline, William A. 1928 HS ~ 22-Jun-2012 passed away on June 12, 2012 at the age of 101. He was born on July 21, 1910 to Henry A. Cline and Elizabeth Wooten Cline who had moved to Wharton from Woodville in 1899. Cline grew up in Wharton, attended New Mexico Military Institute, graduated from Wharton High School in 1927 and attended Texas College of Mines and Minerals, Columbia University and the University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduating from law school at Cumberland, TN, in 1931, at age 20, he began the practice of law with his father in Wharton. For many years Cline owned and operated Wharton County Abstract Company. His philosophy as a lawyer was to serve his clients in the most honest, efficient and proper way and to treat all peoples with respect and dignity. Cline was preceded in death by his parents, his brother, Henry A. Cline Jr., and in 1945 by daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Cline. Cline’s gentle and beloved wife of 66 years, Margaret Farrar Cline, preceded him in death in 1997. He is survived by four children, William A. Cline, Jr,. And wife, Kathleen Kimbro Cline, of Wimberley; Margaret “Peggy” Farrar Cline Wood Marr of Galveston; Robert Campbell Cline Sr. and wife, Debi, of Houston; and Carolyn Cline Northington of Wharton. Also surviving are seven grandchildren, Scott Farrar Cline and wife, Hilary Hale Cline; Cathryn Cline Carolan; Margaret Anne Marr Elfstrom and husband, Antone; William L. Marr, IV, and wife, Jody Rasmussen Marr; Robert C. Cline, Jr.; Sarah Elizabeth Cline Wilkins and husband, Burke; Michael Monroe Bond; and step-grandchildren, Ricky Harris and Christopher Harris. Surviving great-grandchildren include William Barclay Cline, Hayley Newell Cline, Drew Henry Cline, Samuel Stewart Carolan, Benjamin Brian Carolan, Anna Lise Carolan, Mary Elizabeth Carolan, Cory John Marr, Cody William Marr, Quintan Dale Marr, Amelia Grace Marr, Aaron Allen Elfstrom, Marr William Elfstrom, Farrar Anne Elfstrom, Emily Faith Wilkins and Jackson Carter Wilkins. Also surviving is one great great grandchild, Reef Marie Elfstrom. Although exempt from the draft Cline joined the U.S. Army in 1942, graduated from the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School at Ft. Knox, KY, and was assigned as staff judge advocate in a 4th Army Tank Destroyer Division, Ft. Hood, where in 1944 he successfully defended the court martial of Lt. Jackie Robinson who later became a Baseball Hall of Fame player with the Brooklyn Dodgers. After the war Cline returned to his family and his law practice in Wharton and became involved in numerous civic projects. Before the war, he had served as Wharton County Democrat chairman, the first president of the Texas State Junior Bar Association, and a member of the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors. He held several offices in the American Legion, including Wharton post commander, district commander and state vice-commander. Cline was active in the Wharton Lions Club beginning in 1939, having served terms as president and director. Lions Club members attest to his quick wit as he delivered his investigative Report’s at weekly meetings. In 1960 Cline served an unprecedented second term on the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors. He was also a longtime member of the Wharton Chamber of Commerce and served as president of the Wharton County Red Cross and the Wharton County Historical Society. Cline was a faithful member of Wharton’s St. Thomas Episcopal Church where he served as senior warden in his younger days as well as several terms on the church vestry. He was an avid fisherman and woodworker and enjoyed traveling and dancing with wife, Margaret. Cline was recognized by many local citizens as the unofficial historian of Wharton County, his knowledge of local land titles, political and family histories being vast and interesting. Cline’s memory for details, events and places remained sharp throughout his life, often astounding friends and family. Although a student of history, Cline did not dwell in the past but lived his life for the present and future with a cheerful, uncomplaining and optimistic attitude.
Colton, Roger M. 1928 HS
Condon, Albert P., Jr. 1928 JC
Cook, William L., Jr. 1928 JC
Copley, George N., Jr. 1928 HS
Coppedge, Harold A. 1928 JC
Crawford, W. Francis 1928 HS
Croom, Edward M. 1928 HS
Culbertson, Harold 1928 JC ~ 22-Jul-1994
Daun, Gordon T. 1928 JC
Davenport, Thomas W. 1928 JC
David, David S. 1928 HS
Davis, Marion E. 1928 JC
Denison, Lt Col Howard C., USAF (Ret) 1928 JC
Derington, Byron E. 1928 JC
Destree, Laverne B. 1928 HS ~ 16-Mar-1973
Dobyns, Albert G. 1928 JC
Douglass, Francis A., Jr. 1928 JC ~ 13-Mar-1985
Duncan, Dr. Herbert A. 1928 HS
Dunton, Andrew A. 1928 HS
Durkee, William B. 1928 HS
Elder, Bernhardt 1928 HS
Elliott, Edwin Windsor, Jr. 1928 JC
Englehart, Thomas B. 1928 HS
Errington, Norvel A. 1928 JC ~ Jul-1975
Everett, Charles H., Jr. 1928 JC
Fellbaum, Lloyd Menefee 1928 HS ~ 01-Jan-1954
Fields, J. Alfred 1928 HS
Fitch, James N. 1928 HS
Flanagan, Haskell V. 1928 HS
Fleming, Francis S. 1928 HS ~ 08-Jul-1998
Fleming, P. Glen 1928 HS
Frerichs, Ralph H. 1928 HS ~ 25-Mar-1972
Gardner, Thomas L., Jr. 1928 HS
Gauchat, Hal W., Jr. 1928 HS
Gentry, William B. 1928 HS
George, Donovan W. 1928 JC
Godbe, Ernest L. 1928 HS ~ 28-Jan-1988
Goldsmith, Henry C. 1928 HS
Greene, Clarence K. 1928 HS
Griffin, Arwin C. 1928 HS ~ 10-May-1975
Grunert, George R. 1928 JC ~ 15-Nov-1969
Guernsey, Edward E. 1928 HS
Guthrie, Frank C. 1928 JC ~ 22-May-2000
Hamilton, Arthur L., Jr. 1928 HS
Hard, Wilbur H. 1928 HS
Harden, William E. 1928 HS
Harrison, William H. 1928 HS
Hart, Edwin R., Jr. 1928 HS
Hartley, Maynard L. 1928 JC ~ 01-May-1962
Haymes, Terrell W., Jr. 1928 HS ~ 01-Jan-1982
Hayner, Thomas R. 1928 JC
Heck, William J., Sr. 1928 JC
Hecker, John W. 1928 HS
Hess, Wilbur R. 1928 JC ~ 01-Feb-1986
Higinbotham, Robert L. 1928 JC
Hill, William Macualay 1928 JC
Hoffman, Gordon T. 1928 JC
Holland, Frederick R. 1928 HS ~ 19-Aug-1999
Holmes, Sidney D. 1928 HS
Holmes, Willard Armijo 1928 JC ~ 01-Feb-1991
Hood, COL Lund Foster, USA (Ret) 1928 HS ~ 30-May 1997
Horwitz, Albert Bernard 1928 HS ~ 20-Jun-1987
Hubbard, Thomas Jackson 1928 JC
Hudspeth, John Haislip 1928 JC ~ 14-Feb-1974
Humphries, Eugene A., Jr. 1928 HS ~ 08-Sep-1991
Isaacs, Robert P. 1928 JC
Jarrell, Norman David 1928 JC ~ 20-Mar-2016
Jeter, Othal R., Jr. 1928 HS

Johnson, Alvin W. 1928 HS ~ 21-Feb-1988
Johnson, Joe J. 1928 JC
Jones, Harold Lee 1928 JC
Jump, Robert G. 1928 HS
Kaster, James J., Jr. 1928 HS
Keller, Frank, Jr. 1928 HS ~ 30-Jun-1974
Kerr, Charles H. 1928 HS
Kier, John A. 1928 JC
King, John D. 1928 HS
King, Dr. William David, Jr. 1928 HS
Klinger, Loyle E. 1928 JC
Knight, Charles L. 1928 JC
Knox, Bruce Miller 1928 JC ~ 20-Aug-1968
Langworthy, Gillmore 1928 JC ~ 28-Apr-1991
Leicht, George H., Jr. 1928 HS
Ley, John C. 1928 JC
Lipscomb, Dan G. 1928 HS
Little, John Sebastian 1928 JC
Long, Kenneth M. 1928 HS
Luckett, Paul H., Jr. 1928 HS
MacLean, John Ronald 1928 JC
MacPherson, RADM Robert A., USN (Ret) 1928 HS
Mantor, Philip 1928 JC ~ 15-Nov-1989
Marchant, Ernest E. 1928 HS
Marsh, Lawrence F. 1928 JC
Master, Herbert G. 1928 HS
Martin, Charles P., Jr. 1928 JC

Master, Herbert G. 1928 HS
Matteson, George Theodore 1928 HS
McBride, Paul Cooke 1928 HS ~ 27-Jul-1996
McCray, Lionel G. 1928 JC
McDonald, Russell I. 1928 HS ~ 01-Aug-1971
McDonald, Wesley P. 1928 JC
McGee, Melvin Curtis 1928 JC
McKee, Byron Duncan 1928 HS
McLaughlin, LTC Theodore Long, USA (Ret) 1928 JC ~ 22-Sep-1998
Merritt, Albert Rome, Jr. 1928 HS ~ 12-Jul-1988
Miles, Wade M., Jr. 1928 JC
Mitchner, William L. R. 1928 HS
Mohr, Albert J. 1928 HS
Montrezza, Albert 1928 HS ~ 18-Aug-1993
Morrissey, John B. 1928 HS ~ 01-Feb-1982
Moses, Horace, Jr. 1928 JC
Mounday, Leroy C. 1928 JC ~ 01-Aug-1989
Murray, Paul W. 1928 JC
Nance, T. Howard, Jr. 1928 HS
Neil, David M. 1928 HS
Offdenkamp, George I. 1928 HS ~ 17-Mar-2009
O’Malley, Charles F., Jr. 1928 HS
Orr, George W., Jr. 1928 HS
Overton, Ben E., Jr. 1928 HS
Parrish, Lloyd Withers 1928 JC ~ 11-Sep-1992
Pearson, John S. 1928 JC
Pelzer, LTC Gross Arnold, USAR (Ret) 1927 HS-1928 JC ~ 05-Dec-1995
Phillips, CPT William Wilson, Jr., USA 1928 JC ~ 06-Jan-1946
Capt. William W. Phillips, Jr. died in his home in El Paso 6 January 1946 in the early morning.  He was 37 years, 10 months old.  At the time of death he was in active duty assigned to Ft. Bliss, Texas.  He returned to the States in late Summer 1945.  The  ‘Apparent Cause of Death’ was Coronary Thrombosis, He is survived by his wife Emma Lou Sackett, parents Dr. William W. Phillips MD Bess Phillips (Roswell NM), and sister Helen Phillips Rolph (Cleveland, Ohio) and Family.
Pickrell, Fred W. 1928 HS ~ 09-Mar-1997
Pickrell, Vernon S. 1928 HS~ 22-Apr-1996
Poindexter, Nelson P. 1928 HS
Porter, Austin, Jr. 1928 JC
Porter, James S. 1928 HS
Poyas, Howard 1928 HS ~ 03-May-1943
Purdy, Charles F. 1928 JC

Pursell, Rowland H. 1928 HS
Purvis, Daniel B. 1928 HS ~ 01-Jan-1987
Putnam, Oscar R. 1928 HS
Richards, Joseph Ralph, Jr. 1928 JC
Richardson, James Kneeland, Sr. 1928 JC
Robinson, George M. 1928 HS
Rockafellow, John D. 1928 HS
Rogers, Lee H. 1928 HS
Rogers, Vernon B. 1928 HS
Rollie, Allen Bernice, Sr. 1928 HS ~ 26-Jun-1996
Ruse, Olford N. 1928 HS
Russell, Gerald B. 1928 HS
Russell, William Bryan, Jr. 1928 HS ~ 01-May-1980
Ruthven, Ormond B. 1928 HS
Sarkisian, Harold Medill 1928 HS
Schmid, Albert August Charles 1928 HS ~ 23-Jun-1990
Schubeck, Harry B. 1928 JC ~ 11-May-1968
Scott, COL Bruce Von Gerichten, USAF (Ret) 1928 JC ~ 01-May-1974
Scott, Walter G. 1928 JC
Seay, Thomas M. 1928 JC
Seldomridge, Phillip W. 1928 HS ~ 22-Nov-2006
Setzler, J. Ingram 1928 HS ~ 21-Feb-1966
Sharp, C. Douglas, Jr. 1928 HS ~ 01-Jul-1989
Shupp, Phillip H. 1928 HS
Sias, Robert M., Jr. 1928 HS
Simon, William Louis 1928 JC
Simpich, Frederick E., Jr. 1928 HS
Smiley, Arthur Cooper, Jr. 1928 HS ~ 01-Feb-1974
Smith, H. Watson, Jr. 1928 JC
Smith, Herbert M. 1928 HS
Smith, Kent B. 1928 HS
Smith, Richard C. 1928 HS
Smith, Richard Sands 1928 HS ~ 14-Apr-2009 was born Aug. 24, 1909 to Richard W. Smith and Charlotte Sands Smith in Manistee, MI. He died April 14 at home in Wickenburg, AZ. He is survived by his wife of 55 years Sharon Smith and many nieces, nephews and cousins. Dick moved to Glendale, AZ, when his family bought the Sahuaro Ranch in 1926. Dick went to the Culver Military Academy, the Hill School, and the New Mexico Military Institute. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in language and agriculture. After graduation, he ran the Jersey Dairy at the Sahuaro Ranch. He was also in the 5th and 7th Cavalry and the Merchant Marines. Dick lived, farmed, and raised Thoroughbred racehorses at the Sahuaro Ranch until it was sold to the City of Glendale in 1977. He and his wife Sharon then moved to Wickenburg, where he continued raising racehorses. He had a great love for horses and especially enjoyed trail riding. He was a member of Desert Caballeros, Los Charros, and the White Mountain Range Riders. He rarely missed a ride, and he particularly enjoyed the Cataline Island ride and swimming his horse there. Dick was also an avid golfer. He was a charter member of the Paradise Valley Country Club. When he moved to Wickenburg, he joined the Wickenburg Country Club and the Los Caballeros Golf Club.
Smith, William Spencer 1928 HS ~ 01-Oct-1973
Snider, William Clifford 1927 HS-1928 JC
Stevenson, Frederick Johnston 1927 HS-1928 JC
Stone, Jack W. 1928 HS
Sullivan, Dennis E. 1928 JC ~ 23-Jun-1989
Sutton, Samuel A. 1928 JC
Swayze, Darrell 1928 JC
Talle, Tom P., Jr. 1928 HS
Terry, Benjamin E. 1928 JC ~ 03-Oct-1984
Thigpen, William R. 1928 HS ~ 01-Apr-1972
Thomas, Robert W. 1928 HS
Thompson, Worth R. 1928 HS ~ 01-Apr-1983
Tolbert, William H. 1928 HS
Trotter, Fred J. 1928 JC
Trujillo, Patricio Eduardo 1928 JC
Turner, Allton F. 1928 HS
Vaught, Robert L. 1928 HS
VonUnwerth, William Albert 1928 JC
Walker, James Maxwell 1928 JC
Warren, Louis R. 1928 HS
Waters, MAJ Louis H., (Ret) 1928 JC
Watson, Alfred Bennett 1928 HS ~ 12-Dec-1976
Watts, George Thomas 1928 JC ~ 28-Dec-1963
Webster, Dr. George E. 1928 JC ~ 16-Feb-2003
Wharton, Frank 1928 HS
White, H. Alden 1928 HS
Williams, Erasmus W. 1928 JC ~ 20-Feb-1986
Williamson, George C. 1928 HS
Wilson, Wallace W. 1928 HS
Wilson, William P. 1928 JC ~ 12-Jan-2000
Winter, LTC Willis Gus, USA (Ret) 1928 JC
Withers, Carroll E. 1928 HS
Woodfill, J. R., III, 1928 JC
Woodruff, Vivian G. 1928 HS
Wynn, Milton 1928 HS
Young, Michael B. 1928 HS


Aber, Tom Snoffer 1927 HS ~ 16-Aug-1991
Aber, William Douthette 1927 HS
Aldrich, Kenneth H. 1927 HS
Aspin, Harold G. 1927 HS ~ 03-Dec-1976
Baker, William R. 1927 HS ~ 05-Feb-1992
Ball, Roger 1927 JC ~ 31-May-1968
Barnes, Birton C. 1927 JC ~ 01-Aug-1975
Barton, Clarence R. 1927 HS
Barton, William R., Jr. 1927 HS ~ 01-Jan-1978
Beckwith, Warren 1927 HS
Bell, John S. 1925 HS-1927 JC
Blair, William F. 1927 HS ~ 01-Feb-1981
Bledsoe, Joe F. 1927 HS
Blickensderfer, George L. 1927 HS
Bode, W. Nathaniel 1927 JC
Boles, Newman E. 1927 JC
Borschow, Nathan S. 1927 HS ~ 1971
Botterill, Thomas L. 1927 HS ~ 20-Feb-1967
Boyd, John G. 1927 JC
Breadner, William G. 1927 HS ~ 01-Aug-1971
Breath, Walter M. 1927 JC
Brooks, Edward B. 1925 HS-1927 JC
Brown, Herbert F. 1927 HS
Brown, Leslie J. 1927 HS
Browne, MAJ E. Wayles, Jr., USAR (Ret) 1927 JC
Cappleman, Edgar N. 1927 JC ~ 01-Aug-1969
Carlson, Andrew W. 1927 HS ~ 06-Nov-1975
Carpenter, Arthur H. 1925 HS-1927 JC
Carrier, Alan C. 1927 HS
Castendyk, Robert L. 1927 HS ~ 22-May-1981
Cecill, Howard D. 1927 JC ~ 28-May-1988
Chase, Claude S. 1927 HS ~ 01-Jul-1975
Cheatham, COL William Edward, (Ret) 1927 HS ~ 06-Apr-1990
Cherry, O’Dell J. 1926 HS-1927 JC
Choate, Glenn C. 1927 JC
Clark, Albert F. 1927 HS
Cleve, Oris F. 1927 HS ~ Jan-1971
Cleveland, Judson C. 1927 HS
Cline, Frederick A. 1927 HS
Coates, Charles P., Jr. 1927 HS ~ 01-Dec-1983
Cochran, Harry Foster 1927 HS ~ 18-Aug-1991
Conant, Fred O. 1927 HS
Conley, Jack E. 1927 HS
Cooper, Robert M. 1927 JC
Cormack, William James 1927 JC ~ 30-Apr-2000 age 90, WWII Coast Guard veteran, cherished his band of Lola, nee Sizemore; devoted father of Mary (Joseph) Brehm and David (Sylvia) Cormack; proud grandfather of David Cormack and Michael Brehm; fond great-grandpa of Sarah and Joshua Brehm; loving brother of Jeff (late Wanda), Damon (late Lois) and Claudene Cormack.
Corpening, Howard E. 1927 HS
Cottrell, David, Jr. 1927 JC
Couplin, James Ronald 1927 HS ~ 01-Nov-1984
Craig, Albert P. 1927 JC
Crenshaw, Vaden D. 1927 JC ~ 27-Oct-1950
Culver, Shepard L. 1927 HS ~ 14-Jun-1971
Daix, Charles L. 1927 HS
Danielson, Nelson E. 1927 JC
Daughtry, James B. 1927 JC
Davis, Buel L. 1927 JC ~ 15-Apr-1928
DeGoey, Robert G. 1927 JC
DeLaMotte, Joseph G. 1927 HS
Denton, James E. 1927 HS
Des Marais, Michael M. 1925 HS-1927 JC ~ 19-Sep-1991
Dickson, Murray M. 1927 JC ~ 01-Aug-1997
Disher, Kenneth B. 1927 JC
Dudley, Teddie P. 1927 HS ~ 12-Sep-1971
Dutcher, Lay T. 1927 HS
Eastridge, Charles E. 1927 HS ~ 25-Feb-1992
Edwards, Riley K. 1927 JC
Egnew, Semper F. 1927 JC ~ 19-Nov-1971
Eldridge, John Dupree, Jr. 1927 JC ~ 25-Sep-2002
Elivian, SSG Ernest E., USA 1927 HS ~ 19-Feb-1944 – WWII-Killed in service – killed in a plane crash near Andrews, SC, on 19 February 1944.
Elliott, COL Donald F., USA (Ret) 1927 JC
Elmer, Charles R. 1927 HS
Eshelman, C. Wright 1927 HS
Exum, Edgar E. 1927 HS ~ 01-Mar-1965
Fairbank, Lawrence E. 1927 JC
Ferguson, Hampton O. 1927 HS ~ 27-Feb-1971
Finley, Webster N. 1927 HS
Francke, Eugene A. 1927 HS ~ 27-Oct-1965
Frey, Richard C. 1927 HS
Friedman, Morris A. 1927 HS
Friend, Welsey E. 1927 HS
Gaddy, Weldon B. 1927 HS
Garoutte, John M. 1927 HS
Garretson, Ralph Bonner 1927 JC ~ 13-Jul-1973
Gholson, Dr. John Archie, Jr. 1927 HS
Gibson, Clark A. 1927 HS ~ 14-May-1978
Gibson, George O. 1927 HS
Glazbrook, Howard, Jr. 1927 HS ~ 01-Jan-1994
Graham, Sydney J. 1927 JC
Gray, Richard S. 1927 HS
Gray, Young C. 1927 HS
Griffith, William E. 1927 JC
Grigsby, Charles W. 1927 HS ~ 04-Nov-1993
Hainline, Harold J. 1927 HS ~ 01-Jun-1966
Hankins, Weldon F. 1927 HS
Hanny, Michael 1927 HS ~ 22-Mar-1994
Harper, William E. 1927 JC
Harris, Charles Gordon, Jr. 1927 HS
Harrison, Claude N. 1927 JC
Helvie, Earl M. 1927 HS
Hempel, Robert J. 1927 HS
Henderson, Charles A., Jr. 1927 JC
Henderson, James Edward, III, 1927 JC ~ 20-Dec-1991
Hildebrand, Willis V. 1927 HS
Hill, David B. 1927 HS
Hillis, Orville M. 1927 HS ~ 18-Jul-1996
Hitch, Harry H. 1927 JC
Hoag, Phil H. 1927 JC
Hoffman, Norman A., Jr. 1927 JC
Holland, Robert Perkins 1927 HS ~ 04-May-1986
Hoover, Jesse V. 1927 HS ~ 02-Apr-1973
Horal, H. Francis 1927 JC
Hughes, James Frank 1927 HS
Hughes, L. Allan, Jr. 1927 HS
Hughes, Thomas J., Jr. 1927 JC ~ 22-Dec-1993, 97, a long-time Cushing business and civic leader, died Monday, April 10, 2006, in Tulsa. A memorial service will be Thursday at 2 p.m. in the First Presbyterian Church in Cushing, with the Rev. Tom Stewart officiating. Services are under the direction of the Davis Funeral Home. He was born Oct. 22, 1908, and raised in Cushing. His parents were Thomas J. and Clara Hughes, an early pioneer Cushing family. He graduated from high school at New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, and attended college at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VS. A wrestler in high school and college, he competed for a spot on the U.S. Olympic wrestling team while at Washington and Lee. He managed the family building supply business until the mid 1960s, when he retired. He was active in industry affairs throughout his business career and served as president of the Oklahoma Lumbermen’s Association in 1956. He was a director of the Bank of Cushing for 45 years, retiring in 1989. A past president of the Cushing Chamber of Commerce who served on the board of directors for many years, he was presented with the Community Service Award in 1997. He was a long-time member of the Cushing Country Club and became an active golfer for several years following his retirement. His parents were among the founders of the First Presbyterian Church, where he was a life-long member. He was preceded in death by his wife, Elizabeth, who died in 1979 shortly before their 50th wedding anniversary. He later married Faye Crenshaw, who died in 2000. In addition to his parents and wives, he was preceded in death by one brother, Hugh R. Hughes. He is survived by two sons, Tom Hughes and his wife, Sally, of Tulsa and Jack Hughes and his wife, Michele, of Edmond; four grandchildren, Jeff Hughes and his wife, Ann, of Tulsa, Robert Hughes and his wife, Carolyn, of Tulsa, Holly Lehman and her husband, Scott, of Tulsa and Mark Hughes of Edmond and nine great-grandchildren. 
Hunter, Richard C. 1927 JC
Inge, Harry C. 1927 HS
Iverson, Sidney B. 1927 HS ~ 05-Aug-1950
Jacobson, Oscar C. 1927 HS
Jay, Irvin F. 1927 HS
Johnson, J. William A. 1927 HS
Johnson, Lewis H. 1927 JC
Johnson, Robert L. 1927 JC
Johnson, Ronald K. 1927 HS
Johnson, William Griffith 1927 JC
Jones, G. Wilbur 1927 JC
Jones, Gilbert Van Duyn 1927 JC
Keel, John S. 1927 JC ~ 19-Feb-1996
Keen, Charles F. 1927 HS
Kelley, Laurin Wesley 1927 HS ~ 01-Dec-1968
Kennedy, James G. 1927 HS
Kingsbury, Kenneth E. 1927 HS
Kirk, J. Dean 1927 HS ~ 28-Mar-1967
Laffler, Jack E. 1927 JC ~ 05-Aug-1974
Lane, Ben G. 1927 JC ~ 31-Mar-1997
Langham, Watson F. 1927 HS ~ 07-Apr-1980
Laselle, Beach A., Jr. 1927 HS
Law, Marion, Jr. 1927 JC
LeBarron, James Theodore 1927 JC ~ 01-Nov-1974
Lee, Don T. 1927 HS
Leopold, Henry W. 1927 HS
Lewis, J. Blair 1927 HS
Lightfoot, Andrew J., Jr. 1927 JC
Manning, Harmon B. 1927 JC ~ 01-Feb-1974
Marsh, John D. 1927 HS
Martinez, Palemon R. 1927 JC ~ 21-Dec-1992
Maxey, Radcliffe S. 1927 HS ~ 26-Jul-1968
McCormick, Walter M. 1927 JC
McDonald, Ralph A. 1927 HS
McDougall, John A. 1927 JC
McGregor, Donald T. 1927 HS ~ 01-Aug-1997
McKee, Robert N. 1927 JC
McLarry, Richard H. 1927 JC ~ 11-Apr-1954
McMurtry, William C. 1927 HS
McWilliams, Rhea Alexander 1927 HS ~ 12-Nov-1972
Miller, A. Dale 1927 JC
Miller, Arthur P. 1927 HS
Miller, Nathan B. 1927 JC
Milliken, George W., Jr. 1927 HS ~ 01-Jan-1979
Mills, Ernest H. 1927 JC
Monroe, Donald Franklin 1927 JC ~ 21-Apr-2000
Monroe, George F. 1927 JC
Moore, Gregory B. 1927 JC
Moore, Lon S. 1927 HS ~ 02-Aug-1957
Morgan, Meredith K. 1927 HS
Nichols, Harold J. 1927 HS
Norblad, A. Walter, Jr. 1927 HS
Noyes, Harry S. 1927 JC ~ 20-Feb-1996
O’Connor, L. Bernard 1927 JC
Oliver, Robert C. 1927 JC
Padgitt, Clinton P. 1927 HS ~ 13-Jan-1996
Paternel, Joseph L. 1927 HS
Patterson, Alfred S. 1927 HS
Paul, Alfred, Jr. 1927 HS
Peirce, Michael 1927 HS
Peternel, Joseph L. 1927 HS
Phinizy, John Allen 1927 HS ~ 02-May-1999
Plummer, Jack M. 1927 HS
Powell, William M. 1927 HS
Purinton, Richard S. 1927 HS
Rapp, Connie V. 1927 HS ~ 09-Mar-1990
Rickel, Wesley K. 1927 JC
Roberson, John E. 1927 JC
Rolland, John Charles 1927 JC ~ 14-Jan-1989
Rothrock, James Harvey, Jr. 1927 JC
Sargent, W. Hall 1927 HS
Saunders, Eugene C. 1927 JC
Schlichter, Irwin W. 1927 HS ~ 24-Oct-1992 
Seale, John C., Jr. 1927 HS
Shaw, William F. 1927 HS
Sherrill, Robert B., Jr. 1927 JC
Shore, COL Moyers Sidney, USA (Ret) 1927 JC ~ 05-Apr-2006
Shortley, Elton Brown 1927 JC
Staley, Donald K. 1927 JC
Stapp, James Berry 1927 JC
Steinhauer, Gurnett 1927 HS
Stockett, Wyman C. 1927 HS
Strachan, John H. 1927 HS
Stump, Horace A. 1927 HS
Taylor, Don H. 1927 HS
Templeton, Lloyd C. 1927 HS
Thompson, Robert T. 1927 HS
Thompson, Thomas Howard 1927 JC
Threadgill, Dr. Francis Dycus 1927 HS
Tom, Ronald C. 1927 JC
Townsend, Foster C. 1927 JC ~ 05-Nov-1965
VanBrunt, Richard H. 1927 HS
Vanselous, Okla 1927 HS
Verplank, Joseph R. 1927 HS
VonUnwerth, Frederick B. 1927 HS ~ Jan-1974
Waggoner, Guy L., Jr. 1927 HS
Walker, MG Edwin Anderson, USA (Ret) 1927 HS
Wayland, Richard K. 1927 HS
Weaver, Francis E. 1927 JC
Webb, Cyrus E., Jr. 1927 JC
Westerfield, John D. 1927 HS
Westlake, Oliver J. 1927 HS
Whiteley, Dr. Robert Kirkwood 1927 JC ~ 01-Sep-1986
Wiegel, Edgar 1927 HS ~ 01-Mar-1975
Williams, Herschel Goodnite, Jr. 1927 JC
Willis, George P., Jr. 1927 JC
Wise, J. Knight 1927 JC
Wolfe, John J. 1927 JC
Wood, Charles L., Jr. 1927 JC
Wood, Dean L. 1927 HS
Wood, Roy Wilmer 1927 JC
Wright, W. Gary 1927 HS
Yaryan, Edward B. 1927 HS
Yaryan, Homer T. 1927 HS


Adams, Hearne 1926 HS ~ 24-Nov-1933
Adams, John Haynes 1926 JC ~ 16-Feb-2001 75, a retired U.S. Postal Service employee, died Monday, Feb. 19, 2001, in Dallas. He served in the Army during World War II. He was a member of the Progressive Sunday School Class at First United Methodist Church in Bridgeport, Wise County Historical Society, DAV and Military Order of the Purple Heart. Survivors: Wife of 57 years, Nelda Adams; daughters, Karen Sharp and husband, Roger, Beverly Potts and her husband, Larry, and Nancy McCully and her husband, Gary; sisters, Laverne Brown and Martha Starnes; eight grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Adamson, James H. 1926 HS ~ 07-Nov-1972
Adamson, Lloyd C. 1926 HS ~ 24-Dec-1981
Ainsworth, Nat 1926 HS ~ 23-Apr-1947
Anderson, Grant S. 1924 HS-1926 JC
Atwood, John Wells, Jr. 1924 HS-1926 JC
Babcock, Robert Thornton 1926 HS ~ 24-Apr-1995
Baca, Eugene B. 1924 HS-1926 JC ~ 30-Nov-1963
Bain, G. Gordon 1925 HS-1926 JC ~ 09-Apr-1986
Baker, Curtis A. 1926 JC
Barnes, Willis U. 1923 HS-1926 JC ~ 19-Sep-1979
Bass, Dr. Hugh L. 1924 HS-1926 JC
Beauchamp, E. L. 1926 HS
Belile, Ted 1926 HS ~ Jul-1973
Bellingrath, Edward A. 1926 JC ~ 22-Sep-1949
Berkey, James H. 1926 HS
Blackshere, John R. 1926 HS ~ 30-May-1998
Bolton, Paul A. 1926 HS ~ 01-Nov-1984
Brookshier, Boucher W. 1926 HS ~ 26-Nov-1976
Brown, Ernest L., Jr. 1926 HS ~ 01-May-1978
Broyles, Ben F. 1926 HS
Buckner, Joe D., Jr. 1926 HS
Bursum, Holm Otto, Jr. 1926 JC ~ 23-May-1989
Cahn, Karl 1926 HS ~ 01-Sep-1978
Cain, James W. 1926 HS
Calhoun, David A. 1926 JC
Calhoun, PVT James F., USA 1926 HS ~ 29-Jun-1942 – WWII-Killed in service – at Boston, MA, on 29 June 1942.
Callicutt, John S., Jr. 1926 JC
Carpenter, Donald A. 1926 HS
Carr, Clark M., Jr. 1924 HS-1926 JC ~ 01-Jun-1986
Carroll, Thomas W. 1926 HS
Carter, Ben 1926 HS ~ 01-Feb-1973
Carvell, William F., Jr. 1925 HS-1926 JC
Christian, B. Walton 1926 JC ~ 04-May-1972
Christman, Roy E. 1926 HS ~ 01-Feb-1978
Christopher, David L. 1926 JC ~ 01-May-1965
Clark, Charles N. 1926 JC ~ 01-Aug-1968
Clark, George R., Jr. 1924 HS-1926 JC
Clary, Hugh W. 1926 JC ~ 18-Feb-1973
Clay, John A., Jr. 1926 JC ~ 01-Feb-1982
Cloud, Frederick D., Jr. 1926 HS
Coffin, Thomas V., Jr. 1926 JC ~ 19-Jan-1993
Coleman, Eugene W. 1926 HS 
Colvin, James B. 1926 HS
Connor, Don S. 1926 HS
Conwell, George A. 1926 HS ~ 12-Sep-1981
Cook, Harry M., Jr. 1926 HS
Cordrey, George E. 1926 HS
Corn, Clarence R. 1926 HS
Crawford, Homer B. 1926 HS
Croom, Hardy C. 1926 JC ~ 11-Aug-1999
Cunningham, Sothron C. 1926 HS
Daly, Thomas R., Jr. 1926 JC
Daughtry, Robert E. 1926 JC
Davenport, Herbert 1926 HS
Davidson, Paul C. 1926 HS
DeYoe, E. Garland 1924 HS-1926 JC
Dooley, William J. 1926 JC
Downing, William Early 1925 HS-1926 JC ~ 01-Dec-1972
Edwards, T. Daniel, Jr. 1926 JC
Egleston, Dr. Elmer F. 1926 JC ~ 25-Jul-1999
Engels, John L. 1926 HS ~ 20-Nov-1995
English, John Aylmer 1926 HS
Evans, Tindall, Jr. 1926 HS
Fleming, Sam P., Jr. 1926 HS
Forry, Willis W. 1926 JC
Forsman, John M. 1926 HS
Foxhall, Frank W. 1926 HS
Franklin, Paul R. 1926 HS
Frazer, Thomas H., Jr. 1926 HS
Friedenthal, Joseph H. 1926 HS ~ 01-Aug-1983
Garner, Joseph Allen 1926 HS
Gibson, James R. 1926 HS
Gidley, William S. 1926 HS
Gillespie, Allen M., Jr. 1926 JC
Golden, George F. 1926 HS
Hammond, Robert S. 1926 HS ~ 01-Jul-1982
Hanny, Jack 1926 HS
Harris, Amos E. 1926 HS
Harris, Robert A. 1926 JC
Hawes, David B. 1926 HS ~ Mar-1990
Heaney, Dr. Harry G. 1924 HS-1926 JC
Hickman, Cecil Edward 1926 JC
High, Lawrence N. 1926 HS ~ 21-Oct-2002
Hill, Daniel A., Jr. 1926 HS ~ 01-Dec-1969
Hobbs, George M. 1926 HS
Hollingsworth, Raymond H. 1926 HS
Holmes, Dr. Raynor Elmore, Jr. 1926 HS ~ 16-Jul-1942
Hunt, Robert N. 1926 HS
Jacobs, Charles E. 1926 JC
Kelly, Cecil Raleigh 1926 HS ~ 01-Oct-1986
King, Richard L., Jr. 1926 HS
Kirven, George B. 1926 HS
Knapp, William E. 1926 JC
Knight, Robert L., Jr. 1925 HS-1926 JC
Kress, Raymond Morris 1926 HS
Lawrence, Percy L., Jr. 1926 JC ~ 26-May-1999
Leary, BG John Edward, USA (Ret) 1926 HS
Leicht, Willard H. 1926 HS
Lemons, Ervin A. 1926 JC ~ 08-Sep-1998
Lemons, George W., Jr. 1926 JC ~ 30-Nov-1989
Leonard, Lewis E. 1925 HS-1926 JC
Lewis, Jack E., Jr. 1926 HS
Littlefield, George W. 1926 HS ~ 01-Mar-1991
Lockhart, R. Jubal 1926 JC ~ 29-Feb-1988
Logan, Jack P. 1926 HS
Lovelady, James W. 1926 HS
Lukens, John A. 1926 HS
Lumpkin, James Gunn 1926 JC
MacArthur, Earle T., Jr. 1926 JC
Macatee, Francis B. 1926 HS
MacLean, Hector H. 1926 HS
Mallory, Newton K. 1926 HS
Martin, Dr. James R. 1926 HS
McBride, Paul C. 1926 HS
McCalla, Donald J. 1926 HS
McDonald, Lee 1926 HS ~ 19-Jan-1996
McGrath, Patrick F. 1926 HS
McGuire, Emerson F. 1926 HS ~ 02-Jul-1929
McKee, Joe C. 1926 HS
McQuilling, Robert Edgar 1926 HS ~ 15-Jul-1967
McRoberts, Ellsworth W. 1926 JC
Megica, George M. J. 1926 JC ~ 15-Dec-1958
Mellor, Abraham B., Jr. 1926 HS
Miller, MAJ Henry M., USA 1924 HS-1926 JC ~ 07-Sep-1944 – WWII-Killed in action – died while a prisoner of war aboard a Japanese freighter which was sunk near Mindanao on 7 September 1944.
Mills, Herbert Charles 1926 JC ~ 08-Jan-1989
Mills, Joseph E. 1926 HS
Minshall, Paul L. 1926 JC
Montgomery, Charles M. 1926 HS
Moore, Aubry I. 1926 HS
Moore, Robert L. 1926 HS
Moorhead, Morris Mendelssohn 1926 HS ~ 22-Jan-2004
Morgan, Jack C. 1926 HS
Mullican, Thomas L. 1926 JC
Nackard, Fred 1926 HS ~ 01-Dec-1984
Neal, Clifford R. 1926 HS ~ 29-Jun-1990
Nicholas, Walter A., Jr. 1926 JC ~ 02-Aug-1996
Nussbaum, Joe 1926 HS
Palmberg, William C. 1926 HS ~ 16-Nov-1993
Parker, George W. 1926 HS
Penney, Austin B. 1926 HS
Peyton, James W., Jr. 1926 HS
Phillips, Leroy 1926 HS
Pierce, Martin L., Jr. 1926 JC
Poindexter, Curtis 1926 HS
Post, Edward H., Jr. 1924 HS-1926 JC
Prager, Henry J. 1926 HS ~ 26-Sep-1990
Ragan, J. Henry 1926 JC
Reed, George W. 1926 HS ~ 18-Mar-1953
Rhodes, Robert J. 1926 HS
Riggle, Eddy P. 1926 JC
Ritch, Watson L., Jr. 1926 HS
Rose, Donald W. 1926 JC
Rothrock, Robert B. 1926 HS
Rowell, SSG William Franklin, USA 1926 HS ~ 07-Oct-1942 – WWII-Killed in service – died by accident on the Island of Kaui, HI, on 7 October 1942.
Runyan, William F. 1926 HS ~ 13-Feb-1986
Russell, Fred A. 1926 HS
Ryan, Robert W. 1926 HS
Scott, Ethan A. 1926 HS ~ 14-Jul-1972
Seligman, Thornton B. 1926 HS
Sloan, Joseph Theodore 1926 HS ~ 28-Sep-1993
Smith, Paul W. 1926 HS ~ 01-Jul-1967
Smith, Thomas J. 1926 HS
Snell, Harold 1926 JC ~ 05-Feb-1955
Soest, Walter E., Jr. 1926 HS ~ 26-Apr-1992
Stanley, Homer Lester, Jr. 1926 JC ~ 19-Dec-1989
Stiehl, Leroy F. 1926 HS
Stokes, Vene P. 1926 HS ~ 03-Oct-1995
Stone, Frank H. 1926 JC ~ 25-Mar-1986
Stonerook, William H. 1926 JC
Stowell, Richard P. 1924 HS-1926 JC ~ 21-Jul-1986
Stryker, Charles H. 1926 HS
Sutton, Charles D. 1926 HS
Sweatt, Claud V. 1926 JC
Taylor, James A. 1926 HS
Thompson, George M., Jr. 1926 HS
Thompson, Nat P. 1926 HS
VonNyvenheim, Albert 1926 JC
Wager, Gordon G. 1926 HS
Walker, W. Lane 1926 HS
Wallace, Ralph L. 1926 HS
Walls, John L., Jr. 1926 JC
Walsh, Edward D., Jr. 1925 HS-1926 JC
Walters, Edward A., Jr. 1926 JC
Warren, George E., Jr. 1926 HS
Warren, William H., Jr. 1926 JC
Watkins, Raymond H. 1926 HS
Watson, Charles C., Jr. 1926 JC
Watts, BG Clyde Jefferson, AUS 1926 JC
Weaver, A. V., Jr. 1926 HS
Williams, Harold E. 1926 HS
Williams, Miles H., Jr. 1926 JC
Williams, William B. 1926 JC
Wills, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 1926 JC ~ 01-Jul-1971
Wilson, Joseph A. 1926 JC
Wilson, Thomas H. 1925 HS-1926 JC
Young, Elmore C. 1926 HS
Young, Ralph J. 1926 JC


Agee, Maj Gen Walter R., USAF (Ret) 1925 JC
Anderson, Leonard A. 1924 HS-1925 JC ~ 09-Nov-1976
Armstrong, COL Devere P., (Ret) 1925 JC ~ Apr-1980
Baldwin, Douglas A. 1925 HS ~ 01-Oct-1981
Barada, Franc A. 1925 HS ~ 13-Mar-1982
Baumgarten, John H. 1925 JC
Beach, William A. 1925 HS
Bicknell, Frank M. 1925 HS
Biesel, Charles, Jr. 1925 HS
Blair, Richard W., Jr. 1925 HS ~ 07-Feb-2008 Born December 1, 1908 in Roanoke, VA, to Maggie Penn Blair and Richard White Blair, passed away on January 31, 2008. He attended school at New Mexico Military Institute and afterwards Oklahoma University, as a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, graduating in 1930 with a B.S. in Geology. He married Helen Willerson of Lampasas, TX, December 22, 1934. He served as President, and later Chairman of the Board of Jones Blair Paint Company from 1939 to 2000, during which time he was active in civic, industry, and manufacturing associations, serving on various community planning groups, business boards, and charitable organizations, including The Salesmanship Club, Callier, The American Red Cross, The Texas Manufacturer’s Association, and the National Paint Association. He was a long-time member and past-president of The Dallas Country Club. His life was one of contribution and his character, dignity, and graciousness will be remembered with admiration. He was preceded in death by his wife Helen W. Blair, and his brother Joe Dillard. He is survived by his daughter Anne B. Collier, sons Dr. William Shelton Blair, Rick Blair and his wife Elizabet, brother Dr. Shelton Blair and his wife Janet, grandson Forrest Collier and his wife Kim, granddaughter Blair Lechtenberger and her husband Kirk, grandsons Jeffrey and Alex Tower, Alexander Penn Blair, great-grandchildren Ashley and Kirby Collier, Wes and Olivia Lechtenberger.
Blair, Thomas R. 1925 HS ~ 01-May-1980
Blair, Truman F. 1925 HS
Blessum, Ray B. 1923 HS-1925 JC ~ Feb-1988
Bolton, Cecil F. 1925 HS
Borenstein, Alan E. 1925 HS ~ 15-Jul-1989
Brooks, Benton S., Jr. 1925 JC
Brown, Alfred E. 1925 HS
Brown, Jack H. 1925 HS
Browne, John B., Jr. 1925 HS
Bruce, Willis W., Jr. 1925 HS
Burks, Eugene G., Jr. 1925 JC ~ 20-Sep-1988
Burnette, Lawrence E., Jr. 1925 HS ~ 26-Aug-2005
Buttermore, COL Charles W., (Ret) 1925 JC ~ 03-Oct-1989
Byrne, Dr. William H. 1925 HS ~ 29-Jan-1966
Cameron, Donald D. 1925 HS
Carroll, George B. 1925 HS
Cartwright, Matthew, Jr. 1925 JC
Chapman, Dr. Thomas S., Jr. 1925 JC ~ 07-Mar-1994
Chappell, Kenneth R. 1925 JC ~ 01-Oct-1978
Clark, John S. 1925 JC ~ 02-Apr-1990
Cooke, Homer L. 1925 HS
Cottle, Harry B. 1925 HS
Cox, John J. 1925 HS
Cozatt, Joseph R. 1925 HS
Craver, Joseph W. 1925 HS
Cunningham, Clay C. 1925 HS
Curtis, William K. 1925 HS
Damrow, Arthur E. 1925 JC ~ 27-Jul-1977
DeWitt, Harold F. 1925 HS ~ 01-Jan-1988
Donovan, John C., Jr. 1925 JC
Dritt, John R. 1925 HS
Dudley, Paul 1925 HS
Duncan, REV Calvin A., Jr. 1923 HS-1925 JC
Eastin, George H. 1925 JC ~ 08-Mar-1993
Elliff, Justin B. 1925 JC
Elliott, George A. 1925 HS
Embry, Edmond M. 1925 HS
Evans, William A. 1923 HS-1925 JC
Exline, Marcus P., Jr. 1923 HS-1925 JC
Fain, Sam N. 1925 HS
Flagg, Harry L., Jr. 1925 HS
Gale, Stewart M. 1925 HS
Gardenhire, LTC James F. 1924 HS-1925 JC ~ 20-Jun-1969
Goodrich, Charles C. 1925 HS
Graham, Fay A. 1925 HS
Griffin, Dustin H. 1925 JC ~ 18-Jan-2009 a retired business executive and community volunteer died of natural causes on Sunday, January 18, 2009, at Mari de Villa Retirement Center in Town and Country. He was 102 and a resident of the St. Louis metropolitan area for most of his life. His wife Natalie Moffitt Griffin preceded him in death in 1993. Survivors include two sons, Nathaniel Griffin (Jane) and Ralph Griffin (Sue); five grandchildren, Andrew, Natalie, James, Edmund and William; brother of the late Hadley Griffin, Flavia Halloran and Judith Cale.
Gulley, Joe B. 1925 JC
Hamburger, Arthur M. 1925 HS
Hamilton, James G., Jr. 1925 HS ~ 01-Dec-1978
Hannon, Thomas M. 1925 HS ~ 16-Jan-1970
Herrington, Jack W. 1925 JC ~ 01-Dec-1973
Higgins, Dr. Lester P. 1925 HS
Hove, William Hayne P. 1925 HS ~ 01-Apr-1966
Hughes, Clarence Gilbert 1925 HS ~ 01-Apr-1965
Hughes, Tom P. 1925 HS ~ 06-Jun-1997
Hunton, Harry 1925 HS
Jacobs, Matthew Muller 1925 JC ~ 03-Aug-1989
Johnson, Clarence F. 1925 HS
Johnson, Keith P. 1925 HS
Jones, Virgil R. 1925 HS
Kennedy, William H. 1925 HS ~ 19-Jun-2007 102, a former resident of Tullahoma, peacefully returned to God, Tuesday, June 19, 2007, at his home in Tulsa, Okla. He was born May 11, 1905, to Sarah (Dempsey) and William H. Kennedy. He was the owner of Southern Rendering Company in Tennessee and Kentucky Animal By-Products before retiring to Tulsa. When the family lived in Tullahoma, he was a member of the Tullahoma Golf & Country Club. On June 3, 1931, he married the former Hazel Banfield in Enid, OK, who preceded him in death on March 28, 2006. Survivors include David, Sam and Christie Kennedy; three daughters-in-law, Mimi Richison, Kay Kennedy and Joe Ann Kennedy; six grandchildren and spouses and nine great-grandchildren.
Kettenbach, Robert E. 1925 HS ~ 13-Nov-1992
Kramer, Carl, Jr. 1925 HS ~ 01-Jun-1982
Landes, Robert J. 1925 JC
Langford, Charles J. 1925 HS
Lee, Richard M. 1925 HS
Lehmann, Henry D. 1925 HS
Lewis, Maurice Ellis 1924 HS-1925 JC ~ 01-May-1985
Lewis, Tom 1925 HS
Link, Frank B. 1925 HS
Little, Franklin E., Jr. 1925 JC
Little, Paul 1925 JC
Love, Wert E. 1925 HS
Lowell, Sebre M. 1925 JC
Lysaght, Edward H., Jr. 1925 HS
MacKie, Carrington B. 1924 HS-1925 JC ~ 01-Aug-1982
MacKie, Frederick James, Jr. 1923 HS-1925 JC
Maddox, Joseph B. 1925 HS
Maxwell, LCDR Perry C., Sr., USN (Ret) 1925 JC ~ 24-Mar-1995
McDonald, Paul M. 1923 HS-1925 JC
McDonnell, John E., Jr. 1925 HS
McLean, William B. 1925 HS
McQuaid, Walter B. 1925 JC
Merritt, Glenn H. 1925 HS
Messelheiser, George J., Jr. 1925 HS
Meyer, Theodore B. 1925 JC
Miller, Judd 1923 HS-1925 JC
Mills, William O. 1925 HS ~ 01-Nov-1984
Minton, John W. 1925 JC ~ 15-Jul-1994
Moore, George D. 1925 HS ~ 01-Mar-1978
Moore, William E. 1925 HS
Morgan, Charles W. 1925 HS
Morgan, REV John T. 1924 HS-1925 JC ~ 21-Apr-1999
Morrison, Park H. 1925 HS
Mossman, Burton C., Jr. 1925 HS
Munhall, Albert C., Jr. 1925 JC
Murray, Allan J. 1925 HS
Myers, George E. 1925 HS
Neal, W. Frank 1924 HS-1925 JC
Newlee, Bailey H., Jr. 1924 HS-1925 JC
Nunnelee, William R. 1925 JC
O’Brien, Thomas 1925 HS
Olson, Donald A. 1925 JC ~ 01-Dec-1974
Orme, Ted 1925 JC
Palmer, John P. 1925 HS
Parks, Walton G. 1925 HS ~ 04-Apr-1969
Paul, Lee G. 1925 HS ~ 23-Mar-2002
Payne, Roy A. 1925 JC
Payne, William G. 1925 HS ~ 01-Mar-1979
Peters, Ralph A. 1925 HS
Petschnikoff, Sergei A. 1925 HS ~ 01-Mar-1970
Pettit, Joseph N. 1925 HS
Powers, Fletcher W. 1925 HS ~ 01-Dec-1978
Radcliffe, Dr. William Drummond, Jr. 1925 JC
Rankin, Victor William Harrower 1925 HS ~ 01-Jul-1986
Reinberger, Irving B. 1925 HS
Robertson, J. Tazewell 1925 HS
Robertson, Samuel R., Jr. 1925 HS
Robinson, Arthur P. 1925 HS ~ 01-May-1963
Roseberry, Benjamin R. 1925 HS ~ 04-May-1974
Rowdybush, Frank M. 1925 HS
Russ, Stirling Everett 1925 HS
Sapper, Herbert George 1925 HS ~ 01-May-1987
Schildman, James A. 1925 JC ~ 01-Jul-2005
Scott, Thomas W., Jr. 1925 HS ~ 01-Mar-1987
Searls, Dr. John P. 1925 JC
Shaw, Felix M. 1925 HS ~ 01-Jun-1957
Shaw, Floyd Putnam, III, 1923 HS-1925 JC ~ 26-Jun-1988
Shaw, Mose 1925 HS
Simpson, Robert E. 1925 HS
Simpson, Virgil L. 1925 HS
Smith, Blasdel G. 1925 HS ~ 01-May-1972
Smith, Frederick C., Jr. 1923 HS-1925 JC
Somerville, Francis T. 1923 HS-1925 JC ~ 01-Jun-1973
Stedman, Jerry C., Jr. 1925 HS
Stewart, Angus J. 1925 HS
Strachan, Willis L., Jr. 1925 HS ~ 01-Dec-1970
Stricklin, Travis W., Jr. 1925 JC
Tate, Frederick W. 1925 HS
Taylor, Richard L. 1925 HS
Taylor, Robert A. 1925 HS
Thornton, Thomas A. 1925 HS
Tinkle, Elton W. 1924 HS-1925 JC
Torbert, Alfred C. 1924 HS-1925 JC ~ 29-Jun-1947
Treadway, Ben R. 1925 JC
Trumbly, Levi O. 1925 HS ~ 01-Nov-1978
Tunnell, Clyde A. 1925 JC
Vaeth, Herbert A. 1925 JC ~ 26-Aug-2005
VanDegrift, Dr. Paul Dismukes 1925 JC ~ 16-Mar-2008
Vernon, James C. 1922 HS-1925 JC
Waggoner, Dr. Rex Robert 1925 HS
Waterman, James H. 1925 HS
Way, Hal P., Jr. 1925 HS
Weimer, Frank G. 1925 HS ~ 25-Nov-1997
White, Eugene H. 1925 JC
White, Noble E. 1923 HS-1925 JC
White, Sherman A. 1925 HS ~ 01-Feb-1984
Wilcox, LTC Clarence Seth, USA (Ret) 1925 HS ~ 16-Mar-2002
Wilder, Gaston H., Jr. 1925 HS
Wilder, Ross G., Jr. 1923 HS-1925 JC ~ 05-Sep-1964
Wilkinson, James R. 1925 HS
Williamson, Thomas F., Jr. 1925 JC
Wingfield, PVT Charles Paul, USA 1925 HS ~ 22-Nov-1944 – WWII-Killed in service – died in William Beaumont Hospital on 22 November 1944.
Young, John P. 1925 JC


Abrahams, Kenneth A. 1924 HS ~ 09-Dec-1991
Allen, LTC Frank C., Jr., AUS (Ret) 1924 JC
Ames, Henry A. 1924 HS
Andie, John R. 1924 HS ~ 01-May-1978
Appel, Ronald W. 1924 HS
Armold, Paul J. 1924 HS
Arnote, Walter J. 1924 JC ~ 27-Aug-1965
Austin, Glenn L. 1924 JC
Austin, Harry B. 1924 HS
Bachechi, Lawrence O. 1924 HS
Bailey, Chester A. 1924 HS ~ 01-Apr-1975
Baker, Ernest, Jr. 1924 HS ~ 01-Jun-1976
Ballard, John Goodrich 1924 HS ~ 08-Mar-1986
Bancroft, George W., Jr. 1924 HS
Bancroft, Griffing, Jr. 1924 HS ~ 05-Feb-1999 Griffing Bancroft, former newspaper man, radio journalist, naturalist and author who spent much of his later life on Captiva Island and in Naples, died at his home in Bentley Village, Naples, Friday, February 5, 1999, at the age of 91. Mr. Bancroft and his wife, Jane Eads Bancroft who was also a retired news-person, built two homes on Captiva, the first one having been destroyed by flood waters. The couple had moved to Captiva originally in the early sixties. Prior to World War II, Mr. Bancroft covered the nation’s capital for several news outlets, then left the business temporarily to join the U.S. Government’s Office of War Information. He served abroad in North Africa, Italy and Austria, and for his work as chief of News operations for psychological welfare, he received the U.S. Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award. After the war, Mr. Bancroft returned to Washington to become a CBS Radio correspondent and eventually to host two programs: “Face the Nation” and “Capitol Cloakroom”. Mr. Bancroft was the author of four “naturalist” books, one of which, Vanishing Wings, was a Junior Literary Guild selection which received the Christopher Award.
Banta, William H. 1924 HS ~ 02-Feb-1975
Bell, William L. 1923 HS-1924 JC
Bent, John William, Jr. 1924 HS
Berger, COL Roger, USA (Ret) 1924 HS ~ 27-Dec-1998
Bienfang, John V. 1924 HS
Boller, Kenneth L. 1923 HS-1924 JC ~ 15-apr-1925
Bordages, Joseph A. 1924 HS ~ 01-Sep-1970
Bradbury, Robert T. 1923 HS-1924 JC
Bradford, Hal C. 1924 HS
Braman, William J. 1924 HS
Brough, Theodore M. 1924 HS ~ 11-Jul-1975
Carter, LTC Alfred N., NMMI (Ret) 1923 HS-1924 JC
Collins, Ralph W. 1924 HS
Cory, Mitchell L. 1924 HS
Cosgrove, Col Cornelius B., Jr., USAF (Ret) 1924 HS
Davis, James A., Jr. 1924 HS
Davis, Telford L. 1924 HS
DeLancey, Homer J. 1922 HS-1924 JC
Eastham, Carmel J., Sr. 1924 HS
Edwards, Matthew R. 1924 JC
Ellis, Craige E. 1924 HS ~ 31-Jul-1932
Esquibel, Gilberto 1924 HS
Faris, Dr. Ralph G. 1924 HS
Fife, Dawes M. 1924 HS
Fitch, William J. 1924 HS
Follmer, Claud A. 1924 HS
Ford, Edward V. 1924 HS
Frost, Robert R. 1924 HS
Garvin, Samuel S. 1924 HS
Gertig, Edward K. 1924 JC
Gillespie, William F. 1924 JC ~ 25-May-1998
Gilmore, Derwood S., Jr. 1924 JC ~ 01-Mar-1970
Godfrey, BG L. T., NMMI (Ret) 1923 HS-1924 JC
Goebel, Percy W. 1924 HS ~ 01-Dec-1977
Gordon, A. James 1924 JC ~ 06-Dec-1985
Griffin, Robert B. 1924 JC ~ 01-Jan-1978
Hamm, Tom C. 1924 HS ~ 15-May-1973
Hardison, George P. 1924 JC
Harrington, George F. 1924 HS
Harrison, James W. 1924 HS
Hart, Charles Spencer, Jr. 1924 HS ~ 01-Dec-1969
Hart, Theodore J. 1924 HS
Hatcher, Lewis D. 1924 HS ~ 02-Jun-1999
Haynes, John D. 1924 JC
Heidel, Harry P. 1924 HS
Heylin, Roger H. 1922 HS-1924 JC
Hill, Dr. Malone Vincent 1924 JC ~ 17-Feb-1997
Hines, John Leonard, Jr. 1924 JC ~ 01-Nov-1986
Holladay, Paul R. 1924 HS
Howard, Roy C. 1924 HS
Hunsaker, John 1924 HS ~ 01-Jun-1981
Hurff, Robert Pierce 1924 HS ~ 01-May-1967
Ingalls, Henry A., Jr. 1924 JC
Jackson, Howard H. 1924 HS
Jamison, Edgar W. 1924 HS
Jeremy, Alfred W. 1924 HS
Johnson, Gilbert S., Jr. 1924 HS
Johnson, William P. 1924 HS
Jowers, Vivian G. 1924 HS
Keegan, Tom E. 1924 HS ~ 08-Apr-2000
Kennedy, Gilbert R. 1924 JC ~ 01-Sep-1970
Kitchen, Lewis E. 1924 HS
Lackey, Glenn Vent 1924 HS
Langford, Richard P. 1924 HS ~ 02-Feb-1974
Laski, Edwin J. 1924 HS
Lathrop, Rene H. 1924 HS ~ 03-Apr-1992
Lawhon, Thomas J., Jr. 1924 JC
Leonard, Volney A. 1924 HS ~ 01-Jun-1978
Love, George W. 1924 HS
Love, Robert W. 1924 HS
Martin, Jack H. 1924 HS
Masterson, T. Bennett 1924 JC
Maxfield, R. Alfred, Jr. 1924 JC
May, Silas, Jr. 1924 HS ~ 23-Oct-1998
McCollum, LTC Virgil O., Jr., USA (Ret) 1924 JC ~ 15-May-1992
McElrath, Samuel A. 1924 HS
McGrew, David D. 1924 HS
McIntosh, Angus J. 1924 HS
McKeeby, Griffith Bartlett, Jr. 1922 HS-1924 JC ~ 17-Mar-1971
Miles, Perdue 1924 HS ~ 01-Aug-1969
Miller, Chester 1924 HS
Miller, D. A. 1924 HS
Miller, Frank W. 1924 HS
Minetree, James M. 1924 HS ~ 01-Aug-1985
Mitchell, LT Charles B., USMC 1922 HS-1924 JC ~ 26-Oct-1942 – WWII-Killed in service – died following an operation in Boston on 26 October 1942.
Moore, John W. 1924 HS
Moore, Lester L. 1924 HS
Morgan, Emerson O. 1924 HS ~ 28-Jun-1992
Morgan, James P. 1924 JC ~ 28-May-1993
Nations, Robert L. 1924 JC
Noon, Dr. Zenas B. 1924 HS
O’Gorman, John S., Jr. 1924 JC
Orr, James A., Jr. 1924 HS
Overfelt, Ferol D. 1924 JC ~ Mar-1970
Parker, Maxie Joel 1924 HS ~ 12-Mar-1933
Pittman, Edward P. D. 1922 HS-1924 JC ~ 01-Oct-1982
Pool, Roland R. 1924 HS
Popham, Frederick 1924 HS
Porter, Francis J. 1924 HS
Prager, Myron Sidney 1923 HS-1924 JC ~ 26-Aug-1954
Price, Charles D. 1924 HS ~ 01-May-1981
Rapp, Mason G. 1924 HS ~ 1978
Reynolds, Leslie H. 1924 HS ~ 01-Mar-1982
Rhodes, Lewis K. 1924 JC
Riggs, Henry W. 1923 HS-1924 JC
Ryan, Edwin J. 1924 HS
Safford, Alfred H. 1924 HS
Saylor, John L. 1922 HS-1924 JC ~ 01-Jan-1988
Schoppaul, Wallace H. 1924 HS
Scott, Preston R. 1924 HS ~ 01-Mar-1957
Sears, Robert B. 1924 HS
Shipley, Thomas G. 1924 HS
Simpson, COL Daniel Critenton, (Ret) 1922 HS-1924 JC
Smith, D. Bruce, Jr. 1924 HS
Smith, Frederick Emmet 1922 HS-1924 JC ~ 18-Jan-1991
Smith, James L., Jr. 1922 HS-1924 JC ~ 01-Apr-1987
Smith, Philip C. 1924 HS
Sperry, Sam H. 1924 HS
Stancato, Albert 1924 HS
Stevens, George R. M. 1924 HS
Stevenson, Dr. Walter Herbert 1924 HS ~ 01-May-1973
Stover, Henry E. 1924 HS
Strack, Carl J., Jr. 1924 HS ~ 01-Sep-1991 ~ 12-Mar-1986
Strong, Oren W. 1924 HS
Stuppi, Floyd James 1924 HS
Sturgis, John R. 1924 HS
Symcovitz, Frank L. 1924 JC
Tafoya, Nick, Jr. 1924 HS ~ 01-Jan-1977
Tankersley, Babe R. 1924 HS
Tate, Edgar Edward 1924 HS ~ Apr-1961
Tate, Robert G. 1924 HS ~ 01-Jan-1980
Tramel, William Z. 1924 JC ~ 06-Nov-1963
Vincent, Roy Anderson 1924 HS
Wafer, John J., Jr. 1924 HS
Wagar, Wayne B. 1924 JC ~ 21-Jan-1987
Walker, William R. 1924 HS ~ 04-Jan-1992
Welch, Wendell Newton 1924 HS ~ 16-Jan-1939
Williams, Alton M. 1924 HS
Williams, John M. 1924 HS ~ 01-Feb-1982
Wilsford, Ray S. 1924 HS
Woods, William B., Jr. 1924 JC
Woodworth, Dr. Robert E. 1924 HS
Wyatt, Paul R. 1924 HS
Yates, Louis A. 1924 HS
Young, Harry E. 1924 HS
Younger, Edgar B. 1924 HS
Zimmerman, Lynn M. 1924 HS


Abell, William Henry 1923 HS
Abraham, Sterling Goode 1923 HS
Andress, Samuel Coe 1923 JC ~ 07-Nov-1993
Armstrong, Geard B., Jr. 1923 HS ~ 26-Jun-1966
Axline, Dave G. 1923 HS
Axline, George B. 1923 HS ~ 27-Oct-1982
Ball, Benjamin Bryan 1923 HS ~ 01-Dec-1986
Barnett, George H. 1923 HS
Bell, Ernest A. 1923 HS
Bell, J. R. 1923 HS
Benham, Rex E. 1923 HS ~ 01-Aug-1966
Bergere, Joseph C. 1923 HS
Bishop, Hubert 1923 HS ~ 01-Jul-1996
Blake, MAJ Harry D., NMMI (Ret) 1918 HS-1923 JC
Boney, R. Elmore 1923 HS
Brewer, Thomas A., Jr. 1923 HS ~ 01-Feb-1980
Brooks, Martin V. 1923 HS ~ 01-Oct-1971
Brubaker, Clyde W. 1923 HS ~ 01-May-1978
Bruce, Henry F. 1923 HS
Bullock, Earl S., Jr. 1921 HS-1923 JC ~ 24-May-1966
Bullock, Theodore R. 1922 HS-1923 JC ~ 01-Aug-1982
Burford, Earl E. 1923 HS ~ 12-Feb-1968
Campbell, Robert C. 1923 HS
Carrier, Frank N., Jr. 1923 HS ~ 01-Mar-1970
Clark, Franklin S., Jr. 1923 HS
Clarke, Durward B. 1922 HS-1923 JC
Clayton, James R. 1923 HS
Davis, Guy B. 1923 JC
Davis, Henry Benham 1923 HS
Davis, Perry 1921 HS-1923 JC
Dick, Wade W. 1923 JC ~ 01-Oct-1972
Dixon, Henry G. 1923 HS
Eager, Henry L. 1923 HS ~ 1978
Eggleston, George E. 1923 HS ~ 01-Mar-1967
Ehler, Ted 1923 HS
Elliston, Joe B. 1923 HS
Entrekin, Leland B. 1923 HS
Erskine, Robert H. 1923 JC ~ 01-Feb-1978
Estes, Royal B. 1923 HS ~ 23-Dec-1988
Fields, Joseph W. 1923 HS
Fletcher, Andrew R. 1923 HS ~ 03-Nov-1994
Florence, Dr. Don C. 1923 HS
Franklin, William L. 1923 HS
Friedman, Bert L. 1923 HS ~ 27-Jan-1932
Gann, Charles 1923 HS
Gerardy, Loren H. 1923 HS ~ 01-Jan-1977
Glover, Maurice H. 1923 HS ~ 08-Aug-1977
Goldsmith, Abe 1921 HS-1923 JC
Green, W. K. 1923 HS
Gustetter, Robert E. 1923 HS
Hall, James C. 1923 HS
Hanny, John H. 1923 HS ~ 01-Apr-1974
Hardison, Fred L. 1923 JC ~ 01-Jun-1966
Harrison, Thomas P. 1923 HS
Hart, Jere D. 1923 HS ~ 01-Jul-1982
Haydon, Osborne 1923 JC ~ 30-Nov-1972
Hellman, David G. 1923 JC ~ 13-Jan-1992
Hellman, Victor D. 1923 JC
Henderson, BG John M., USA (Ret) 1923 HS
Henry, Tom W. 1923 HS
Heyler, David B. 1923 JC
Hibberd, Isaac L. 1921 HS-1923 JC ~ 14-Jul-1965
Hoagland, Max G. 1923 JC
Holesapple, Walter N. 1923 HS
Horgan, Paul George 1923 HS ~ 07-Mar-1995
Inge, Reuben V. 1923 HS
Jackson, Rufus C., Jr. 1923 HS
Johnson, James W. 1923 HS
Jones, John P. 1923 HS
Ketchersid, James D. 1923 HS ~ 01-Jun-1977
Kibler, Benjamin W., Jr. 1923 HS
Lackey, George T. 1923 HS
Lauderdale, Ed K. 1923 JC
Linville, Charles B., Jr. 1923 HS
Logan, John T. 1922 HS-1923 JC
Lusk, Homer 1923 HS
Mandeville, William B., Jr. 1923 HS ~ 19-Jan-1978
Marion, Thomas B. 1923 HS
Mayfield, Collins L. 1923 HS ~ 29-Jan-1972
McCamant, Roy V. 1923 HS
McCauley, George D. 1923 HS ~ 01-Mar-1981
McKemy, Charles A. 1923 HS
McLean, RADM Gordon A., USN (Ret) 1923 HS
Mead, Paul I. 1923 HS
Middleton, Arthur, Jr. 1923 HS ~ 01-Sep-1968
Miller, Clyde M. 1923 HS
Miller, James M. 1923 HS ~ 01-Jan-1987
Miller, John L. 1923 HS
Minteer, Harry F., Jr. 1923 HS
Mobley, Henry L. 1923 HS
Morriss, David H. 1923 HS
Nix, John A. 1922 HS-1923 JC
Nusbaum, John B. 1923 HS
Pistole, Louis L. 1923 HS
Prunty, COL Carroll Huston, (Ret) 1923 HS ~ 23-Jan-1986
Pyeatt, Russell L. 1923 HS ~ 23-Jun-1968
Ragsdale, Edward B. 1923 HS ~ 27-Jul-1988
Rising, Wayne R. 1923 HS
Robinson, William L., Jr. 1923 JC ~ 16-Aug-2000
Roche, Russell L. 1923 HS
Rose, J. Therrell 1923 HS ~ 21-Aug-1973
Schoen, Robert C. 1923 HS ~ 01-Nov-1974
Shaw, John L. 1923 HS ~ 17-Mar-1996
Sims, John C. 1923 HS ~ 01-Sep-1986
Sleeper, William M., Jr. 1923 HS
Slessinger, Leonard J. 1923 HS ~ 21-Jan-1969
Smith, Gipson 1921 HS-1923 JC ~ 01-Apr-1982
Spencer, Charles 1923 HS ~ 01-May-1982
Staley, Alfred C. 1923 HS
Starr, COL Dwight H., (Ret) 1921 HS-1923 JC
Stevens, George D. 1923 HS
Stratton, COL Joel Bryan, AUS (Ret) 1921 HS-1923 JC
Strickler, Harold E. 1923 JC ~ 26-Nov-1941
Stubbs, Charles Bedford 1921 HS-1923 JC ~ 06-Jun-1980
Taylor, Theodore B., Jr. 1923 HS
Terrill, Ralph G. 1923 HS
Thele, Erwin G. 1923 HS
Thompson, James B. 1923 HS
Thurston, Samuel S. 1923 HS ~ 01-Nov-1964
Tucker, Hampton, Jr. 1923 JC
Vezzetti, Clarence J. 1923 HS
Weego, COL George Winship, USA (Ret) 1922 HS-1923 JC
Welch, Eugene Benton 1923 HS
Welch, Van Phillip, Jr. 1923 HS ~ 15-Oct-1938
Wheeler, Schuyler Joseph 1923 HS ~ 01-Apr-1960
White, J. P., Jr. 1923 HS
Whittington, James P. 1923 HS
Wise, Charles S. 1921 HS-1923 JC ~ 07-Oct-1990
With, Carl L. 1923 HS ~ 01-Jul-1986
Woolery, Louis P. 1923 HS ~ 17-Dec-1993
Wright, Charles W. 1923 HS
Yust, Frank E. 1923 HS ~ 05-Jan-1982


Albertson, Jesse L. 1922 HS
Armstrong, Harry B. 1922 HS
Baker, Dr. Charles C., Jr. 1921 HS-1922 JC ~ 28-Feb-1975
Ball, Germain F. 1922 HS ~ 08-Sep-1988
Ballinger, Joseph D. 1922 HS ~ 01-Jun-1969
Barnett, Calvin L. 1922 HS
Bell, Grady B. 1922 HS
Bellows, Edgar J. 1922 HS
Bennett, Delmer 1922 HS
Billingsley, Hurnall L. 1922 HS ~ 13-Nov-1991
Black, Wlliam A. 1922 HS
Boone, Robert P. 1921 HS-1922 JC ~ 10-Jul-1997
Bounds, Horace 1922 HS ~ 10-Feb-1997
Bowyer, Bertly R. 1922 HS
Brown, John L. 1922 HS
Browne, Gerald A. 1922 HS
Browne, Gervase C. 1922 HS ~ 17-May-1959
Burnside, CAPT John L., Jr., USN 1922 JC ~ 09-Oct-1946 – WWII-Killed in service – died in Bethesda Navy Hospital (MD) on 9 October 1946.
Bynum, Roy V. 1922 HS ~ 01-Dec-2014, 85, of Indianola, has departed this life for his next exciting journey. Because of the world’s continually changing landscape and Roy’s attention to precise detail it was always difficult to nail him down on exactly how many of today’s 196 countries of the world he had visited. But it is fairly accurate to say that Roy stepped foot on well over 160 world destinations on every continent, and several on multiple occasions. Roy Bynum defined the term “world traveler!” Roy Bynum, Jr., was the grandson of James H. Bynum who in 1889 at the age of 19 migrated to Indian Territory from Scottsboro, AL. James H. Bynum farmed, was a pioneer merchant and was the first Postmaster of Indianola, OK. James and his wife, Anna, had one son who lived only a short time but had three sons Fred, Elmer, and Roy, Sr., who carried on the family businesses including farming and ranching, dry goods merchants and other local business activities. The three Bynum sons in their own right were very much a part of the life and development of early Indianola. Roy Jr. attended school at Indianola before spending his high school years and graduating from the New Mexico Military Institute. Roy then attended The University of Oklahoma prior to his military service during the Korean War. After his military service Roy was employed first by the Internal Revenue Service in several locations through the country then in the Government Accounting Office also in several different locations nationwide. In the mid-1970s Roy then received an assignment to the then McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot, now MCAAP. He retired several years ago as the MCAAP’s Comptroller. Roy held memberships and participated in many civic, local, statewide and national organizations, most notably a long time member of the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Public Library System of Oklahoma, a 32 Degree Life Member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, McAlester Rotary Club- Paul Harris Fellow, Oklahoma Historical Society, Pittsburg County Historical and Genealogical Society and Indianola Public Schools Alumni Association Board of Directors. In addition to Roy’s love of travel, historical preservation and education were extremely important to him. Roy was most happy, preserving, honoring and sharing with others his historical knowledge, experiences, and artifacts from just up the street or halfway around the world. In recent years Roy has created the Bynum Historical Foundation, to not only preserve the local, state and national treasures that he has amassed throughout his life, but to also share them with others and to benefit local and regional education and scholarship. Roy Bynum, Jr., was preceded in death by his parents, Roy Sr. and Ola (Dixon) Bynum; his sister, Gwendolyn Bynum Hurst and her husband, Robert; his uncle, Fred and aunt, Pearl, and their son, James; his uncle, Elmer and aunt, Grace, and their daughter, Anita Bynum Smith. And his nephew, Brad Nelson. Roy is survived by his niece, Sharon Nelson, of Los Angeles, CA; his cousin, Dr. Charles Ferrell and wife, Peggy, of Mesa, AZ, and cousin, Suzanne Smith Hirrel and husband, Marc, of Little Rock, AR, along with many special friends and extended family. 
Carmichael, Guy G. 1922 HS
Carothers, Wentworth C. 1922 JC ~ 21-Jun-1970
Carter, Theodore O. 1920 HS-1922 JC
Clark, Malcolm M. 1922 HS
Clark, Norton C. 1922 HS ~ 21-Nov-1969
Clithero, Stanley D. 1922 JC ~ 23-May-1960
Coleman, William H. R. 1922 HS
Collins, William C., Jr. 1922 HS
Connell, Louis H. 1922 HS ~ 05-Aug-1992
Converse, Carlton T. 1922 JC ~ 09-Dec-1922
Conway, Asa B. 1922 HS
Cook, Kenneth L. 1922 HS ~ 30-Nov-1997
Corley, James S. 1922 HS ~ 01-Apr-1984
Corn, Jesse W. 1920 HS-1922 JC
Cornforth, Keith, Jr. 1922 HS
Cox, Harold H. 1922 HS
Crouse, Franklin P. G. 1922 HS ~ 26-Aug-2005
Daniel, Thomas M. 1922 HS
Dulmage, Chalmers M. 1922 HS ~ 24-Mar-1955
Ebright, COL Albert Peter, (Ret) 1921 HS-1922 JC ~ 12-Nov-1991
Edwards, Earle D. 1922 HS
Etcheverry, Augustine 1922 HS ~ 23-Feb-1943
Field, John L. 1922 HS
Fisher, Willis P. 1922 HS
Fletcher, William S. 1922 HS ~ 01-Dec-1983
Garrett, Royce E. E. 1922 HS
George, Lawrence L. 1922 HS
Graham, LTC William Robert 1922 HS ~ 01-Jul-1979
Green, Hilton K. 1922 HS
Guiney, Seaman F. 1922 HS ~ 15-Sep-1989
Hadley, Donald C. 1922 HS
Halff, Mayer H. 1921 HS-1922 JC ~ 31-Jul-1996 was born December 12, 1905, in San Antonio. He graduated from West Texas Military Academy, New Mexico Military Institute and the U.S. Military Academy. He attended the University of Texas. He served in the U.S. Army and retired in 1960. He received many medals and citations. He worked in Oil operations, real estate and property Management. He was board chairman at Richardson Savings and Loan Association. Survivors include his wife, Ione Halff of Lakeway, two children, 10 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.
Hall, Leander E. 1922 HS ~ 01-Jan-1966
Hamel, Wade M. 1922 HS ~ 04-Jul-1937
Hanna, James R. 1922 JC
Harbert, Walter L. 1922 HS
Harris, Edward M. 1922 JC
Harrison, Glenn R. 1922 HS
Hatfield, Harold Oliver 1920 HS-1922 JC ~ 27-May-1995
Heffler, Clifford E., Jr. 1922 HS ~ Nov-1988
Henning, Harris B. 1921 HS-1922 JC
Hillman, Harold H. 1922 HS
Hinkle, Clarence E. 1922 JC
Hutchings, Benjamin H. 1920 HS-1922 JC
Irvin, Thomas F. 1922 HS
Jacobson, Jo F. 1922 HS
Johnson, Francis M. 1922 HS
Johnson, Joe W. 1922 HS
Ketchersid, Dr. J. Gerald 1922 HS
Lane, George A. 1922 HS
Lawson, Howard B. 1922 HS
Lehmann, Ranstead S. 1920 HS-1922 JC ~ Oct-1972
Lewis, Earl G. 1920 HS-1922 JC
Ligon, Alfred E. 1922 HS
Lloyd, Oliver Hiatt 1922 HS ~ 24-Nov-1955
Lumpkin, James J., Jr. 1922 JC ~ 19-Jun-1963
Markham, Reginald A. 1922 JC
May, Walter E. 1922 HS
McBride, Robert E. 1922 HS
McClure, Thomas R. 1922 HS
McDonough, COL Robert Kinzie, (Ret) 1921 HS-1922 JC ~ 18-Sep-1984
McGill, George B. 1922 HS
McQuatters, Arthur J., Jr. 1920 HS-1922 JC ~ 01-Jan-1971
Milburn, William W. 1920 HS-1922 JC ~ 01-Jun-1974
Miller, Edgar G. 1922 HS
Milne, James A. T. 1922 HS
Mitchell, Walter H. 1922 HS
Moore, Samuel H. 1921 HS-1922 JC
Moss, Jack M. 1922 HS
Mossman, Harvey M. 1922 HS ~ 01-Sep-1982
Muehlberger, Clarence A. 1922 HS
Munday, Charles L. 1922 JC
Neal, Charles E. 1922 HS ~ 01-Aug-1979
Nelson, Robert L. 1922 HS ~ 11-Aug-1964
Newcombe, George D. 1922 HS
Nichols, Proctor W. 1922 HS
Nogle, James H. 1922 HS ~ 11-jAN-1993
Otero, Ernest M. 1922 HS
Phillips, Richard 1922 JC ~ 01-Apr-1980
Pistole, Robert A. 1922 HS ~ 01-May-1952
Pittman, Charles B. 1922 HS
Pool, Francis W. J. 1920 HS-1922 JC
Porter, William W. 1922 JC
Prager, Louis Moris 1922 JC ~ 14-Sep-1988
Prina, Zeff C., Sr. 1922 HS ~ 01-May-1978
Raiff, Jack R. 1922 HS ~ 26-Apr-1966
Robb, Preston Hubert 1922 JC
Rosch, Fred O. 1922 HS
Rosenwald, Theodore Anton 1922 HS ~ 04-Oct-1969
Ryder, Julian F. 1922 HS
Saunders, Frank E. 1922 HS
Scales, Walter O. 1921 HS-1922 JC ~ 15-Dec-1965
Seligman, Harold S. 1922 HS
Sellards, David Franklin, Jr. 1922 JC ~ 14-Jun-1982
Shearman, John K. 1922 HS
Sherar, Edgar S. 1922 HS ~ 03-Sep-1959
Shrack, John W. 1922 HS
Shupe, Norris J., Jr. 1922 HS ~ 05-May-1965
Sims, George E. 1922 HS
Sisk, Robert W. 1922 HS
Slaughter, Joe Dick 1922 HS ~ 27-Dec-1956
Smithers, George H. 1922 HS
Stewart, Robert M. 1922 HS
Stormont, Samuel P. 1922 JC ~ 25-Mar-1997
Strong, John P. 1922 HS
Sweeney, Charles C. 1922 HS
Taylor, W. B., Jr. 1922 HS
Terry, James S. 1922 HS
Terry, John W. 1922 HS
Thigpen, James E. 1922 HS
Thomas, Frank S., Jr. 1922 HS
Tulloch, Henry H. 1922 HS
Tyner, Roy F. 1922 HS
Uhli, Herman H. 1920 HS-1922 JC
Ward, Henry N. 1922 HS
Weeks, Edward Y. 1920 HS-1922 JC
Weisinger, Raymond E. 1922 HS
Weiss, William C. 1922 HS ~ 01-Feb-1979
Wiggins, John R. 1922 HS
Wilfley, Walter D. 1922 JC ~ 28-Jan-1989
Wilkins, William C., Jr. 1922 HS
Williams, John T., Jr. 1922 HS ~ 14-Feb-2003, 99, of Enterprise, AL, died Friday, Feb. 14, 2003. He was born Feb. 4, 1904, in Markham. He lived in Asherton and Floresville before moving to Lynn County in 1917. He attended Wilson High School and worked in the family store and at Wilson State Bank during his school years. He was a member of Wilson’s first organized football team in 1922. He attended New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell and Milligan College in Tennessee. He worked at Chase National Bank in New York City from 1929 to 1934 and then for the National Broadcasting Co., from 1934 to 1957. He moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL, in 1958 and worked for 17 years with an affiliate of Lawyers Title Insurance Corp., from which he retired in 1974. He was a member of Community Presbyterian Church. He was preceded in death by his wife, Josephine W. Survivors include his wife, Virginia of Vero Beach, FL; three stepchildren, Laura Austin of Enterprise, Barry Humphrics of Columbus, Ohio, and Laura Atwood of Vero Beach; six grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren. 
Willis, Harrell P. 1922 HS
Wood, Dr. John E. 1922 HS
Wood, Robert D. J. 1922 HS
Wootan, Robert W. 1922 HS ~ 08-Mar-1984
Yeates, Iverson 1922 HS
Younger, Galen L. 1922 HS
Younglove, C. H. 1922 HS
Zoeter, James R. 1922 HS ~ May-1984


Ahlswede, Karl P. 1921 HS ~ 01-Jul-1984
Alkire, Paul L. 1921 HS ~ 01-Jun-1974
Allen, Eugene W. 1921 HS ~ 01-Jul-1980
Appel, Alvin F. 1921 HS ~ 08-Feb-2000
Archuletta, Eugene R. 1921 HS ~ 01-Nov-1964
Archuletta, U. Samuel 1921 HS ~ 27-Aug-1970
Baker, Charles C. Jr., 1921 HS ~ 28-Feb-1975

Ballard, Charles Littlepayge, Jr. 1921 HS ~ 29-Oct-1967
Ballinger, Paul W. 1921 HS ~ 01-Oct-1980
Barnes, Adna M. 1921 HS
Barrett, Julian N. 1919 HS-1921 JC ~ 01-Dec-1983
Barron, Robert B. 1921 HS ~ 01-Aug-1966
Baughman, Will M. 1921 HS
Beasley, Argyle Q. 1921 HS ~ 14-Jun-1922
Blackwood, Andrew C. 1921 HS
Blythe, Vernon 1921 HS
Boswell, Bryan 1921 HS
Bradbury, William T., Jr. 1919 HS-1921 JC
Brown, Ivan D. 1921 JC ~ 20-Nov-1972
Bullock, Earl S. Jr., 1921 HS ~ 24-May-1966
Burnside, CAPT John L. Jr., USN 1921 HS-1922 JC ~ 09-Oct-1946

Callendar, Clair A. 1921 HS ~ 10-Feb-1991
Carl, S. F. 1921 HS
Carpenter, Henry A. 1921 HS
Carroll, Robert E. 1921 HS ~ 23-May-1972
Chesney, Frederick L. 1921 HS
Christol, Jack A. 1921 HS
Clay, Ernest E. 1921 HS ~ 11-Apr-1973
Cliver, James L. 1921 HS ~ 07-Feb-1963
Cobb, George T. 1921 HS
Collins, Parker P. 1921 HS
Cooper, Maxwell S. 1921 HS
Cory, Richard L. 1921 HS
Coulson, Fred N. 1921 HS
Countryman, Ova E. 1921 HS
Covington, A. J. 1921 HS
Crenshaw, Allen E. 1921 HS
Cresse, Arthur R. 1921 HS ~ 19-Jul-1959
Crews, Edward C. 1921 HS
Curtis, William R. 1921 HS
Cushman, Austin T. 1921 HS
Daley, Harry E. 1921 HS
Deam, Arthur A. 1921 HS ~ 26-Oct-1967
Dinwiddie, Thomas J. 1921 HS ~ 01-Oct-1983
Doherty, Daniel A. 1921 HS ~ 04-Feb-1963
Dolson, Denton M. 1919 HS-1921 JC ~ 20-Feb-1987
Donaldson, Homer F. 1919 HS-1921 JC ~ 21-Oct-1938
Durham, Maynard L. 1921 JC ~ 03-Jan-1978
Duson, Donald M. 1920 HS-1921 JC ~ 04-Aug-1992
Duson, Rodney 1921 HS ~ 12-Nov-1940
Edmondson, Samuel H. 1920 HS-1921 JC
Edwards, Thomas M. 1921 HS
Exon, James H. 1921 HS ~ 02-Feb-1993
Fennemore, Richard M. 1921 HS ~ 01-Oct-1969
Fisher, Harry R. 1921 HS
Fleishman, Leo N., Sr. 1921 HS ~ 01-Oct-1989
Ford, John J. 1921 HS
Frenger, Frank George 1921 HS
Gatlin, Carl E. 1921 HS ~ 23-Jul-1995
Gilbert, Claude 1921 HS
Gonzales, Eugene 1921 HS
Goodjohn, Fred P. 1921 HS ~ 05-Sep-1955
Goodloe, William O. 1921 HS
Goodrich, Donald P. 1921 HS
Guthrie, John A. 1921 HS
Hadiviger, Robert L. 1921 HS
Halbert, Oliver I. 1921 HS ~ 01-Sep-1980
Halff, Mayer H. 1921 HS ~ 31-Jul-1996

Hamilton, G. V. 1921 HS
Hamm, Charles W. 1921 HS ~ 08-Jan-2003
Hansen, Henry C., Jr. 1921 HS ~ 01-Feb-1968
Harbert, Arthur R. 1921 HS
Harris, Lewis C. 1921 HS ~ 01-Nov-1979
Hartman, Jesse E. 1921 HS
Henderson, George R. 1921 HS
Heringa, Edward 1921 HS
Herndon, Choice R. 1921 HS ~ 01-Jul-1987
Hickman, James B. 1921 HS

Hicks, Osborn C. 1919 HS-1921 JC
Hill, John T. 1921 HS
Hilton, August H. 1921 JC ~ 28-Apr-1929
Hilton, Dr. Robert K. 1921 HS ~ 24-Jan-2005 a Litchfield Park physician since 1941, likely the city’s oldest citizen and a cousin of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, father of pop starlet Paris Hilton — died Jan. 24, 2005, at the age of 102. Mr. Hilton was born Dec. 9, 1902, in Socorro, NM. He attended high school at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, graduated from the University of Wisconsin and went on to Rush Medical College at the University of Chicago. After receiving his medical degree in 1929, Dr. Hilton worked for 12 years in the Arizona mining towns of Morenci, Clemenceau and finally Jerome, where he was one of the doctors on the staff of the United Verde Mining Company Hospital. It was during this period that he met his wife of 50 years, registered nurse Roberta Jensen. In 1941, Dr. Hilton brought his family to Litchfield Park and assumed the position of chief physician for Goodyear Farms and Goodyear Aircraft. When Litchfield Park founder Paul Litchfield decided the city needed a dentist, Dr. Hilton requested that Dr. George McMillan, his old friend and neighbor from Clarkdale, be brought on board. In 1944, Dr. McMillan did indeed move south — and the two doctors became not only the first two Litchfield Park residents other than Goodyear Farms employees, but the very first allowed to build residences that were not part of the farm operation. Their homes, built next door to each other, remain the first two structures north of Campbell Street off of Old Litchfield Road. Dr. McMillan died several years ago at the age of 95.Until their retirement in 1976, Dr. and Mrs. Hilton treated industrial and farm workers, guests of The Wigwam Resort, local families, expectant mothers and newborns. Meanwhile, Dr. Hilton also held various positions on the Litchfield High School Board of Education from 1943 to 1953. Dr. Hilton was preceded in death by his wife, Roberta, in 1986, and a son, Thomas Robert Hilton, who died in 1993. He is survived by two daughters, Nancy H. Huntley and Elizabeth H. Rouse; and two grandchildren.
Hoeye, Lonnie E., Jr. 1921 HS
Holesapple, Dr. J. Woodfin 1921 HS
Howell, Marvin Duane 1921 HS
Howell, William J. 1921 HS
Hudson, Robert S. 1919 HS-1921 JC ~ 01-Feb-1978
Humphreys, Paul B. 1921 HS
Hurd, Peter 1921 HS
Isber, Max 1921 HS ~ 06-Apr-1942
Johnston, Joe B. 1921 HS
Jones, Leonard 1921 HS
Jordan, Dr. Gerald Eli 1921 HS-1954
Keith, Harry H. 1921 HS
Kinnison, COL Henry Lee, Jr., USA 1921 JC ~ 03-Jun-1944 – WWII-Killed in service – died of typhus fever in India on 3 June 1944.
Larrazolo, Louis F. 1921 HS
Law, John J. 1921 HS ~ 07-Aug-1937
Leahy, Grant W. 1921 HS ~ 29-Jun-1974
LeBarron, Walter A. 1921 HS ~ 01-Sep-1973
Lee, Aubrey F. 1921 JC ~ 16-Jan-1989
Lester, Frank M. 1921 HS ~ 02-Jul-1956
Lipscomb, Raymond 1921 HS ~ 21-Aug-1997
Logan, William H. 1921 HS ~ 01-Jun-1977
Looney, Charles S. 1921 HS
Martin, John K. 1921 HS ~ 01-Jan-1976
Mathes, Donald E. 1919 HS-1921 JC ~ 06-Dec-1985
Matley, Welcome G. 1921 HS ~ 13-Jan-1979

Mayfield, John W. 1921 HS ~ 01-Nov-1984
McClung, Clyde 1921 HS ~ 25-Apr-1973
McClurkin, James H. 1919 HS-1921 JC
McConnell, Clayton D. 1921 HS ~ 01-Mar-1977
McCormick, Charles A. 1921 HS ~ 07-Sep-1990
McCoy, Eddie L. 1921 HS
McDaniel, Lee L. 1921 HS ~ 01-Sep-1981
McEntire, Fred T. 1921 HS ~ 22-Sep-1972
McFadden, Richard R. 1921 HS ~ 01-Jul-1972
McMahan, William C. 1921 JC ~ 12-Jul-1971
McQuade, Andrew A. 1921 HS
Miller, Cecil B. 1921 HS
Moody, Paul 1921 HS
Morgan, Frank E., Jr. 1921 HS ~ 13-Oct-1994
Morris, William C. 1920 HS-1921 JC
Nations, Wyatt G., Jr. 1921 HS
Naylor, George W., Jr. 1921 HS
Neafus, Henry O. 1921 HS
Neafus, James C. 1921 HS
Neff, James N. 1921 HS ~ 01-Sep-1981
Neill, James D. 1921 HS ~ 17-Apr-1980
Nielson, Lloyd K. 1921 HS
Parnell, Fred C. 1921 HS
Paulson, Roy B. 1921 HS ~ 01-Nov-1981
Penniman, Francis F. 1921 HS
Pigott, John F. 1921 HS ~ 14-Oct-1992
Potter, Dudley G. 1921 HS ~ 02-Dec-1980
Puryear, Bill J. 1921 HS
Rapp, COL Louis Beman, USA (Ret) 1919 HS-1921 JC ~ 11-Mar-1976
Redfield, Sidney Carson 1921 HS ~ 24-Sep-1985
Richardson, John R. 1921 HS
Robertson, Billie J. 1921 HS ~ 18-Aug-1982
Robinson, Ernest E., Jr. 1921 HS
Rowan, Ted B. 1921 HS
Ruhrup, Charles L. 1920 HS-1921 JC
Ruppe, Ernest C. 1921 HS
Russell, Max B. 1921 HS
Scott, Jean Dorbant 1919 HS-1921 JC
Shawver, John W. 1921 HS
Shirley, George T. 1921 HS ~ 14-Dec-1973
Silverman, Frank M. 1919 HS-1921 JC
Simmons, James C. 1921 HS
Slosson, Judd F. 1921 HS ~ 01-Aug-1957
Smith, Everett E. 1921 HS
Smith, Whitley R. 1921 HS
Smith, William G., Jr. 1920 HS-1921 JC ~ 31-Jul-1967
Snyder, Frank L. 1921 HS
Spence, Joseph G. 1920 HS-1921 JC
Stevens, Charles B., Jr. 1921 HS ~ 01-Mar-1973
Stolp, Byron G. 1921 HS ~ 01-Apr-1959
Strickler, Harold E. 1921 HS-1923 JC ~ 26-Nov-1941
Stubbs, Albert A., Sr. 1921 HS ~ Mar-1979

Swan, Lindsey 1921 HS ~ 01-Jul-1968
Taylor, Frank W., Jr. 1921 HS
Thompson, Denver 1921 HS
Timmons, Joe F. 1921 HS
Vandiver, Earl G. 1921 HS ~ 11-Dec-1981
VanFleet, Stephen C. 1921 HS
Vernon, James M. 1921 HS ~ 19-Aug-1965
Washington, Richard S. B. 1919 HS-1921 JC
Wilburn, Willie 1921 HS
Wilkinson, James M. 1921 HS ~ 1966
Williams, P. Earl 1921 HS
Willingham, Clarence D. 1921 HS
Wilson, Glenn E. 1921 HS ~ 1961
Wood, Ralph H. 1921 HS
Woods, Herbert P. 1921 HS
Woodworth, James A. 1921 HS
Yates, Jack F. 1921 HS